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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Miss Fortune Build Guide by Vanman

Support Miss Fortune Support/AP

Support Miss Fortune Support/AP

Updated on January 27, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vanman Build Guide By Vanman 180,743 Views 2 Comments
180,743 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Vanman Miss Fortune Build Guide By Vanman Updated on January 27, 2015
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Miss Fortune
    Miss Fortune AP Support
  • LoL Champion: Miss Fortune
    Miss Fortune AP

Why Support Fortune?

Support Fortune isn't in line with the meta but it is surprisingly viable once you master it.

Here are some of the reasons you'd go with AP Support Fortune.
  • You got stuck as support but don't like to support or play support type champions
  • You called ADC but somebody insta-locked another ADC
  • You wanted to play AP Fortune but no other roles /lanes were available
  • You got stuck with Jungle and decided to go duo top as support instead
  • You just want to mess around and have some fun

Here are some of the reasons NOT to go Support Fortune.
  • You're playing in a ranked game above Silver
  • Your team needs a tanky type of support
  • You have nobody on your team with high single target damage
  • You're on a team with a bunch of crybabies
  • Your team is expecting you to carry as ADC
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Pros / Cons

  • Huge AoE Damage
  • Great crowd control ability with Make it Rain
  • Can cause damage from far away
  • Easy to out run enemies with make it Rain and Strut

  • No auto attack damage
  • Reliance on cool downs for damage
  • Needs great positioning
  • Squishy
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Build Explanation

Frost Queen's Claim

It is important to start off with Spellthief's Edge and rush for Frost Queen's Claim. As support you'll be able to collect 5 gold every 10 seconds by hitting an enemy champion / turret plus the passive gold income. Make sure to get Frostfang before Fiendish Codex when you are upgrading. This item also provides mana regeneration and ability power which is vital for Miss Fortune.

The passive on this item is disabled for 12 seconds if you end up killing a minion by accident with Make it Rain or on purpose when your ADC is gone and you need to defend the tower. By upgrading as fast as possible. Frost Queen's Claim does not disable the passive on the item allowing you to kill minions and hit enemy champions for full gold.

Frost Queen's Claim also has an active ability that gives you an additional way to slow your enemies down.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Normally for AP fortune people tend to go with Sorcerer's Shoes but you'll find early game as support you need as much Cool Down Reduction as you can get. While you can upgrade to Sorcerer's later in the game I recommend going for all of your mana regeneration and cool down as your very first items.

Athene's Unholy Grail

In order to efficiently harass your opponents in lane this is a must have. Even though with the previous two items this will put you slightly over Cool Down Reduction cap with your masteries, the ability power and both the active and passive mana restoration on this item are just impressive and Magic Resist is always good to keep you alive longer.

You'll find once these first three items are in place that you won't run into very many mana issues and be able to stay out on the field as long as possible. Just make sure you are always buying Health Potions with leftover gold when you go back to base.

Get Chalice of Harmony first on your way to complete this item.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter // Liandry's Torment // Zhonya's Hourglass

The order of these 3 items are completely dependent on what's going on in the game. All three of these items are made to increase your damage and survivability but knowing which one to get can sometimes be complicated, so let me try to make this easy for you.

Get Zhonya's Hourglass if:
  • You're taking high damage from an Attack Damage Champion in any lane
  • You're getting targeted by a Zed or Fizz type Ult and need the Invulnerability Active off the item

Get Rylai's Crystal Scepter if:
  • You're taking too much damage from basic attacks and non-ults and need more health to survive
  • You or your teammates are getting chased down too easily by high mobility champs

Get Liandry's Anguish if:
  • You're facing a lot of tank targets with massive hitpoints
  • The enemy team is stacking magic resist

Regardless of the order you choose, you're going to end up with all three to complete your build because the combination of these items as far as ability power and survivability is just complete epicness.

Replacement Items

Socerer's Shoes // Rabadon's Deathcap

Late game it is completely feasible to roll into a full APC champion, that's why almost none of the items in this build are built like a common support. Simply sell your Frost Queen's Claim and replace it with a Rabadon's Deathcap to achieve somewhere beyond 700 AP and if you need extra Magic Penetration for more damage go ahead and replace Ionian Boots of Lucidity with Sorcerer's Shoes.

Other Items Explanation

Lich Bane // Nashor's Tooth // Hextech Gunblade

I realize people are probably going to complain because I left these three items out of my build. Nashor's Tooth and Lich Bane have been considered a core building block for a lot of AP Fortune builds and while I get their use, if you're relying on your supports Auto Attacks to finish fights, then I think your team has issues already.

The way I play Miss Fortune as both an AP, AP Support, and Hybrid is as a mage first, direct damage dealer last. Using Auto Attacks for damage will expose you to a lot of damage and deaths but these two items are useful if you're trying to split push or 1v1 other champions. I tend to stick with the team or where there is a lot of vision if I'm alone and I have found more success in terms of wins with the build above than with these items.

