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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Nocturne Build Guide by thatsnotmypirate

Nocturne - Power Overwhelming - Lane and Jungle

Nocturne - Power Overwhelming - Lane and Jungle

Updated on February 27, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author thatsnotmypirate Build Guide By thatsnotmypirate 193 62 929,346 Views 353 Comments
193 62 929,346 Views 353 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author thatsnotmypirate Nocturne Build Guide By thatsnotmypirate Updated on February 27, 2015
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  • LoL Champion: Nocturne
  • LoL Champion: Nocturne
  • LoL Champion: Nocturne
  • LoL Champion: Nocturne


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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I have three great build for Nocturne. One Lane and One Jungler and One Anti Armor built around Attack Speed, Damage, and Critical Hits that does massive damage fast while giving you enough hp and armor so you can take hits.

****************************************Read Other Items before using this build please****************************************

I love this character, He reminds me of Dark Archons from starcraft. He is an amazing ganker with amazing damage out put and I will tell you how to rape face with him. Check my games below as Proof of this build.[*]
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Build Order

I have been ask to put up my build order. So i am going to help you find them

They have been up the whole time, 4 of them in fact. If you go to the very top of the page you will see 4 Pictures of Nocturne. Click on the picture to drop down the build. There are 4 different ones up there.
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Pros / Cons

*Amazing farmer
*Best chaser in the game
*Great ganker
*Ultimate cause be used in different ways
*Can jungle very well
*Easy to use
*Amazing damage output
*Only 1 skill shot
*Who doesn't like to be an assassin
*Not totally item dependent for damage
*Passive does massive damage early game into late game and heals
*Fast ultimate cooldown

Cons __________________________________________________________
*Forced Down in team fight if not a lot of HP
*Need to learn when Ultimate should used
*Vulnerable to CC
*Cooldowns can sometime be troublesome on Unspeakable Horror
*With out HP items, dies very fast.
*Having to plan ultimate with teammate could be a problem.
*Losing site of your pray could waste your ultimate
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My Games

My kill death using this build. I have had better games but these are what I'm posting.
You can see I had one bad game. But everyone does, bad team mates or just outplayed. It happens.

I would like to put out I Carried a rank with him 11/4

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Fans Game *New Stats* 4/2

Send me your stats using my build and I will most then happily post them here for you.

Wow the first 2 people that sent me their game's stats had killed the same number of minions :D
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Key to Ownage

Farming. Farm farm farm till you can't no more. Nocturne is the best farmer I have ever used, it just flows. Duskbringer + Your passive in the middle of a creep wave will take them out. Also a good bit of healing.

The key to owning with this character is to have games look like this.

Each game, I have way over the amount of creeps other players do. This is just end game, but I had my minions kills that high way before anyone else even got around 200 kills.

****************************************Read Other Items before using this build please****************************************
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In the Lane

I don't like to jungle with him because he takes out waves so fast, you will get so much money that way. Even can take hits from enemy heroes because you just heal so fast as long as you make sure you hit the whole minion wave with your passive. Use Duskbringer to harass people in your lane, and if you can get a hit on them, make sure your passive is ready. Early game your passive does massive damage to champions. But over all you are trying to farm, not kill them. Only if you have a clear opening go for the kill.

Around level 6 you can go for ganking in other lanes with your ult, just wait for someone to over extend and they are dead meat.
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Lane Vs Jungler Nocturne

I play Nocturne as a laner because of his ability to clear minion waves fast even at level 1. Its the best way to get money for your build. But Nocturne is a great junlger. You will give up the fast money that you make, but you will make up for it with some of the best ganking in the game. As a jungler the enemy team won't know when your coming and will hide in fear when they hear Paranoia active. You are able to get in and get out fast, so being a jungler just to gank will end up making up for the lack of money.

Lane gives you different option, you can get money fast, and harass the enemy, keeping them from farming. Because of your ultimate you can still gank the next lane very easy. But ganking is more predicable.

Over all, Lane = more money, Jungle = Better ganking
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Skills and Summoner Spells

Nocturne is built around chasing heroes. So to complement this I use Ghost and Exhaust, also improving both in the Mastery tree.

I will cover some Summoner Spells, but only the ones I think might be useful on Nocturne. If I didn't talk about it, I don't think you should use it ever.

