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Nasus Build Guide by Talizeka

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Talizeka

Nasus : The Pharaoh's Protector

Talizeka Last updated on October 23, 2011
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Hello every Nasus players/future players.
Let me introduce you to my build of Nasus : The Pharaoh's Protector.

Everything depends of who you are facing. I will explain this in detail in the Items Chapter.

Here you will learn more about :

    -Pros / Cons
    -Skill Explanation
    -Ranked Play

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Pros / Cons


+Great Farmer
+Have really high damage
+Life Steal passive = more Durability in lane
+Really Tanky
+Very good Pusher
+Godly Ultimate
space space

-Depends of his mana on early game
-Need to farm TONS of minions
-Is really sensitive to CC(stun,etc.)
-Hard to farm minions Vs. Ranged Champions
-His skin is not the best

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Skill Explanation

Nasus Skills Explanation

Passive : Soul Eater

Nasus passive is called Soul Eater.He drains his ennemies health and giving him natural 14/17/20% life steal. His passive upgrade at level 1/6/11. It is a really good passive because it allows Nasus to have a really good durability in his line combined with some health regen.

Q : Siphoning Strike

Cooldown : 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 seconds

Activate : On activation , Nasus next attack will deal 30/50/70/90/110 extra damage.(This skill can be used on turrets and it can do critical hits).

Passive : This spell passive is really unique. Each time you will last hit an ennemy(Minion,Jungle Monster,Champion) , Siphoning strike will PERMANENTLY gain 3 damage on this skill so it's really important to farm a lot and last hit as much as possible with it.
This skill is the main spell of Nasus and will do the most damage that you will deal to ennemies. If you farm it well , your bonus damage on this Spell will turn around +400 permanent damage. That's why you have to farm with Siphoning Strike and not with Spirit Fire

W : Wither

Cooldown : 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 seconds

Range : 700

This spell slows his target and his attack speed by 35% and and reducing it further to reach 12 / 24 / 36 / 48 / 60 % slow at the end of 5 seconds. That means that the target is SLOWED BY 95% WHICH IS ALMOST A SNARED.This skill is perfect to chase a champion who try to go away.

E : Spirit Fire

Cooldown : 12 seconds

Range : 650

Nasus will cast a huge circle on the ground and it will deal an initial magic damage. Additionally, the ennemies in the area will receive magic damage each seconds and will have their Armor reduced while in the circle and for 1 extra second.
This skill is a great way to penetrate the ennemies Armor and deal tons of damage with Siphoning Strike. I see a lot of Nasus players use this skill to farm minions but it's not the best thing to do. The best thing to do with Nasus is to use Siphoning Strike for his permanent damage to be beastly good in mid/late game.

Ultimate : Fury of the Sands

Cooldown : 120 seconds

On activation , Nasus will become empowered in the sandstorm for 15 seconds , Gaining huge amount of health (He also becomes bigger and change color).
He drains 3 / 4 / 5 % of nearby ennemies maximum health per second.
It also convert 6.375 % of Damage done into bonus Attack Damage for himself until the Ultimate ends.
This incredible ultimate is one of the best of the game and Nasus becomes almost invincible on a 1v1.
If you are a little bit fed, you can take 2 or even 3 champions at the time without dying.

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Most of time ,I use a 0/9/21 for my masteries to have more mana regen and cooldown reduction for farming at start.-You can also use a 0/21/9 or 0/22/8 masteries for Nasus it's a really good choice too.

Defence Tree

-I put my points in Hardiness x3 Armor and Resistance x1 Magic Resist because Nasus needs a lot of resistance in early game.

-After I put 4 points in Evasion to get 2% dodge more in game which can save your life in case of trouble.

-Finally , I put my last point in Nimbleness to be able to get a speed boost to run away if you are in trouble or run to an ennemy to secure a kill.

Utility Tree

-I put my points in Perseverence x3 to get more mana and health regen because Nasus totally needs both of them.I prefert to take Perseverence instead of Good Hands because it only gives 10% less death time(thats means 6 seconds less on a 60 second death time) and i prefert to be able to farm 3 or 4 minutes longer because of perseverance]. I also put a point in [[haste To increase Ghost speed and duration.(don't put a point in Haste if you dont use Ghost of course).

-After , I put some points in Awareness x4 to train faster and get 5% more experience from minions.

