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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Chemical2408

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chemical2408

Mordekaiser The APC (The Iron Man)

Chemical2408 Last updated on May 3, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Greeting summoners!
Mordekaiser was my first champ I played in the League and also the first champ I bought. I knew right away this is the kind of champ that suits me. At start I played him like hybrid (half tank and half apc), because I was using "recommended build". This wasn't that bad at the time, because I was still low level and I didn't know much about builds. Despite this even hybrid build was very OP at the time.

Unfortunately I don't play Morde as much anymore, because I found out he has quite a lot weaknesses and problem is, he doesn't fit in every team composition. Besides all this, many of you will facepalm first moment you see this build anyway...

Some of you are already doubting my build, because I have some strange cooldown reduction items in my build. But this is what makes my build soo different from other builds! I know how much potential damage lies in cooldown and I decided to make it useful!

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Pros / Cons

As every champ, Mordekaiser also has strenghts and weaknesses... Our goal is to lower morde's weaknesses and boost morde's strenghts.

+ Passive shield
+ Best ulty In-Game
+ Great pusher
+ Very high damage output
+ He can fight 2 v 1 with no problem
+ He looks badass
+ Mordekaiser Es Numero Uno
- No gap closer
- Vulnerable to CC
- Uses HP for spells
- You are focused
as hell
- Doesn't fit in every
team composition
- He can't jungle :P

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Most of the points are given to masteries which increase damage dealt, except Durability and Wanderer :

1. Durability -For being more durable, especialy to heavy CC
2. Wanderer -Because morde has no CC, he must have a bit more movement speed, to escape ganks and chase hisPREY faster.

Possible reactions on this masteries:
1. U MAD!?!?!?
Answer: Yes! :D

2. Morde needs more points in defense!
Answer: Disagree, I repeat, this is APC build! ...yes, he needs some extra durability in general, but you really shouldn't sacrifice soo much potential damage in Masteries, to make him more durable!

3. You could put one point in Summoner's Insight ...
Answer: I totaly agree, this not just makes you escape ganks easier, but also gives you some kind of gap closer, you soo desperately need. Since this build is APC, your goal is to KILL and also SECURE KILLS, which explains my choice here...
+ If you also upgrade your boots into Enchantment: Distortion it will really make your KILLING easier! :)

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Summoner Spells

Because you lose some durability at Masteries, you should take Heal in this case. Besides this, many players in L.O.L. are greedy as hell and some will dive under turret, just to make a kill. At these times, you simply heal and kill!!
(Possibly you can also ult him, if you already have the ulty)

Cleanse-viable if enemies have lots of CC.
(example: if 3/5 or more enemies have stun or other heavy CC)

For players, who just can't make it without Ignite:
Well... It's still a good spell and I won't say, you mustn't take it, but if you do, plz don't just waste it every time you want to make a kill, but wait until your ult is up and use Ignite + Children of the Grave combo!

About Barrier... What would you prefer in teamfight more, Barrier or Heal??
I'd say Heal! Thats because it doesn't only benefit you, but also your teammates. I find Barrier to be some kind of egoistic spell: "I only take care of myself and I don't care about my teammates"
Well... good for you, only problem is, you might lose teamfight then.

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When I choose runes, my main goal is, to make them useful for early game.
One of Mordekaiser biggest weaknesses is bad early game. This is because he doesn't have spell vamp and he is very easy to poke. To reduce this weakness, I take Greater Quintessence of Spell Vamp, to reduce health loss and also take Greater Seal of Armor, to reduce damage from poking.


This is the best choice for morde,
because it not just gives you
durability in early game, but its
Spell vamp stacks with Hextech Gunblade and makes you
a killing machine in late game.
I don't have these Quints,
but I think these would fit perfect
with this build, because it makes you escape ganks easier
and also makes you chase down enemies faster.


Not much to say here... These are only Marks I find appropriate for this build.


I use this seals, because I get mainly focused by enemy ADC... So most logical choice is to buy armor... Right?
I don't use this Seals, but since Morde really needs durability in every part of the game, this runes are probably very good choice. They give you total 175 health points, which is quite good.


More CD=More damage! The End!

This runes are useful, because they improve your damage in early game, but personally, I would never trade Cooldown for Damage. That is just nonsense to me, still you can use them, if you find them more useful!

