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Urgot Build Guide by painkillertop

Painkillertop's Guide to Godlike Urgot

Painkillertop's Guide to Godlike Urgot

Updated on May 14, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author painkillertop Build Guide By painkillertop 41 2 87,521 Views 0 Comments
41 2 87,521 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author painkillertop Urgot Build Guide By painkillertop Updated on May 14, 2021
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Runes: Vs Most Top Laners

1 2
Press the Attack
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor

Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

Painkillertop's Guide to Godlike Urgot

By painkillertop

Hi there! My name is Painkillertop, and I'm a diamond top laner. I've been Platinum+ since S6 playing top lane and reached Diamond 2 during season 11. I have invested a lot of time into playing tanks/bruisers as you get to deal more damage than ADCs while building tank items! My main champion is Urgot, I was ranked #300 global however I didn’t commit to climbing any higher. I've got a passion for helping others where possible therefore I created this guide in order to help improve players skills levels, whether you are Iron 4 or struggling to escape Gold...this guide is perfect for you!

You can find me on Youtube here.

You can find me on Twitch here.

Join my community here.

+ Ranged top laner
+ High damage
+ Tanky
+ Item build diversity
+ Can set up kills
+ Scales well late game

Urgot is an easy top laner to pick up & doesn’t take too long to master which means you can spend more time concentrating on your league macro whilst being able to play a strong champion that can pretty much outtrade anyone post level 9. Pre level 9 Urgot's Passive Echoing Flames can ensure Urgot can trade to a decent level & threaten kills during the laning phase. The great thing about Urgot is even when games seem lost, a Fear Beyond Death Fear on the right carries can easily turn a game around in your favor.
- Immobile
- High mana cost
- Predictable abilities
- Hard to freeze waves
- Minimal escapes
- Large hitbox

Due to Urgot basic kit, at higher elo’s it can be quite difficult to out smart your opponent. When falling behind as Urgot it can be a struggle getting back into the game. You will always be a somewhat relevant champ if you choose to build tank after falling behind. Also if you miss your E Disdain then you could find yourself getting caught out by the enemy and possibly dying from it as that’s Urgot’s main escape.
+ Press The Attack
I would suggest taking Press the Attack in 80% of your matchups as it gives Urgot a very strong laning phase & makes taking down enemy carries a whole lot easier as Press the Attack increases all damage the enemy takes by 8-12% meaning your teammates can capitalize on getting off the extra damage. The only time I would suggest taking Conqueror is if you are against a tank for example: Maokai Ornn Nasus Malphite
+ Triumph
Triumph is next on the list as it gives you 12% of your missing hp upon getting a takedown. This rune will allow you to pull off Fear Beyond Death executes & still have enough hp to continue battling in teamfights. This is also a solid rune in season 11 as most of the items you build will give you additional hp stats for example Divine Sunderer , Titanic Hydra , Chempunk Chainsword to name a few.
+ Legend: Tenacity
Legend: Tenacity Urgot is quite an immobile champ and needs to be able to stick to enemies in order to secure his kills therefore having that extra bit of tenacity to prevent crowd control from destroying your dreams is a must. This rune alongside buying Mercury's Treads will be extremely useful when reducing the amount of CC you get hit with.
+ Last Stand
As Urgot you will be trading quite aggressively throughout the game plus in order for your Fear Beyond Death to be recast you need to get the enemy low enough to be able to execute therefore Last Stand gives you that extra damage you need in order to secure your kills.
+ Demolish
This is one of my favourite runes to use especially if your against a champ that roams often such Shen. Demolish combined with Urgot Purge turret trick where you auto inbetween every 3-4 Purge shots will melt turrets. Giving you a substantial gold lead during the mid game. If you feel like your going to be pushed to your turret often and will be trading often during the laning phase in order to survive then you can take Shield Bash instead.
+ Bone Plating
Bone Plating is a great secondary option on Urgot as it reduces incoming damage whenever you get into somewhat long trades. This is a strong rune vs champs like Jax Fiora. I would change this rune depending on the matchup for example if your in a difficult lane and need some sustain vs champs such as Teemo Vladimir Quinn then you can pick Revitalize as you will have a stronger E Disdain & items such as Corrupting Potion & Spirit Visage will be stronger.

