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Pantheon Build Guide by DreamingBoy

AD Offtank Pantheon - The Spartan Way

AD Offtank Pantheon - The Spartan Way

Updated on April 5, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DreamingBoy Build Guide By DreamingBoy 16 1 265,573 Views 17 Comments
16 1 265,573 Views 17 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DreamingBoy Pantheon Build Guide By DreamingBoy Updated on April 5, 2013
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Hey there!

My summoner name is DreamingBoy and this is my first guide on Mobafire. I'm playing on EUW for more than a year now. I started to play ranked games at the end of season 2 mostly on top, but you can find me everywhere on general. But top and jungle are my preferred positions and thus Pantheon is a great champ for me, as you can do both with Pantheon.

I played him once as he was for free and really sucked with him. Now I've bought him and do great, thus great that I decided to make a guide, cause I play him a bit different than in the other guides I checked here on moba. No matter how, just read my guide and feel free to leave comments and I would want you to leave comments if downrating my guide, so that I know why.

Regarding that English is not my mother tongue, I'd like you not to downrate because of grammar or other language misstakes, ty!

For now just have fun folks!
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Pros / Cons

*Great Harasser
*Fun to play
*Awesome Passive
*Great Ultimate
*Looks Badass with Fullmetal Skin
*He's a Spartan
*Good late-game
*Somewhat item-dependant
*Squishy early game (who isn't?)
*Takes practice to play well
*May get banned in Ranked

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As typical for an AD-champ you will want to run a 21/9/0 in your masteries.

On the Offensive-Tree we spend our points to increase the damage, attack speed and armor penetration. So you can last-hit better (though it won't be a problem with Pantheon as soon as you get and most important get around the armor some top-champs might stack or have via runes.

Whilst on the Deffensive-Tree we spend the points on armor, health regeneration and health per level. Because you are most likely to encounter another AD-champ on top, getting a bit more sustain and scaling hp into late game.

That's pretty much it, because the masteries are rather self-explanatory.
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  • Greater Seal of Armor
    Pretty basic seals, because the most common champions on toplane all rely on physical damage, to reduce the damage taken, pick these
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
    They'll help you out against champions like Teemo/Vladimir/Singed (though they won't help much early game), but they'll scale into mid/late game when you happen to come against your opponents AP-carry
  • greater mark of armor penetration
    Good to ignore some armor and combined with you are able to ignor quite a bunch of armor and deal a good amount of damage to your opponent
  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
    Not so important at all, just help you to have a stronger early game and being able to farm and harass well
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >


Spear Shot---> Aegis of Zeonia---> Heartseeker Strike---> Spear Shot--->Autoattack---> Spear Shot
  • You will want to max out Spear Shot first, cause that' your bread and butter skill, your No.1 harassment, your range advantage on top, your possibility to force your opponent to recall or the jungler to babysit (whilst a babysit on top really nerves and makes it hard for you to farm adequately, it's a great advantage for the other lanes, giving them the possibility to do their job without trouble).

  • Taking second and maxing second is Heartseeker Strike. Taking second because it makes it incredibly easy to pick up last hits, especially on siege minions which give the most amount of gold. Maxing second because it deals awesome double damage on champions, allowing you to quickly deal damage to opponents.

  • Taking third and max out last Aegis of Zeonia. This skill is your gank opportunity, your escape mechanism, your defense item, quite a lot - if used correctly.For more in-depth information take a look into the chapter: Unique Skills

  • Of course - as usual - take a point in Grand Skyfall whenever possible. This skill, too, has a lot of possibilities if used right. For more information keep reading and take a look into the chapter: Unique Skills
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Unique Skills

  • Spear Shot:
    • Use Spear Shotwhenever possible or your mana pool allows it. I really love throwing spears at my opponent and with my build, I'm almost able to spam it, at least after first/second recall, your mana shouldn't be a problem any further. Really, use this skill! It even works out with Heartseeker Strikes passive when your target's health is below 15%, I often finished my fleeing opponent with this.

  • Heartseeker Strike
    • Use Heartseeker Strike to push your lanes if you have to recall or when your opponent is engaging to last hit. In teamfights jump to the carries and do your kill combo.

  • Aegis of Zeonia:
    • When turret diving be sure to dive with a fully charged shield, block the turret shot, then jump to your opponent and block the second turret shot.
    • If your jungler is ganking, be ready to jump on your enemy and stun him, so you and the jungler can easily pick up the kill
    • When fighting 1vs1 always keep in mind that it gives you a free block. So this skill is able to turn around a 1vs1, due to the stun AND the shield charge blocking the next autoattack and even some skills like Parrrley
    • If chased, use Aegis to stun your opponent for 1 sec and to block the next autoattack.
    • If ganking a lane via ultimate you are able to immediately jump to your victim if in range (marked by a circle, check while in the air).
    • If you are getting turret dived, wait to block the next attack if your shield is charged, if not, jump on your opponent, stun him and block his next attack.

