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Nidalee Build Guide by Night Shala

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Night Shala

Nidalee's Jungle Terror

Night Shala Last updated on April 4, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Nidalee with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Evelynn She isn't really a trouble for you, she can more be annoying. Her speed and her clearing time will make it harder to clear faster, but you should be okay.
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Hey guys! I'm quite into this season with my Nidalee. She's one of the champions I constantly use, and I would love to share my wisdom with you. Not only do I play her tons, but I have also versed many champions throughout this period of time. I hope my wisdom can help guide you to your own path of Nidalee! <3

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Pros / Cons

So here I'll list a couple of pros and cons to Nidalee.

- Pros -
Fast Movement, especially with the brush
Quick ganks, if you land your combos
Healing, which can be a value to the team
Easy allowance for traveling through the jungle
Long range attacks (Javelin)
Can pounce through many of the map walls

- Cons -
She is and can be very squishy throughout the game
Slow clearing during the start
No crowd control
Has trouble soloing dragon during early levels
Eats mana like no other

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Summoner Spells

Flash - Flash is a good spell overall. You have a Pounce to make getting over walls easier, but Flash will help with your overall escapes and make playing easier. Not to mention you can always get that easy kill off it.

Smite - This item is considered essential considering you will be living in the jungle. Not only does it help secure kills for the dragon and baron, it helps with gathering your health and mana back. It also helps with the other buff minions as well, making it a strong choice.

Ignite - Ignite could be a possible replacement if you didn't want to use smite or flash. This would help secure your kills, or while you're battling it could help with the health regen the other might have.

Teleport - This is considered a good spell as well, especially if you have hidden wards on the map. It can lead you to a secret gank, and one good Javelin Toss could with the game for you.

Ghost - Ghost is the last spell I would recommend taking. If you didn't want flash, this would provide a good escape as well. Especially if you know how to perfect the Pounce through walls thing.

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Creeping / Jungling

For my Nidalee jungle, I start off at Gromp. Remember all these terms and monsters can be seen in "Jungle Minions, Info & Respawn".

Starting at the Gromp you might need a pretty good leash. Cast your Smite early to get the shield on you ahead of time, because the poison shield will help kill Gromp faster.

After Gromp I head to the Blue Sentinel, grabbing the blue buff and moving on straight to the Red Brambleback.

After I get red, I move to gank lanes. Try to gank while you have your buffs up, and don't forget to kill the Rift Scuttler's for the free health and mana regen.

After I get the Scuttles and gank, I move back to the jungle grabbing Gromp if it's up, then going to wolves then Krugs (The rock thingies).

After all this I generally back. Then from here it's totally up to you what you do :). Starting off the way I do with Nid, it helps with your maximum damage output (Poison shield, blue, red, gank). However you can also start at the rocks and do a bunch as well, due to the six hit stun. Blue just helps Nidalee a **** ton because then you can cast Primal Surge without the worry of mana.

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Early farming can be hard for Nid because of her squishiness and her lack of attack damage and ability power. This makes it a little bit of a challenge, but being careful will easily fix this. Far as early farm might be a bit slow till you get the hang of her. Once you do though, you'll be able to move as fast as the other junglers <3. Once the game gets a little later, and you get your Devourer's you do a lot more damage and things die a lot quicker.

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Team Work

As far as Team Work goes, Nid can be a hard champ to have around. Due to her lack of crowd control, fighting with her as a jungler might be a hard task. Having good crowd control on other lanes will easily fix this though. Nidalee can be useful to teamfights due to her Primal Surge, and her ability to assassinate champions. While a team fight is going on, you could always use the assassination skills she has to get to the mid laners or adcs, making the fight easy to win.

Another important thing to realize is that your adc will need peels, so you need to watch for if they need the help. Many people forget that the adc is an essential member to your team and helps to win the fights. So throughout every fight, make sure you keep a close eye and you are ready to toss your Primal Surge out to the adc before you go into fights.

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Skill Sequence

As far as skill sequence I use the following to Jungle:

- Javelin Toss To provide the Prowl buff.
- After the Prowl buff, you will do increased damage to the target.
- Once you get the Javelin Toss into it, cast Primal Surge.
- After casting Primal Surge you can either use Bushwhack and place a trap for once Javelin Toss runs out, or you can use Aspect Of The Cougar and engage on the target.
- I prefer to use Bushwhack before I go into cougar to provide a longer Prowl buff duration.
- After I use Bushwhack, I use Aspect Of The Cougar turning me into a cat then I Pounce the target.
- From Pounce I go into Swipe then into Takedown.

That's the jung combo I use. I'll add more to this section later, but I basically repeat that sequence. The reason I use Takedown last is because of it's damage. The more damage you do to the minions before you use Takedown, the more damage your going to do when you use Takedown.

