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Singed Build Guide by XX SLAYER GOD XX

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XX SLAYER GOD XX


XX SLAYER GOD XX Last updated on June 17, 2011
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Before we start

Please take some time to comment and vote and read my build as i am trying my best to see people using singed more, and knowing how to use him.

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Hello, welcome to my build for singed. If you are here it's because you need help knowing how to tank and to play him. But the true fact is that when you are tanking, you can't follow a purchase order, except the starting items listed above. You need to know what to buy accordingly based on the enemy champions. But this build will help you with singed.

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Pros / Cons

PROS:Great chaser
excellent support
A bit of cc with his slow
Great farmer
can carry the game is tanked right.
able to pick out squishy s
damage all in a team fight.

CONS:Not really much of a killer
main source of damage comes from one skill Fling
Takes a while to get master aim with his slow.
Fling can be used wrong and actually help an enemy scape.

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For marks i have chosen
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration:This rune will help you through the entire game dealing some good damage with your poison and fling.

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana RegenerationMost people rather go with health and others with dodge but i go with this one because early game and even late game, it allows you to spam your poison and Hurt more.Most importantly in early game because your mana is not so high and have to be conservative.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist This is mainly my choice because it does really help before you get any mr items. Can even be helpful in late game.

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For my masteries i have chosen 0/21/9
On defense it mainly includes things that will help with health and dodge as well as some Armour.
Also went like this so that i could be able to lane longer and get my starter items faster for an extra advantage.

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Ok now we got to the interesting part. Tanking as singed is something that can go both good and bad. In my opinion Singed is one of those champion's that are item dependent in order to last a good run.

First i start with a Sapphire Crystal because it both helps him spam poison and fling a bit more often and also because it gives him more health because of his passive Empowered Bulwark. Try to poison minion lanes so that you can farm really well and get enough gold, so that on your first recall you can buy Boots of Speed and catalyst the protector. After that head back into your lane and keep on farming and if not, try to get some assists. The next item should be a Rod of Ages. I CAN STRESS THIS ENOUGH, this item in my opinion is a must for singed. Not only will he get the health, but also mana which will also will add to your health, along with some nice decent ability power.

Now here comes the detail part. When tanking you can't follow the same build all the time because it could cost you the game. Take for example, You and your team is going agaist a team that consist of Urgot, Garen, Tryndamere, Ashe, and Poppy. That's an entire team made of melee dps and two ranged. Now your normal build that you always follow has Force of Naturein it. It's not going to be very effective. You get the main idea, it's like choosing banshees's veil over thorn mail on a game like that one.

So it's best to choose based on the enemies.
So if you are ever in a game like i listed above, with singed you might consider getting a build like this.

Rod of Ages. Thornmail, Sunfire Cape, and a Great armor item for singed is Frozen Heart.The mana it gives will boost your hp. Then after that you should stillhave some more open space for perhaps some ability power with spell vamp.

Many people i often talk with, about singed. Have the question about the following item...can you guess which it is?? I bet you already knew Rylai's Crystal Scepter. The question that main concerns people is...Is it worth it?. Let me just start by saying this item has it's ups and downs. Sure it gives a good amount of health and some good ability power, but it's worth alot and can slow you down on your tanky items. But then again it is really helpful with his poison. it provides decent cc (crowd control) But doesn't really boost up your poison damage. except fling. My last words on this item is that, if you have most of your armor and mr. Go for it. it wont hurt and could save your life from getting chased, even though that's one of singed's best ways to cause damage.

Thanks to sketchbeets07, He gave a very good idea and combination. One will often choose the Boots of Swiftness to get the additional moving speed. But if we choose mercury threads it gives us mr and cc reduction. Plus when you add the Force of Nature you will get more additional moving speed. This does not mean to go and buy a force of nature every game, it just gives a very good idea when facing a team that consist of ap.

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Skill Sequence

Considering Singed can be a great farmer i rather go with the skill selection i listed above. Start off with Fling. Two reason's why.
1.If you are in a lane with someone like Xin Zhao you can fling the enemy Exhaust them and get the kill
2.Since you are the tank you wanna keep your team members alive, when one of them is getting chased after a fail gank at the star of the match, you can fling them over you and behind you and both stay alive

Mega Adhesive, i just put one at lvl 1 because you wanna max out your poison and fling first , but 35% slow is good for the start of the match until lvl 16-18.

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Summoner Spells

Which ones i use.

Ghost- This is REALLY great on him, i really recommend this on him.

Exhaust- This one can can be used to single out the carry or get first flood with the lane partner.

Some that are ok.

Flash-One of the best, can be good on singed, but i prefer ghost over this.

Heal- can make you last a bit longer in lanes/teamfights.

Clairvoyance- Can actually prevent a gank on yourself or a team mate.

Fortify- Can prevent pushing and it's not that bad.

Teleport- Useful for unprotected turrets getting attacked and quick shopping.

The ones you should not take.

Smite- You don't jungle, should be left for someone else.

Clarity- If you are conservative you won't really need, specially not even in late game

Rally- No...just no.

Revive- This one has a 9 minute cooldown...enough said -_____-

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Playing style with Singed.

Early game.
At this point, you should be farming to start off your build. Lane with someone who can do some good amount of damage like Olaf. If the chance to get first blood comes up, start to get near the squishyst champion there and try to fling them while having poison on Exhaust them and have your partner do some serious damage, if all this goes great you should get first blood. But have CAUTION! if you overextend you can be picked off and killed. I seen many Singed do this and end up feeding rather than tanking.

Mid game.
By now, some towers should be destroyed, and ganks are taking place. This is were you come in. Say all five of them are at mid.What you want to do is have your team ehind you use your ult, then ghost and throw Mega Adhesive and get that sqishy and throw him back to your team. He should be gone in seconds. Remember to have Poison on at all times during a team fight, and off when not in use.

Late game
Now it's the part where you are a steady champion. At this point you should be initiating, which can go good and bad. At all times when you are about to initiate YOU MUST REMEMBER TO HAVE YOUR TEAM BEHIND YOU OR CLOSE TO YOU BECAUSE YOU WILL DIE IF IT GOES WRONG. As the normal routine use your ult and ghost run in use the slow ans fling the squishyst guy to your team where he/she will die in seconds. The fight should break lose and you need to poison everyone to help in the fight as well as fling enemy champs off your team mates. When it all goes right push on those towers and win that game!

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I made this build out of my own experience and have tested it many times, my ratio was, out of ten games i played, i lost 2 and those were because we had the one and only feeding partner.

please vote and comment I would really like some feedback as I am new and I need to know on what to improve.

One thing to remember is that I'm still working with singed, so keep and eye up on this build as it might get updated as I find some interesting tricks to make your game experience fun.

i hope you read it and found it interesting. :D