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Singed Build Guide by Jaxle

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jaxle

Mix Mix Swirl Mix: Singed General Guide - Updates inc soon

Jaxle Last updated on October 6, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my general Singed guide, currently being updated for season 3, in which I can tell you how to do most roles, well enough to roll your way through normal games. You could see this more as a rough guide, with items and glyphs to boot, to help you get started with singed.

Please note, the text section is yet to be updated from May 2013 and as a result take a lot with a pinch of salt, I am working on updating and revamping the whole guide while I'm not working. Thanks for taking that into account.

Note: This guide is not for instant wins gg. This is to gain a better understanding of singed, and different methods of play.

After 18 months of no updates I'm back, time to update the guide and get it sorted.

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First things first, these runes are just the ones I find best to go for, its also cheap because you only need to buy one set of runes, except the Seal's for mid which are entirely optional.

I've chosen the marks of insight in order for your poison to give that little extra oomph you need while laning, to harass enemy champions well and also so you can overcome a lot of magic resist without having to spend gold on it. In my opinion this is a must buy, but remeber as with all of these this is only a rough guide.

For the seals, I have mainly chosen straight up armour. This is great for reducing damage taken by minions, and reducing the amount of damage those ranged pokers can do, letting you get a quick flip on them without losing too much health, also I take straight up, as late game you will have more than enough armour for being tanky.

I took glyphs of shielding, because the building magic resistance is a real help early and late game. Having that extra tankiness on singed is great, as his primary use in these builds is as an AP tank, therefore able to dive into the enemy team, throwing back there carries for your hungry team to decimate.

Quintessences I've chosen Swiftness, because speed is singed's best component. With the increased speed you can catch up with enemies faster to pull off that vital flip, you can get infront to lay out your poison ( combined with Rylai's is deadly ) or get in range to drop that all important slow in your victims path.

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With a new season, we see new masteries coming in to play. The selection and gameplay has changed to the point where I feel any ranked singed should be building heavily into the off tank role, taking lots of defensive masteries. There are of course alternatives for AP singed, building heavily into offensive, and also alternatives for support. In the defense tree masteries such as the added tenacity and reducing the effects of movement speed reductions are especially good for singed.
There are alternatives to going tanky on singed, for example taking him mid may require more Ap masteries, and to focus on getting magic resist in the defense tree instead of armour.

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Despite speed being singed's best friend. I've found with the changes, its much more effective to go heavy defense at the start, playing passive and building a resistance to who you are laning against, (for example, null magic mantle vs Vlad) So combining a defensive item with health pots allows you to sustain in lane without losing too much farm, and also allows you to be ready for ganks. For building into ap, I'd suggest taking either boots or a sapphire crystal, then to rush that up to a tear of the goddess, as it stacks insanely easily for singed.

catalyst the protector
After that you can either take boots if you didnt before, or a catalyst. At this point if you can buy the tier two boots that you have already built defense in, I would greatly advise it as it gives you both mobility and resistance, allowing for easier farming. However if you have boots, then i would suggest building your catalyst at this point. If you are playing more aggressively by taking the boot start, i would suggest taking boots of swiftness after the catalyst. The enhanced speed can help to keep your opponent on the back foot.

Rod of Ages, to be fair why wouldn't you, it takes a while to kick in to full, but that's why you grab it early, with the benefits of catalyst still going which will no doubt save your *** more than you will remember, (despite its slight nerf ]: ), and the end bonus of mana and health is insane, as the mana gives you even more health its a brilliant pick for singed, a must buy.

At this point, if you dont have defensive boots, someone on their team is getting a lot of kills or you are the primary tank for the team, I'd suggest you pick up a strong tanky item, such as Frozen Heart or Runic Bulwark

Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Once again another must buy, lot's of HP which benefits Force of Nature, and the AP increases your damage output. But most of all it's the slowing effect it applies to your abilities. With Rylai's your poison will now slow enemies, which is a godsend to both you and your team, for being both aggressive and defensive. Constantly reducing their movement speed while you already wizz about will completely lock them down, combined with flips and slows you can lock down just about anyone, saving team mates or securing that Teemo who's been outrunning your team for the past hour.

Now is time to pick up the godsend for singed, Liandry's Torment. This item causes your poison and flip to apply a burning effect for 5% of their current health over 3 seconds, doubled damage due to rylai's and then halved duration due to it being an AoE effect, however this will constantly be applied due to them being in your poison field. The damage out put that is high initially, makes singed a great initiator, and allowing your carries to pick up easy kills.

Now you can build whatever you want, I'd strongly suggest building more of the resistance you lack, however if you want to do more damage you can take an ap item, just remember the lifesteal is halved effect due to poison being AOE.

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Skill Sequence

Skills can be played around with, just the standard set I use above. But I would recommend always starting with flip except in the jungle, this is due to its utility in tower warfare, locking down the enemy for a gank kill and for the straight up damage it does. However it does use an ungodly amount of mana, so use it wisely.

Poison is maxed first, why? Because its your main ability and its OP when first maxed.

Slow is optional, really helps with kills but if you're desperate for that little more damage upgrade flip. It's also quite bad till level two, albeit still useful.

As upgrading fling only increases its damage, its utility is the same for level one, so I usually take it at level 1 and max it last, however if you're playing mid, or just want some extra damage then you can upgrade it more, fling also scales at a 1:1 ratio with AP + base, so its really good for the AP build.

