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Orianna Build Guide by Malice Liddell

Noble's Codex I: Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork

Noble's Codex I: Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork

Updated on March 1, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Malice Liddell Build Guide By Malice Liddell 7,223 Views 9 Comments
7,223 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Malice Liddell Orianna Build Guide By Malice Liddell Updated on March 1, 2012
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summoner Malice Liddell.
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Introduction: "We will kill your enemies. That will be fun."

Welcome to the Noble's Codex I, featuring Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork

In this guide I will explain the basics to use well our steam doll Orianna to discover all of her potential in battle.
This is my first completed guide in this web, and I hope you will use and enjoy it.

Let's get started~!
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Virtues & Defects of the Lady of Clockwork


  • Very squishy.
  • Focused in teamfights.
  • Very mana hungry.
  • As The Ball moves relatively slow, it can be dodged easily sometimes.
  • Requires good finger reflexes to play good.
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Runes: "The ball is impatient."

  • Magic penetration. Simply. You need some of this marks to leave a sweet and deadly wound on your enemies landing your attacks.

  • Flat ability power. Why now flat quintessences instead of per level? This quintessences give you a nice sustain in early game so you can increase your power and survability.
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Masteries: "Time tick-ticks away."

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Summoner Spells: "I have sharp things."

Perfect Summoner Spells

The perfect partner for our little and deadly doll. Nice for escaping or chasing enemies. Can be used with Command: Dissonance for both purposes.
Nice for ensuring a kill, or stop annoying massive heals from champions like Dr. Mundo or Sion. Works perfectly with her.

Nice Summoner Spells

In case you don't want to use Ghost because you think is worse than this, you can perfectly take this spell with this build. Nice for a quick escape or chasing method. You can do wall jumping with this.
If you feel you need mana in the middle of battle or you just expend too much, this is your spell. With this you can refill your mana to increase your chances.

Unrecommended Summoner Spells

Just no. You don't need this AP or the attack speed either. Just leave it to other champions. This is not for you, unless you want to have an empty space in your summoner spells.
It is good to see an anti-turret minion, but you can't be the responsible of that. Just leave this spell to someone in your team if he wants.
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Skill Explanation & Sequence

Skill Explanation

Clockwork Windup: Orianna’s autoattack deal additional magic damage every hit, subsequent attacks on the same target within a few seconds will add more damage per hit. This bonus stacks up to three times. This is Orianna's sustain while she's attacking with The Ball. This skill is the difference between good Orianna players from bad Orianna players. While you're farming, using this skill is quite vital for earning some gold. In 1v1 you should alternate this passive between using your skills to make much damage progressively.

Command: Attack: Orianna commands her ball to fly towards target location, dealing damage to targets hit but doing reduced damage for each additional target hit. Her ball remains behind at that location afterwards. This skill is our second pair of hands in battle. We can damage with it or even scout. With the power to command The Ball to move and attack, Orianna have a nice method to harass, placing The Ball in the middle of the field and ordering to move to make damage meanwhile she's farming with her autoattacks. Simply fantastic.

Tips and Tricks
  • The Ball moves slowly. One nice tip is to put it on the field and ordering to attack in your range to make short moves and take advantage of the situation.
  • When placed on the field, The Ball can be retrieved moving toward. This method cannot be used if is with allies. Also, you can retrieve The Ball moving too far from his distance, or doing Command: Attack again or Command: Protect.
  • Use it oftenly to scout the bush to prevent ganks or have your lane controlled. You can also (if you lane with an ally) support your teammate's attacks.

Command: Dissonance: Orianna commands her ball to emit a magnetic pulse, dealing damage to units around it. Afterwards, the ball leaves a field behind for a few seconds that speeds up allies and slows enemies. Now we should know how to move well The Ball. Now we will learn how to use this skill with double effect. This will hurt all enemies around him and will leave a mark in the field. This mark causes an important speed boost on your allies and a powerful slow on your enemies when pass through it. I use this skill for supporting the carry and grant me at least an assist, but mostly I use it as a good combo with Command: Attack to do good burst damage to ensure me a kill.

