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Singed General Guide by Emmanuel Epine

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Emmanuel Epine

Mister Epine's Singed : ME CANNOT DIE

Emmanuel Epine Last updated on August 27, 2013
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Let's get some things right first of all

Hey guys i'm Emmanuel Epine, but you can call me Mister Epine or even cheese tits if you pleases. I'm from France so it's obvious that I'm good, therefore I'm not one of these guys showing my skills like "Hey I'm gold ranked, listen to me". I'm not even ranked, but I'm just proposing some builds that you could enjoy here. You can trust this guide, really, it's viable and very fun in game.

Now I'm warning you folks : This build could shock grandma with bad words. Don't mind them if you're a real man, a real ball-wearing sack of meat : A true Singed.
Another thing, this guide is covering item build, game playing and how to be a true Singed.
Now that you've been warned, shall we begin?

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Singed the Mad Scientist


I want to start with an introduction about your favorite Scientist. Singed, obviously, is an AP TANK, whose place is at solo top. That means he can wander on the map not bothering those bugs such as gay Ezreal pinching him, but still does HUGE DAMAGES. If you play him well. He also pushes well thanks to his gaz.

WARNING : Some people play him more AP than Tank, with a build similar to Kassadin's build, DO NO DO THAT. This is ********. You want to play him tanky. Build him like Cho'Gath for example. But certainly not like Kassa.

There is one rule litteraly everybody forgets, and it's U DO NO CHASE SINGED. What makes you a good Singed is your ability to make your ennemies still chase you, even if they know this rule. Playing Singed, you know, it's a psychological job : So go ahead, BORE THEM TO DEATH, then flee when they start chasing you, and gas them hard, like a true troll.

Because as you may know it, Singed is what we may call a HUGE TROLL. But to be one, you'll want one of the most important Singed's stat : Movement Speed. This is truly important, that's why I recommend early boots of speed, Quint of Movement speed and Alacrity enchantment. As long as you run faster than any other opponent, you don't have to worry about your trollness.


True men want to skin Singed like this, because it makes him so badass, and makes you forget that he's so skinny on the classic skin. In addition he runs like Usain Bolt. Try it, really.


To finish this chapter I'll give the main pros and cons Singed has.


- Unkillable
- Farms like a boss
- So Trolly opponent want to emasculate themselves
- Unchasable
- Still makes huge damages even beeing a tank
- Hard to stop under ultimate


- If you screw things up early game he becomes way weaker
- Mana eater early game
- Easily beeing countered in lane phase, as you need to get really close to your opponent


So now you know the basics about Singed. Another thing i'd like to add is that he's only 1325 IP, so very very cheap, and he's not played a lot so nobody know really how he works. With a bit of training you will become really good with him, and good Singed CANNOT DIE.

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Singed Abilities

Let's look on his abilities, would you?

Empowered Bulwark (Passive)

Let's start by his OP passive. This gives him 1 hp for each 4 mana point he has. This, to my opinion, is way too FACKING AWESOME. It makes Singed the only tank who doesn't need that much Health items, so he can concentrate more on Armor/MR or even AP items.
It also makes the Tear of the Godess way too powerful on that mad guy.

Poison trail (A/Q)

This, too, is frigging awesome. I have no words to describe it's power and trolly potential. I'm crying about that right now. Just kidding i'm not crying, i'm Singed. Anyway, this has a lot of usages. First and main one : U NO CHASE SINGED. Because he has Poison Trail. When you get chased, you will always want to activate this poison and let it burn down your ennemy, or ennemies, they could be five, it's the same thing. If you run faster, the ennemy has two choice : Chase and suffer, or flee. In both you win : If he chooses chasing you can even turn back and kill him with Fling !

Second using is obviously farming. Just turn aroung a group of minions for a few seconds with your Poison trail on, and HERE COMES THE MONEEEEY. In late game you can even just pass by the group and they are all dead.

You can also use it in teamfight. As you are INVINCIBLE, you can just walk around the ennemy team, making them inhale your poison of death.

Mega Adhesive (Z/W)

This ability is highly underrated, however it's one of the best slow in the game, and it's AOE ! That means you can slow ennemy team entirely !
Use it to chase, slow chaser or even make a teamfight harder for your opponents : It's all good.

