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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Nidalee Build Guide by Ruzenkz

Nidalee, They will need you to Spear them.

Nidalee, They will need you to Spear them.

Updated on August 15, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ruzenkz Build Guide By Ruzenkz 8,880 Views 8 Comments
8,880 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ruzenkz Nidalee Build Guide By Ruzenkz Updated on August 15, 2012
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Ruzenkz here, just in case you didn't get the pun for the title, I used a play on word for "spear" for "spare" so in other words they'll want you to spare them, but they'll end up with a spear xD

Anyways going on, this is my first ever build, I wanted to make one of these around a year ago, however I accidently closed the window without saving it, so about 2 hours of hard work went down the drain and I was pissed, so I gave up. (It was for the same champion, Nidalee)

Luckily enough now I have the time to make one, so now here it is! My build for Nidalee! I hope this guide will help enhance your abilities with Nidalee and furthermore, if you have any ideas or comments that would help benefit this guide, I would be very grateful for a few of your moments to post it below :P

To make sure everyone understands, my Nidalee build is not the tankiest. My Nidalee build revolves around making your Qs overpowered and your E do a lot of healing, high ap with a lot of cooldown reduction. I made her into a nuker, I try to lower cooldowns especially for her Q, in order to do the nuking damage that I believe that Nidalee should be able to do. In other words, you will be mostly in human form when you team fights assisting and doing tons of damage with your Q, cougar mode is for farming large waves of minions and also for a lot of mobility and placing yourself. This is how I believe Nidalee should be played and this build guides you to this path.
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Pros / Cons

Pros - Does a LOT with one Q with a semi low cd (Poke more than Pokemon)
- Has a heal that gives you some dps (Some sustain)
- Pretty hard to gank
- Can run away fast in the jungle (Kite like a boss)
- Pretty low cd's in cougar mode
- Bushwack cannot be destroyed with oracles
- Can steal buffs, Baron, and Dragon with enough practice and good timing
- Has 2 taunts and 2 dances and 2 laughs (human and cougar form)
- Unique play style and has epic throws
Cons - Can't really nuke like Veigar
- Squishy, like any other mid ap ranged carry
- Falls off late game because she can't nuke
- Her Q does not go through minions which can be a hassle sometimes
- No cc
- Mana hungry unless you build some mana/mana regen
- Not enough skins
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Summoner Spells

Ignite- True damage and the heal reduction really helps deal extra damage and wear down the enemy champion.

Flash- Really good to get close all of a sudden or flash away to safety

Ghost- Works, but i don't really like it as much because you're already REALLY fast. In my opinion you really don't need this because once they are in the jungle, it's your territory XD

Surge- Meh. It's ALRIGHT. But with my build, the feasible amount of ap you gain is not worth it, also the attack speed you gain is just.. No. If you're looking for an AD Nid build, you're in the wrong guide. xP

Teleport- It's alright.. I don't really run it because the mobility you have in cougar form + passive + w in cougar form makes it a 5-10 second run to top or bot from mid whenever.

Everything else is just a nono
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I know this is really bad, but I really don't focus much on runes. I know. A big taboo. Runes really help you a lot, and I'm just too lazy to even think about runes. However I have a set of runes that I believe will help out Nidalee's Gameplay.

Let's start with the Flat Ap Runes - Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
- Nid is a early/mid champion so I believe that the flat ap quints really help for early damage or early heal.

The Magic Penetration Marks- Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
- Obviously it's to penetrate some of those magic resist that the enemy champions rack up which help a lot.

The Cooldown Reduction Glyphs- Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
- Nid's skills are pretty low already, however a little bit of CDR really helps getting Q off of cool down ASAP.
- None of my items really help with the CD of the skills so the runes really does it's job.
- Right off the bat the combined CDR would be 5.85% and if that isn't enough, you get the 16% from blue buff when you get it which REALLY makes your Q and other skills low (the reason why you want low CD is because you want to farm up your Tear of the Goddess/ Archangel's Staff which I will explain later)

The Ap Per Level Seals - Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power
- The ap per level can help your growth while you level up, making you stronger instead of just flat ap. Just in case the game gets into late game, a little bit more ap wouldn't hurt right?

I picked these runes because they are all S and A classes based on Searz's guide (link in changelog) Also because I believe that these runes will benefit this build the most this way.
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The usual 21/0/9 is what I like to go because of damage, CDR, some mana/mana regen right off the bat that also help for late gaming.

Runic Affinity Because your jungler should be giving you blue buff when they can, I prefer Rune Affinity in order to extend the time on the buff.

Summoner's Wrath I like to put one on this because of the extra ad/ap that you gain after using ignite.

Summoner's Insight This is for making flash's cooldown by 15 seconds. A lower CD on flash really helps because you can use it more often in a game to catch/run away.

Going 21/9/0 works too however because I do not have any mana/mana regen runes so I like a little bit in my mastery to make up for it.
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Items and when to get them

This is where other Nidalee players and I differ. I prefer the squishy nuker with one Q. My items guide the growth of Nidalee's abilities to it's fullest potential.

I start off with Doran's Ring because of the easy health, ap, and mana regen. It's cheap and it really does help a lot in every aspect. Sustain and damage is exactly what a mid Nid needs.

Stay in lane as long as you can which shoouldnt be too hard since your poke has the longest range and you also have Primal Surge to sustain and Bushwhack to stop gankers from ganking.