However, if you're not having mana problems you can use Nashor's Tooth as an Alternative to Athene's Unholy Grail because it has the same cool down reduction on it. Lich Bane could replace one of the core items also if you want to add more auto attack damage to your build. And if you start to rely on Auto Attack you're becoming more of a Hybrid Champion and may want to consider replacing another core item with a Hextech Gunblade for some sustain.
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How to Play

Unlike ADC Miss Fortune you're going to attempt to keep yourself out of Auto Attack Range. Your primary goal is to assist your team in escaping and capturing opponents with Make it Rain. All of your abilities will tend to cause a good amount of poke damage so if the enemy team ever groups up you will completely annihilate them with a combination of Make it Rain and Bullet Time.


Because AP Support Fortune isn't a meta thing you can take her to support any lane. Most of the time you'll find yourself bottom with an ADC but she also works up top as a second support because her build is geared more toward damage and slows than a typical support.

During Laning Phase you will continuously harass opponents at range with Make it Rain. Make it Rain can be used to slow opponents advances on you and your ally so you can get away or to chase them down.

When your jungler comes to gank lane it is a good idea to cast Make it Rain in the escape area of where the enemies will be running to (place the ability circle behind them in their retreat path instead of in front of them or directly on them).

Anytime you can hit both your lane opponents with Make it Rain, do it. Most players are not accustomed to facing an AP based Miss Fortune so they will sit in the Make it Rain and take damage without realizing that AP Fortunes Make it Rain actually hurts a lot.

By the time you hit level 6 and get Bullet Time you can use Make it Rain in combination with Bullet Time to quickly destroy enemy champions. Make it Rain can also be used to farm or defend the tower from minions effectively and Bullet Time is always great bait for tower defense.

Simply sit behind the turret and allow your laning opponents to walk into turret range with a full wave of minions and then cast Make it Rain with Bullet Time to quickly strike down all of the minions which then turns the turrets on your enemies. When taking damage from Make it Rain and Bullet Time, you can sometimes pick up easy kills with the Turret hitting them as well.

Always buy Mana Potion and Health Potion, you need to be able to use your abilities to harass the opponents, if you're out of mana don't stand around, go back to base. Sometimes taking Teleport can help tremendously with mana issues and early game items.

After Laning

After laning you will start to gain large amounts of ability power as well as many passive effects from your items like Liandry's Anguish and Rylai's Crystal Scepter which will add more slow to Make it Rain and more damage to your attacks.

Use Make it Rain to help your allies escape from fights or enemies in chase by casting it in front of your enemies as they chase. This will slow them down and start to lower their health forcing them to either turn around or show up to a team fight with less than optimal health.

Bullet Time can be used to turn an entire enemy team away from chase as most aren't willing to face check a Bullet Time. Using Strut and the Alacrity enchant on your boots will allow you to out run and catch up to enemies rather easily. This can get you into position to cast Make it Rain in your enemies retreat path to allow your team to catch up and kill them.

Anytime there is a group fight go ahead and drop your Make it Rain and Bullet Time right onto the fight and watch the enemies all fall down.

Don't forget the active on Frost Queen's Claim which is essentially another movement reducer you can cast on your enemies if you need to retreat.

With your AoE damage, mobility, and ability to slow your opponents down, you will be a force to be reckoned with. You still do not want to find yourself in the middle of a battle, if that happens don't forget to cast Make it Rain directly on yourself and then use the active on Zhonya's Hourglass sometimes you can kill your opponents last bit of health while invulnerable or come out off of invulnerability and get a fast Double Up on them to kill them before they kill you.
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Miss Fortune AP

I've included a second build in this guide for straight AP Mage Miss Fortune. This is not to be confused with Hybrid Miss Fortune as you'll notice an absence of Nashor's Tooth and Lich Bane.

The playstyle for AP Miss Fortune is similar to the playstyle of AP Support Miss Fortune, the only difference is that you'll do more damage. Miss Fortune works in place of the ADC, as a Mid Lane, or as a Top Lane player.

You must tweak your play style and build to who you are playing. If you take her mid against someone like Fizz or Zed, don't get too aggressive once they hit level 6 and get their ult or they will just wipe the floor with you.

Your lane opponents will determine whether or not you need more survivability in items like Zhonya's Hourglass, Liandry's Anguish, or Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

Some people may question my choice of starting with both a Tear of the Goddess and a Chalice of Harmony. I've found that I have a lot of mana issues early on with just one or the other, especially if I have to stay far away from my lane opponent to farm.

I used to start with Doran's Ring and then get Chalice of Harmony as soon as possible and get Rylai's Crystal Scepter instead of Seraph's Embrace in my primary build. You can still build that if you wish but I've found more success and an easier time farming with the way I do it now.

If you're looking to get above 800 AP late game then you can swap in a Deathfire Grasp in place of Athene's Unholy Grail. I've also been known to get rid of my Ionian Boots of Lucidity and purchase a Rylai's Crystal Scepter but you have to be careful because Miss Fortune relies on heavily on her mobility.
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So basically this build is something you can do for fun in unranked and Bronze/Silver ranked. I've had some success in Gold+ but only because of the element of surprise that I broke the meta and tried it.

It's really fun to play with but if you're looking for builds used by Diamond Players or want to learn how to improve your game then you should always use the free builds LoL Builder because they are derived from scanning the data of real ranked games.

They also have a diamond player training program available for those players looking to improve their game play and move up in the rankings.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vanman
Vanman Miss Fortune Guide
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Miss Fortune Support/AP

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