FLASH: Personally you should always take Flash as a summoner spell as Urgot doesn’t have many escapes therefore can be chased down fairly easily. I also use my Flash alongside Disdain in order to guarantee kills either in lane or against carries. You should also be using your Flash in order to fear as many enemies with your Fear Beyond Death recast fear passive as it could be the decider for winning a team fight.
TELEPORT: Teleport is one of the most OP summoner spells at the moment, especially after the 3 second movement speed buff you get upon teleporting. This spell opens up many opportunities for you to get your team ahead either by teleporting during the laning phase or applying map pressure in side lanes before teleporting to objectives such as Baron Nashor or Dragon .If you are feeling super confident you can pick Ignite however if you dont play aggresive during the early game then you run the risk of falling behind later on.

After you have at least 30-60 normal games played with Urgot I would suggest quick casting all of his abilities once you are comfortable with the range of his abilities and select Replace quick cast with Quick cast indicator as it makes executing his combos a lot easier and gives the enemy less time to react.

Auto Attack Range
One of the most important settings for Urgot is key binding the Menus>show advanced player stats. I set mine to space bar so it's easy to hold down at any point in time. It shows a circle around your AA range meaning you're less likely to overstep for farm. Vs Melee matchups it also means you can keep a safe distance away from enemy abilities. Your space bar is most likely set to lock/unlock cam so you'll need to find a new key to bind it too.

Side Mouse Buttons (optional)
This last setting is optional but will help if you want to climb and depends on the mouse you use…I have two mouse buttons which I use, One button I use for item slot 1 actives for example popping a Corrupting Potion or items such as Goredrinker enable this feature by going to Hotkeys>Quickcast with Indicator + Self Cast>Item #.

The second button I use is to stop my champion from walking or autoing you can find this setting in the Hotkeys>Player Movement>Player Stop PositionThis is extremely helpful during the laning phase as you can time your auto attacks a lot better, therefore, increasing the chances of you getting CS (I still suck at farming).
Echoing Flames
Urgot passive is called Echoing Flames and deals bonus damage on auto attacks and your W whenever your shotgun knees are active which can be seen by looking at the circular section around Urgots legs.

A quick tip is to try to use Echoing Flames in order to deal bonus damage to your enemy laner or to last hit minions….try not to aimlessly push the wave into the enemies turret otherwise it will open you up to a lot of unwanted ganks. Instead, if you want to freeze a wave or slow push then only auto-attack from an angle where your shotgun knees are on cooldown

Corrosive Charge
Corrosive Charge is a skill shot that slows and deals damage after 0.3 seconds after its casted. At early levels you want to avoid using this ability too often as you'll soon find that you have no mana left for any other abilities. Instead save your Corrosive Charge if your trying to set up a gank or if you need to last hit a minions (preferably a cannon minion).

1 tip to remember is try to place your Corrosive Charge a little bit behind the enemy so they have no choice but to walk into it & if they try to dodge it then there's a high chance they will end up in your E range.

Now on to one of the most broken abilities in the game…. Purge! For 4 seconds Urgot has increased attack speed and ignores unit collision meaning he can't be minion blocked. At level 9 if you max Urgot Purge then you can permanently toggle W on for increased attack speed.

Post level 9 you want you be using your Purge toggle on turrets by auto-attacking in between every 3-4 shots. this trick combined with the demolish rune will melt turrets with ease thus helping you to gain a lead via turret plates.

Urgot E Disdain is one of the most important abilities on Urgot as its usually what you would use in order to set up most of your kills or escapes. Disdain is a small dash which grants Urgot a shield when used and also displaces the enemy in the target direction which stuns them for 1 second. Pretty OP ability, but if used incorrectly it could mean you being out of position and possible dying because of it.