After you go to your nexus for the first time, you should have enough for Boots which you should take because it helps a lot when you level 6 gank. Also if you can, buy the Tear of the Goddess as soon as possible by level 6 you should be able to get tear of goddess easily.

Tear of the Goddess is really good because it gives you mana while regening. You can get mana stacks easily by going into cougar mode and constantly using w and e when you can.
Furthermore because in cougar mode every move is mana free, it's a really good deal to be able to get those stacks with the short CDs and mana freeness.

Level 2 boots can be switched between the playstyle for each individual players.

I prefer the Ionian Boots of Lucidity because of more CDR, however late game it doesn't benefit as much ( you can always sell it later )

Mercury's Treads is always a good idea if the enemy team has a lot of CC.

Finally Mobility Boots is REALLY good for ganking and getting to places fast and position yourself easily during team fights since you will be sniping from afar.

It all depends on your playstyle and the enemy team.

Finish off the Archangel's Staff next because you're going to start needing that ap damage because runes and masteries won't be enough during mid game. Continue to spam w and e when you can in cougar mode to make the most of your archangels. The Archangel's Staff grant you 3% of your mana, so that's why you want to spam so much in order to get the max stack of 1000 mana. Not only do you gain some ap, you also increase your mana pool which improves your sustain with your mana.

During mid game to late game phase, I like to get Kage's Lucky Pick just for the gold per 5 seconds because this is when lots of teamfights occur and you won't be able focus farming that much.

Then you build Rabadon's Deathcap as soon as possible because you want to greatly increase the damage on Q and the heal on E

From here on out it all depends on who the enemy is and what they are building
- Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the fast champions like Teemo and it gives you a bit of sustain.
- Void Staff is for any champion that start building mr.
- Lich Bane for an auto attack that does 600+ with the item build up to rabs.
- And finishing up Deathfire Grasp for those champions with a lot of HP, it helps nuke them down.
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Last hit. Then when you hit level 6 you can start using your cougar moves to farm. That's all I can say. Last hitting is up to your own skills. You can also use your e to help, but you should practice last hitting.
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Team Work

Before an upcoming team fight you want to poke as muh as you can, never EVER get close enough to get caught.

In the beginning of team fights I recommend to stay back and Q while your other teamates run in, healing the adc to benifit from the dps or those that need it (try to protect the carries as much as you can, especially the adc cause they can benefit from the dps also)

Then after the enemy champions use up all their ults, you should go cougar style in and start using your skills and do as much damage as you can
Otherwise you run away because they beat your whole team, or you chase them because they are almost dead.

Just remember, take care of the carries with your heal, and that you need to play SAFE. Your Q range surpasses any other skill's range (other than global ults obviously) so you should be able to deal a significant amount of damage with your Q in a longer proximity. (You also want to stay pretty far away because your Q damage is based on the range it hits the opponent, the end of the skill shot can deal up to 200%!)
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Ranked Play

To be honest, mid nidalee is NOT the best champ to mid with. She's just fun to mess around with and it's pretty cool to see you 1 hit the adc. There are many other champions that are better than her in mid, she is just hard to master and even harder to carry with cause all you can do is hope that your Q does enough damage because running in cougar mode is bad because you are VERY squishy. Basically you sweep as much as you can and catch those who are running away with your speed.
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To be really good with the spear, I will give you my way of playing.

If you try to imagine where the enemy champion will run to, spear to that destination. Nid is a champ that needs a bit of foresight. Even if they are running away, you must take note of their movement speed and what kind of skills they have (if they can teleport or speed up) then take note if they have had used it or not and put it all together and just imagine where they would walk to.

Because of how League is made, the autopath makes it pretty easy to know where they will walk next.

SO. That is my best tip I can give to you, just imagine where they will walk to and it will be easy with enough practice.
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Well, I hope you enjoyed this guide, I might update it a bit if I find out that a lot of people actually use this as a reference. I did leave out quite a bit like pictures, some calculations, and videos but it's my first guide and I don't know if I want to put a lot of work into this guide... Yet. I'll work my way up slowly :P

So to wrap it all up, practice makes nearly perfect. Her skill shot takes lots of time to master. Most importantly. IMAGINE.
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August 11, 2012
-Made my first guide! Woo!
-Need to add pictures, videos, and make my guide look pretty xP

August 12, 2012
- Touched up the guide by surfing the internet how to (it works! :3) (credits to jhoijhoi for an amazing guide to help other guides. Here's the link if you need it.
- Added some pictures (Found the picture in Photobucket, credits to DarkS0d0m)
- Going to make the rune page look better
- Still in it's new stages so I would still like some comments below!

August 14, 2012
-Thanks to Dragon20217 for the helpful rune guide link - and credits to the person who made this guide, Searz. :P
-Because school is starting for me, I might not be able to update this very soon, so I will find some time every so often to update this build. :3 Please be patient! Thanks!

August 15, 2012
-Changed the rune build JUST a little bit due to Dragon20217's link really helped a lot. I didn't have to think about runes that hard xDDD if you need it it's in the log above this one ^ Helped a LOT. Also credits to Searz for the help too.
-Touched up some of the information on Archangel's Staff

Add me on League of Legends! My in game name is Ruzenkz :P I would love to play with you all and maybe share some tips on other champions. You can also P.M. me if you have any questions if you're too shy to comment xD

‎..../\„,„/\ εїз ~
...( =';'=)
Good luck and Happy Spearing!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ruzenkz
Ruzenkz Nidalee Guide
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Nidalee, They will need you to Spear them.

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