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Miss Fortune Build Guide by DddyAwsmSauce

ADC [Miss OP] All You Need is a Fortune (10.23 Experimental)

ADC [Miss OP] All You Need is a Fortune (10.23 Experimental)

Updated on November 23, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DddyAwsmSauce Build Guide By DddyAwsmSauce 85 5 492,823 Views 13 Comments
85 5 492,823 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DddyAwsmSauce Miss Fortune Build Guide By DddyAwsmSauce Updated on November 23, 2020
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Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


The Usual
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[Miss OP] All You Need is a Fortune (10.23 Experimental)

By DddyAwsmSauce
More of an FYI and old updates; it's long and not necessary to read

November 2020
Long time no see, I hope y'all are all hanging in there and staying safe.
Massive changes came in Patch 10.23 regarding items and I've decided to revive my old guide (for now, may archive again though).
I am still experimenting with the new items (which Rito added way too many) but here's what I have thus far.
I'm sure Rito will nerf/buff throughout the pre-season, so there'll be more changes to come.
A few of my current thoughts:
1) I put Infinity Edge as one of the core items but I do wonder if it's the right choice. In Season 10, I had pretty good sucess with Essence Reaver and Infinity Edge build.

However, Infinity Edge's effect changed in Patch 10.23. During S10, Infinity Edge gave flat 25% bonus crit damage but in 10.23, that effect changed to scaling by crit chance (0.4% per 1% crit chance).

Seeing that my current build is mix of lethality and crit, I won't be taking the full advantage of the updated Infinity Edge's new effect. The good news is that Mortal Reminder now gives you 20% crit chance, so between Essence Reaver, Infinity Edge, and Mortal Reminder (60% total crit chance), the total bonus crit damage is 24%, which is very close to pre-update effect.

However, the new max bonus crit damage is 40% after building 5 crit items (at 100% crit chance), so not quite getting the best bang for the buck. Remember, MF's R Bullet Time can crit based on the crit chance %.

2) I like the new Spellbalde effect on Essence Reaver. It synergizes very well, especially with MF's Q Double Up and W Strut. The mana restore, which is very essential to MF, is still there, albeit considerably weaker; before 10.23, each basic attacks restored mana but now it's the basic attack after an ability that restores mana. Basically, you have to spend mana to get some mana back. Perhaps Presence of Mind is a better rune than Overheal. The stats on attach damage is reduced as well.

3) Assasins gonna be even nastier in Patch 10.23. I mean, look at Prowler's Claw. If Rito keeps it this way, I'd suspect tightening your defense is going to be more important, potentially putting Immortal Shieldbow as an essential Mystic item.

4) I'm finding The Collector to be pretty OP. Like you can consider getting it as the first item OP...

That's all for now. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy League.
Lane bully with Q and AA timer-reset technique; burst damage
Passive movement speed boost, active attack speed boost
Ultimate deals massive damage in a big cone
Mediocre basic attack range
Lack of descent escape mechanism/maneuvering and gap closer
Q may be difficult to hit
No hard CC
Ult needs to be well-placed to be effective
Summoner Spells
I take Flash and Heal every time.
Use Heal to save yourself, support, or team from dying, or help escape (using Heal causes movement speed boost).
You can also use the movement speed boost from Heal to catch an escaping opposing champ to finish them off (but Flash is probably better for that purpose).
Use Flash to escape or secure kill.
They can be a lifeline to possibly get out of a sticky situation (especially since MF lacks effective maneuvering mechanism).
Needs an update

My pick for MF is either Press the Attack + Sorcery or Dark Harvest + Precision.
Press the Attack (PTA) will give you consistent performance, since your auto-attack-Q-auto attack combo will proc it.
Dark Harvest was pretty OP before the end of the Season 8.
However, with the change to Dark Harvest in Patch 8.23, the stacks aren't readily available and the paradigm has been shifted to the opposite direction.
That is, the previous Dark Harvest brought upfront damage when you had the soul frag; it was good to burst down the squishy opposing champion.
And you could consistently collect the souls from cannon minions and jungle monsters.
Now, the soul can only be collected from the opposing champions < 50% their health (and that's when the damage procs).
It is now good for finishing up low health enemies.
I think it's still a good keystone for MF.
However, you'll have to be aggressive in lane to bring your oppenent's health down in order to collect soul fragments.
If you struggle in lane, this keystone has small impact later in the game.