-In the third line , I put 1 point in Greed for 1 gold per 10 seconds because it's always good to get money faster. I also put three points in Meditation to get some mana regen to farm Siphoning Strike longer.I max Utility Mastery to make duration buffs 30% longer. If you kill someone with a blue or red buff , you will steal it and keep it longer.

-In the fourth line , I used 3 points in Quickness to increase Nasus' movement speed by 3% because ennemies often run away because they are affraid .

-After , I put also 3 points in Intelligence to get 6% cooldown reduction to farm faster with your Siphoning Strike.

-I put my last point in Presence of the Master To reduce the cooldown of my Summoner Spells by 15% .

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Health

For Marks

I take Greater Mark of Desolation for a great Armor Penetration to deal tons of damage all game long.

-There is not really good other choice for Reds because every Marks should be Magic Penetration or Armor Penetration on every champions.

For Seals

I take Greater Seal of Armor for Flat Armor to be really tanky at start and have more durability in my line.

Other Choices:
- Dodge Seals could be a good idea to fit with Nimbleness Mastery.
- Mana Regen /5 sec. able you to farm your Siphoning Strike longer without being out of mana.

For Glyphs

I take Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for Flat Magic Resist to be also more tanky against spells.

Other Choices:
- Magic Resist per Level Glyphs could work well too.
- Cooldown Reduction Glyphs are also usefull to farm Siphoning Strike faster.

For Quintessences

I take Greater Quintessence of Health to add Flat Health to the base amount of Nasus at start to get way more durability in your line.

Other choices:
- Health regen /5 sec. are also really good to regen your HP and it fits perfectly with Nasus' Passive Soul Eater.
-Armor Penetration Quintessences could be also great to add ArPen to your greater mark of desolation score.

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Starting Items

For Starters, I pick a Regrowth Pendantand a Health Potion for a great health regen for the beginning of the game and it offers more durability for farming in your line.

-Your starting build look like this :

Around 1200 gold, I usually back tu base and change my Regrowth Pendant for a philosopher's stone for more health regen,mana regen and some gold /5 seconds. I also buy Boots of Speed and a Sapphire Crystal.

After this, everything depends of who you are facing.
-Your early game build will look like this :
philosopher's stone

I usually continue farm until I reach enough money to buy Mercury's Treads for the magic resist and the tenacity and also a Glacial Shroud for the great mana, armor and cooldown reduction score.
After, I rush for a Sheen to last hit minions easier.

-Your middle game build will look like this :
philosopher's stone

After,I sell my philosopher's stone and I finish my core build with a Frozen Heart for the mana,the armor ,the cooldown reduction and the passive that reduce the ennemies attack speed around by 20% and with a Trinity Forcethat give everything you need to have a great dps and be also tanky. I always buy a Guardian Angel for his armor and megic resist but of course his lovely passive that makes you revive if you die. This item is good on almost every melee champions.

-Your core build will look like this :

The other items depends on who you are facing

Balanced team build :

Counter-Auto attackers build :

Anti-Ability Power build :

Dps build :

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Summoner Spells

Summoners Spells

Recommended Spells

I think Ghost is the best choice for Nasus because your ennemies will always run away because Nasus is scarry. It's a really good choice to chase ennemies or go away if you are in danger.

Exhaust fits perfectly with Wither. Your ennemies won't be able to run away by doing » » . This combo is deadly great.

Good other choices

This skill could replace Ghost. It is great to run away if you are in danger (pass trough a wall) or to chase an ennemy.

This skill can be great to go back to line faster to farm and farm and farm again.

This skill can be good in early game to farm without being out of mana but it becomes useless in late game.

This skill is great to secure a kill when the ennemy is low health.

This skill could be good because Nasus is really sensitive to CC.

Non-Recommended Spells

Let this skill to Support Champions.

No comment.

You are not a jungler.


You already have Life steal passive so it's useless.

Oh my god ! -.-

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Ranked Play

Ranked Play

Nasus is not always the best choice to pîck in ranked games.
You should take him if your team have a jungler. If yes , go for it and take him .
The best place for Nasus is to Solo a line normally Solo Top to farm as much and as long as possible your Siphoning Strike before regroup with your friends for teamfights.While there is little teamfights on other lines, profit of this moment to push your lane and destroy turrets with Siphoning Strike.
If there is a jungler on the other team, don't forget to buy sight ward to be protect from ganks.

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Here are my Nasus stats in Ranked.

I hope this Nasus build helped you to learn more about him.
If yes , you can send me a Comment , Vote my build or rep+ me and good luck with Nasus.