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Shaco Build Guide by Dojyaan

Jungle (now slightly indepth) Playing Shaco from silver peak!

Jungle (now slightly indepth) Playing Shaco from silver peak!

Updated on August 18, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dojyaan Build Guide By Dojyaan 5,470 Views 0 Comments
5,470 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dojyaan Shaco Build Guide By Dojyaan Updated on August 18, 2022
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Hail of Blades
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Future's Market
Approach Velocity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite



Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide

(now slightly indepth) Playing Shaco from silver peak!

By Dojyaan
Current Patch Standing 12.15
Like always champ still kinda mid nothing really hurted him. I mean you might see like 1 extra shen player which will be annoying but legit nothing has changed. Still the same crazy bastards like me who plays this champ instead of diana,yi and fiddle.
Shaco's Kit
This is how I see shaco as from his kit
Shaco's kit is actually extremely simple his kit isn't some extremely ******** akshan type I get shield,MS,double tap gets to win the game type of kit. Just because shaco's kit is very simple doesn't really mean its by anyway weak. In fact this champ could actually do alot and even though you provide jack to your team he could be very good into most teamcomps because he provides alot either denial of plays with AP or the playmaker with his AD.
His Passive is literally just his main damage source and kinda helps with clears. Very important on AD shaco not as important on AP shaco later on.

His Q is just flash with invis. You use this in tandem with your passive to get "huge" damage with your passive as it gives additional damage on auto. Other than that it is just your mobility tool to either let you through your mouse across the screen and then be in a safe position majority of the time. Be warned that if the enemy uses sweeper they can see you in your invis. Also in higher elos people will try to guess where you are going to be with your Q so stay unpredictable.(use jukes)
Main JG clearing tool. It is also your main damage source as AP. For AD you could use it to CC your target if they happen to step on them and then kill them. You should probably place a box at an escape path for the enemy during a gank to force a flash or make the enemy risk taking a longer time to escape. You can also block skill shots with your box EX:HOOKS, MORG Q, and even Lee Sin Q. (the last one will probably still have lee sin gap close to you but you get the point)
It slows the enemy when you use it but usually you should auto the enemy down and then E them once they are low and out of range as it does execute damage. (more damage if the enemy is low)
Also a core damage source of AP shaco. For AD shaco you could use it to "iframe" (invincibiliy frames) or dodge the enemy moves as for the brief moment that you disappear you cannot be hit by abilities which you could use to your advantage to dodge abilities. Since shaco is very squishy this is very important and needed inorder to let shaco survive a bit longer. Other than that you could just use your clone to put some psychological warfare to your opponent by having the opponent try to decide which is you. So its important that you act "natural" and sometime act the direct opposite of what they assume the real shaco is. EX: Having your clone fight while you just sit in the back. Instead you fight the enemy and have your clone sit in the back.
Here is the basic shaco clear that should usually be used. There are other ways to approach on shaco but when you first start of I highly recomend you just use this clear as a way to be a tiny bit more consistent. So you don't do some ****ing clickbait youtube cheese"OMG SHACO BROKEN SECRET L9 KOREAN CHEESE SO BROKEN ABUSED TO CHALLENGER. RIOT GAMES HAD TO TALK TO ME TO STOP ABUSING THE CHEESE. HELP I AM BEING IP LOGGED!!1!" Yeah you get the point. Well here is the video from desperate shaco. He has his guide here too. https://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/12-7-literally-freelo-with-ad-ap-shaco-by-desperate-shaco-560652
His 2 different playstyle mindset

AD SHACO's play style

Think Shaco as a mercenary. (He is literally an assassin for hire in lore for some ****ing reason) SO I think as shaco you should only do what is paid enough or to your benefit for you as an Assassin. You want to only go for picks that would give you enough money without putting you in extreme risk as a little measly amount of money isn't worth your life. So lets say there is an ADC it would be more worth for you to for 300 Gold on the enemy ADC and then win the objective which gives you more money in retrospective after the enemy fight. Then in the same scenerio you could have killed the low bruiser but that bruiser would've left the teamfight anyways so that would have net you jack****.

AP SHACO's play style

So with AP shaco the since I don't play it as much is just to cause 2 things CHAOS (shaco could be spelled into chaos) or denial. This playstyle is made to absolutely ruin some guys day and just curb stomp the enemy's hope on trying to hit a clip on reddit. You want to find choke points or very populated areas and then fill em all with boxes. For example if dragon is going to be up. Go there in advance (50 seconds before or so) and start putting boxes at where you think the enemy will very likely need to go. (Dragon entrance,Bushes, blast cones THE ****ING RIVER) Well after you do that just simply start the dragon and watch the enemy just cry and lose all their health before the battle even start. Yeah there is more ways to utilize AP shaco but that is the basics. Eventually you will find out where is an effective box placement and then you will maybe become discount pinkward.
Last comments
This guide was slowly worked on I don't really care for it that much as I just felt like I had a tiny bit of time and wanted to show my input on I felt like I wanted to play Shaco. I mean that is the good part about Mobafire. People from all different elos could maybe voice their guides and opinions on a specific champion. Also I just happen to suck *** at coding and didn't bother to look up a guide so yeah. This is Dojyaan or my league name nerfshaco177013 and don't **** up my draft games see ya!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Dojyaan
Dojyaan Shaco Guide
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(now slightly indepth) Playing Shaco from silver peak!

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