Domination Path:

Dark Harvest- please read above. But let me just mention that it probably works well with Coup de Grace.

Second Line:
Taste of Blood is a good sustain during laning phase. Cheap Shot is alright.

Third Line:
Zombie Ward synergizes well with Duskblade of Draktharr, which is most likely the first item you'll be getting. When you spot an enemy ward with Duskblade, you should kill it (obviously, unless your enemy is protecting it and can't do so safely), and it'll turn in to your ward. That's killing two stones with one bird (yes, I know what I just said). Vision control is very important in this game.
A nice perk was added to this rune this season, which is gaining additional adaptive force when you take down a ward. More reason to buy Control Wards.

Fourth Line:
Ravenous Hunter will give you another sustain, which is helpful especially during the lane phase. Ultimate Hunter is nice, that it decreases the cooldown on your ultimate additionally. Very tough choice.

Seoncdary Line:
Legend: Alacrity to augment your attack speed, Coup de Grace for more damage against low health champion.

Precision Line
Press the Attack.
PTA procs when you attack the same opposing champion in 3 succession.
When proc'ed, the affected champion takes bonus damage and becomes vulnerable to more damage.
MF's Q Double Up adds the stack of PTA, so when you go for auto attack - Q - auto attack combo, it procs PTA.
Which is very nice, since you'll be using this combo a lot due to auto attack reset benefit (in fact, essential).
"Vulnerability to more damage" part is more helpful when you need to take down tanks or bruisers.

Second Line:
Any of them would work, but I'd like to recommend Presence of Mind.
This runes gives you a 10% refund on your ult's cooldown upon kill or assist, so Bullet Time is more readily available.
And it's very important to have your ult readily available, since your ult placement can decide the fate of team fights.
Potentially, you can get 50% CD on your ultimate per full team fight.
Also, 20% mana refund is very attractive, as MF is mana hungry.

Triumph is a good rune too, due to additional gold and sustain.
You only get 20 gold for each takedown, which is about 1 minion worth.
Not much, but you can even proc it on assists, so not a bad deal.
Plus, restoring 12% of the health upon takedown (whether kill or assist) can save your *** (which is very tilting for the opponents, if you were going to die but survived due to Triumph sustain), and you have an opportunity to score more takedowns if the fight is still going on.

Third Line:
Legend: Alacrity is my pick.
It's especially beneficial for lethality build, since Berserker's Greaves is the only attack speed item I build.
Hence, Alacrity is a good way to supplement her attack speed.
Alacrity gives 3% AS + 15% AS as the game goes on. Good deal.

Fourth Line:
Coup de Grace (CDG) seems to be the best one, although I like Cut Down as well.
When you hit the AA-Q-AA combo on a squishy champion, there is a pretty good chance that the opponent meets the threshold for CDG (< 40% health).
It'll be easier to finish them up with W Strut activated basic attacks.
Plus, CDG applies to all champions that are < 40% health; if you can get multiple targets in your ult Bullet Time, you can deal more damage to those champions.

Cut Down helps fight tanks, since she doesn't have any tank shreds (unlike Vayne or Blade of the Ruined King builders.)
Could be a good pick when you see multiple tanks on the opposing team after all champions are locked in.

Secondary Tree:
Sorcery for secondary.

Celerity is a good fit for MF.
W Strut gives her passive movement speed bonus until she takes a damage.
Hence, it works pretty well given her high movement speed, as she gets additional movement speed from this rune based on her bonus movement speed.

Gathering Storm slowly increases her AD = more damage late game.
When playing as MF, you want to finish the game ASAP since she doesn't scale enough against late game hypercarries ( Vayne, Tristana, Jinx, etc.)
If the game goes to late game and your team is being destroyed by a hypercarry, your only chance of winning is destroying the opposing team with your well-placed ult.
With all the attack damage items and Gathering Storm, you can turn the game around with your ult.