Insanity Potion, this is a truely amazing ultimate for singed, increased regen, defences, movement speed and AP means you can use it when being chased to not only survive, but get kills in the process. This combined with items such as force of nature and catalyst, or buffs like blue or baron will truly make you the biggest pain in the *** they could imagine. Also using the movement speed from ghost or Shurelya's will allow you to cannonball through their team, making them all forget team play and chase you down.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport, Brilliant for top lane, means you can back and buy without losing a minion wave of gold. Also great for using on wards to surprise someone with a gank.

Ghost, Speed is your friends remember, a must get. You could try flash instead if you want but imho it's terrible for singed.

Exhaust, If you want to be more aggressive, sure take it, but you lose out on farm for having it. This is not an issue on Twisted Treeline, as its so small of a map anyway.

You can pick from other summoner spells, like for instance Cleanse, but I find the above ones best for being aggressive while staying on top of farm.

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Special Tactics

Singed has many utilities other champions don't. You can use these to get the upper edge in a 1v1 or teamfight.

Singed is a brilliant champion for Juking, a good method I find is to run into the bush, drop the slow on yourself, wait for them to run in and then flip, then proceed to run back the way they came. But the main quality of good juking is being completely unreliable, don't think about where you're going to come out till the last second, and go for the largest gap you can find. This way no matter how many, they wont be properly prepared for your escape.

Another good method I find is tower flipping, when a champion comes close to you to poke when you're under the tower, run out, drop the slow and flip him into tower range, hopefully getting a hit or two off from it and putting him on the tailend of the fight.

Another flipping method is known as void flipping, it's where you flip the enemy at 90 degrees to the wall, causing them to go over it, even if its nearly double the usual flip distance, this has saved my *** in many situations, though be careful when jungling not to flip minions like this.

Quick Flip, press your flip on the target in advance, you will run into range and the flip target as soon as possible, downsides of this are if the champion is out of LOS (Line of Sight) for too long you stop chasing, and stand still.

Dropping the slow, don't aim on top of the enemy champion, aim just before it so they run into the middle, before trying to change direction to get out of it. SO try to put the edge of the ring about a second in front of them.

Baiting, singed is great for baiting, early/mid more so than late game. if you time your ulti with the proc from catalyst when you level up, you will surprise your enemies when they come chasing into the bush, to find you back up from almost no to half health, and plenty of mana to take them on.

Speed, having the upper hand in speed will make you a massive pain to all melee champs, running around them will bait them further, making them angry and determined for the kill.

Mind games. This is the best talent of Singed imo by far, playing mind games with the enemy. If you cause the entire enemy team to hate you, by constantly getting low, but not letting them get the kill, at best killing a couple of them in the process, their vision will be filled with bloodlust whenever they see you, allowing you to bait them into traps, or cause them to forget their health and chase you, till they slowly tick down and die allowing you to turn back on them to get the kill.

A couple more mind games involve invisible poison, there are two methods of invisible poison, one is a bug involved in running into bushes, if you still have your trail on they wont be able to see it till they enter the bush. And another is more of a macro exploit, allowing you to let off a single puff of gas which is invisible, and costs little mana. If they keep running into invisible poison every time they come near you, eventually they'll stop doing so and cause them to lose out massively on farm, while you can just chuckle away. And if they dont stop farming, they'll lose a lot of health so you can just flip and finish them off.

Here is a demonstration of a lot of these tactics, by InvertedComposer:

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After you get your catalyst, you can farm all day with poison, as hard as you can without having to worry about mana or your health pool, a method of quick farming is to weave in and out of the minions, after applying poison to them all aim for the lowest ones and taken them out, later on you will find it easier to farm minions that are not fighting, running aehad of them or rounding them up in a circle to prevent the melee from hitting you, losing as little health while burning them down fast.

You can use this to push lanes from behind the tower, farming minions and leaving you opponent too scared to come near you, allowing full farm without tower problems, and pushing lane fast at the same time. A quick demonstration can be seen here

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling with singed is remarkably simple, which would be unexpected from an unconventional jungler. Using the puffs of gas macro mentioned before to save as much mana as possible, making ganks nice and easy to pull off.

First of all the route, I would suggest starting with Wolves, getting a few auto attacks from your friends here, then moving straight onto blue golem to get the buff with a leash and dps. At this point with a good pull you'll have around 3/4 health and 5 health pots remaining, however you may feel safer using one on Blue. From here you pay a quick visit to wraith then back up to wolves, before taking red and wraith again before looking at ganking, at this point you'll be level 4 with 2 poison, 1 slow and 1 flip, allowing you to ghost into any lane picking up an easy kill for your team.

After the initial route, you just keep up farm and get ready to dive in to gank or hold a lane at any point, singed's mobility and survivability will make you a vital asset for the team.
Here's a short video of the route, I had to double the speed as my upload speeds are terrible and this is only to give you more of an idea.

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A quick summary of Singed's play style, you cannot play him the same as any other champion, simple put you should play aggressively, doing things you would dare like diving or going 1v3 against people whenever your ulti is up, with this play style, you'll be able to farm efficiently,take down enemies and make the opposing team hate you and fear you at the same time.

I'd like to take this moment to thank you for reading my first guide, and wish you the best of luck in your future games as singed.

A rough guide from a <1000 elo noob