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Jungle Minions, Info & Respawn

So here I will provide I little bit of info for the people who don't know very much about this new jungle. This jungle can be somewhat hard to learn at first if you are new to it.

So first we will start with what the "Gromp" does.

1. Gromp (Large Monster)
Smite Bonus: Grants Poison Armor that damages an enemy that attacks the owner.

The gromp can do ranged attacks that are rather painful, and most people tend to start off with him due to the a good leash helps.

2. Blue Sentinel (Large Monster - Buff)
Smite Bonus: Restores a large amount of mana.

Provides: Crest of the Insight.
Crest of the Insight: This buff greatly increases Mana Regeneration and Cooldown for 2 minutes.

This would be the minion that most people consider the "Blue". Lots of mid laners will tend to want this buff, and some give it up some don't. It's 100% your choice considering the jungle will be yours.

3. Greater Murk Wolf (Large Monster)
Smite Bonus: Summons a Rift Spirit that patrols the nearby area for up to 90 seconds.

This would be the wolf pack. If you are on blue side, it's under the Blue Sentinel on the map, and if you are on the red side it is above the Blue Sentinel.

4. Crimson Raptor (Large Monster)
Smite Bonus: Alerts and gives unit Magical Sight if spotted by an enemy ward.

Don't forget to check around the area when this smite bonus goes off, because finding the ward can be a little tricky, especially if they placed it in a hidden zone.

5. Red Brambleback (Large Monster - Buff)
Smite Bonus: Restores a large amount of health.

Provides: Crest of Cinders
Crest of Cinders: This buff will increase your health regen and it also slows and burns enemies. It lasts 2 minutes.

This buff is considered "Red" by most people, and it is normally given to your adc due to their ranged attacks. It gives them a better bonus then it will probably give to you.

6. Ancient Krug (Large Monster)
Smite Bonus: Grants gift of the heavy hands.

Basically what this gift does is every 6 hits you stun your enemies.

7. Rift Scuttler (Large Monster - Area Buff)

This is what I like to call the "Scuttle bug". After killing him, he will provide a small circular area in front of dragon or baron that will give off speed to allies and ward the area.

8. Dragon (Epic Monster - Team Buff)

Provides: Dragonslayer.
Dragonslayer Ranks:
1 - Dragon's Might: +6% Atack Damage and Ability Power
2 - Dragon's Wrath: +15% damage to Towers and Buildings
3 - Dragon's Flight: +5% Movement Speed
4 - Dragon's Dominance: +15% Damage to Minions and Monsters
5 - Aspect of the Dragon - Doubles other bonuses and attacks burn enemies for 150 true damage over 3 seconds. This lasts for 180 seconds.

This guy is often called "Drag" for short. It is critical that your team gets this buff because of the amount of increasing damage you or the enemy team will do.

9. Baron Nashor

Provides: Hand of Baron
Hand of Baron:
- Empowered Recall (Reduces recall time)
- Increased Attack Damage and Ability Power
- Nearby Allied Minions are vastly enhanced

This guy is normally the "End game" buff. When players are looking to end the game, or just get a nice lead on their team, Baron is generally the one they look towards.

Spawn Timers:

:Respawn Timers
All Minions - 1:55
5:00 - Buffs
Dragon - 2:00
6:00 - Dragon
Baron - 20:00
7:00 - Baron

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Nidalee's Spells

- Prowl is a good spell to use because of it's hunt ability.
The hunt ability helps you catch prey -
- It helps you move faster in the brush
When you land a spear or trap, moving toward the target speeds you up -
- This spell will also grant you sight for 2 seconds, of the enemy
This is usable on jungle minions -
- Good for quick engages

- Can cause the Prowl buff
Good for ranged damage and poke -
- Once you land a good spear, engaging is easy
Easy to throw a stealthy spear for a gank -
- Makes face checking not needed

- Can be placed in brush to avoid ganks
Place them all over your lane to let them slowly kill themselves -
- Also provides the Prowl buff to targets
Good for a free engage, especially if they don't think you will -
- Place them in the jung to avoid counter jungle

- Nice for sustain
Increases attack speed -
- Good boost for when you want to push fast
One of the most powerful heals in game

- Allows transformation into a cat
Boosts your spells as it levels -
- Cooldown resets when you land Prowl

- Bonus damage with Prowl
Quick attack -
- Can be activated before Pounce and lands instant attack
Does more damage the lower the health of the target -

- Allows you to escape easier
Pounce range is doubled if chasing Prowl targets -
- Good space closer
Quick escape (Through wall jumps and such) -

- Goes in the direction your mouse is pointed
Makes farming easier -
- Takedown does a bit more damage after you lower the health slightly with this

- Allows transformation into a cat
Boosts your spells as it levels -
- Cooldown resets when you land Prowl

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My Games

Some of my games are wins, some are loses. Here I just want to prove that you can play Nidalee the way I build her.