- Yes, a big YES. Why? If you have used Nocturne I'm sure at one point you have turned on Paranoia and the person you want to kill just ducked into a tree or out of allied vision. Wasted it. Well now fear no more because you can get a short cooldown Summoner spell that shows you the way. Just use it over the person you want to use your ultimate on making sure you can see them. Also your a ganker, so this is a great skill to find out if your ok to gank or if your being ganked. If you get this skill, use it when its a lot. This spell makes it so no one can get away from your ultimate.

- I see a lot of people use this skill, I find no need for it at all. Nocturne is very fast with my build, He can out run anyone and Paranoia is a flash, the longest flash in the game. The only reason anyone would get this is to get out of Jarvan ultimate or as a way to get away from people. Also you can use it to insure you get off your fear on Unspeakable Horror. But over all I don't find it useful on Nocturne. But if you can make it work, go for it.

- One of my favorite summoner spell on casters. But remember your job is to chase, its what your made for. As much as I like this spell I don't think its usefull on Nocturne. If your can't live with out this spell, then get Executioner's Calling. It gives a skill that is almost 100% like Ignite. Just set it to your first item slot and then you can use the skill with 1 on the keyboard.

- Great for harassing/farming early game, make sure you try to hit the minion wave along with an enemy hero to get the most out of it. You will run out of mana fast early game, but its worth keeping them off so you can farm early game. When fighting in team fights or chasing someone, Make sure you hit them. If you have problems landing this spell on people, use Unspeakable Horror to fear them then land Duskbringer. It up your speed making sure you stay on top of them

- Your anti-harassment spell. Your Personal Banshee's Veil. Blocks 1 skill and can be casted very few seconds. Early game you can use this spell to make your enemy give up forcing you and turn to your ally. If your fast you can take almost no damage early game. BUT sometimes you want to let them hit you, because unlike your ally, you can heal like crazy when hitting a whole minion wave. So its not always best to use this early game. This skill blocks ultimates So timing is key. Master this skill, you will be unstoppable. Only activate it when you see a skill being used on you. Never just guess and just use it randomly. Also don't just block the first spell that comes by. Use it to block stuns and stunlock spells. If your doing 2v1 and one has a stun, block the stun. Not like you can use the spell while stun anyhow.

- Does magic damage over time and if you stay connected (you will be as annoying as fiddlesticks) they will be feared. Great for someone who is on the run or if you have problems landing duskbringer, but you need to master duskbringer at some point. This spell is best used for soloing someone by using after your paranoia and duskbringer. If your after 2 people, sometimes it's best to cast on the person your going for 2nd if you know you will kill the first. This will keep him from attacking and getting away from you as you kill his ally. In team fight always use this on the carry or people with higher damage and ensure their death from you and your allies. I tend not to use on lower hp heroes because they will most likely die in a team fight. Unless you need it to kill off a weaker person on the run.

- Your bread and butter. A long ranged dash that can do crazy damage and set up amazing ganks. Many ways to use this ultimate. It can be used to stop ganks on you and ally allowing them to get away with the lack of vision on the other them. Back dooring towers with allies. Use it to start back dooring and throw the other team off there guard. Setting up a gank/chasing low hp heroes, soloing someone, and even get away from some people by dashing to another. Sometimes its best to save your ultimate in team fights to make sure you can get to someone once they try to get away. Also don't be careless with this just because it has a fast cooldown. Don't dash into 3 people because you know you can kill one. A kill isn't worth a death. Only dash a 3 people if one is running, that way you can get past the 2 heroes, kill the runner, and just keep running to get away. You can out run almost anyone but Master Yi and some others.
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Skill Combo

Paranoia - Paranoia Dash - Duskbringer - Unspeakable Horror - Duskbringer
R - R - Q - E - Q

Sometimes you won't need Unspeakable Horror, I use when I don't know if I will catch up them into, or sometimes I wait till I get closer to them to insure I get it off.

When soloing up close, if it looks like they may win, Don't fear, Unspeakable Horror will make them stop attacking so you can even turn the tides, or make a run for it. Also don't be afraid to use Paranoia up close. Its not a waste because it does pretty awesome damage.
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Runes 2/24/12

I like to go with Armor Pen Marks, this insures your damage to other heroes early game and can do fairly well even into late game.

Dodge seals were removed so I gave you two options for runes. Armor for help early game, or attack speed which will help early game till late game.