Fling (E)

When well used, this is truly awesome. It deals huge damages, much more than expected (300 damages + 1.0 AP ratio FTW), and place the chosen one behind you. This mean you can throw him directly into your poison, into your team, or even under your tower. In any situation, this will scare ennemy from coming near you.
CAREFUL ! However, this ability can be your doom ! As you're not Blitzcrank, you need to get at a very close range, so you could be controlled, and badly damaged... Also, do not make it in the wrong direction, that could save your ennemy's life, and don't throw a full-life ennemy on a low-life ally !

When you understood those basic rules, you can use it safely.

TRICKY TRICK : If you are a real Singed, you can use it to throw minions into bushes to detect eventual ennemies in them. You need to target well, and synchronize with the minion's attack so you can still see him, but when it works it's really awesome !

Insanity Potion (R)

Finally, his godlike ultimate. This one button is the UNKILLABLENESS BUTTON. When activated, Singed becomes so fast, so strong, so solid, so everything that even 156 Nidalee's spear wouldn't kill him. Or maybe they would, but he's still so strong !
He gains AP, Armor, Magic Resist and Movement Speed, that means +damages, +unkillableness, +trollness. It's good, really good, and it has low cooldown.

Singed abilities are made for each other. Fling throws ennemies is you poison, Mega Adhesive works with poison, your ulti allows you to fling ennemies or poison them better... Again, if you know how to use your abilities, you are one step far from INVINCIBILITY.

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A word about Masteries, Runes and Summoner Spells


Just look at what I took, and meditate. Open your chakras and you'll know these are THE TRUE MASTERIES. You need a bit of AP and Magic Penetration, here you go, and a lot of resistance, here you go. You can bring some changes to that tree, I won't mind it, I will still love you.


Same thing for runes. As I said earlier, you will need Movement Speed. That's why I always pick the Quints of Movement Speed. They are just too good to be true, they will allow you, with early boots, to run like frigging Usain Bolt. Just buy them.
You will also need a bit of Magic Penetration, to punish off-tank you will always find on top lane. I also pick flat armor, for the same bruiser/off-tank in laning reasons, and scaling Magic Resist, so you can be decently Magic Resillient.

You can choose other runes if you pleases, just go ahead, try things !


Classic, effective, Ghost + Ignite. Ignite + Poison trail does huge damages to finish some chaser/chased, and Ghost + Ulti give you INFINITE speed, unstoppableness and everything we said before... Don't be afraid, that combo is giving you the power to run around teamfight not worrying at all of ennemies.

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Singed's awesome Me Cannot Die Build - Essentials

Let's do the interesting Part now folkssss! First of all I want to introduce you your new best friend : THIS BUDDY :


This item is what Ya want on Singed right now ! First it gives a decent starting amount of mana : 250. That makes +62 HP. Then, it will stack mana until it haves frigging 1000, which is +250 HP !
It's mainly great because of Poison Trail. Guess what? Each second you hit something with your poison, the tear gains mana, and that's more life for you ! With this you can easily get to 1500+ Hp at level 5, and it's HUGE !

Now another Singed essential item :

The Rod of Age

This is only greatness for the Chemist. It gives him HP, needed, EVEN MORE HP with some Mana, thanks to his passive. The mana is also useful in early because Singed eats mana like Cho'Gath eats you, so get it fast. Get is fast too because of it's scaling statistics. You will see your HP and Mana magically raise during the next 20 minutes.


Boots for speed, of course. You will need to be the faster on laning phase, because Singed have a hard time laning so he need to harass his opponent and farm quickly before he get ***-****ed. So you will need to be speedy. You don't need any other item because thanks to runes and masteries you don't need armor of MR when you start.

3 health potions... Because he's squishy, godammit !


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Singed's awesome Me Cannot Die Build - Interesting items

The build I propose at the beginning of this guide are the better in my opinion, but you can make situational choices, mixing those items together to make different variations.
Here are the most interesting items for Singed.


Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Very viable item. Give you HP, AP, and has a super-nice slow effect that makes you definitly unchasable, reinforce your Adhesive and makes it harder to escape from you after your fling.
You should pick this in almost any situation.


This will give your opponent a very hard time. Your poison becomes very, very, very dangerous, and chasers will know instant doom. However I think it gives too much AP for not much HP, but if you start beeing fed you can take this.

