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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Dagnirraugon

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dagnirraugon

Mundo: Tankiest DPS in the game

Dagnirraugon Last updated on October 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Defense: 21

Expanded Mind
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Utility: 0

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If you don't know what an offtank is, read this

If you like making people ragequit, getting fed, and tanking, all at the same time, this may be the champ for you. He can do all this and more!

Do not play Mundo unless: You have good judgement and know when to ult; You understand how to edit your build to the circumstances (ie. Annie is really fed, we nee a beefier tank, Our only AP is Soraka...that type of thing, Mundo is rather flexible); You're not afraid to die. Sometimes you have to take a chance to get couple early kills. Mundo has the best regeneration in the game, and if you time your ult right and know when it's time to run like heck, you'll virtually never die.

I see Mundo as kind of like Blitzcrank. They're both tank/offtank/phisical/magic/hybrid depending on what your team needs, they're both hard to master, in team fight they both have to soak up/cause as much damage as they can and get out quick if they're about to die, and they're both very over-powered if you play them right.

A couple things about Mundo you should know:

1: Mundo is not a tank. He can tank if they don't have too much damage on their team, and he can be a lot beefier than most other DPS. *coughcoughGarencoughcough*

2: I guess he'll do if your team doesn't have a better tank, just stack health. This does not work if they have Kog'Maw or Malzahar or lots of Ignites and Executioner's Callings. In other words, if they deal health%, or reduce your ult's effect, you'll die. Otherwise you probably won't.

3: Mundo can do major DPS. This is accomplished by getting AS+ArPen+some AD and/or Mpen+some AP, and some survivability. Without at least an item or 2 for health you're too squishy to deal much damage before getting focused down. My recommendation would be something with lots of health, as this is Mundo's specialty.

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8/6/11: Created
8/19/11: Completely revamped guide
9/22/11: Added build 8 and made slight changes

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Pros / Cons

-Really survivable early game when played right
-Ulti that tends to cool down about when you need it again (I've used it 3 times in the same team fight..what a mess)
-Can solo dragon around level 14
-Great damage even with just a little AS(Or with Sunfire Cape and a little Mpen)
-Good farm mid/late game
-Can get Smite for extra farm/exp, and can use this to be first to level 2 easily (explained later)

- Ignite/ Executioner's Calling KILLS your ult
-You tend to over-estimate your ult early game-it's not always good to save it to bait/kill. Sometimes when you do that you miss judge the regeneration and get killed yourself.
-Really really low base AS
-Mentally ******ed purple Hulk...yay.
-Not good for ranked cause if they see you playing him they'll get Ignite+ heavy health% champs like Kog'Maw
-Also not good for ranked games because a lot of the time, to get fed you have to bait with your ult. Baiting isn't nearly as likely to work in a ranked game because players tend to be slightly higher skill level than in normal.

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Summoner Spells

If there's a spell I don't mention, that's because it's worthless on Mundo(or at all) for some reason.

Saves lives/gets kills in each and every game. This is a must have on Mundo (and almost every other champ).

This is very useful for a DPS or an offtank. For a tank it's better left to a carry/anticarry, but still is viable.

Not bad, but your ult is pretty low-CD and essentially gives a Ghost at max rank, you already have good movement, so Flash is better.

Good on a tank. First of all, you need good health regen* to jungle and lane at the same time, and second there are too many necessary spells for any role but tank.
*You don't need anything that has a health regen item in it until the Warmog's in most builds, so your health regen is usually low for a while. If you get Smite, put a point in the mastery and use it whenever you can.
Note: Make sure no one else on your team is jungling before taking Smite

Same reason it's good on any other champ. I personally don't get this often, but you can if you like it.

Not a bad choice, but 1: Not as high priority as other spells, and 2: Burning Agony already has a Mercury Treads built into it.

See reason #1 on Cleanse. Otherwise not a bad choice.

More useful on an AP for the mastery, you don't really need the damage, and I personally don't take it on almost anyone. You can take it on a full AP DPS build but nothing else.

