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Nasus Build Guide by Acolyte Lee Sin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Acolyte Lee Sin

Nasus, Demolishing Squishies; The Anti-Carry

Acolyte Lee Sin Last updated on October 6, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my first guide on Mobafire. This guide is for , The Curator of the Sands. In this guide I will discuss appropriate items, summoner spells, and more. This guide and the builds in it are dynamic meaning that they are flexible depending on situations you face. Without further ado, Nasus, the top dog!(hehehe)

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Pros / Cons


  • Does Tremendous amount of damage if Q is farmed up
  • Can soak up a good deal of damage
  • Absolutely amazing Slow that increases over time
  • AOE magic damage that also reduces flat armor that helps not only you but your allies
  • His ult makes him big
  • Once you get Sheen, if they leave the lane for even a little bit, you'll be at their tower bringing it down to near half health in one push.



  • Newer players might find it harder to endure harassment from ranged AD carries
  • You'll be focused if you're fed, kind of a Pro and a Con, because you're taking damage that would otherwise be directed towards your carries
  • If you're not careful you can be completely shut down
  • Withering the wrong target can sometimes end up favoring the enemy team

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For runes I pick:
Greater Mark of Desolation These babies give a grand total of 15 armor pen for more damage on your
Greater Seal of Armor These offer around 14 armor, offering more defense against those pesky ranged ad carries
Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration The reason I use these as glyphs, is because they help sustain mana during the early laning phase, more time in lane=more gold and damage on your Siphoning Strike
These are changable with either Greater Glyph of Magic Resist or Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction for increased defense so you'll feel safe or faster farming with Siphoning Strike
Greater Quintessence of Health These Quints give 78 hp which will help greatly early game. A tad bit expensive though

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The masteries I recommend for Nasus are
9-21-0 for more damage on and

0-21-9 This is for that extra exp, but than again I recommend the first

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Summoner Spells

As Nasus, I would try to get Solo top, or if you have to bot. I'll be mainly focusing on Solo top.
Great spells for Nasus include:
More time in lane, which means more gold, exp, and damage for ? Yes, please!!
Flash has so many uses, from flashing into a battle, or flashing out of a battle to disrupt enemy focus.
Chances are if you're fed or farmed up your like a boss, you'll be targeted with a ton of CC. Cleanse helps remove those CC's so you can target the enemy carries.
It can be used to escape and catch up to fleeing enemies, grab if you prefer over flash.
There's nothing funner than watching a tryndamere be withered and than immediately exhausted after.

Anything else I would not recommend on Nasus

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Skill Sequencing

For Skills, you start off with and start farming off as quickly as possible. Next grab and than From than on, it's all situational.
Getting you're turret damaged often?
Are they melee DPS, that are harassing you?
In any case try to level your so you can farm easier.
In a near perfect game where they don't harass you as much priority
> > >
Spirit Fire and Wither are interchangeable

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When farming as Nasus you want to try to last hit with Siphoning Strike as much as possible to increase your damage output early game. However, during the early stages of the laning phase, your Siphoning Strike might still be on CD while a minion is getting low hp, if that is the case just auto attack it normally to get the last hit, it's better to get gold than nothing at all.

During mid to late game, you'll probably be using your Spirit Fire to push back minions from you're tower, even then try to farm up your Siphoning Strike.

Getting Buffs

Most of the time your jungler will give the blue buff to your AP carry, who is usually mid, however if he doesn't and he already has the enemy blue buff, you can grab it and dominate your lane.

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Basically you start the game with and
These give you both lane sustainability and a good amount of farming with after farming up for as long as possible you go back and upgrade your crystal into and buy also get a ward or two to watch out for the enemy jungler. Teleport back to lane.
Next look at the enemy team composition, if they are mostly AS champions like Master Yi, Tryndamere, or Twitch, then get a which later on builds into a . It also helps a lot with your
However, if they are balanced, than get Aegis of the Legion this item is amazing and makes Nasus a great team player.
Now you can optionally buy a Negatron Cloak if they deal magic damage, or just skip it and upgrade your Sheen into Trinity Force
If you bought the Negatron Cloak finish it into Force of Nature the other option is to finish Frozen Heart
Lastly you finish the Zeke's Harbinger.

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Item Alternatives


All AD with no hard CC?
If they deal AD but aren't AS oriented switch out for
If someone already grabbed the you can grab either or
Just want to be more to be more tanky?

Damage Items
Someone already grab a stark's fervor? Get a
This guy plus Spirit Fire and Zeke's Harbinger means a whole lot of armor reduction.
Offers armor, crit chance, and damage based on hp. Sweet.
More damage for those who start to stack armor

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Insane Item Combinations

This gives survivability as well as a good damage output.

This reduces 60 armor, if you add the The Black Cleaver than you reduce a total of 105 armor after 3 attacks, and that my friends hurts a lot.

In the typical build with Spirit Fire,


+12 Armor / +15 Magic Resistance / +8 Damage
+20% Lifesteal, 20% Attack Speed, and 30 Health per 5 seconds.

-Reduces the Armor of nearby enemy champions by 20.
-Reduces Attack speed of nearby enemies by 20%
-Reduces 40 armor from Spirit Fire

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Team Work- Nasus's Role in the Team

In my opinion, Nasus is an anti carry/tanky dps, his Q combined with the Sheen/ Trinity Force proc provides insane damage. You'll also be helping buff your team and debuffing the enemy team. He can almost single-handedly carry a team. This doesn't mean that he's the perfect pick for every team however. You want an iniator, or tank on you're team to start the fight and protect your carries. Nasus soaks up damage but has no way of disrupting the enemy team, and can only protect your carry with Wither, and that's only for one target.

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Early game, as soon as minions spawn, you'll want to hang around the back, within exp range. From my experience, the enemy will be waiting in the bush, waiting for you to over extend out of tower safety and start harassing you. Try to wait until they are at tower range, than start last hitting.

If there are two top laners, meaning that they have no jungler, than you'll have to play cautious, as sometimes, one wrong step can end up with you popping a pot under turret with half hp. Of course sometimes they are stupid and try to tower dive in which case you just wither, and siphoning strike, forcing them to both back out for a bit and lose hp. This sets up easier kills.

In either scenario, you should be playing passively, farming up you're Siphoning Strike as much as possible. Upon reaching levels 6-8 you can start harassing with you're combo, if they decide to try to dive in and kill you, aim for the one with lower hp, you start by ult, withering, spirit fire, than start spamming your Q. Near beginning of mid game you should have at least one kill, if not more.

During mid game, is where those skirmishes with the enemy team occur more often. Some full out team battles will even occur. Your job is to push your lane and also keep a close eye on the map, if you sense that a teamfight is going to occur either teleport to a relatively close location there or try to walk there. This is when your a real threat to the enemy team as you can probably take down the enemy turret without any help.

Late game you will, be probably in constant fights, at this point Baron should already be warded no questions asked. If they don't ward it however than you can take an early Baron, or wait for them to come and jump them. If the enemy team is MIA, don't just facecheck bushes in the river, because that's pretty much just suicide. There are also instances where you will be winning by quite a bit, if that is the case than you can, probably split push with you on one lane and your team on the other lane.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my guide. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to comment below. I'll try to answer questions or implement the suggestions(If I see fit) as much as possible. If you liked my guide please up-vote, if not please give a comment on why you down-voted and how I can better my build. Thanks for reading, and Good Luck as Nasus!