An advanced tip is to combine your Flash with E Disdain in order to catch the enemy laners off guard and secure a kill if executed properly. When using this combo you want to Disdain first then Flash straight after the animation has started.

If timed correctly Urgots E Disdain can also be used in order to cancel out abilities such as a Blitzcrank Q Rocket Grab, a Poppy Ult Keeper's Verdict or even Vayne E Condemn which is a knockback. In this clip, you can see that I used my E Disdain to cancel out the Poppy E Heroic Chargeand avoid getting stunned by the wall.

Fear Beyond Death
Fear Beyond Death is essentially a long ranged execute which means if the enemy target is below a certain HP level, you can recast your ultimate and reel them in towards you… the good thing about this is after you get your execute, surrounding enemies are feared for 1.5 seconds which if used correctly can make winning games a whole lot easier

A nice trick when using Fear Beyond Death is to try and Flash into the enemy just as the execute goes off so that you can fear their carries giving you and your team enough time to hopefully win a teamfight

Urgot Vs Melee Champs
If you are up against a Melee champ for example Garen Jax Darius, you will most likely use this combo:
E > Q > R >W

Urgot Vs Melee Champs v2
Sometimes you may want to get your autoattack damage off first in order to ensure you are dealing the maximum amount of damage possible, you will most likely use this combo:
AA > W >E > Q >R

Urgot Vs Ranged Champs
If you are up against a Ranged champ for example Kayle Teemo Vayne, you will most likely use this combo:
Q > E > R >W

Urgot R Engage Combo
There will be times where the enemy champs arent within your basic ability range therefore you need to use Fear Beyond Death to slow them & close the distance, you will most likely use this combo:
R > Q > E >W

Starter Items
+ Corrupting Potion
I personally like to pick Corrupting Potion as my first item as it doesn’t only give you health regeneration but it also gives you a burn on your auto attacks. This item combined with your passive Purge allows you to pressure kills. The Corrupting Potion helps if you know that you'll be resetting often as the pots replenish by giving you 3 pots every time you leave the fountain. This item is a must if you want to survive the laning phase vs hard poke champs such as Akali Jayce or any ranged matchup such as Teemo.

+ Doran's Blade
If you’re against champions that have a weak early such as Yorick Jax Nasus or your feeling confident then you can go for a Doran's Blade. This is the perfect item if you enjoy trading and playing aggressive. If you happen to get an early kill with Doran's Blade and have around 900 gold or more then I would suggest going for a triple Doran's Blade Doran's Blade Doran's Blade as you will out damage and out sustain the enemy laner for the rest of the laning phase.

+ Doran's Shield
There are just some lane matchups that are rough no matter how well you play for example Camille, Shen, Darius. If you know you’re going to have a hard time, then you should start Doran's Shield and just play for your level 9 power spike. If you happen to have 150g spare on one of your resets then you can pick up a Refillable Potion.Once you get 1 or two items then Urgot is rarely countered by any champ in the top lane.

Mythic Items
+ Divine Sunderer
Divine Sunderer is one of my favorite items this season. I would say that its now a core first item rush over Black Cleaver. You should consider picking up this item if you’re against a tank such as Ornn Malphite etc. For experienced Urgot players, you should try using your W Purge toggle in order to ensure you are getting the most out of Sheen. You also get some healing from this item so would work well with a Spirit Visage.

+ Goredrinker
Very strong item on Urgot however its crucial that you only build this item if you’re up against a heavy melee comp 3+ champs otherwise you will never be in range to make the most of the healing active that procs depending on how many enemies hit. another great item to combine with a Spirit Visage.

+ Eclipse
This is my goto item if im up against a ranged champion for example Kayle Teemo etc. I would suggest buying Vampiric Scepter first during the laning phase so that you don’t have to keep resetting back to fountain every second. Now if the other team have a few tanks in other lanes (Jungle: Nunu & Willump Zac Rammus and support: Leona Nautilus Thresh etc.) The you could go for a Blade of the Ruined King second item as you steal movement speed from the enemy after hitting them with 3 attacks. Be sure to build tank after this as you will be very squishy…why not throw in a Spirit Visage for the extra healing!