Cooldown Reduction Runes can be change. I just get them because it takes down your time on your ultimate and all other skills. His cooldown's aren't too heavy but then again they aren't short either. I would rather get cooldown runes over wasting an item for cooldowns. Also make sure you grab blue buff to keep your cooldowns low.

I will add a list of runes that work on Nocturne soon.
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With my Lane MasteriesI go with 21-0-9, Making sure I take all the attack speed, damage and crit under offense, and increased exp and longer buff duration for blue buff under Utility. I also make sure I get points into improved Exhaust and Ghost

In my Jungler Masteries I do 21-9-0, Getting all the attack speed, damage and crit skills under Offense, and getting increase armor and dodge for jungling.

If you are ok with your defense for jungling, you can also do 21-0-9 for the 2nd Build.
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Build 1 - Critical Darkness

This build has a lower base damage then the jungle builds, But the Critical hits give this build the best damage out of the 3 builds.

I start out with Doran's Blade, which you should sell after Ruby Crystal and get Vampiric Scepter..

**Update** - Change Atma into Ghostblade. I found it better cause it ups crits while giving you armor pen. Also took out Warmog's Armor and put in Aegis of the Legion for Hp, armor and magic resist..

You can use Banshee's Veil over Aegis of the Legion.

If your having problems early game I tend to get Executioner's Calling as I wait for Blood Thirster.
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Build 2 - The Shadow in the Jungle

This is what I use when I jungle, I start at blue buff and have someone tag the blue buff to make it a bit easier.

REMEMBER that can be change with any item in Other Items page. If your having a bad game, then don't get it at all. You could also change the order and replace with a different time later in the build.

So why Sword of the Occult. Nocturne is an awesome ganker. So to complement this, I get SOTC. Early game you should be jumping in and jumping out for kills getting you really good stacks, but as I said, if your having a bad game, don't bother.

**Change Warmogs for Frozen Mallet because it gives Hp and Ad with a slow. I am liking it more.

The rest of the build is like Build 1. Giving you high attack damage and Amazing crit damage. Also giving you a good bit of HP from wargmog to keep you from getting focused down first. Even if you do, you will have a lot of health to keep you alive while your team comes to your aid.

***Update*** - I found that it was taking to long to build Sword of the Occult so I changed it to a less expensive start. You give up life steal till later. But I got rid of Heart of Gold because Madred's Razor take care of the armor it had, while Phage take care of the HP. I sell Madred's Razor after I make Infinity Edge to get life steal. You can do this much much early if you wish. Then finishing off the build with Bloodthrister and Giant's Belt into Frozen Mallet if you haven't yet. You could also sell Phage and putting some other HP/Armor or Magic resist item to keep me alive. I think Banshee's Veil is a good replacement for CC/Magic heavy teams.

The way I jungle with Nocturne is about the same way it is in his Champion Spotlight. I come out to gank right after I get red buff. Just make sure you tell your teammates ahead of time so they can pick at their enemy's HP for when you come it. Ghost and Duskbringer to get close and use Auto attacks to keep them slowed down while channeling Unspeakable Horror . You should be able to pick up the kill with your teams help. Make sure they know not to come out till you jump out, If they charge them to early before you are shown your enemy may get away. Its also best to tell your lanes to ward there bushes to be able to see if an enemy champion has wards later as well.

Just remember to gank after you get boots of speed. Even more so at level 6. Your team will need your ganks to win so make sure you talk to your team and ping often.

I will add more later
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Build 3 - Anti Armor - Why AD/AP?

Yes, this build works and I will tell you why below. This build doesn't have to go in this order. But its an AP/AD mix build that gives you armor pen to rip tanks/armor stacking teams apart. Also giving Unspeakable Horror amazing damage to an unexpected armor user.

This build has less damage then build one because of crits but it makes up for that damage with being able to hurt tanks and the damage from Unspeakable Horror is pretty amazing.

So Why Rabadon's Deathcap. Because does 250 damage when maxed out. It also does 100% of your AP, with my Anti armor build you can have up to 300 AP with Rabadon's Deathcap. Meaning 550 Damage with one skill. Also if you use Active skill at the end, it add 300 damage doing 850 total on top of being feared and slowed.

But if you would rather have more AD with more armor pen, then is what you should get over

The old way looked like this.

