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Pantheon Build Guide by Buxton

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Buxton

Pantheon - The unbeatable

Buxton Last updated on June 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, my nickname is OmegA1337 (EU:WE)
From now, i will teach you through Pantheon's skills!

I remember when I bought Pantheon. Tried him once, it ended up with "OMG this hero is so LOW!". I played normal so much in these times, i was so noobish. But before a month and half I picked him to solo top on soloQ From that time, i love him! I made my own build, and I want to share my pantheon skills, hints and tips with you! Thank you for sharing and supporting this guide. BTW: This is my first GUIDE at mobafire, so help in comments! OmegA1337.

-Thank to jhoijhoi's dividers :)

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Reasons to play Pantheon

So I will tell you the reasons why play pantheon:
1) One of the best 1v1 champion in the game.
2) Really strong in early game.
3) If get fed, not losing his lane advantage in late game like renekton.
4) Can be played by much styles featuring many builds.
5) You can jump out when they gank you, and recently used their stun (on top).
6) Its funny!

7)...and if its not convincing anymore, here is a potato:

And now, lets read more!

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Pros / Cons


Every champion has its good things, and the bad things. These are by my opinions Pantheon's sides!



+Good Nuke
+Dominating lanes
+Good harrasment
+Good towerdiving passive


-Thirsty on Mana
-Easily countered
-Ultimate hard to aim
-Can get useless late game
Pantheon is REALY good versus
no-sustain champions, such as
JAX/TALON/POPPY etc., cause of
his Spear Shot spaming

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These are the masteries I actualy use, but if you like to harras with your Spear Shot, you can use these masteries anyway:


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There are much runes you can actualy use as Pantheon. So now we have to chose:



  • Greater Seal of Armor are again the ones i use. Armor? Why no. Makes you less vulnerable versus attack damage based champions.
  • Greater seal of replenishment its your choice if you use them. Its all about playstyle,
    and if you are not skilled so much with using mana as Pantheon.



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Skill explanation / Skill orders

Skill explanation.

Aegis Protection - in my opinion one of the best passive skills on SOLO TOP lane. Secure you one less hit in 1v1 fight.
Spear Shot - the spell I use to max as first. With his not changing low mana cost (45/45/45/45/45), little cooldown and tons of damage is remarkable on lane. Who dont want to throw a spear in the face of an enemy?
  • Used as harras, securing you dominating on lane.
  • Makes you semi-ranged and can easily outzone an enemy without sustain

Aegis of Zeonia - the spell which gives you two blocks in a row. With his long range-stun-charge you can prevent being ganked.
  • Long range gives you chance to focus carry.

Heartseeker Strike - the spell which do by far most damage. If someone stuns you or interrupt your casting other way, you will have a bad time.
Grand Skyfall - the best ultimate spell in the game. Do you think its not funny to land from the sky? I think it is.
  • Saving BLUE BUFF, roaming to MIDDLE or OTHER LANES.
  • Tons of damage, jumping on enemy team when they killing Nashor is the BEST thing you can do!

Skill orders

...which spell should I take

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is my skill order.
Good hor harras = outzoning.
Best versus no-sustain champions.

Grand Skyfall> Spear Shot> Heartseeker Strike> Aegis of Zeonia

This means your Spear Shot deals more damage than Heartseeker Strike above level 9.
This is good at harrasing, but worse while facing opponents without harras.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This skill order is useless in my opinion.
Bad harras and bad while facing opponents in one versus one.

Grand Skyfall> Spear Shot= Heartseeker Strike> Aegis of Zeonia

This means you have same damage on Spear Shot and Heartseeker Strike above level 9.
As I said, this is totaly useless.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This skill order is good versus sustain champions.
Good while facing opponents without previous harras.
Good versus Vladimir, Yorick and other such a champions.

Grand Skyfall> Heartseeker Strike> Spear Shot> Aegis of Zeonia

This means your Heartseeker Strike deals more damage than Spear Shot above level 9.
Its better at facing opponents, but you have low harras.

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Skill rotation / Tower dive

Skill Rotation

How should I start a fight?


-Enemy champions is in melee distance
Spear Shot -> Heartseeker Strike -> Spear Shot -> Aegis of Zeonia

-Enemy champion isnt in melee distance
Spear Shot -> Aegis of Zeonia -> Heartseeker Strike -> Spear Shot

-Late game

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Viable Summoner Spells

This is the most used summoner spell on solo top, or everywhere. I dont prefer this one as pantheon, since he doesnt need it in late game, neither in early game in my opinion.
This is the spell I use to have! What can you do, while being ganked? You get one hit with red buff, flash out and they will catch you. But with ghost, you run out.
Ignite, simply making pleasure. Who says burning people are not funny? Everyone loves ignite! It can secure you a kill, or makes Vladimir, Yorick, Swain realy angry! I like this one too.
Its good to have this one versus Garen or Tryndamere but Ghost or Ignite are still better spells.