Bonus Stats:
I would like to take attack speed (to compensate for the lack of attack speed items in this build), 1 adaptive force bonus stats for more damage, and armor bonus stat for lane survival (unless you're faced with some weird AP bot).
Passive: Love Tap
Every time she hits a new target, she deals extra damage.
Take this to your advantage to last hit minions in early game.
Applying Love Tap decreases the cooldown of W Strut.
Love Tap also applies to turrets; if opposing minions are around opponents' turret, combine this passive ability with your W Strut to effectively take down turret and minions.
By alternating between a turret and minions, you're applying Love Tap every time and can continuously use Strut by decreasing the cooldown. That's efficient.

Q Double Up
For active abilities, I like to max Q Double Up first due to its poke potential.
When you have an attack damage item and increased levels on Double Up, the critical hit (off of a dead target) will deal half the health to the opposing ADC.
It's insane, not fun for them.
Even without critical hit, it still deals a good amount of damage.
Another good part of Q Double Up is that it resets the auto attack timer.
Hence the best case scenario, you can go AA --> Q --> AA in quick succession, dealing chunk of damage.
Here is a demonstration of the Q auto attack reset technique:

Here are a few more caveats on Double Up:
1) The target area behind the original target is in a cone; if there's nothing in the cone, the bullet just falls.
2) The range on Q isn't quite stellar, and can be easily blocked by minions.
When good players are opposing MF, they would know not to stand right behind their minions to avoid Double Up.
Thus hitting Q requires skills. Consider re-positioning so the your opposing ADC is in the target area behind the first target.
3) Once the opposing champion is in the cone of Double Up behind the original target and you take the shot, the opponent cannot escape from the shot (whether walking away from the area, Flash, dash, jumps, etc.).
One of the few exceptions is Sivir's spell shield.
4) Double Up has relatively low Mana cost and cooldown. Don't hesitate to use it.

W Strut is my second ability to maximize. Its passive increases movement speed and active boosts attack speed.
The passive helps getting back to your lane faster, dodging your opponents' pokes, and gives her high mobility in general (but not a gap-closer or reliable escape method).
Activate your W when you're attacking the turret (especially when there's no opposing champion around), pushing the lane, clearing minions, and going all in for fights.
Keep in mind, you'll lose your passive movement speed boost when you take a damage.
Activate your W to instantly boost your movement speed to catch escaping opponents or escape from opponents.
When you apply your passive, Love Tap, cooldown on W decreases by a flat amount.
When clearing minion waves or pushing, activate your W and target different a minion each attack; this will 1)increase damage to minions by applying Love Tap and 2) decreases cooldown on W so you can activate W again as soon as the duration ends.
When attacking a turret, you can activate your W, then switch between attacking the turret and minions since Love Tap is applied to turrets as well.
(in the other words, attack turret, minion, turret, minion, turret, and so on).
I know I'm being repetitive, but I want to be as comprehensive as possible on this guide.

E Make it Rain is the last priority for basic skills.
It doesn't do too much damage since it scales off of Ability Power. What a shame.
It's still useful for pokes during laning phase and mid-late game.
But keep in mind, E uses relatively high amount of Mana and has relatively high CD.
You definitely don't wanna spam it during the laning phase; try to save it for hard engaging and zoning.
Make It Rain applies slow to the opponents, which is a plus.
You can use Make it Rain to help you and your teammates secure kills for ganks and/or escape.

R Bullet Time makes MF a team fight threat.
Bullet Time has a big zone where it deals massive damage, so you want to use it when opposing champions are aggregated.
Bullet Time can be interrupted with stuns, knock back, silence, scare, and of course, death etc.
Hence, you want to make sure you're not using this ability when you're too close to opposing champions capable of these abilities (there are too many to name; it's important that you know all the champions).
Ideally, you want to be standing behind your tanks when you activate your ult.
You want to get as many opposing champions in the area as possible.
MF is not the best in terms of initiating a teamfight.
Try to wait for a good CC from your teammates to maximize your damage from Bullet Time.
There are some other circumstances where you have to use your ult otherwise.
For example, 1) you can use your ult to save the tower (when you're by yourself at the tower and you have multiple opponents trying to take down the tower; clear the minion waves and give them some damage to deter them from taking a down the turret), 2) if you're ally(s) are caught in a bad position, activate your ult to make the opponents back away, etc.
Hence the pearls are: 1) try to get as many opposing champions as possible; use your professional judgement, 2) your ult can be interrupted in many ways, and 3) You can cancel your ult as well; weigh risk vs. benefits of continuing your ult or walk away.