Sell Doran's Blade

Got rid of Nashor's Tooth for Guinsoo's Rageblade. Gives Ap, AD, and As, but you didn't need all that attack speed from Nashor's Tooth. This new way cost less too.
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Build 4 - The Swift Shadow

This build is a lot cheaper, and you are able to build the items faster. I was finding that build 1 sometime can get a slow start. This way build damage faster giving you kills while still giving you HP. I have used it a few items and I am really liking it.

I am starting to like Aegis of the Legion on Nocturne, gives you pretty good heal and armor/magic resist, may have less hp but it doesn't go down as fast. So this way is cheaper.
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Vs AP Heavy Team Item List

Here I will list item you could want to grab if you are having problems with an AP Heavy Team.

- Great item if your up vs an AP Team, blocks 1 spell, which also means ultimate. Also give magic resist and and more HP.

- Give good damage and magic resist. Best of all if you take magic damage that may kill you, you get a shield that blocks 300 magic damage.

- Very good vs magic teams. Give you attack speed and more magic resist. But the coolest part is its passive. Your attacks deal 42 bonus magic damage and remove up to 42 mana from the target. For casters, this can some times give you a kill just because they can't fight back if you get them with low mana, or just turning there mana against them as more damage.

- Not many people use this item but it truly is a life saver. Gives good magic resist and has an active that removes all rebuffs from you. This includes Mordekaiser ultimate and other still like ignite. It will save your life with damage over time skills. Best of all its cheap.

- A lot of magic resist, if you already have Warmog, then it give crazy health regen. Also gives you pretty good movement speed.

- Speaks for it self. Gives good armor and magic resist with a revive that will save you and win you duels.
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Vs AD Heavy Team Item List

Here I will list item you could want to grab if you are having problems with an AD Heavy Team.

- Great item for teams with AD carries. Does 30% damage back in magic damage. Also gives you a good bit of armor.

- Good for teams with attack speed. Slow the attack speed of enemys around. Also gives you a good bit of armor and mana, cooldown reduction is pretty nice too.

- Give alot of armor and some HP. But the coolest thing about this is its active. If your soloing and AS AD carry, this item will give you the upper hand by a long shot.

- Gives ok armor and health. Its passive will help get you kills. But I wouldn't get this item with Nocturne. There are better ones.

- Speaks for it self. Gives good armor and magic resist with a revive that will save you and win you duels.
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**********Other Items************ **Read This** *Updated

I will sum up the good items that work very well with my builds
**Remember every game is different and calls for different items**

Core Items -
I get these items at some point every game.

- Good amount of Hp to keep you from getting forced down first, also about the same damage as Ghostblade. I would choose this over Ghostblade if you are having problems dying.

- A bit of everything. Good Hp and Mana, Sheen skill works great on you. Crit goes up and movement speed stacks with Phantom Dancer making you one fast S.O.B.. I tend to get this item where The Brutalizer is.

- This item is great if you (or your team) is doing good early game. If you get stacks up to 20 it give you 15% more movement speed. If you have Trinity Force and Phantom Dancer, its almost like using Ghost forever. I get this item in place of The Brutalizer on good games.

- An amazing item if they have a tanky team that is stacking armor, can drop them about 100 Armor with good damage and attack speed.

- Great item to finish build with if they are stacking armor. Even can get it early if they start to get armor.

- I don't recommend using this item, The only time I would ever pick this item is if they have very high Hp and a lot of armor because its passive doesn't get effected by armor. But even with high Hp my build will tear them apart faster then this item could. Only get for High hp champion with to much armor.

- Good to get early-mid game while waiting for BloodThirster. It gives you ignite so its good for healing enemies and picking up kills that may have got away. Gives you 15% Crit and 18% life steal. I think its an underrated item. Great when trying to kill with on, forcing him only to heal about 20-30% hp.

- Rarely will I get, but good for characters with dodge. Its active makes it so your attack can't be dodge (works against Jax Counter). Also its actives gives you 30 Armor pen, so its good for tanks too.

- A great item when you are fighting an AP heavy team. Gives you a 30 magic resist and pretty good damage as well. The best part about this is when you take a blow from an AP skill that may kill you. You get a shield that blocks 300 magic damage for a few seconds. This item will save your life.

- Very good vs magic teams. Give you attack speed and more magic resist. But the coolest part is its passive. Your attacks deal 42 bonus magic damage and remove up to 42 mana from the target. For casters, this can some times give you a kill just because they can't fight back if you get them with low mana, or just turning there mana against them as more damage.