+ Stridebreaker
This is a strong item on Urgot & could be a good pick over Eclipse if you want damage while getting that little bit of HP at the same time. This item allows you to lunge a short distance & also has a 60% slow over two seconds. Therefore, would be a great pick vs a ranged comp Kayle Teemo or ive found it to be useful vs top laners with alot of mobiliy Riven Shen. You also get 300hp from this item therefore will make your Disdain shield stronger.

Legendary Items
+ Titanic Hydra
This is now an important item on Urgot & I would suggest building this second, after you have built your mythic item. If you are winning your lane and want to snowball the game, then perhaps buy a Ravenous Hydra instead. This item gives you great wave clear too therefore allowing you to pressure minion waves a lot better during the late game.

+ Chempunk Chainsword
I don’t really know why but riotgames love releasing champs that have insane healing, I usually get forced to build this item pretty much every game due in order to reduce the healing the enemy is able to do. This is an OP item vs champs that heal for example Sylas Yuumi Soraka Zac. I tend to build Executioner's Calling during the laning phase if im up against Akali Irelia Vladimir Olaf Fiora.

+ Black Cleaver
Strong item vs tanks, as getting stacks with this item will reduce the enemy’s armor this means your teammates can capitalize on this too and deal additional damage. This item also deals damage over time. Great option for team fights that last a while.

+ Death's Dance
I would suggest buying this item second or third if you are up against a heavy AD team as it mitigates the damage received from attacks & deals it as a burn over time.

+ Blade of the Ruined King
This is a decent item on Urgot if you’re up against Tanks that have some form of mobility Jax or Make it difficult for you to keep up with them for example Shen Dr. Mundo Zac. I like to use this items movement speed passive in some ranged matchups.

+ Guardian Angel
Only buy this item if you are against a heavy AD team & you are one of the most important players on your team. i.e. you have a 200g+ bounty or your team will not win the game if you die.

+ Frozen Heart
Great Item vs AD champs that rely on attack speed in order to deal damage Tryndamere Jax, personally, I would choose this item over Thornmail for the simple fact that not only does it reduce incoming damage, but it reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies by 15%. This pretty much gives you a huge advantage in terms of DPS with your W Purge.

+ Thornmail
This item is a lifesaver vs AD champs that just won’t stop auto attacking you for example Tristana Tryndamere Fiora Jax basically any champ that autoattacks often. This item also inflicts grievous wounds therefore reducing the amount of healing they’re able to do. Makes winning trades with Urgot a whole lot easier.

+ Spirit Visage
This item is great vs AP champs however I would only buy it if I have some form of healing in my team for example Yuumi Soraka, Or I have built items that synergize with healing Ravenous Hydra, Or my team have Ocean Drake soul.

+ Force of Nature
Strong item vs AP champs have a lot of mobility. I would pick this up if I come up against Ahri Teemo Katarina as it gives you bonus movement speed when taking AP damage.

+ Gargoyle Stoneplate
Great item vs a mixed damage team (both AP & AD) damage as it gives you a 60 Armor & 60 Magic Resist. Make sure to use the active during teamfights at it only last 2.5s and has 90 second cooldown.

+ Boots
You should always buy boots on Urgot as he is very immobile & can be kited very easily. When deciding which boots to go for you need to check whether or not the enemy team is heavy AD (3+ Champs) if so I would go for Plated Steelcaps. If the enemy team is heavy AP (3+ Champs) then you should go for Mercury's Treads.

Season 11 Matchups

1. How many mastery points do I have on Urgot?
(A) Around 700k points

2. When did I start playing league of Legends?
(A) During season 4

Drop a comment on Youtube/Mobafire if you have any questions.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author painkillertop
painkillertop Urgot Guide
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Painkillertop's Guide to Godlike Urgot

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