Abyssal Scepter

This could be a good choice with an AP team. Althrough it give no HP or Mana at all, the AP and the MR are pretty decent, and the aura is very useful upon ennemies. If your team doesn't already have one, and you feel already tanky enough, you can go for it.


Yeah... This could be a decent choice ! I didn't try it a lot ingame, but it gives you AP, Mana, HP, and even some regen !

Sunfire Cape

Could be. Not the best choice, but anyway it fits any tanks. However it is useful in only some specific moments.

Guide Top

Armor Items

Frozen Heart

DA BIG ITEM FOR SINGED. If you're against a majority of AD, you want to buy this ****. It gives Mana (And +125 HP), Big big big Armor and a very nice aura, -20% attack speed for all opponents in a 1000 range, enough to make them commit suicide in front of their screen. The cooldown reduction is also very cool for your ultimate.

Randuin's Omen

Very cool item. Everyone attacking you looses attack speed, movement speed with it's active, it gives decent HP and very high armor. Combined with a frozen heart, you will become a slow machine from the North Pole (even if the effects doesn't stack) while you're running around with your poison.... Deadly.


Very nice item, gives you the highest amount of armor in the game and return 30% of physical damages you receive. Very viable, and possessing it will avoid AD carrys to even think about hitting you.

Iceborn Gauntlet

Similar to Frozen Heart. It gives you all you need, however it's passive effect is almost useless, as you do not auto-attack very often. Yours to decide, Singedling.

Guardian Angel

This is always very nice on a tank. Armor, Magic Resistance, and this awesome Ressurect Passive, much much trolly and much much good. Viable choice against a mix of AD and AP in the other team.

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Magic Resist Items

Banshee's Veil

TAKE IT. JUST TAKE IT. IT'S AWESOME ! Health, Mana, and Magic Resist ! And It blocks spells! TAKE IT !

Runic Bulwark

This is another awesome item. It give massive Magic Resist, good armor, good health, and an aura that will make your teamates fap in front of the game, as it's so beautifully game changing. Just buy it.

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De Boots Choice

For Singed there is obviously two boots choices :

This one

And This one

How to choose between them?

My favourite choice is Mercury Treads. You've got some Magic resist and Tenacity, which is a very helpful tank statistic, which makes you even more uncatchable and unstoppable. Use it against lots of controls and AP in the other team.

Ninja tabi are only good against a majority of AD opponents.

There you go for the boots !

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Don't even think about buying those f*ckers !

The item you don't buy, EVER :


I put it here because Riot made the huge missstake to put it in the recommended items section for Singed. DO NOT BUY IT! It gives not enough HP, you don't need that much Health Regen, and the passive is simply useless on Singed! DO NOT BUY IT ! OR I KILL YOU ! I FIND YOU, I KILL YOU, CHEESE TITS !

Other items you may buy, but don't :

Warmog Armor

Yeah... A lot of HP, it's certain, but you don't need that much HP regen, and I call that wasting our Passive for nothing. This is a true tank, brutal, item, not a Singed item. Forget it.

Frozen Mallet

I saw once a Singed with that item. Wtf. Don't buy it. Please. T_T

Mikael's Crucible

Nope. Not enough health, not enough resistance. Don't take that.

Twin Shadows

You didn't think about it?! There is no health or anything good for a tank in this **** ! Don't buy that ! Don't !

Unholy Grail

-_- This is a frigging AP carry item. No. Just No.

Guide Top

Finally we got to an end !!

You finished the reading of this awesome guide!!! DID YOU LIKE IT? NO? GTFO !

No, I don't mind if you didn't like it. I still love you. I you loved it, on the other hand, you can thumbs it up so it can be seen by a thousand other Singed apprentices. Thanks dude. I love you.

To finish about the Mad Chemist, I'll say : Just don't screw up early game and everything will be fine. Very fine. Be safe, be trolly, be tanky, and keep wandering around the map yelling "U DO NOT MIND ME IN DA MIDDLE OF UR BASE?".

Thanks for reading ! Have fun with your new favorite Chemist !

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Videos about Singed

The best, the better, the bueno : CHAMPION SPOTLIGHT

And a Pentakill :


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