Nashor's Tooth - This is an attack speed item that gives 25% cooldown reduction and ability power making Unspeakable Horror stronger. I don't use this item because phantom dancer makes my attack speed fast enough. But if your enemy team stack armor, it is worth selling Phantom Dancer for this item, then geting Last Whisper + Hexagun Blade This will give a big boost to your AP while keeping your attack speed up. Giving you Armor pen, and best of all Spell vamp for Unspeakable Horror which will now do good damage

- As I said above I would only get this vs an armor heavy team. Also I only get this with Last Whisper + Nashor's Tooth to keep my auto attack damage/speed up with Infinity Edge, Hextech and Nashor's Tooth, with armor pen, also giving me pretty sweet damage with Unspeakable Horror. Don't forget about its active skill, does 300 damage and a slow. Just a cherry on top.

- Yes Deathcap, Because does 250 damage when max. It also does 100% of your AP, with my Anti armor build you can have up to 300 AP with Deathcap. Meaning 550 Damage with one skill. Also if you use Active at the end, it does 850 Damage. And they are will be feared and slowed.

- Great Hp and it stacks Hp that you can't lose. Awesome item for keeping you alive. Banshee's Veil is a good replacement for this item.

- This works sometimes, I only get it after I have another HP item. This is good for an AD heavy team, but if your only getting it because of one person, don't bother.

- Speaks for it self. Gives good armor and magic resist with a revive that will save you and win you duels.

- I tend to finish this item from heart of gold. I don't normally get a lot of Hp with him anyway. If you get this item remember to use hits active it will save you. This item is great for making you a harder to kill if they have AD.

- Anti caster item. Blocks ult, what else do I have to say? More hp, more Mp (not that you need more MP) and magic resist. Great for when your having problems with a caster. Also with Shorud of Darkness you can block 2 spell, You will be truly hard to kill.

Gives good HP and armor/magic resist. Also gives a buff to allies near by also stacking on you to give you more armor and magic resist.

- Gives ok armor and health. Its passive will help get you kills. But I wouldn't get this item with Nocturne. There are better ones.

- Rarely will I get this. But I will if I already have an HP item and having problems with casters. Only then is it worth getting on him.

- Good for teams with attack speed. Slow the attack speed of enemys around. Also gives you a good bit of armor and mana, cooldown reduction is pretty nice too.

I highly recommend getting at least 1 Hp/tanky item with him.

Well, I will be sure to add more later. Comment, Vote, and ask me if you have any questions.
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Boots Options

- Pretty awesome boots, with this you are able to out run most heroes with Norcturne, even more so if you have phantom dancer.

- This awesome for teams with heavy crowd control skills, because its one of Nocturne biggest weaknesses. Also give you magic resist.

***************Build 3 Only Boots***************

- Rarely will I ever get this and I don't think you should ever pick them up. Build 3 is an anti-armor build. If they are getting magic resist then you shouldn't really be going build 3. Unless their team is doing both magic resist and armor. Then go for it.

Will add more later :D
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My Build Old and Differences In Build 1

Each has ups and downs. I believe the new build is better but my friend likes the old one still so I though I would keep it up.

The old way was to get Heart Of Gold later into it into Randuin's Omen. But this new way gives you the same damage only giving you more Hp and armor and crit. Cost maybe even cheaper the new way.

If you use old build, just remember that Randuin's Omen and Ghostblade can be changed for other items. Also sell Doran's Blade after Heart of Gold for Vampiric Scepter. Read Below
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Falling behind your team?*

Just having a bad game and need help catching up. Well here are some good items to help you get back into the game

- Stacking up to 3 doran's blade early game can really get you back into the game. Don't under estimate this opening

- Great item to help keep you alive, it also gives you gold very few seconds to help build up your character.

- Another item that gives you gold. Sometimes its good to hold onto this item before turning it into ghost blade.

- Good to pick up if you can't wait for BT. It give you good life steal and 15% crit rate, along with a cool active.
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Mastering Build

This build is going to take more then one time to get use to. You need to play with all the items I have talked about till you know what to mix match with what. Don't just play once and think you will end up owning every game. You will always have bad games every blue moon. Just stick with it and once you know the items. You can master this build.

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