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Pretty useless passive. 3 health per second for every 1000 health you have. Oh well, the rest of his abilities are good enough to make up for it.

Good early on, but other spells are more important than this one for most roles because the slow/CD don't scale.

The damage is good, especially with a Sunfire Cape and some Mpen. The stun/slow reduction is also really useful, especially stacked with Merc Treads. This will be your main farming spell mid-late game, but try not to use it a ton early on as it can take a lot of health if you leave it running. Also this is cheap to toggle for just 1 tic of damage to last-hit minions.

This is what makes AD/AD tanking viable. Just grab some AS and you're good to go. Because you can use it for damage, you can also get some tankier gear so you don't die as easily.

One of the best ults in the game, imo. Early to mid game this is used for general survivability and to solo dragon and such. Lategame you use it...pretty much if you're being targeted or to get back in the game and push after winning a teamfight. I actually usually don't have to use it while tanking Baron but it's really useful in teamfights and ganks regardless of your role. Because of this ult you make a good laning partner with Kayle.

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The builds

Right now I'll go into a brief description of each of the builds featured at the top of this guide. For a more in-depth look at the items and why they're where they are, see "Items" section below.

1: Offtank
The sole purpose of an offtank if to kill their AD carry-and most likely tank the entire team while they're doing it. This means you have to have some tank gear and some DPS gear. Trinity Force is awesome for offtanking.

2: AD Carry
Okay, so here we have 100% Crc and 260% Crit Damage, and we're mainly going for AS. You can see I chose Warmog's, health is always good on Mundo and with nothing that gives health or armor+magic resist he won't be around long enough to do much damage. If you want you can put 21 points into defense like you would on any other Mundo build.

3: AP AoE damage
This build is actually also a lot of fun 3v3, you end up kind of tanky and you can do tons of magic DPS with Mpen, Sunfire Cape, and Burning Agony. The best part is that with this much Mpen your infamous cleaver does even more damage.

4: AP tank
Same strategy as above, just much more tanky and not quite as much damage.

5: AD tank
Same strategy as 1 and 2, just more tanky and less damage.

6: Hybrid DPS
This ends up having plenty of health and great damage, the best part is they can't stack resistance.

7: Health tank
This is what every Mundo wants to be, it supercharges your ult and such. Only do this if:
1: You know the person you're laning with and are confident you can get early kills for your
Leviathan stacks (yes, Mundo can usually get kills early even without a good teammate but
getting Leviathan does take money that could be spent on immediately better gear so it is
always a gamble)
2: They don't have anyone who would typically use Bloodrazor, such as Kog'Maw
3: They don't have Malzahar, Warwic, Mundo, etc (Health% damage again...also watch for Deathfire Grasp)

8: Tank
This build is geared mainly towards regen, but due to the high health I added Atma's. And yes, the regen is high enough for me to consider using a Spirit Visage. This is one of the few times that it's actually very useful. Also, I tried to put in a lot of MR to counter Health%.

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First of all, most people would tell you that Spirit Visage is good on Mundo. This is not true. It gives 15% bonus, and Sadism (rank 3) gives 70% health over 12 seconds. Overall, this means it boosts your ult's healing (again, rank 3) to 80% of your max health/12 seconds. sounds good to me...but how much is that extra 10%? Lets assume you have 4000 health (that would be around endgame) , that means it gives about and extra 400 health...over 12 seconds. That'll really save you against that Annie doing 1k damage per cast. Do yourself a favor, think about why an item is good before you use it.

Starting Build

This is what I usually start with for more survivability.

This is good cause it's cheap so you can get lots of health potions with it. You'd want to upgrade it to a Warden's mail rather quickly to lower the damage of autoattack champs like Yi, or even Mundo's biggest threat, Kog'Maw.

Only get this if you're rushing Warmog's or if you take Smite.

This is good because you base AS is low so this gives a nice compensation and it builds into decent things earlier than other starting choices if you're offtanking or AD DPSing.

