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Amumu Build Guide by bobthebigandbad

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bobthebigandbad

Mobility Amumu

bobthebigandbad Last updated on November 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The purpose of this build for Amumu is simply to chase down and ult. You get Boots of Mobility, so that you can outrun their team, catch them with Bandage Toss, and then ult and kill them. The build, along with runes and masteries, are set up for jungling. You can make some minor tweaks to the first items, runes, and masteries, and then lane though, but Amumu is definitely best in the jungle due to his fast jungling speed and very strong ganks.

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21 in defense - Keep your health higher in the jungle, so you can gank more. These are also useful throughout the whole game for tanking and initiating.

9 in utility - These are great for early-game mana and the buff duration increase.

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Marks - Magic penetration makes you jungle faster and then deal more damage throughout the game.

Seals - Flat armor for jungling. These keep your health higher so you don't have to go back as much and can gank more.

Glyphs - Magic resistance/level to make you sturdier vs mages from middle to late game.

Quints - Health quints for jungling and early game.

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You should always get flash on Amumu. It is easily the best spell on him. You can use flash to get in range and at the right angle for a good Bandage Toss and to instantly dive the other team for the best ult possible. It should very rarely be used defensively on Amumu.

If you're jungling, you need this.

If you aren't jungling, Exhaust and Flash are the two best spells. Exhaust will allow you to chase someone down, retreat from someone in a 1v1 fight, or decrease someone's damage in a team fight. It's easily the next best spell for Amumu.

This is viable on Amumu, but I'd say Exhaust and Flash are much better.

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Skill Sequence

The skill order I have is for jungling. You should always plan on having Bandage Toss by the time you're going to gank. This might mean getting it earlier or maybe waiting until level five for it.

If you're laning, you will definitely not want to start with W. You should focus on leveling Q and E right away. E is best for farming and Q is best for harassing, so make your decision of which to level first according to the situation. In most cases, I wouldn't get W at all until I have Q and E completely leveled.

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Starting Items

If you're jungling -

+ 3

This is the standard jungling start. I usually only go with three health potions, since that's all I normally need. However, if you plan on staying out longer or doing a quick gank before going back or something crazy, you can take four or five health potions.

If you're laning -

This is good if you're duo laning bot with someone. It doesn't provide any health potions or health regeneration though, so it's best done with a healer. Of course, your AD carry should be with the healer on bottom in most cases though.

+ Sight Ward + 6

This is good for soloing top lane. It provides you with some mana regeneration, a sight ward, and lots of health potions so you won't have to go back for a long time. I would recommend this start.

+ 3

This is a decent start for laning top or bottom. It provides extra movement speed, so you're more able to retreat without having to waste flash. Then, it also has health potions so you have decent sustenance. Unfortunately, you'll lack mana regeneration for harassing the opponent and for farming with E.


This is a good start for lots of health regeneration. It allows you to sit around in lane for quite awhile. However, like with the boots start, you lack mana regeneration for harassing the opponent and for farming with E.

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First Shop(s)


If your jungling, you can normally afford Boots of Speed and Faerie Charm on your first trip back. Some extra mana regeneration and movement speed is great for early in the game and the Faerie Charm will build into your Philosopher's Stone.

Philosopher's Stone +

You're second trip back should always get you your Philosopher's Stone. You should normally be able to afford Boots of Mobility as well. If it's going very well, you may be able to build into the Glacial Shroud and Negatron Cloak too.

If you're laning-

+ Philosopher's Stone

If you're laning, you should be able to afford boots and a Philosopher's Stone, by the time you go back. If it's going well, you may be able to build into your Glacial Shroud or Negatron Cloak as well. If you're going for Boots of Mobility, you shouldn't get these early since they don't help much in the laning phase.

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These boots are ridiculously underestimated and underused on Amumu. Due to the way Amumu is set up, with a dive ability then an AoE stun ultimate, diving spells and movement speed buffs are great on him. As long as you haven't attacked and wasted the speed boost, you should be able to chase down their team and hopefully get a good ultimate set up. Boots of Mobility are also great for early game jungling and ganking, allowing you to get around much faster.

