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Janna Build Guide by MrMad2000

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrMad2000

Old Janna Guide

MrMad2000 Last updated on May 2, 2015
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Hello, and welcome to my first ever guide. I am a player who is quite new to League of Legends who recently hit level 30 and just finished my provisional games in ranked and got placed in Silver. Janna is my favourite support champion and is incredibly powerful in the right hands. However, she is incredibly difficult to use and if your timing isn't perfect then you can be the reason for why your team lost the game due to lack of reaction in the laning phase/teamfights.

I hope you enjoy this guide. It should be updated on a minimum on a weekly bases. So check back often. :)

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- Fastest Support In The Game
- CC (Slow, Knockup, Knockback)
- Ultimate Is Underestimated
- Can Shield Turrets
- Good Counter-Gank Kit
- Is Fun To Play


- Very Squishy
- Blue Dependent Early Game
- Ultimate Can Get Your Team Killed
- Has Little Sustain
- Difficult To Position
- Expensive Build

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Summoner Spells

Flash is an essential summoner spell for Janna to
re-position in teamfights if you get a bit distracted.
However, you do not have to take it as you can easily
outrun enemies and you should always stay in the back-lines of teamfights.

Heal is a great spell to take due to it now gives
your ally movement speed aswell. Which can be used
to escape enemies or for sustain as for Janna has
no way of healing allied champions
(except for her ultimate which should be used for other purposes)
so I recommend you to take this if you don't take Flash.

Clairvoyance is basically like Ashe's Hawkshot
or the Scrying Orb trinket in a summoner spell.
It is incredibly underrated and in early game and
can be used to locate the enemy jungler or
warn allies of where enemies are if they have left their lane.

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This is what most typical supports take. If you take Ancient Coin as a first item then Scavenger will help you maximize your gold income in the laning phase so you won't fall behind. I also take cooldown reduction so you can be more effective at the early levels. Health regeneration and Mana regeneration also help as it allows you to stay in lane slightly longer before requiring to recall.

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These are good runes to take if you are playing Janna.
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x9.
Magic Penetration Marks will allow you to do a bit more damage when using
your (Q) Howling Gale or (W) Zephyr.

Greater Seal of Armor x9.
In the early laning phase, the enemy ADC may try to attack you. Having armour will mean you take less damage and therefore your ADC can attack him and you'll be soaking up all the damage and then your team gets first blood.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power x9
You want your shield to be slightly better than what it is in the laning phase because prior to level 9 you will find your shield is incredibly weak and can be easily broken in one or two basic attacks. So the extra ability power will help the shield stay up for longer and help your ADC trade favourably.

Greater Quintessence of Gold x3
You are a support. You will fall behind because you are not killing minions and you will get less gold because you cannot farm. This will make up for that.

You can also consider taking this...


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Glyph of Mana

Greater Quintessence of Mana Regeneration

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Tailwind, Janna's passive, is a very basic passive that gives Janna's allies who are close to her 5% bonus movement speed. This is helpful when running away from potential threats or chasing enemies.


Janna's Q, her (arguably) best skill in her kit is incredibly powerful because it can be used as a disengage or an initiator. It can be used while moving and can be charged to a maximum of 3 seconds to inflict a bonus amount of damage and extend the duration of the knock-up. However, if you are being chased you should quickly fire it just after placing it to quickly disable the enemy team so they don't catch you as for it is easily dodge-able and the enemy will notice it if you decide to charge it up.


Zephyr, Janna's W inflicts a slow upon the enemy unit that it hits. Making it a great tool to chase down weaker targets or to slow down the engage of an enemy champion who is attempting to attack either you, an ally or a turret. It has a passive that also increases your movement speed by a base percentage which scales per level and ability power. However, you loose the passive while the ability is on cooldown. If you are playing against an enemy Janna, the way to tell the ability is on cooldown is if the bird that circles her is no longer there. When it reappears it means her W is ready.


Janna's shield. A very strong shield at max rank that grants Attack Damage and can be used on turrets is my personal favourite ability. This is why Janna is so powerful. This shield, if used correctly and appropriately will save someone's life over and over again.