-Other summoner spells are not viable for pantheon.

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Starting Items and First Recall

Yo dawg, I heard you like to start.

There are few items to start with:

and 3x
  • I use this every game. Thats most comfortable - little bit of sustain, and movemenet speed in case of getting ganked. Why not?
and 5x
  • I use to buy these as Singed or Poppy. But what for is ARMOR as pantheon in early game? You wont have any speed and damage, you will be slow but armored. This item is not useful as pantheon at start.
  • YOU ACTUALY can buy this item, but still, you will not have that movement speed, and still less sustain than with boots and health pots. But this item is viable.

    First recall

    • You shall recall with minimum of 950 golds in your pocked at first.
    • First items you buy should be 2x Doran's Blade and then rush The Brutalizer.
    • More golds before first recall = lot better.

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Items - Damage

Early and Mid game items

After you finish your The Brutalizer, buy The Bloodthirster. As pantheon, you need a lot of damage. Full stacked The Bloodthirster can give you 250attack damage overal. I normaly have it in 15th minute, which means if I roam to mid with my , I can give instantkill to their ability power carry.

After thebloodthirster, go for and afterward finish . From now, you will have a lot of ATTACK DAMAGE and a lot of HEALTH POINTS.
will be your next choice. With your damage, they will focus you more than carry in your team.

Late game

will improve your passive, and will give you a lot of attack damage. Go for it. Its time. Now just finish the and finish them!

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Items - Survival

Want to survive?

Bad thing is, when you picked pantheon, and potential jungler picked kind of no-tanky jungler, such as Nocturne or Master Yi or Tryndamere. That means, you will need to go tanky, or more tank than this build is for.

Keep your early and mid game items, just change the others. means you will get extra armor, health and the burning passive. With these healths (3300~) go for another armor and some kind of attack damage.

Thats all about items, hope you enjoyed it!

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Farming / Counter-Jungle

Farm, farm, farm!

Farming is by far the best thing you can do on lane. Farm, farm, farm. The First Blood is a good thing for pantheon, and its not that hard, but it only gives you 400golds - thats like 20minions. You need to learn, how to combine getting kills and killing creeps. Thats the reason why i play pantheon. Just chillin around the minions with spear in my hand, last hitting minions ( Heartseeker Strike's passive can secure much lasthits) and harrasing my enemy with Spear Shot. Why no? You have a farm, and you are constantly keeping enemy on lower health points than you have. Which means he CANT play agressive versus you, since he already has lower hp. And thats how you outzone. If he cant play agressive, and you ARE playing agressive, he will hug tower soon.

Counter Jungle

Counter jungling is a great thing, and if they have attack damage based jungler, its better. With your level and item advantage from lane, + as pantheon, just keep warding their BLUE or RED buff (depends on which side you are) and watch spawn timers to steal OR to steal and kill.

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Proper use of Ultimate / Not a single kill was given that day

Pantheon's ulti is one of the hardest to aim. Best situations to use are:

  • While ganking other lanes-
  • While getting ganked-
  • Saving/Chasing Dragon or Saving/Chasing Nashor or Buffs-
  • Saving lane from snowball lane / enemy champion-
  • or simply Chasing an enemy team-

While ganking other lanes:
-Ask if their player has FLASH or other escape ability ( Riftwalk, Rocket Jump, Valkyrie etc.)
-Try to hit the enemy with ulti, but the most safe way is to jump behind of enemy champion, so you separate him from tower and push him to allien player.
-Ask jungler to come too, its more succesful.
-Dont jump on tower with 400 health points.[/list]

While getting ganked:
-Remember your opponent's crowd controls and jungler's crowd controls.
-Wait until they use them.
-Cast your ulti fast after they waste their crowd controls.
Here is a video taken by me:

Saving/Chasing Dragon or Saving/Chasing Nashor or Buffs:
-Just check if you are being followed by team in the case of saving Nashor or Dragon.
-Chasing Dragon with your ultimate makes first / second dragon 5vs4.
-Calculate if you can beat enemy jungler while stealing your Buff.

Saving lane from snowball lane / enemy champion:
-There is no rule, just HURRY!

Chasing an enemy team:
-Check if you are being followed by your team.
-Best way to chase is to separate one or two from their team.
-Or you can towerdive with this ultimate.
Here is a video taken by me:

Not a single kill was given that day

As pantheon is pretty easy to not give a kill.
In 80% ganks, jungler comes from behind, so you cant run.
But as pantheon, just pop up your Ghost, jump on jungler with Aegis of Zeonia
Here is a vid taken by me: