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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gobomania

Overheat? No problem![Hybrid](Updated 08-05-2011)

Gobomania Last updated on May 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Update Log

08-05-2011: Pros/Cons chapter added, More explanation written in the "Why Hybrid" chapter.

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First of all sorry if my English is terrible :)
Well let's get down to business!:D
To lay down the cards; this is a hybrid build, hater gonna hate and qq'ers gonna erhm.. qq? anyhow that's how I play him and I enjoy it quite well :3

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Why Hybrid?

Some of you might ask: "why hybrid?" and that I will gladly answer!
It's all because of Rumble's passive: Junkyard Titan. Oh I love that passive you have no mana and a great reason to spam your spells like a mad man cause of extra damage on your abilities. But this is here most people stops, they get scared of the 6 sec overheat.
But that's because they don't go hybrid! When I ding my overheat the party have just begun!
Because of my balanced AP and AD those 6 sec is a about 3800 melee damage of slaughter!
Depending on the situation do I choose either to overheat with my Flamespitter or Scrap Shield.

Let's us do a rough calculating:

We have 285 AD and with Guinsoo's Rageblade's stacks we get about 1.5 Hit per second.
So 1.5*6(seconds on overheat)*285= 2565 AD.
But we also have the extra magic damage from the passive witch is:
1.5*6(seconds on overheat)*((110(base damage from passive at lvl 18)+132(added damage from AP))= 1298 Magic Damage.

And well just to make it better let's say I'm overheating with my Flamespitter:
140(base damage)+187(added damage from AP)= 327 Magic Damage pr. sec./982 Magic Damage after 3 sec.
Plus the 30 percent extra damage cause of I'm over 50 heat:
327:100*30+327= 425 Magic Damage pr. sec/1275 Magic Damage after 3 sec.

So a unlucky person in caught in this heat takes: 2565AD+2280Magic Damage=5138Damage over 6 sec or 856,33 damage pr. sec.

With that set aside you might ask: "what is a hybrid Rumble's role in your team?".
Well that is in fact hard to explain, you will be a crossing between off-tank and AD/AP dps, plus you will be doing a bit of roaming, like Dr. Mundo. So you are the annoying prick how always comes running into team fights and cause mayhem and distraction, so your Vladimir can go for the Penta-kill. But even so they ignore you it's equally bad, then you do A LOT of damage. I have gone wild with a Quadra-kill cause the enemy team was ignoring me. So it's a win-win situation :D
But as a roamer it's also your job to place wards where your team mates need them. So whenever you are back in base and can't afford any of your items, grab a ward and do something good for your team ;)

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Pros / Cons

I can only tell the pros and cons about Hybrid Rumble, so if you think I'm wrong keep in mind that might be because you think of a heavy AP/off-tank Rumble :)


- Good flexibility
- Great great great slow
- Mid/late-game dominance
- A lot of spell spam
- Can also do Mid-lane (Haters gonna hate)


- Require a greater amount of farming
- Weak in lane against Ranged AD
- It can be hard to last hit with Flamespitter
- The Equalizer is sometime a hard spell to cast in stressed situation
- Can be dominated early game
- Takes a lot of practice to get the flow of this play style

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Skill Sequence

Well, the order of skill chosen is just a standard outlay, always be thinking of alternative skill selection if you need more damage, slow or armor :) But I always try to keep both Flamespitter and Scrap Shield a rank above my Electro-Harpoon.

This what makes Rumble unique and awesome! He don't use mana, but each of his skills generate a amount of heat (except The Equalizer). When your heat level is over 50, be ready to unleash wrath and destruction for now you skill do more damage, gives more armor and speed or more slow! When you top your 100 heat you overheat, this means you can't use any of your skills for 6 seconds, but deal a amount of bonus Magic Damage on each hit you make in that period. The bonus Magic Damage scales with AP and that's the key to our mayhem :)

This is your main source of damage beside of your huge Overheat combo :D It's a short range cone of AoE damage and it brings pain with it ;) At 50 heat or above it deal 30 percent more damage, witch just makes more mayhem! So all around decent damage and you can hit while using it witch makes it great :D

I simply love this skill!:D This literally make me jump in and out of combat, activate and fly into a group and activate your Flamespitter. Then after few seconds fly away to safety :) And better yet at 50 heat or above you get 30 percent more movement speed and shield; fantastic!

This skill is good but only for the slow, I don't think it do well at harassing, but it add a bit to the overall damage pool witch is ok :) But well the double skill in one skill is also good that means you can either slow one with a double slow or two with a decent slow.

Well... A great ability to cut off escape route, but I find it somehow hard to aim with, but well maybe I can't hit for **** ^^ But decent AoE and yes, even more slow oh I love slow so much! The damage can be good with a little luck, a champ witch is hit and stands in this mess takes (at rank 3) 350 damage of the hit and 200 damage each second. This means the total basic damage output of the bad boy is 1350 Damage. This can apply for all the enemy champs (well now we talking ridiculous amount of luck and skill). I know such damage output would rarely if never happen, but I think you get the idea of the power of this skill now :3

Go bomb the **** out of them now!:D

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Even this is a hybrid build, a lot of my runes is supporting my early game survivability.