One of the best but worst ultimates in the game. It knocks enemies back away from your current position. It can be used to secure kills or save teammates, as well as heal them. However, it is a channeled ability, and the heal isn't very effective until it is maxed out and you channel your ultimate for the full duration which will prove to be incredibly risky. Be careful when using this ability. You could knock all 5 of the enemy members of the opposing team into a wounded ally.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Sometimes it is incredibly difficult to know what to buy with Janna. But with most typical Supports, you should always try and buy a Sightstone as your team will need vision of the map to prevent enemy ganks and clear objectives safely. Janna is a very underestimated champion and is difficult to play. Some games you will do amazingly. You may get two or three of your own kills and not die once aswell as ten assists. But the next game you might feed and constantly get your AD Carry killed.

With Items, a very standard pick is to go with the Ancient Coin item. The Active once it has been upgraded to Talisman of Ascension can save your entire team or help your team secure kills is a must have. It also increases your survivability/sustain in the laning phase as the passive gives you health when an enemy minion is killed.

Abyssal Mask is a good item against enemy tanks who are building Magic Resist. Also, your magic resist and AP is increased allowing you to be a more effective support.

Eye Of The Storm. Janna's 'E' Ability shields an allied teammate or turret. So why purchase Locket of the Iron Solari? If you are all bunched up together on 300 health and an enemy Jinx fires her ultimate towards you and it hits. You'll either live or die. If you have Locket of the Iron Solari and you react quickly. You just prevented the enemy team from getting a penta-kill. Also, the aura is quite good.

Mejai's Soulstealer. I know this might be a bit of an odd build and a weird item for a support. But I will explain why you get this item. Why do you get this item? If you are a good Janna. You should get quite a few assists and a low amount of deaths. If that is the case. Do not take this item... If you are a great Janna who has a minimal amount of deaths and a bunch of assists on average per game. You will find your shield is doing so much more just because of this single low cost item because of the extra ability power from this item. Your shield at max rank will start to shield for 300+ damage instead of just 200-250. The AD boost will be significantly higher. Your Zephyr ability's slow percentage will be increased... All of this adds up. Late game, this item will have a huge impact on you, but a lot of people will tend to deny that this is a good item just because this is not a popular item upon a support and most builds say you shouldn't build AP.

Boots of Swiftness. You're fast already. However, you need to be faster! What makes Janna amazing is her high mobility. Boots of Mobility is not as consistent in teamfights as Boots of Swiftness. Also, if your team needs to escape and you're there and you have the Captain Enchant, that 20 or 30 movement speed boost may be enough to save them. This is excluding her passive. You could buy Mercury's Treads or ninja tabbi but I prefer Boots of Swiftness as it allows you to roam slightly better. Also, as a Janna player, I always avoid going near enemy champions so I don't take damage, so if you're not going to get attacked there is no need for bonus magic resist or armour.

Oracle's Lens is a great trinket for the late game because you want to get rid of the enemies vision that they have around the map. Get this item early (level 9 - 11) if you are playing against champions such as Shaco or Teemo due to the invisible traps. (Jack in the Box, Mushrooms)

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As with all supports. It is best to ward the brush and let your ADC take the farm. However, if they have recalled you may take some just because you will find you will need the occasional gold boost.

Janna can hold a lane by herself. Constantly shielding the turret with Eye Of The Storm (E) and using Howling Gale (Q) will force the enemy champions to play more defensively to avoid being knocked up and then slowed by your Zephyr W then being shot by the tower. Janna's shield gives a high amount of AP to whoever she has shielded as long as the shield persists (doesn't break.)

You can use your Howling Gale ability from the brush to heavily disable the enemy team for a brief moment which allows an opening for either your jungler or ADC. She has two strong disengage tools Howling Gale (Q & Ultimate) Monsoon so you shouldn't worry about being ganked by the enemy jungler unless you have overextended in the first 5 minutes to the enemy inner tower.

Occasionally, a brief roam may be beneficial as for Janna is incredibly fast.

About 10 minutes in. Ask your jungler if you can either get your team's blue buff or invade the opposing teams. You will find you will become mana hungry if you constantly use your Howling Gale and Eye Of The Storm abilities.

Just protect your ADC at all costs and help him/her last hit minions. Try to be a utility/ap support and avoid going near enemy champions at all costs due to how squishy you are.

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If you have been looking for an incredibly fast support with the ability to save your entire game. You've found it. Janna may lack sustain but her abilities pack a punch in the long run and everyone will notice the impact you have on the game if you're playing Janna.

Thank you so much for reading this guide. I really appreciate it. It was quite rushed but I will update it and improve it over time. I welcome any feedback. I will see you on the fields of justice.