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Items (In general + In depth)

Your main goal as mordekaiser, is to get some spell vamp as soon as possible, since your spells need hp for casting...

Most of the time I start with Amplifying Tome and Health Potion, because I can upgrade this item into Hextech Revolver sooner...
If you buy boots, you will have to get 435 more gold to get this item, when u get back to base, which is bad for your durability in early game!
I didn't say boots are bad to take for Morde... BUT they delay buying Hextech Revolver, which is most important item for you...

Situations, when I buy boots first:
-when I'm countered
-when I need mobility to avoid enemy ranged attacks and harrasing
-when enemy has a gap closer
-when enemy has lots of CC
(I said I use boots rarely... It's because practically no champ is a counter for me anymore, I can adapt almost to any champ they pick)

Balanced build is good example how your build should look at end. It has some armor from Zhonya's Hourglass and some magic resist from Abyssal Mask and Spirit Visage.
You get about 400 AP from items, which is good enough to erase enemies from the map. If you build only AP, enemy team will focus you even more! Besides this, you won't be having enough of defensive items and you will be easy target to shoot down...

Now, lets get to more important stuff: CORE ITEMS
Hextech Revolver-Morde with no spell vamp is "Defeat" right away. Your health loss will become soo big, you wont be able to stay in lane more than 5 min or less.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
This item is soo good, that I wouldn't trade it with any item existing!
It gives you durability (hp), gives you magic damage (AP) and most importantly IT GIVES U CC!!!!!

Of course, it doesn't give you stun or something, but hey, slow is good enough! :)
With slow, you can catch PREY faster and you can escape ganks easier too!! :)


It all depends on your enemy team composition and your play style, what item will you pick.
I organized these items from most appropriate to least appropriate, it's up to you and your skills, to make a choice bettween them...


Really good item for morde, to maximize his damage, BUT if I compare this item to Zhonya's Hourglass, it's just useless. It gives you high amounts of damage, but it also decreases your defense!

When to use it:
When enemy team is really not experienced or in case they primarly use magic damage.

One of the most OP item for Mordekaiser!!! It may be even stronger than Rabadon's Deathcap!
When you hit enemy with Mace of Spades, you also apply this item passive damage to him!

When to use it:
I use this when enemy team is really unexperienced or in case they primarly use magic damage.
There is also one more reason to pick this item, but I don't recommend it for you:
Well... if you want to be rambo and kill everyone + you want to make pentakill, this item is just the thing for it! xD

Cool item, works very good with Mordekaiser's ulty... I would trade this item with Abyssal Mask, but this is VERY rare item for morde to use!!!

When to use it:
If enemy has lots of magic resist and you need more durability, because of their CC.

Want to maximize your damage? Buy Void Staff!!!
I would trade this item for Abyssal Mask sometimes.

When to use it:
Use this item, if enemy has ABNORMALLY HIGH magic resist (example: Galio) or if enemy team has low magic damage and you want to maximize yours. It's risky trade though.

When enemy team is focusing you, buy this item instantly! It not only gives you abnormal amounts of magic damage (AP), but also gives you the OP ACTIVE, which can be compared with Kayle's ulty!

When to use it:
I use it practically every game...
Thats why: I get fed.....they focus me.....I buy Zhonya's Hourglass.....I go into the fight.....they release all their ulties at me.....I activate Zhonya.....teamfight ends.....ACED!!! <33

It gives you magic resist + magic damage (AP), what more could you want??

When to use it:
I use it most of the games, but somtimes it's just too tempting to maximize damage and I buy Rabadon's Deathcap instead, because I'm a rambo! :)

A lot of melee champs in enemy team?? Problem solved...
Gives you EPIC damage, and when I say EPIC, I really mean it!!!
I would trade this item with Abyssal Mask, because OP melee carries are usualy AD-champs, except Kassadin! (beaware of that sneaky little... :P)

When to use it:
When enemy team carry is melee champ (it happens very rarely, but it does: Sion, Rengar, Kha'Zix, Yi)
If he is focusing you, just focus him back... Use ACTIVE item and shoot him down with no problem at all.

This item really has appropriate name, because it really is your angel! It makes you survive teamfights easier! :P
Besides its OP passive, it gives you armor and magic resist (durability).