I go for Greater Mark of Magic Penetration because it gives me a good early game damage boost for my farming and of course more damage in general.

One of Rumble's weakness is long range AD like Ashe or Caitlyn so I go for Greater Seal of Armor for a early game survivability boost.

I find a little lack of survivability for Rumble late game, especially form AP burst champs, that's why I choose Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist for a little boost early game and a great boost late.

Well, what's better than HP more of it :D So I go for Greater Quintessence of Health. This is also only for the early game boost, but that ain't a bad thing ^^

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Summoner Spells

I must say, there is a lot of nice Spells for Rumble, but frankly we can't choose all of them. So here is the why and why not overview of Summoner Spells for Rumble.

Spells I would pick.

This is one of the two spell I play with; good for offensive, but also for defensive play. The 75% AD damage reduction and 30% Ability damage reduction help if you always find yourself focused by one of the enemy champs and the slow is good for chase/escape. So overall flexible spell. Also this spell always makes the Trynda player qq. Fun time :D

This is the other spell I choose like the Exhaust spell this is also good offensive and defensive. Well.. I know this build gets a lot of speed and slow, but sometimes you just need more of it :D Also a decent flexible spell :3

I haven't tried this spell yet, but a teleport is alway nice, but I personal think teleport is more for the heavy pusher or support, but well pick it if you want to :D

I used to choose this spell but I replaced it with Exhaust. This is good amount of damage, but don't have the same flexibility. But if you hate mundo and vlad then take this spell for sure :D

Well, I like this spell and pick it for many champs, but with Rumble's scrap armor I don't find great need of it. It have great flexibility and can save your *** a lot of times, but I still go with Ghost :)

Spells I wouldn't choose but might be ok.

Well, if you are a CC hater then I guess this spell would do, but would choose Mercury's Treads instead. But well what do I know ^^

Hmm.. well,personally is think its one of the "insecure" spells because you kinda expect you gonna tower hug or die a lot. But the 9 extra damage to minions might be ok for your Flamespitter. But I doubt on that.

To be honest I have never ever used this spell to ANY champ, but for Rumble it might work, a burst of HP and AD is never a bad thing, but still don't know if its worth to take.

Spells I wouldn't choose.

I don't like this, it might give a decent heal, but is kinda a defensive spell and well.. It just ain't worth it.

Not much to say, just that I don't expect to die to start with. I know its very likely that I do, then still not good enough.

Map awareness is awesome, but leave that to your Ezreal or Lux, you don't need to look what the enemy is doing next to their nexus.

Just don't...

Well, don't know if you can jungle with Rumble, but until then just don't.

Hurr Durr support Rumble is best Rumble!

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Like the runes this is just what I think is best.

I like the 9/21/0 layout cause it give me a Mundo like play style.(until I release my wrath of flames and metal)

But I think I'll try a 21/9/0 and 9/0/21 soon :)

And please comment if you find something you find good :3

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In this chapter will I do a little briefing on why I have chosen these items.

I always find speed as a key element of LoL, a swift champion is a annoying one.
Other than that, you always want to be quick in and out of the team fight.
Another good alternative would be Mercury's Treads if you find yourself AP nuked or locked in fights.

This is your big gun in battle, not only does it give you a decent amount of AD and AP, also whenever you do pretty much anything; you get a bit more AP and AS temporally. This mean even if you go full out on a enemy champ and overheat, you still got a lot of power left.

Go get 'em! :D

This bad boy is also great, you gonna need the HP cause you gonna get close and personal. The AP amount is also good and best of all; when you come running with 450 movement speed, screaming like a mad mad, while blazing with your Flamethrower. The whole concept just gets more deadly with a amazing slow. Have fun freeze them with your Flamethrower :3

Well, where shall I start? This is the item that gives you a little of anything good. The crit is not worth counting in, but the movement, sheen effect, slow and yes more AS plus some AD, AP and HP, just makes it a wonder of pain and suffering.

More fast, more swift, more deadly!

This item is simple awesome, with all that AD and AP this is the thing:)
The Life Steal and Spell Vamp gives you more survivability and the point and click 300 damage and slow is also another great thing, why ignore all these great attributes? Well I don't and neither should you!>:3

This item is not essential, but you should get something that gives you a great AS boost, but of course if you really need that Banshee's Veil or Force of Nature or something like that, this is your free spot :)
(But I will recommend something that gives a decent amount of AS)

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Well that's all for now, I know this build might need a bit more of explanation, but I think you get the idea of it :)

I promise to write some more in the future but please tell me what you think of it so far :)

Locked and Ready from here! :D