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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Eusecrat

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eusecrat

Mord-ampire (a spell vamp/health regen based off-tank)

Eusecrat Last updated on December 14, 2012
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______________________NOT FINISHED YET____________________

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Welcome part

Hi everyone !
First of all i would like to thank you for reading my guide (actually my first one) and i would be even more thankful if you leave me constructive commentaries, corrections (about informations and maybe righting, as english is not my native language), advice about the layout or your feelings about this guide.

The reason i decide to right this guide is that most of the guides and thus most of the Morde players just don't get all the potential of Morde ...
Some get the power of spell vamp on him, others the way he can DPS, others his tanky side ...
But I have never found a guide that succeed to deal with all this part.

This an advanced guide focused on ranked game in solo and in premade team. I won't go in depth and explain how this char works precisley but focused on explaining my choice and what you may change situationally and when.

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Observation & Main Idea

First of all, to masteries the master of metal you have to get to know him.

Facts :

  • Very spammable spells (probably the lower CD on a caster of the wall game)
  • Only AoE or multitarget spells
  • Melee spells

----> that's make you naturally an AP MELEE FIGHTER

  • A shield based on abilities dommage that prevent up to to 630 dommage at lvl 18
----> the way it reloads is both Morde strengh and weakness : it's more than a 630 life boost as you can reload it something like 3 times in team fight but this gonna work only as long as you are able to throw spells.

In consequecnces you want to be hable to SPAM SPELLS

  • Spells cost health

----> that makes your VERY EARLY GAME UNCOFOTABLE

  • An armor/magic resist buff (30 at lvl 18)

----> that makes you naturally a so called 'Bruiser' = an OFF TANK

Last but not least, An AMAZING ult : Children of the Grave

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Pros / Cons

Pros :

AP off tank (doble AP or bruiser strategy ? why choose if you can have both ?!)
Fight turner ult
Tower destroyer
Easy farm

Con :

vulnerable to silence, stun
vulnearble to anti-heal such and all object/abilities that inflicte grievous wounds as : Impure Shots, Ignite, Executioner's Calling, Seastone Trident
no "direct" CC

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Team Work

Most of the advices give in this part would be most usuable in premade team.

My build is really balanced between all Morde strengh : you have DPS, good armor and magic resist, huge sustainability, a game changer ult, an avergae pusher and last but not least he is easily adjustable thus it is perfect for solo queue.

Nevertheless, teams can really work strategies with this build as a center to put in place epic and unusual combos which make them hard to counter.

Allies :

Your job is to jump on opponent AD carry, make him out of the game (dead or fleeing) , get focused, make them use their CC's and nuke abilities on you and yet tank the damages. If you succeed all of this use your ghost to turn the team fight on your side and/or to get rewarded (Tower, Nashor, Dragon ...).

All shields, speed/heal boosts are thus welcome. Heavy CC are also very good combo as your actions tend to regroup the opponent team. Distant nukers help you get a ghost.

SO, as you play Morde you want by your side :


Morde's GF :


Here come the Pumpkin and Honey Bunny song :

You rush with Black Shield, it is just perfect on you as your major weakness is disabling abilities, you make the opponent team regroup, she jumps in, Soul Shackles then Zhonya's Hourglass, you launch Children of the Grave on a slowed opponent, she "wakes up" Dark Binding+ Tormented Soil, you get the ghost, GG.

Plus :

Morde's cousin :


He is like a cousin you look like and who he is always pleased to see you :

You rush the opponent carry ad and the combo must be:

Children of the Grave *** THEN *** Tides of Blood Transfusion
Siphon of Destruction
Mace of Spades
*** THEN *** Sanguine Pool


Morde's Big Bro :


Time Warp speed buff help you get to the ad carry, on your way you carry a Time Bomb , Chronoshift helps get and keep the ghost (during your respawn you can focused on managing the ghost, i'd called that :
"they told me i could be anyting, so i became a carry AD"

Plus :

Morde's lover : Sona
speed boost, heal, multilple stun, a nuke good enough to help your target passing out into a ghost form.

Soraka : Shurelya to rush, Wish to prevent you from dying so you can get/keep your ghost

Tanks (junglers as you take top) :

Gangplank : Raise Morale speed boost, Parrrley+ Grog Soaked Blade+ Cannon Barrage to help you get the carry AD

Aura items you may like on your teamates :

Will of the Ancients : NOT an option, you are in a doble AP team, both top and mid should build it. Remmeber this build focus on health regen by spell vamp

Soul Shroud : this build is bough on spell vamp cause Morde got realy spamable spells. More spam, more win : CDR are so more then welcomed. And much more as you are in doble AP team. Your support have to buy this.
(This item is one of those I consider really underestimated btw)

Shurelya's Reverie : you wanna this speed buff to engage the fight (on jungler or support)

Locket of the Iron Solari : more health regen, a must have. Plus, a 230 shield could give you the 1-2 sec you need to regen by hitting ennemies, survive and maybe get a ghost.

My perfect team include so a mid with a Will of the Ancients, a jungler with a Shurelya's Reverie and a support with a Soul Shroud and a Locket of the Iron Solari.

Ennemies :

Guide Top

I am your daddy, who's my children ? [Ult tutorial]

There are actually three ways of using your ultimate : Children of the Grave

* target the carry AD
* target the carry AP
* target the one full-of-health opponent

USE the ghost :

The main idea of targeting the AD carry is to scare him to death ( ;) ) and thus prevent him to deal dommage to your team (like every good off-tank). If you can get his ghost it's more or less a win for your team in this teamfight as you gonna add an huge DPS and force them to focus a tank (indirect crowd control), which is not really a good idea.
Carry AD's ghosts are also great to get rewarded (push a tower or get a Nashor/Drake) after a teamfight.

Get steroïded :

If you target the carry AP you want to get his ghost as it will improve your stat drastically.
Not a bad option if he is the first danger of the opponent team or if your jungler/tank got no problem to control the carry AD or if u can kill him very quicly.

DEF like a Tryntard :

Your team is loosing the game, you have to def a tower, you are getting ganked, you are in a 1v3 fight, you are standing alone against a team doing nash ....

Focus the more healthed character. Your point here is to survive and as your ult, and so your health regen, is based on the max life the target got, you have to focus a tank.
However take care of the magic resist of the target.

Basicaly in this case you want to cacth the Atma's Impaler Trinity Force Warmog's Armor solo top or the Frozen Mallet jungler