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League of Legends Build Guide Author xWomboCombo

[Nunu] - Yeti in the Jungle.

xWomboCombo Last updated on March 23, 2011
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[Nunu] - Yeti of the Jungle

This is my first guide. I've been playing Nunu for a while, and every time I've jungled I realized that having one tank on our team wasn't enough, but I also wanted to keep doing large amounts of damage during team fights. This build allows you to be able to tank well and actually do a large amount of damage. So please, Enjoy and try out this guide.

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Visonary (Passive) - Great for jungling and laning, as it allows you to use some of your abilities for free, conserving your mana.

Consume - Consume is probably one of, if not the greatest skill you could have for jungling, as it does a large amount of damage, and restores your life.

Blood Boil - Great for the attack and movement speed, and also allows you to use it on a teammate, while also having the effect.

Ice Blast - Has a pretty low cooldown, and great for slowing the enemy down, as it gives a 60% slow at max level.

Absolute Zero - One of the best AoE skills, though it is vulnerable to any disable. Using your ult in a strategic place is important in team fights, as opponents usually want to dodge it, breaking up their formation.

Now, You may get Blood Boil before you get Ice Blast, But I only recommend this are doing a solo queue, as Ice Blast and Flash enables you to gank as early as level 2, with good communication.

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Greater Mark of Insight - Great for dealing damage, and helps your ult ALOT.

Greater Seal of Resilience - You may be asking, "Greater Seal of Resilience, Why?". Well, It helps a lot during your early jungling and gives you a decent amount of armour.

Greater Glyph of Focus - Allows you to spam Blood Boil, Ice Blast, and Absolute Zero. Great for chasing.

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude - Great for early game, and also helps you out while jungling.

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People who see me play Nunu ask me what I use for Masteries when I jungle, and I tell them 9/21/0.

The reason I do not put any in Utility is the fact that Nunu jungles fast enough to keep up with the other lanes, has an easier time jungling, and with all the defensive masteries I have, I can have that early game tankiness.

If you use 9/0/21 masteries, You WILL need some help kill the Golem at level 1. With no pots, you probably will die if you fight it without the masteries.

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[Summoner Spells]

Smite - You absolutely need this when you jungle, as it speeds it up and pretty much allows you to jungle. Smite combined with Consume is what makes Nunu one of the best jungeler's out there.

Flash - Allows you to escape when getting ganked early in the jungle, and can put you into a strategic position

Negotiable - These spells can replace flash, though flash would be best choice.

Heal - Helps you out when you jungle, and can help your teammates out during a gank or team fight.

Teleport - Can save your towers when being pushed, and can rejoin your teammates during a push.

Ignite - Helps you out when you jungle, and can ruin those pesky champions like Fiddlesticks, Dr. Mundo, etc.

Exhaust - Can prevent ganks, can slow champions for you to gank, and can ruin the other team's AD carry.

The Rest - Though the rest may be decent, the Summoner Spells above help out a lot more then these do.

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Banshee's Veil - The reason I rush Banshee's Veil before I finish Mercury's Treads, Is the fact that you should be able to keep up with other champions with your Blood Boil on. Banshee's Veil allows you to flash in during a team fight to deal massive damage with your ult, having protection from disables that can ruin or stop it.

Mercury's Treads - Self-explanatory for Tanks.

Sunfire Cape - When you run around spamming Blood Boil and Ice Blast, you slowly deal damage to the enemy, while retaining some tanking stats.

Abyssal Scepter - Helps the casters on your team A LOT, also helping your ult a lot too.

Aegis of the Legion - Overall a great item for your team. Increases magic resistance, armour, damage, health. Get this if one of your teammates already have a Abyssal Scepter.

Randuin's Omen - Helps your team out during a team fight, slowing down enemies attack and movement speed.

Force of Nature - Depending on your enemies team composition, you either build this or Thornmail first. Force of Nature increases your magic resistance, speed, and heals you overtime, helping you out a lot..

Thornmail - Depending on your enemies team composition, you either build this or Force of Nature first. Destroys the opposing teams carries, as they will probably will destroy themselves before they kill you.

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[Jungle Path]

Buy a Ruby Crystal . You do not need any health pots, as consume will sustain you. This jungling path might be complicated and a little slower then the rest, but will allow you to easily gank with close to max health. This usually happens when I play as Nunu.

1. While at the Golem, ask for someone ranged to hit it once and run, while you trail behind it so it automatically targets you right after. Doing this saves you 100-300 life. Start of at the Golem, Wait till it hits you two times, then . as close as you can to 450. At this point, if you consumed the small lizard, you should be left with 250-325 health. Do not worry, will be able to sustain you throughout the jungle.

2. Head over to the Wolves, the large one and it should die in 1-2 more autoattacks.You should level after you kill it.
Spam as much as you can, and you should be able to the last Wolf before you kill it.

3. Go to the Wraiths, the large one and spam your as often as you can.

4. Go to the Golems, and one, And the other one.

4.5. Once you are done the Golems. one of small lizards in the Lizard Camp, Run around, And the other one. DO NOT KILL THE LIZARD, YOU WANT TO USE IT PROPERLY, SINCE YOU DO NOT HAVE 9/0/21 MASTERIES.

6. Go back to the Wolf Camp, and it should be back up in a few seconds. Kill them.

7. Head back to the Wraith Camp, the large one, one, and kill the rest.

8. At this point, You should have 730-750 Gold. Go back and buy a Sapphire Crystal and Boots of Speed .

9. Go back to the Lizard Camp. Start killing the Large Lizard and pop your potion. You should still have a large amount of life left. Spam your and whenever you can.

10. After the Lizard Camp, you should have 950-1075 life. If your teammates harassed well enough, you should be able to gank with ease. Use your Flash if you must.

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[Conclusion, Games, Scores and the likes]

This build works GREAT in ranked games, as it fills the jungler slot, and also fills one of the tank slots.

As for Normal games, this probably won't work well unless it is a premade team, as you need good communication with your team.

Here's 4 recent scores I had.

Now, Please try this guide before posting and rating, as it might change your mind on the matter. ;D
If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, please post them below, as I will be able to make this guide better for all those future, or present Nunu players.

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02-20-11 - Added alternate items, more in depth with jungle path, different situations with masteries, skills, etc.
02-21-11 - Updated Icons, Tested 9/0/21 Masteries (Using Ruby Crystal, No pots)
02-22-11 - Fixed several typos.
03-15-11 - Added new score, removed several errors.