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Nidalee Build Guide by thatsnotmypirate

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thatsnotmypirate

Nidalee - Off-Tank AD Carry

thatsnotmypirate Last updated on March 14, 2012
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About AD Nid and Why

I like trying out stuff in LoL that is off the beaten path and AD nid seem like what I wanted.

I tried all the top rated AD builds for nid on mobafire but none of them felt right to me. Some tried to go early game damage but I felt as if her normal auto attack never felt like it would be on pair with other AD carries so I didn't see the point. So I built her as an off tank and just as I thought, it worked very very well.

So why build this way? Why is it better? Where is the damage?

Nid alone has the damage, I am normally in cat form when going for damage and kills and you have all the damage you need in cat form early to mid game. Her Q will almost always get her the kills she needs so you don't need to worry about building damage at all to start with.

The problem I had with other builds was yes I had the damage, but I would just die way to fast. But Was the key to fixing this. It gave me the Hp and armor I needed to live and it active is perfect for slowing down and killing running foe. Also its active is amazing for getting away, I owe mnay of my 9 lives to this items.

Your damage will come from Atmas for Late game giving you around 200 AD, which is more then enough because takedown is your main skill and if they are below 30% hp, you can pretty much one shot anyone.

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Try it!

From the comments and messages I have been getting its clear people still do not understand that you need to try the build before saying if it is good or bad. Make sure you try out the build, this guide is to help new players. Regardless if its not the way you play nid, its about if it works or not and viable which it is.

Test it first please before voting

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Pro / Cons


+ Very tanky.
+ Your Q is pretty much like Garen's Ult
+ One of the best chasers and fleers in the game.
+ You get 6 skills and pretty much 2 heroes in one.
+ Free wards
+ Can stay in lane a very long time with heals


+ Weak early game
+ Can be hard to last hit creeps with spears
+ Not much you can do till level 6
+ Needs a deficient amount of farm early game
+ If caught transforming out of catform, you could be in trouble.
+ Has no form of CC

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My games

Here is a preview of one of my games in game. I would like to note that this was a 4v5 cause try was d/c. You can see he is level 4. I would also like to note that this isn't a bot game which you can clearly see because 1 try was AFK and only lvl 4 which bots cant do. Also, all players have there IDs.

More to come soon

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Carry Rank!

I will post some of my ranks game here. I did lose this one but I did carry, even with my poor team mates haha. But read the comments about me in the chat haha

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The Lane

Nid can do it all. Solo top is great if you want farm, but I don't become aggressive till I hit level 6 and have some hp and armor to back it up. Nid is very very week early game so I use to ward all the bushes around me. Try to stay in or around bushes in lane so you have the movement speed buff from her passive.

Nid is also good at going mid but I would leave it to the AP carries to be safe. So top lane or bot lane are your best bets. Now lets talk about Heal.

You do have a pretty strong heal but doesn't mean you can be careless and reckless. It isn't best to trade with your opponent and heal up because you don't have mana regen. Its best to try and pick with auto attack if you can with out taking damage yourself. Then heal the little damage you take, slowly out laning your opponent.

You goal early game is to farm, and stay in the lane as long as possible. You want to stay till you get level 6 or have enough money for heart of gold, boots and some armor if possible (and always come back with a ward).

Also farm in catform, Leap on the caster minons, then E and Q to clean them up. Just take care leaping if the other team is close by because you won't have it to get away.

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Team fights

Try to let other people start a team fight. You want to have a real tank jump into it first, you are only an off tank. But you can start them yourself if your tanky enough. I am in cat form 70% of the time and always in team fights. Your goal is to hunt down smaller targets if you can but don't brake away from your team. Q people about to fall to pick up the kills you can really snowball with nid if you have help from your team. Save active for runners or if you need to flee. But if your in a team fight with alot of auto attackers, it may be useful but I try to save it as long as I can.

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Randuin's Omen. Learn it, Use it

I feel as if this item really makes this build work. At the end of your build you will have about 200 armor and 200 mr. Which mean the active lasts about 4 or 5 seconds long. If you also have red buff, No one is getting away from you.

Sadly Riot hasn't updated the item so it doesn't shot the range of the spell when you highlight it so you will have to learn the range yourself. But DO NOT FORGET ABOUT IT It's far to often I see players get items with active skills and no use them or forget to. If you act as if its part of the rest of your skills, you over all game will improve.

"But its hard to click when your moving!"

Put your active items in slot 1. Then all you have to do is click 1 on your keyboard to use it, so its close to the rest of your skills. Cool hu?

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Around mid to late game you want to roam in catform. You have amazing movement speed and spaming W gets you around the map. You want to ward up everywhere, W can just completely shut down the other teams ganks so make sure your using this skill.

Talk with your team and make sure you gank when needed. Also make sure you lane with needed. Sometimes you do need to stay in lane.

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Opening Game Items Choices *

- Sheen is great if you want more burst with your catform Q. Q is strong as is but this can really give you a strong early game with its damage, the AP and extra mana is also good for helping you stay in lane longer with more heals.

- Also a great opening with hp pots, and if you stay in bushes, you can out run anyone.

- If you want to build heart of gold faster and have more Hp in lane, this is also a good opener.

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Item Paths *

- If you feel tanky enough this item is great. Gives you cooldowns and armor pen which over all will make your damage a whole lot better. Also its active will make you pretty much impossible to get away from.

- Great item to finish build with if they are stacking armor.

Shurelya's Reverie -I like it because of the extra HP and the cooldowns. But the best part is the active. Awesome if your team is hunting down there team. It's active is pretty short so its pretty much a ghost you can use often, but I would let supports get this item.

- Really good for a spell caster heavy team or CC teams. It gives good magic resist and HP. The Spell shield is amazing. Lets say Annie has a stun up. Well to bad Annie, you have to waste it on my spell shield! Item is perfect if your getting forced down.

- A great item when you are fighting an AP heavy team. Gives you a 30 magic resist and pretty good damage as well. The best part about this is when you take a blow from an AP skill that may kill you. You get a shield that blocks 300 magic damage for a few seconds. This item will save your life early game but it is to be sold late game.

- One of the most underrated items in the game. It is Cheap, High Magic resist, and active gets rid of all debuffes, Suppression, and summoner spells. It can even stop Mord and Malz ult.

If you feel you need more damage from Atma and more HP then this item is perfect to finish your build with.

- Very good vs magic teams. Give you attack speed and more magic resist. But I don't do much auto attacking with nid, you get the damage from skills in catform but if the other team is dumb enough to stop to 1v1 you this item is great.

- Amazing for any team that has healers or people with life steal or HP Regen. This is one of my favorite items because you can use its active every 20 seconds. It really does feel good to throw this on Dr.Mundo when he uses his ult. But should be sold late game if healing isn't a big problem.