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Morgana Build Guide by 1314ckestKnight

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 1314ckestKnight

Morgana (S3) Fallen Mistress of the Black Arts

1314ckestKnight Last updated on March 24, 2013
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This is only a guide to playing in Normals, I have not used this build in ranked so I have no idea how it would perform there. I have played many games with Morgana and just want to share some tips.

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Pros / Cons


Strong Snare-- Dark Binding at all levels does a good amount of damage and holds the enemy champion for you and your team to bash

Spell Vamp-- Morgana's Passive, Soul Siphon is incredible. a flat 10% spell vamp early game makes her sustain very high early game. The way it ramps up to 20% in the late game keeps her alive in teamfights.

Good CC-- Tormented Soil along with her other skills, makes Morgana good at zoneing an enemy out, so even if she cant take on the enemy 1v1 she can force a stalemate

Fast Creep Waves-- Morgana is really good at clearing waves as she levels. She also has pretty good damage versus towers, making her an effective pusher in an empty lane


Squishy-- Morgana is like any other AP Caster, when she gets focused hard, she goes down easy. She benefits greatly from HP, Armor, and Magic Resist.

Snare Skillshot-- Dark Binding can be a very frustrating skill, and often times if you cant land it your gonna feed till its GG

Slow-- Morgana has a base speed of 335, which I think is pretty slow. But she feels even slower than you think. she is pretty much dependent on boots.

Item Dependant-- I see this on many of the guides for AP Casters, while Morgana does need items, I have noticed she does not always require a full 6 item build, and once she gets her 3 core items (which are not super expensive) she can wreck.

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When to choose Morgana?


Morgana is a AP Caster/ Carry. She plays best at solo mid where she can control most other AP Mages. However, Mid lane is not her only option, she also does well when combined with most Champions, though melee champions can take full advantage of Morgana snares by hitting their short range skills. She is a pretty versatile champion who can fit well with most team make-ups.

(At the end of this guide I will show some Morgana vs ______ matchups)

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Recommended Picks

Teleport and Ignite

Teleport is a good Summoner Spell on Morgana, while she has pretty good survivability, she is slow. When you do need to B ( Recall ) it can help bring you to the front faster, either saving a tower or teammate, or even to port to a ward so you can snare/ set up a gank.

Ignite because the snare does not last forever. Everyone hates when you're 1v1 and the enemy champ gets away with very little health. Morgana's skills have a pretty long cool-down, so if they run after the snare launch this on them, most likely they are faster (unless you have the tier 2 boots0 you may just get that one that *almost got away.

Other Good Choices

Flash is a great choice on most champions, and that includes Morgana. It can be used on Offense and Defensive. Ill usually switch between this and Teleport partly because personally I suck at wall jumping and when i have Flash I find myself only saving it for getting away and end up using it too late. So I respect the versatility of this spell and those who can use it fully. Takes practice

Clarity is what I very rarely use instead of Ignite. If you are looking to be more of a support and have a problem with spamming Tormented Soil this is a good choice. Morgana has a problem with being Mana hungry early game, choosing this spell will give you more time in-lane, and Morgana is next to useless without her skills.

Exhaust I see it seldom used, but it can be as useful as Ignite. If used right after the Dark Binding-- Tormented Soil combo, it can give you enough time for another snare before the running champ gets back to tower, pretty much securing the kill.

Bad Decisions

Barrier is a spell more for Tanks, this spell makes no sense on Morgana, She already has a shield spell in Black Shield. just not a good pick

Ghost is a personal favorite of mine because I use Hecarim alot. But when I tried it on Morgana it felt... well just dumb. She still feels slow with Ghost. The only part I can see used as justification is the part where you can walk through units, but Flash is a better choice.

Clairvoyance Personally I think this spell needs to be removed or changed somehow. This is a bad pick for any champion. 5seconds of vision is not going to help. Go buy a ward!

Heal When you are playing as Morgana you are not a support. I have met a few Summoners in normals that are crazy even with levels in the 20's. Just because of Black Shield they say she is support. Heal is a good spell, but not on Morgana

Revive if this spell needs to be used, your team already lost because of feeding. Do not use this one.

Smite is another poor choice, its meant for your team's jungler, and Morgana is not good at jungle

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21-0-9 vs 21-9-0

This has been a large debate between us AP mid laners.


This is the setup I use for my Morgana build. The 21 in the Offense is full AP, including picking up Summoner's Wrath .

I choose to put the rest in Utility because it allows for much more liberal mana usage. I like to push mid hard from the starting bell, which means a bit of W spamming. Once Morgana has an opponent up against their tower she can ease back a bit. That initial push gives Morgana easy farm XP and Gold via Tormented Soil, while her opponent is forced to let Tower take most of the waves. Between Runes and her Black Shield skill, she can handle what the enemy AP mids are throwing.


While I tend to disagree with using 9 in Defensive it has it's uses. I suggest only using this when you know the enemy team is going with an AD mid champion. For example take Varus or Ashe, when facing these Champions extra HP is a pretty good idea, especially since Black Shield blocks magic damage.

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My picks may seem a bit strange for some, but they have really worked for me

Magic Resist and Magic Penetration are both critical to Morgana. I choose 9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration opting for more damage output.

I choose flat Armor for early game to prevent those pesky early ganks by over-achieving junglers. The Greater Seal of Scaling Armor gives you a greater amount of armor in the late game than just the flat armor seals do. This provides better survivability in teamfights and in general.

For Glyphs we have the general flat Ability Power and Scaling AP

The AP Quints give you that extra smack early, and helps throughout the game.

