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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Snoopysaysnom

Tank Mundo Cleaver GG

Tank Mundo Cleaver GG

Updated on April 28, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Snoopysaysnom Build Guide By Snoopysaysnom 9,007 Views 1 Comments
9,007 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Snoopysaysnom Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Snoopysaysnom Updated on April 28, 2013
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Hi everyone, im Snoopysaysnom and my favourite champion is Dr. Mundo.
Although my ranked stats arent very good (Bronze division) I've been an avid Dr. Mundo player for over a year, maining him in the Jungle or Solo Top
These builds have won me over 400 games. I hope they help you too, and leave a comment with any criticisms you have to help make this guide better for everyone.
thanks :3
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Pros / Cons

  • very fast clear time in jungle
  • very low cooldown poke skillshot + slow
  • manaless (doesn't require blue so you can give it to ap carries)
  • inbuilt CC reduction on W
  • almost unkillable late game
  • one of the best tower divers
  • goes where he pleases

  • easily countered by ignite
  • ganks tend to be low health/dangerous
  • has no gap closer
  • easily kited
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
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Skill Sequence

I max W asap, due to its excellent clear time in jungle, and passive tenacity while active, imo its Mundo's best skill.
Level 2 I get cleaver, incase i need to gank and it's got a slow every ~3 seconds, then get another point at level 8 for more damage from it, then maxing it last.
apart from the point in cleavers at levl 8, i max E second. E is Mundo's AD steroid giving him massive amounts of AD ~100 at rank 5, with an additional amount per %missing hp from Mundo.
I get Mundo's ulti whenever possible (6,11,18)


max Q asap, for max damage output, followed by w because its got higher damage output than E, but when coupled with E and Q, watch the tankiest people get burst down by Mundo's awesomeness.
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Creeping / Jungling

Start off at wraith camp, and move to Red buff with a leash. either take it smiteless or use smite ( i use smite because i dont really need blue and by the time i reach blue to give it to mid, smite is up).
after Red head to wolves, then back to the wraith camp. if you're mid needs blue, head there and give it to them.
(P.S you can Gank at any time between camps if you must)
now its time to Roam. head to any lane that is being pushed to their tower and ping to alert the lane you're coming. its best to get in from the rear and box them in. any time you arent ganking, keep hitting the wraith camps whenever possible, and get wards in the red and blue buff of the enemy jungle, so when they are up, steal them.

summary of jungle path:

Last hit all the time u can, if you getting pubstomped earlygame, try last hit with you're Q and E.
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Team Work

Mundo is a great initiator, and ganker if you know how to play him properly (hit skillshots from Q).
if a teamfight breaks out, i usually run IN with my ulti active, because the lower hp you are from jungling, the less likely you will win the fight so you need as much hp as you can get before hand.
have you're W on fo the AOE damage, and have E constantly active for insane AD, always aim the ADC. you can pop exhaust on them and burst them down and spam cleavers to slow people and stop their escape. if you are a decent mundo, and are relatively tanky (giants belt, some armor, kindlegem etc or finished items) you SHOULD win the teamfight, due to mundo's tankines, great initiation, high tenacity, he is unstoppable.
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Closing Notes

If you play mundo properly, you should be able to carry yourself up divisions, because mundo is so tanky and goes where he pleases, and he pleases to go to challanger division, so he will.
im currently carrying myself up with jungle mundo and i find him incredibly fun, super fast with his ulti and just a wrecking train.
i hope this guide has helped you and hope you will all go where you please.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Snoopysaysnom
Snoopysaysnom Dr. Mundo Guide
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Mundo Cleaver GG

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