  • Grand Skyfall:

    Grand Skyfall has a lot of possibilities and is an ultimate with great fun potential:
    • If your opponent is already low on health and doesn't get in your range, jump behind him, near the turret, just out of range and sneak up on him with the kill combo.
    • If getting ganked and no way out, just use your ultimate to jump into safety (caution! can be interrupted by hard CC like fear/taunt/knock up). Still saved my butt many times
    • If you are ganking it's awesome, because they'll only know, when it's almost too late
    • If the jungler is counter-jungling and get's trapped, just ultimate right into the fight and help, same, if for example mid is ganked and you are in range, jump to help your AP-carry.
    • Use it to join teamfights that started without you involved. Your ultimate makes awesome 1000 damage if maxed and most times the enemie's team does not recognize that you are coming in a teamfight. If they are doing baron and your complete team has already positioned use your ultimate to steal baron and initiate a teamfight with already huge damage dealt.


It takes time and practice to know how to use your skills, estimate a 1vs1 or a turret dive right and especially when and how to use your ultimate. But you'll figure it out, I'm sure about that, the most important thing you have to have is map awareness, watch the mini-map to check if any of your lanes are in need of help and ward your brushes.
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Summoner Spells


Must have, nice escape/chasing skill, first choice on Pantheon

My favorite choice for the second spell, nice to finish off or to lower healing

Another viable choice, so you get back fast after using your ultimate for whatever reason

Another possibility to not let a low hp target escape so you have enough time to spear the target down
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Item Sequence

Mercury's Treads 1100
Black Cleaver 3000
Warmog's Armor 3100
Frozen Mallet 3100
Guardian Angel 3200
Infinity Edge 3300

Philosopher's Stone I'm rushing this one for two reasons: First the 5 gold/10secs and second im starting off with and and two and one . This item combination allows me to spam my from early on, forcing the enemy back or often even drawing first blood. Because of the higher regeneration of mana and health im normally back to almost full health and mana, by the time my opponent reappears. After my first recall I then get Philosopher's Stone and potions and sometimes even aLongsword

On my first recall I'm able to start building this item, starting with Longsword to get the The Brutalizer Rush this item, it will grant you a good time harassing the opponent and resulting in free farm, because you are able to zone with your Spearshot Don't fear last hitting the caster minions, due to your shield you should be able to dodge autoattacks from your opponent. But care if encountering champions like Darius, in this case just don't let him farm your creeps

After completing building I'm getting my Tier 2 boots. These are my favorite, because they lower the crowd control on you. Another option, if you are having a hard time top are

Immediatly after having my boots, I normally buy if I don't have problems picking up kills due to lacking escape mechanisms of my enemies, or if I do have problems with chasing I get . Still I'd recommend buying Warmog's first, because it gives you great sustain.

Getting Frozen Mallet adds some more damage as well as a decent amount of hp to your stats, but mainly you are getting Frozen Mallet to hinder opponents from fleeing, so if you think you absolutely need this, because your team has a big advantage in teamfights get it, else I'd recommend building tankier.

Great defensive item overall. Adds armor and magic resist as well as a "Second Try" to eventually survive a teamfight or pick up at least one kill or support.

This is the "I'm the boss and got loads of farm" , the "Kick-into-a-deep-Fountain" item. Meaning you are doing exceptional well, having loads of gold and want to finish enemies even faster

For the situational items check the notes!
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So, finally here we are!

I hope you had as much fun reading this guide, as me writing it. I really hope you liked it and maybe Pantheon gets a more common champion on top now. He's definitely a champion worth to try and if once understood how he works I wish you fun on your: Happy Killing Spree

I want to give credits and huge thanks to JhoiJhoi and her guide Making A Guide who made it possible for me to write this guide.
Giving credits also to Watermerron and his guide Mantheon-Nipple Inspector who gave me a first idea on how to play Pantheon

Else I can't do more but thank you for reading it, wishing you fun and hoping you like my guide.
Upvote if you liked it, downvote if you think it's a neccessity, but in that case pls leave me a comment why, I'm up to constructive criticism.

Thank you folks, keep playing, have fun, stay kind!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DreamingBoy
DreamingBoy Pantheon Guide
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Pantheon - The Spartan Way

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