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Skills and their order


Soul Siphon is amazing, it passively gives Morgana 10/15/20% spell vamp, helps keep her in-lane and continuing to deal damage


Dark Binding is your heavy hitting snare, a ranged skill-shot. It can be tricky to land, but when you do it hurts alot. I recommend learning to lead targets and not over spam this skill. It traps the first enemy it hits, including minions. To use this skill right you need to balance accuracy and patience, the first opportunity is not always the best. Max this first unless you are being pushed or held up at your tower.

Tormented Soil is your creep clearer, does heavy damage over time. Try to use this halfway between the melee minions and caster minions when they are standing still for full effect. Try not to over spam this ability early, but as soon as you have Rod of Ages go to [W]-town. Max this second unless you need faster creep clearance.

Black Shield is your APC resist and team support. It sets up a shield that blocks all magic damage and disables for 5 seconds or until the shield is depleted. I take one level in this at 4 and then leave it alone. But of course in some situations, (more when playing bot) it can be very useful.


Soul Shackles Ball and chain for the champion soul. This spell can destroy a team pretty quickly. Basically it latches chains onto enemy champs nearby and deals a good piece of magic damage including a hefty 70% of your AP. Also if you stay in range for the full 3 seconds the magic damage is again applied and the target is stunned (if he/she is not dead already). This ability requires you to stay close to your enemies so try to run a bit ahead of them, they wont think of running the other way. Unleash this on more than one champion for full benefit. Max when you can at 6/11/16

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My starting setup is Boots of Movement 2 Health Potion and 1 Mana Potion. Some people say this is unnecessary with the addition of speed to every champion. I have to disagree, Morgana needs to play the angles to land her snare Dark Binding so I argue this allows her to get into position quicker, giving the enemy less time to react. Again there are other choices that might be better for you, but I find this works well in normals.

Rod of Ages is a staple of any AP Mid laner, it allows you to not have to worry about mana hungry spells, just start spamming your [Q] and [W]

Sorcerer's Shoes gives you the extra speed needed plus some more Magic Penetration, giving you the ability to do more damage while you rundown your enemies. Adding Enchantment: Homeguard is the way I like to go, gets you to the fight quicker when Teleport is on cooldown. Enchantment: Alacrity is really the only other boot enhancement I'd use on Morgana. Though I have yet to try Enchantment: Captain

Tear of the Goddess is a personal choice and not one I always take, but it does work well. When facing tougher targets I rush Rod of Ages first and oftentimes that makes Tear not worth it. But when facing an easier opponent or someone who does not push hard early, Tear lets you spam [W] till your fingers bleed, making farming quicker, pushing easier, and getting fed early possible.

Twin Shadows increases your AP and Magic Resist, benefiting Morgana offensively and defensively. It's active is very helpful when combined with Soul Shackles to ensure you stay close enough to get the stun. Also helpful if used right before going hard in a 1v1 to make sure no ganks are set up for you.

Void Staff is a great last item, significantly increases damage output AND 35% of magic damage is unaffected by enemy MR.

Liandry's Torment is also a great last choice, if you have the gold to get this and Void Staff you are set. This item is pretty OP it gives you HP, AP and MP passively. Also semi-passively, it adds even more damage to your spells dealing 5% of the enemy's max health over 3 seconds, with even more damage done (double) if movement is impaired.

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C-C-C-C-Combo and Strategy


When playing Morgana the combo is key, if you dont land every piece odds are 1v1 you wont get the kill. As much as possible try to start with the ultimate or [R], UNLESS you are close to enemy tower or are unsure if you can land Dark Binding. The two most important parts to using the snare are faking and leading. Since the ability does not go through creeps you're going to need to angle yourself in ways that allow a straight shot at the enemy Champion. Luckily mid lane provides a large space in which to do this. If you play against a smart player or someone who knows Morgana they might expect you to be using the angles. So faking will help you fool them, to do this just move from one side of you minions to the other, maybe throw in a couple on purpose misses to give the impression you are not good at Morgana. (the extra mana will only go so far so dont do this too much) Leading moving targets is the other important skill, it takes practice, you only have a second or two to analyze how fast your target is and what route they are going to take, just imagine what you'd do and take your shot. After a few games you'll start to know the patterns and you'll have little trouble trapping your enemies.

After your opponent is snared follow up with a quick Tormented Soil, but place it closer to their tower so when they can move, they have to walk through it and continued to be damaged. By now their health should be mostly down and a few auto-attacks should take them down. Throw in Ignite early if you need more punch, it will cause damage + Summoner's Wrath will add 5 AP, not a huge difference, but can make a last minute getaway into a kill.

Using Tormented Soil is a great way to zone out enemies and cause poke damage from a pretty good distance, making your job easier when it comes to 1v1

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Team Work

Teamwork is the most important thing in LoL. When playing Morgana mid you have to have map awareness, unless you are being chased or in the middle of a combo, you should always see whats going on top and bot. Call MIAS aka missing in action if you don't know where an enemy is, point it out. Worst thing that can happen is they show up right after you ping or hit [Enter]. If another lane needs help DO NOT LEAVE MID. Mid lane is most important, direct a player from the other lane or your jungler to help out. HOWEVER once you have pushed and broken the first Mid tower of the enemy team I suggest you try to help other lanes. Try to always have an eye on mid and be ready to Teleport back.

In teamfights you are not the initiator, try to slip into the middle and cast Black Shield on either your ADC or a Tank. When thats finished drop Soul Shackles and then Dark Binding snare the first champion who runs. Finally drop Tormented Soil in the middle of their team or more towards the way they will run.

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Well I hope you have found this a helpful guide to Morgana. This is the first (mostly) complete guide I have made. Any comments on how to improve or thoughts on the build are appreciated and most welcome. Have a pleasant day using the black arts :)

And remember stay classy Summoners