Other viable boots-

I almost always get mobility on Amumu, but if you're anti-mobility, here's some other options for you.

- These are easily the next best, after mobility. I sometimes get them if the other team has lots of CC, especially stuns.

- Good if you want to go for the Nimbleness mastery or when the other team is AD-heavy.

Boots of Lucidity - CDR is good on Amumu, but Shurelya's and Frozen Heart provide all you need. You can replace either Shurelya's or Frozen Heart with these though.

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Core Build

These are items I get almost every game as Amumu.


You need armor and magic resistance, yo. If the other team has more AP than AD, get Negatron Cloak first. If they have more AD or if it's close, go with the Glacial Shroud.

This item was practically made for Amumu. Health and mana regeneration are both needed for him. Cooldown reduction is great, since your ultimate recharges slowly. Then, the speed boost for your team allows you to dive in, ult, and kill faster. The fact that the speed boost also affects your team mates allows you to make the most of the duration of the ultimate's stun.


Next, you need an armor item and a magic resistance item. Like with the Glacial Shroud and Negatron Cloak, which one you get first depends on the damage output from the other team. If they have more AD, get a Frozen Heart. If they have more AP, get an Abyssal Scepter. If it's close, I would tend to get the Abyssal Scepter first.

Frozen Heart - This is a very good item on Amumu, since it gives mana and CDR, which are both very important on Amumu. Another very good armor item is the Sunfire Cape, but it is a bad choice when you go with Boots of Mobility, since it will often slow you down when you need the extra speed.

Abyssal Scepter - This item goes wonderfully with Amumu and is easily the best MR item for him. The magic resistance reduction is great for your team's mages and yourself, while the AP allows you to weaken them more so your carries can pick up more kills. Another great MR item is Force of Nature, but I prefer Abyssal Scepter for killing faster.

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Your Final Items

This is a great overall item. It gives you the rest of the magic resistance you need and some extra health and mana as well. The only time I wouldn't get this item on Amumu is if I know the other team's mages won't be a problem for me, so I can focus on just getting more health or AP instead.

Your very last item is extremely situational.

- Get this if you need to be more tanky. If you need extra health, this should give you all you need.

- Get this if you need a little more health, but not much. The health is good to make you tankier and the AP allows you to weaken the other team more for your carries to finish. The slow is also helpful at times.

- Get this when you don't need any more health. AP scales very well on Amumu, so this will make you kill quite quickly.

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Other Optional Items

- With this build, you definitely don't need any more armor or magic resistance. That doesn't mean your team couldn't use it though. Aegis is good just to make your mates a little sturdier.

- Like with the Aegis, this is best for supporting your team mates. The extra AP and spell vamp can greatly help your mages at times and can benefit you as well.

- This is a possible replacement for Frozen Heart.

- This is a possible replacement for Abyssal Scepter.

- This is another possible replacement for Frozen Heart, it's more of a mage item than for tanks though.

- This is good for some extra health and AP. The mana is also good with the Strength of the Spirit masteries.

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Using Your Ultimate Effectively

Amumu's Bandage Toss and Ultimate together are perhaps the best initiation from any tank in the game. Unfortunately, this can also be countered. The simplest way to counter Amumu's strong initiate is by simply splitting up as opposed to standing together. If they do this, you will likely only be able to ult one or maybe two of them at a time.

Whether or not the other team is effectively countering your ultimate, you may not want to use it right away in team fights. It typically is best used to start fights, especially if your carries are doing well, but it's often best if saved. It can be used half way through a fight, when the other team is far more likely to be standing together. It can also be used near the end of a fight, so your team can escape or so their team cannot escape.

One thing you should remember is that, with this build at least, you have lots of CDR. This means that you should be able to use your ultimate at some point in every fight. So, make sure you do use it in every fight. You can also take no shame in using it just to you can escape from a gank or something or so that you can kill someone in 1v1.