When to use it:
If Zhonya's Hourglass isn't good enough, you should buy this OP item... Enemy team will probably surr when you buy this item, because you will simply ate their nerves!
(This would ate my nerves for sure...)

Another OP item, which could be traded with Hextech Gunblade.

When to use it:
If your team has lots of magic damage, buy this item! It gives durability for the whole team, which can make you win more teamfights! DON'T BUY IT OTHERWISE!!!!
Many players do this same mistake... Now I told you, so you won't be doing same mistake too... :)

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I thought it would be wise to add this section, just to make sure, new players will know how to farm properly... Farming with Morde isn't such a big deal really...

Early to Mid game:
Usualy when you hit level 5 or when you already have Hextech Revolver, you simply use Siphon of Destruction + Mace of Spades and instantly kill ranged minions (the ones at the back).
Then you can wait for spells to come off cooldown and repeat the same with melee minions OR just kill them with basic attacks (which I recommend you do).

Late game:
It all depends on how you play during early and mid game... Usualy I'm really fed at this moment and I kill ranged minions with single Siphon of Destruction.
Then I activate Creeping Death, damage melee minions a bit and press Mace of Spades to kill them too.

This makes Mordekaiser one of the best farmers in L.O.L.!

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Advanced tactics (teamfights)

Because you are APC, you should mainly stay at back and let others to initate a fight. Still, this is not the case every time! If there is a 3 v 3 fight maybe even 4 v 4, you can initate a fight, but only if you know you can win the fight and you can survive it too. It's good to have Zhonya's Hourglass in this case.

When fighting in 5 v 5 ONLY initate if enemies practically don't have any heavy CC at all. This is very rare case, so don't become a rambo, ok? :)
(you should also know if they have or they haven't got ults, before you do this risky thing)

If they have heavy CC... wait for others to initate and when you see their ADC in range for the kill, go in and kill him with your ult! Don't mind if you KS it!!! You are APC, you are almost allowed to KS!!
Even if players complain about you... this KS can make a difference and makes you win a teamfight!

Despite it rarely happens that someone complains about KS, don't listen to him and do what you are supposed to do... KILL!!!
(that sounds soo cruel xD )

When enemy team is starting to focus you, I really recommend you to buy Zhonya's Hourglass or Guardian Angel.
When you get this, activate Zhonya's ACTIVE spell right in the moment they want to burst you down. You will not only destroy someones ult, but also put many of their spells on Cooldown, which is big benefit for your team! Of course, be carefull, to activate it soon enough, otherwise, you will be bursted down in a second.

If you are fed and you are carrying the team, you should really take blue sometimes... If none in your team needs it more than you do, take it right away! I know, you won't benefit from mana regen, but you will surely benefit from Cooldown!
Mordekaiser with 40% cooldown and 26% Spell vamp? Yes please!

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About me...

I'm 19 years old guy from Slovenia (Google it) which has above 700 wins.

I play on EU North-East with my main acc, which is Chemical2408.
But I also play on EU West, where I have second account, with lvl 22 or something...
(I don't have same name there, but you might trace me down anyway)
I don't like to play ranked, because I think there are some of the most annoying haters in L.O.L. (In general I also hate haters) Despite this, I still play it sometimes and I'm currently in Silver III tier.

I played many online games, but I didn't really like any of them as much as I like L.O.L.
Since I'm still young I often party and you can also see me playing with hangover time to time.
(I even play better that way!! xD )

If you have any further questions, you can ask me in Comments...

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I made this build mainly for lvl 30 players, who already know how to play Mordekaiser... But even a new player, can learn some basics here.

If you noticed any mistakes or wrong statements, plz let me know in the comments below.
I'll be glad to correct my mistakes, if you are right about it...
Also, be aware what comments you make, because I won't stand any flaming or disrespect on commenting and I might even report you, if you do that. This also includes spamming of course...

When you comment, give me constructive feedback and explain what bothers you, so I'll be able to fix it.

I'll be thankful for every upvote, but I won't mind if you downvote me either, because I found out, that starting a flame war simply takes too much energy + it's not worth it.

I'd also appreciate it, if you could try-out this build, before you comment, so you can see how it works in real games and you get the feeling what weaknesses it has.

PS: I hope you won't be too harsh on my grammar, but you can still tell me what mistakes I made...

I wish you lots of luck (skill) and have fun pwning people with this build! :)