Tips and Tricks
  • Some players tend to spam this skill constantly in order to try to do an early damage. Think about the situation and study your environment in battle, use this skill when you're sure you can land it and you will save mana and you will stop missing.
  • In ganks use this skill to have better results. Also do it in teamfights and harassing.
  • Having The Ball with you or with an ally, you can use this skill to impulse yourself / your teammate. Also, if an enemy is near you or your ally you can do it also for damaging and cause the effect mentioned before.

Command: Protect: (Passive): The allied champion the ball is attached to gains bonus Armor and Magic Resistance. (Active): Orianna commands her ball to fly to and attach onto an allied champion, dealing damage to enemies it passes through and shielding the allied champion when it arrives. Probably the most complex skill that Orianna have. This will grant you more survability when you have your precious ball with you passively. So this is extremely important to know: you're not invincible when you have The Ball. This adds you more armor and magic resist, but don't force things you can't do. Leave this skill to protect you and to attack sometimes. Yes, you can attack using this skill. Just let be the enemy between The Ball (placed in some ally or field) and use Command: Protect with you. You can use this skill and Command: Attack to move your ball and hurt while you get or give a nice shield.

Tips and Tricks
  • Don't use this skill constantly. The best moment to do this is when you partner is attacked and is critically wounded or, in teamfights, when your tank engages the enemy team. Of course use it when you're in danger!
  • When your tank engages with The Ball you can use Command: Dissonance and Command: Shockwave to do your combo at same time you protect your ally. This can be the difference between win and lose the teamfight.
  • If is attached in a champion who is in a stealth state (i.e. Teemo) The Ball will remains in the ally, revealing his/her position. Be careful.
  • If an ally dies with The Ball it will remain in the death position, you don't retrieve it instanly.

Command: Shockwave: Orianna commands her ball to emit a shockwave after a short delay, flinging affected enemies in the vicinity into the air a set distance towards, and possibly over, her ball. This is the ultimate skill. When triggered causes any enemies near the ball to be damaged and tossed towards the ball after a short delay. Note that enemies that are tossed are moved the same distance. This means enemies on the edge of the area will be tossed to the center and enemies closer to the middle will be tossed over the center towards the edge. This skill is used mostly to catch enemies and hurting them so much.

Tips and Tricks

Skill Sequence

Mage (Burst AP)

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Support (Ally assist)

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Both configurations start the same way: at level 1 I choose Command: Attack to start moving The Ball for farm and little harass. Next level I choose Command: Protect to start to help and passively attacking. The next level, Command: Dissonance is my choice. Now depends on your role you will max Command: Attack for acting as a mage, or Command: Protect to act as a support. In both cases, Command: Dissonance will be our 2nd choice to maximize.
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Item Build & Explanation

Core Items

Tear of the Goddess
+350 Mana, +7 Mana Regeneration. UNIQUE Passive: Each time your champion uses an Ability their maximum mana will increase by 4 Mana. This effect can't occur more than twice every 6 seconds. Bonus caps at 1000 mana.
This item grants you to duplicate your skills use without getting out of mana. Each skill you use gives you more mana. Nice for champions who importantly rely on skills like Orianna. When you get your Sheen, the tear will be charged and you can proceed to transform this item into the Archangel's Staff.

Sorcerer's Shoes
+20 magic penetration. (Passive) UNIQUE: Enhanced Movement 2.
Basic boots for mages. This grants you a good amount of magic penetration to land your skills and do more magic damage.

Will of the Ancients
+50 ability power. (Passive) UNIQUE: Nearby allied champions gain +30 ability power and +20% spell vamp. (1200 range).
This item grants you heal when you land successfully your skills, so that means you will have a sustain in your lane, increasing the time you remain in battle. Orianna's skills are almost all AoE, and you will get maybe less heal than single target spells, but serves for your sustain. Also, if you ally is near to you is a good complement either if you're a mage or a support.

After-core Items

Rabadon's Deathcap
+140 ability power (Passive) UNIQUE: +30% ability power
This item explains himself: an AP upgrading which will increase our damage and our Command: Protect shield. If a game goes really good, take Needlessly Large Rod before going with the sequence of build to take this item (or at least, a part of it) earlier as soon as possible.