(More will be added here shortly)

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Versing Champions With Names Starting A-D

- This Champion can be a challenge for Nid due to his spells. Landing spears should be a priority for you, and you will want to make quicker movements. Aatrox's Dark Flight ability can be annoying, but your Pounce should be helpful to get you away safely. You can also use Pounce to dodge Blades of Torment. Pounce will be one of the many skills that you will use over and over with this certain champion. Blood Thirst / Blood Price activated can be quite annoying, just attempt to avoid him when he has this activated. They generally chose to activate it after they jump. Also dodge his Massacre. During his passive ( Blood Well ), if you place a Bushwhack under him while he's regenerating you could get a free combo off, leaving you with an easy kill. Be sure to try and land many spears during versing this champion, and remember to move in and out with Pounce and Prowl.

- Ahri can be somewhat of a challenge and you have to be extremely ready to verse her. Being slight squishy, you have to watch for her Orb of Deception and be ready to dodge that. If you can pull off a nice dodge and land a good Javelin Toss, you could kill her while her cool downs are on. However, you have to be careful when you Pounce because of her Charm. Landing in that makes you not able to attack, and it increases her spell damage to you. This leaves you open to a free load of damage from her Fox-Fire and Orb of Deception. You also have to be ready in case Ahri decides to cast Spirit Rush. Remember she has three charges of it, so she can dash forward and Charm you. So be prepared to Pounce out of the Charm and escape.

- Akali can be a sort of difficult champion, but she isn't as bad to verse now that she has the nerf. Her Twin Disciplines shouldn't be too much of a concern for you if you can manage to kill her early. Early Akali is kind of harder to play because she doesn't have much to kill you with. This makes pre-six the time to try and land your Javelin Toss and attack, or maybe a Bushwhack. Make sure when you engage you watch for her Mark of the Assassin. Even though it can only be toggled by an auto, it still does quite a big amount of damage. Twilight Shroud can help her get these autos off on you, so you have to watch what you're doing at all times. Picking up a Vision Ward might help. Her Crescent Slash is more now for poke and regeneration her health, using her passive ( Twin Disciplines ). Overall just try and kill her early, and after she's level six abuse your traps by standing near them. That way when she casts her Shadow Dance you can get a free Prowl proc and do some damage of your own.

- Even as a support, Alistar can do quite the amount of damage to you. Due to his passive Trample even when he casts his heal Triumphant Roar, he can still do damage to you. Keeping your distance from him can help you in the long run due to this. If you get too close he can also knock you up with Pulverize. Once you are up in the air he has the chance to get behind you and cast Headbutt which can knock you into the enemy group. A good way to pass this with Nidalee is to wait and engage after he casts his Pulverize. If you wait till after that, you should be okay. You could Pounce the headbutt so you aren't facing the way he wants you to go. Another thing you have to be careful of is his ult. His Unbreakable Will can make it pretty hard to kill him considering all the damage it can eat. All things said, just be careful when you verse this champion and you should be fine.

- Amumu's passive Cursed Touch can cause you to take more magic damage. You have to be prepared to take more, and be able to predict how much it'll be. Specially considering that with that magic damage he can grab you with his Bandage Toss. After he lands his Bandage Toss he has two damaging AoE's that can hurt your team. That's not counting the ultimate. Amumu's Despair can do AoE damage to you and your team. Along with Despair he can cast Tantrum and injure you even more. With these couple spells it can cause for a good gank, with his damage output and crowd control. You also have to watch Curse of the Sad Mummy because it can win team fights. One good ult by an Amumu can cause immense damage to your team. So being Nidalee it's your job to take out his team, or help keep your team alive with your Primal Surge. Everything for Amumu leads up to massive team damage, just dodge that and you guys should be okay.

- More Information Will Be Added.

- More Information Will Be Added.

- More Information Will Be Added.

- More Information Will Be Added.

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Versing Champions With Names Starting E-H

More Information Will Be Added Here.

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Versing Champions With Names Starting I-L

More Information Will Be Added Here.

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Versing Champions With Names Starting M-P

More Information Will Be Added Here.

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Versing Champions With Names Starting Q-T

More Information Will Be Added Here.

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Versing Champions With Names Starting U-X

More Information Will Be Added Here.

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Versing Champions With Names Starting Y-Z

More Information Will Be Added Here.

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Hey Guys! Here will show all the new updates I have done and what will be coming next. <3

Upcoming updates:
- Releasing the next Four champions (Anivia, Annie, Ashe & Azir) and how to verse them.
- Filling out the Runes & Masteries.
- Adding more Team work.
- A Tip page.