Mundo actually has no real core build, it depends on his role in the team, so I'll give some builds you might be using in various roles.


Item #1: Boots

Good for keeping Masochism active at all times.

Good for survivability and added to Burning Agony it's quite hard to CC you.

More AS.

Item #2: DPS

I previously had Phantom Dancer here but this has better AS and the active is good for offtanking.

Item #3:

This is a standard-issue item on any offtank because of well-balanced stats and a good unique. It's a core item, that doesn't mean you have to get it right away. It's expensive and it doesn't show it's full potential until later in the game anyway.

Item #4: Survivability

This is one of the best items in the game for Mundo. His ult can become very powerful with enough health, and this gives the most in the game.

You know the drill, BV is good if they have lots of nukes or CCs, but the mana is useless so only get this if you need it.

Only get this if the other team has most or all auto attackers and no one else on your team will, the mana is a waste of money for Mundo.

This is preferable to frozen heart and it costs the same but it's only good if the other team focuses you or you use the active.

Item #5: DPS/CC

Also gives ArPen and AS, the MS buff is good for initiating.

The slow on this is good, the health is good, the damage is alright.

Item #6:

Get one of the things previously mentioned, I'd strongly advise Ghostblade, Frozen Mallet, or Bloodthirster.

AD Carry

No much to be said for this build, I think it's pretty solid. The only exception is boot choice.


Good damage boost, can use with starting item.

Good if they have lots of CCs, otherwise go with Berserker's.


Banshee's Veil can be replaced with Wamog's or Randuin's if you prefer. These are the only changes I would make

AP Tank

I wouldn't change much in this one either, but the boots could be Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi.

AD Tank

Again, boots, also Banshee's and Randuin's can be swapped for items more fitting the situation, like Frozen Heart or Force of Nature, if they have mostly one type of damage.

Hybrid DPS

I originally had Abyssal Scepter instead of Warmog's but it didn't have enough health, and since it's an aura someone else on your team could still get it.

Health Tank

If you like Atma's I'd suggest putting it instead of Omen. You can also get Frozen Mallet and Stark's Fervor instead of Rylai's and Sunfire Cape.

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Special Tips

If you can survive till level 6 without hearthing (you probably can, especially with build 3), just start a gank and pop Sadism when you're at mid/low health. Do not cut this too close or you will die. Most of the time they keep attacking you for too long before they realize you're not gonna die; by then it's too late for them to run or kill a different teammate. Be careful when doing this, it does have good regen but you're still not invincible. This works throughout the whole game.

Another way to hold aggro is to do enough damage that they can't ignore you. This can be accomplished in two ways: One way, a little AS + Masochism can go a long way. Way #2: As seen in build 3, Burning Agony, Sunfire Cape, and some Mpen runes can get you the damage you need, especially if you have Rylai's for a nice AoE slow.

Yet another way: Piss them off so much early on (with kills, verbal abuse, or what ever else works,as long as it's not a reportable offense) that they just want you DEAD. Noob rage: it really works.

Your cleaver has longer range than it shows(just like most every other skillshot in the game) Make use of this.
Use your cleaver to chase fleeing enemies during ganks, but don't auto-attack them unless you have Frozen Mallet. It slows you down too much because you have a ****py auto-attack animation. Just run along with them throwing cleavers, and keep Burning Agony turned on.
You can also use your cleaver to last hit minions if the enemy champs are harassing too much.

To be the first one to level 2, grab Smite and ask your laning mate to pull golems (of course request whichever lane has your jungle's golems), then he can go to lane while you kill them, bringing you straight to level 2 assuming you have Awareness . Using this strategy it would be wise to not start with a Ruby Crystal, since you need some health pots to kill golems and then go straight to lane successfully, and you may want to start with Masochism instead of Cleaver (untested). Other than that, you should use it on anything you can whenever it's off cooldown, and the best part is if you catch them going for Baron or Dragon later in the game, you can steal it with Smite.