Lich Bane
+80 ability power, +30 magic resistance, +350 mana and +7% movement speed. (Passive) UNIQUE: On cast, your next autoattack will deal additional physical damage equal to 100% of your ability power. 2 second cooldown.
This item is perfect for Orianna, because all stats the item gives works good with her. 80 AP is always welcome, 30 magic resistance gives more survability, 350 mana which increases our AP due to Archangel's Staff's passive, and 7% movement speed. Also, due we need to use our passive Clockwork Windup to fight this will make our autoattacks damage like if we do an ability.

Situational Items

(Note that all of this items can be used instead of the ones selected for this guide.)

Rod of Ages
+60 ability power, +450 health and +525 mana. (Passive) Your champion gains 18 health, 20 mana, and 2 ability power every minute. Bonuses cap at +180 Health, +200 Mana, and +20 Ability Power. UNIQUE: Upon leveling up, restores 250 health and 200 mana over 8 seconds.
If you feel you need to be a bit tanky you may get this item as your sixth. Rod of Ages give you more health for survive, more mana to use with the AS passive and more AP which gradually become +80.

Void Staff
+70 ability power. (Passive) UNIQUE: +40% magic penetration
If the enemy is aware that you (or maybe a mate) hurt too much and is stacking magic resistance, don't hesitate to take this item. The +40% magic penetration will solve the problems if the enemy is resisting too much. If you get this item, don't forget to exchange your actual boots for Mercury's Treads, because the amount that Sorcerer's Shoes gives of magic penetration is pretty tiny at this time and Void Staff can replace it.

Zhonya's Hourglass
+100 ability power and +50 armor. (Active) UNIQUE: Places your champion into stasis for 2 seconds, rendering you invulnerable and untargetable but unable to take any actions. 90 second cooldown.
This item is pretty good to be our sixth if you like the active skill it have. Also, it gives some armor and a great amount of AP to make our sweet killing machine unstoppable.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
+80 Ability Power, +500 Health. UNIQUE Passive: Your spell damage will slow the target's movement speed by 35% for 1.5 seconds (15% for multi-target spells and damage-over-time spells and spells with a cooldown time below 3 seconds.
With this one we will get a nice amount of AP and health, but the important thing here is the slow applied to all of our skills.

Banshee's Veil
+375 Health, +50 Magic Resistance, +375 Mana. UNIQUE Passive: Blocks one negative spell every 45 seconds.
If you need some survability this item will block a negative spell every 45 seconds. Plus, you have more mana for AS passive, health and magic resistance.
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F.A.Q. & Greetings


Q: Why you didn't selected a sixth item in the sheet?

A: If you look into "Item Build & Explanation" you will see a "Situational items" section. Just choose one or combine as you need.


  • Thanks to jhoijhoi for the line separators and her nice "how to make a guide" which help me a lot.
  • Thanks to albableat for few tips to improve this guide.
  • And thanks to all users of MOBAFire who had read (and/or comment) the guide giving me strength to continue my work.
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Thank you for reading Noble's Codex I: Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork. I hope this guide was fun to read and I hope you learned much of this champion.
Please, if you like the guide, upvote it and leave a comment. I will appreciate so much.

Oh, and don't fear! This guide will be updated every time it needs to. I will see all comments as soon as possible and answer you too.

Feel free to ask me by PM any doubts or if you want to add me in League of Legends you can do it too! My summoner name is the same I use here, in EUW server, I don't think you can get any problems.

Till the next guide!
Best regards,
summoner Malice Liddell.
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Change Log


  • Item cheat sheet shortened to less confusing reading.


  • Added "F.A.Q. & Greetings" chapter.
  • Changed order of item build to improve effectiveness. (Thank you for the tip, albableat!)
  • Updated "Item Build & Explanation" chapter.


  • Noble's Codex I: Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork Guide completed!


  • Added "Skill Explanation & Sequence" chapter with correct format.
  • Removed Rylai's Crystal Scepter from cheat sheet.
  • Added "Item Build & Explanation" chapter.
  • Added "Summary" chapter


  • Noble's Codex I: Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork created!
  • Added all chapters.
  • Improved chapters' format to have better looking.
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