Overall, grab Q first then E at level 2 for pokes. W at level 3.
Maximize Q there after, then W, and lastly E.
Grab and upgrade R whenever possible.
Needs an update

Lethality Build

Starting items:
Doran's Blade and Health Potion.
Doran's Blade gives you small attack damage, health, and life steal.
Then spend the rest on 1 health pot.

However, instead you can consider getting a Long Sword and Refillable Potion or 3 Health Potions if you are very comfortable with MF... and dare.
MF is a strong champion early game, so you'll most likely end up even (or better) against your opposing AD laner.
If you can do well starting with Long Sword, you'll be rewarded handsomely with better access to lethality items.
You also should consider Doran's items have low sale value.

First back:
Try to grab Serrated Dirk if you have enough gold.
If not, grab its components, Long Sword.
If out of pots, I prefer Refillable Potion since it's pretty much enough to get me through the laning phase (unless I'm really behind), and it's refillable; that's efficient.
If you don't have 150 gold or don't feel comfortable with the green pot, you can grab Health Potion(s).
Since W Strut gives you passive movement speed bonus (60 at level 1), Boots is not necessary for the first few backs.
If I had 300 gold, I would rather get a Dagger or of course, Control Ward.

First item & boots:
Duskblade of Draktharr is most likely the first completed item you should get.
It gives you good attack damage, lethality, and cooldown reduction.
"Nighstalker" deals additional damage if you have been unseen for > 1 second.
This goes well with her passive Love Tap, as it also deals bonus damage to bring more upfront damage.
You should have this item completed during the laning phase, which you can use "Nightstalker" for more lane bullying.
"Blackout" is a good effect as you can clear an enemy vision (plus if you go with Domination route, you can turn it in to your team's vision if you take Zombie Ward).

Core item:
After Duskblade of Draktharr, your goal should be to build Youmuu's Ghostblade.
This item gives you almost identical stats as Duskblade of Draktharr, except slightly lower lethality.
The unique passive of additional movement speed adds to your W Strut movement speed bonus, and the unique active of 20% movement speed gain can be used to get to lanes, team fights, kiting, and/or chasing.
Lethality is very effective on MF since she can deal a ton of damage through her Q Double Up and R Bullet Time.
You won't get the same effect from crit builds.

You can get the boots items in between.
Berserker's Greaves is my choice as it is the only source of her attack speed from an item in this build.
This will increase her DPS on top of her Q and R damage.

Armor penetration:
Most of the times, I end up picking Mortal Reminder since a lot of times, there will be at least one champ on the opposing team that's healing or life steal dependent ( Dr. Mundo, Vayne, Draven, Swain, Garen, Tryndamere, Vladimir etc.).
Mortal Reminder not only provides grievous wound, but also the armor penetration you need to fight tanks.
So pick Mortal Reminder if opponents' healing or life steal is a problem
Otherwise, pick Lord Dominik's Regards

I love Black Cleaver, I really do; it provides Health, CDR, and most importantly armor reduction ON THE TARGET ITSELF.
In the other words, your whole team benefits from it (while Lord Dominik's and Mortal Reminder only benefits you).
Consider picking Black Cleaver if: 1) your team is AD heavy and 2)nobody else on your team has picked up Black Cleaver.
MF's ult is a good ability to apply stacks of Black Cleaver.

Life steal:
First off all, it's situational whether you should get life steal item before armor pen or vice versa.
If you are ahead, you can go ahead and grab a life steal item.
If you are behind or an opposing tank is a problem, go ahead and grab armor pen item.
My choice for life steal is Death's Dance as you can heal from her R Bullet Time as well, as opposed to Bloodthirster (BT), you can only heal from the basic attack and Q Double Up.
But BT has the higher healing % and the shield you get is a plus, which makes it a good alternative.
Note, Death's Dance also gives you 10% CDR.
It also has an interesting passive of converting some of the damage you take into a damage over time.
This could save you as you have an opportunity to heal off of nearby minions, jungle camps, or opposing champions.
Mercurial Scimitar is interesting since it provides magic resist and active to remove crowd control effect from your champion and movement speed boost.
Movement speed boost can be used whenever to dodge or catch up to opponents.

