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Teemo Build Guide by McMemphis

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League of Legends Build Guide Author McMemphis

My way of Teemo (Work In Progress)

McMemphis Last updated on April 10, 2013
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Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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This is my first guide ever which means that it won't look amazing but hopefully its readable atleast.

I made this guide for Teemo because its a champion that I have a lot of experience with. Teemo can pick on basically any role on a team. He can be a carry, a tank or an anti carry for example. This guide is for Teemo in the top lane.

AP Teemo won't do be as usefull in a team fight as an AD Teemo because most AP Teemos dont build alot of defense or movement speed and will thereby be alot easier to kill in team fights and there by wont do much in the rest of that fight. Without his Noxious Traps which he cant put down in team fights because then he will be killed imeadiatly he wont do any burst damage except maybe some with Blinding Dart

But I do think that Ap Teemo is better at picking of a target outside a team fight I give him that.

Dont get me wrong. I'm not saying AP Teemo is bad I'm just saying that I like playing him AD more than AP. I think playing Teemo is alot up to the person playing him.
late game AD Teemo have quite alot off sustained burst damage.

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Pros / Cons

Pros:+Good mobility with Move Quick
+can use Noxious Traps as free wards.
+poison on hit effect with Toxic Shot
+passive stealth camouflage
+good split pushing
+can fill a lot of rolls on a team.
+can blind adcs to negate damage Blinding Dart

Cons:-squishy early on
- Noxious Traps can be removed with an Oracle's Elixir
-can be seen while camouflaged with Oracle's Elixir
-weak to crowd control
-isn't good in a 2v1
-global taunt

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Mark of Attack Damage for some early damage for last hitting.
You could take Mark of Attack Speed if you want to.

Seal of Armor pretty much a must have because teemo is pretty squishy early.

Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist you need some magic resist. you can go with flat magic resist. if you dont have scaling.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage I think this is a must have but you could go with Greater Quintessence of Health if you realy need it.

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21/9/0 for good damage ruing along the attack damage side. grabbing that Butcher for easier last hitting and the Summoner's Wrath for improved ignite. you can get the Spellsword if you want to for some more on hit damage. Taking 9 points in defense gives you some armor (or magic resist pick the one you need) and some health.

You can go 9/21/0 if you want some more defense. In that case make sure to pick Tenacious and Juggernaut because Crowd Control is Teemo's worst enemie and that juggernaut for more hp.

You can go into the utility for some more movement speed but that's realy the only usefull thing you get from it so I dont recommend it.

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Starting items
Boots of Speed

you can start Boots of Speedand 3x Health Potions against pretty much
any lane this gives you alot of escapeability from ganks + you have Move Quick

Doran's Blade

If you start with a Doran's Blade you won't have any Health Potions so you will have to be carefull to not take much damage. You have some sustain from the 5 hp per basic attack but it wont help you that much when you go down to like 1-2 bars of hp and your opponent can easily dive you. this would probably work against something like Singed or Shen

Elixir of Fortitude

If you star with Elixir of Fortitude you can pick up 4x Health Potions and a sight ward
this will give you alot of survivability so you can farm for ages.

Mid game items

Berserker's Greaves are realy strong on Teemo because of the attack speed.

Phage is absolute core for AD Teemo it gives him some health and damage and the slow is so good for chasing and kiting.

Bilgewater Cutlass a strong item with a slow and it gives you lifesteal and damge. you can choose to upgrade it into a Blade of the Ruined King or a Hextech Gunblade.

gonna write more about Items here someday, can't bother to do it now

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Skill Sequence

Maxing Toxic Shot first is basic for more damage on your basic attacks.

You can max Blinding Dart first for the longer blind duration if you're up against someone that can constantly get in range for basic attacks.

If your lane is constantly being camped by the enemy jungler you can max Move Quick for more move ment speed so you can get away.

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Ignite is very strong on Teemo because it adds another dot and applies the grievous wounds healing debuff.

Flash good for cathing up to enemies and to escape.


Ghost to replace flash if you want more chasing potentiall. (dont pick this if the enemy team has
a Jarvan IV, you wont be able to escape from his Cataclysm)

Barrier better survivability and you can pull of some nice baits.

Heal see barrier]]

Cleanse good against cc (crowd control] heavy teams.

Exhaust good against high damage teams and can make it even easier for you to shut down that Tryndamere for example.

Teleport can be nice because Teemo is a really good split pusher and you can put down Noxious Traps that you can teleport to.

everything else is a NO.

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Early game

In the early game you want to go offensive and harass the opponent if it is something like a Singed or Garen with Toxic Shot and then back off with Move Quick. this is because a singed will usually just try to farm early and if you stand back and put a basic on him everytime he goes for minions he will burn through his pots quickly and will have to go b more often then you can push alot.

But if you are against an Elise if she stays in human form and farm at range. She can then go in to spider form and jump right on you with Rappel and do quite a bit of damage. in this lane play defensive and farm close to your tower.

Always make sure to have Noxious Traps in the river and tri brush.

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Mid game

By now you should be looking too push down the enemy tower if you haven't already.
join your team and push or try to split push on your own. If you choose to split push make sure to place Noxious Traps where the enemy team can sneak up on you.

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Late game

This is where Teemo shines. he will have some great damage and some survivability. you can take almost anyone 1v1 especially if the enemy is an basic attack reliant champion.

Your priority in team fights is to shut down the enemy adc with Blinding Dart and then try to pewpew and boom another kill for Teemo.

always have a ton Noxious Traps by baron.

You will have godlike split pushing with your attack speed and attack damage. Still place mushrooms where the enemies can come from. a Teemo left unattended will do alot of damage

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Rumble can poke you alot with Electro-Harpoon and Flamespitter and can probably kill you when he gets the The Equalizer.

Yorick every toplaners nightmare. he can put you under constant harass with his gouls.

Jayce can poke you in his ranged form and lay down some burst on you early. you should be able to take him on late game though.

I'll add more some other time.

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Teemo is an overall strong champion underated as an AD. I would even go as far as saying that he is a good bot lane adc. this might sound weird because of his short range but as long as your not against something like a cait or something long ranged like that yuo should win that lane. Why? Because you will take them in a 1v1 1. Blinding Dart to shut down alot of damage. 2. Toxic Shot will give you bonus damage on your basic attacks which should make you outdamage them and will give you good damage just for trading in lane too. This isn't the most viable but its pretty fun.

He have a realy strong late game because you should have around 1.5-2.0 attack speed late game and quite alot of AD aswell. you wont be easy to kill because you can kite alot with your movement speed and phage/frozen mallet procs and you have some nice defense to.

Hope you enyojed the short guide and may it help you as.... CAPTAIN TEEMO ON DUTY!!!!!