Last item:
It's all situational.
1) Edge of Night might be a good choice on MF.
It blocks an incoming enemy spell, similar to Banshee's Veil.
The caveat is that for Edge of Night, you can choose when to activate the active effect.
So you can activate Edge of Night before using ult, so you have better chance of safely using your ult.
Also provides lethality and some health, which is always welcome.

2) Maw of Malmortius if you need some magic resist and additional attack damage; good choice if you are being one-shotted.
The shield and additional life steal upon activation the passive is nice.

3) Or you can grab any of the previously mentioned items you didn't pick up, depending on a situation.
For example, if you grabbed Mortal Reminder as armor pen, you can still get Black Cleaver as the last item.
Or if you grabbed Death's Dance as life steal, you can still grab Mercurial Scimitar for additional life steal, magic resistance, and debuff removal.

General item sequence:
1) Duskblade of Draktharr
2) Youmuu's Ghostblade
3) Berserker's Greaves
4) Get life steal item if you're ahead or opponents' armor is not a problem.
Get armor penetration item if opponents' armor is a problem
5) Get whichever you didn't get from #4
6) Last pick

Crit Build
Now, I will briefly talk about crit build.
The starting items are the same. You can either start Doran's Blade (safer) or Long Sword (better access to Caufield's Warhammer and Essence Reaver).

Essence Reaver is my choice for first item- the raw damage is less than what Infinity Edge provides, but Mana sustain and CDR is very nice.

My next buy is Infinity Edge which provides massive damage.
If I don't have enough to buy the expensive components of Infinity Edge, I will most likely start building Berserker's Greaves.

The rest (armor pen, life steal, last item) is pretty much the same.
Team Composition
There are supports and junglers that especially work well with MF, while there are some that don't work well. Here are some examples:

Synergistic Supports/Junglers
Please see the cheat sheet for highly synergistic champions.
Other examples of synergistic champs are: Blitzcrank, Jax, Wukong, Orianna, Annie, Braum, Kennen, Nami, Nunu & Willump, Zac, Warwick, Taric, Sion, Shen, Rammus, Nautilus

Potentially Antagonistic
Alistar, Janna: Now, don't get me wrong; I'm just saying they're POTENTIALLY antagonistic.
Jenna's ult can knock opposing champions away from your ult, and so is Alistar's knock back.
Depending on your support's skill level, they could work no problem.
If they choose Alister or Jenna, communication is important so they don't end up saving opponents from your ult.

Here is one of the better synergistic plays with Miss Fortune that I've seen in my life:
Conclusion: You're Role as Miss Fortune
Miss Fortune is one of the best ADC in terms of lane bullying.
She has high movement speed but it fades once she takes damage and she is not a mobile champ in terms of gap-closer/escape method.
Since her auto attack range isn't long and doesn't have good scaling, she is a poor auto-attacker.
However, her Q Double Up, combined with auto attack timer reset technique, gives high potential for poke, while R Bullet Time can destroy the entire opposing team.

Early game, your role is to bully your opposing ADC.
Deal damage, deny farm, make them use pots, make them go back to base, and score kills.
But don't make yourself vulnerable to counter pokes or ganks.

Mid game, help your team control objectives (dragons, Rift Herald, and towers).
With your passive Love Tap, you can push lanes and take towers efficiently.
Join team fights; use your basic abilities and auto attacks for small fights and skirmishes.
Try to save your ult Bullet Time for when you have multiple opponents aggregated.
But if securing a kill on a single opponent seems more important, then don't hesitate to use your ult.

Late game, your basic attacks are no longer effective.
However, you're still effective at pushing lanes and taking down the towers.
Use your Q Double Up and E Make it Rain for pokes.
Try to save your ult Bullet Time after your teammates have engaged and CC'ed the opponents.

In real life though, bullying is not cool.
Let's not bully anyone at school, work, Internet, etc.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DddyAwsmSauce
DddyAwsmSauce Miss Fortune Guide
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[Miss OP] All You Need is a Fortune (10.23 Experimental)

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