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Jhin Build Guide by R3Veal

ADC [Patch 11.17] "How Lovely!" Jhin Guide!

ADC [Patch 11.17] "How Lovely!" Jhin Guide!

Updated on September 1, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author R3Veal Build Guide By R3Veal 465 41 1,427,539 Views 49 Comments
465 41 1,427,539 Views 49 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author R3Veal Jhin Build Guide By R3Veal Updated on September 1, 2021
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Runes: Mobility/Sustain Rune Page

1 2 3
Fleet Footwork
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Standard spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[Patch 11.17] "How Lovely!" Jhin Guide!

By R3Veal
Welcome my audience!


You can subscribe to me on YouTube too! (Not uploading regularly)

Hello everyone, I'm JhinCredible (in-game) and I'm from Poland. I play on EUNE and I love Jhin. I'm 300K obsessed about Jhin, Jhin main :). I'm Gold elo player which is not that great but does rank really matter that much? This guide is about my main which is, as said above, Jhin <4. He is quite hard to master but reading this guide may help you. Don't forget to like this guide and leave a comment of what you think! Thanks!

Hey! I'm an ADC main player on EUNE. I play mainly ADCs and Kayn <4. I started playing Jhin since I saw his Curtain Call and also since I remember I'm an ADC player. <4
I was so surprised when I saw his ability animations and ultimate. Landing crit on somebody or killing someone with it was, and is, so satisfying. The background music is also nice! Sound effects are really cool also. SKT skin has the best sound effects in my opinion. The last shot in the ultimate is so juicy ;). What counts for me the most as a Jhin main is 40% lore, 30% voice lines, 30% abilities I guess. Jhin is such an interesting and fun champion so maybe you should give him a try!

Table Of Contents

Default starting item. It's easy to last hit with it and it also gives you some omnivamp to sustain. Extra HP and 50 gold for 1 pot is really nice way to start. Go Doran's Shield for poke lanes.
2nd default starting item. Really useful for poke lanes because of its HP regen. Also the additional damage to minions makes it easier to last hit.
Really good for poking. Boosts your Dancing Grenade damage.
Must have item vs. Draven as you can't out damage him even with your 4th shot so all you can do is to poke him by casting your Q.
Really nice boots for champions that can slow you like Bard, Thresh, Kassadin etc. It gives you 10 more movement speed so you can more likely dodge abilites.
Get them for AD teams and assasin also for poke lanes. They are extremely useful for those type of match ups. Bonus armor and reduced damage from auto attacks is really good.
I really recommend buying it for AP champions with a lot of CC that can easily kill you when you get caught like Ahri, Malzahar, Xerath, Zyra or LeBlanc. Even when they are not fed but very annoying with their CC or are fed. Additional tenacity is also good vs. AP champions.
Next amazing choice of boots and really popular one. Instead of attach speed you get AD because of Jhin's passive Whisper.
If you are build ability haste items, and especially, the Essence Reaver I would consider buying these boots. Combined with all these ability haste items and Arcane Comet build you can spam your abilities not worrying about mana and dealing a lot of damage.
One of the items that you will want to have in your lethality build. It gives you some nice amount of lethality, nice amount of AD and out of combat movement speed. You also gain some MS and you can move through units when you used it so you can either chase your enemies or escape them.
The standard, classic item for Jhin. Increases your damage from critical strikes, and yes your ultimate also counts, gives you a lot of AD and critical chance also. Useful stats. A "must have" item in your build.
More range is really useful to finish off your enemy when they want to escape and to kite assasins. Crit chance and speed attack are converted into AD which is also nice + some movement speed and our Jhin likes to be fast. I often build Rapid Firecannon with Statikk Shiv because of the damage that Statikk Shiv gives you and the bonus range of the Rapid Firecannon.
Not the best choice but it gives you some nice stats and it's passive is really nice, slows down your enemies and deals additional damage which is useful for squishies to chase them down.
It's not the best choice for Jhin because when you build it and go for 100% crit you will not crit but instead deal 200 damage everytime you hit an enemy. I would only recommend it in lethality build when you don't aim for that 100% crit chance. You will deal huge amounts of damage because of the 40% AS it gives you and some AD and you will still be able to crit.
A lot of armor penetration! Tank shredder item which you really want to get if they have really tanky team. Some nice amount of AD is also helpful as well as more damage depending on the health difference which is so satisfying for tanks.
Really useful item for teams with really high healing like Soraka, Rakan or champions with a lot of lifesteal like Renekton or Nasus. Attack speed, crit chance and movement speed are stats Jhin wants to have as well.
Really nice item, doesn't give you lifesteal but has 2 passive effects, one for dealing more damage (true damage) and one for helping you stay alive. Some armor is good for assasins and ability haste lets you use your abilities more often.
The first thing that comes to your mind when you see lifesteal, am I right? Some AD it offers,
20% of lifesteal, crit chance and fat shield it gives you from damaging enemies is extremely useful. I would buy it in most situations if you want to heal up out of your damage dealt.
Another nice item. Amazing for CC champions. Some nice magic resist and AD is helpful against AP carries or AP assassins. If they don't have a hard CC team don't buy it. Buy Maw of Malmortius instead of Mercurial Scimitar.
Perfect item against AP assasins and AP mages. Gives you magic resist and AD which is really nice. Also, ability haste makes you cast your abilites even more often.
The Fast is back. Movement speed, crit chance, AD and its extremely powerful passive on Jhin is a perfect choice. It's really good for kiting assasins when combined with Rapid Firecannon. Perfect stats for our Virtuoso.
Ability haste, crit chance and AD + a very good passive. Although the small amount of damage it gives you its passive is so good with Arcane Comet build, let's you spam your abilities and deal even more damage with them.
Dying too fast? Then buy GA. If they have 2 or 3 of assasins, there is no way you can stay alive in teamfights because they're gonna burst you down at the beginning. This allows you to survive the burst and since they used everything on you you're gonna have better chances in teamfight.
Really situational item. Very useful against Karthus because of the spell shield. Additional HP and lethality lets you stay alive and deal damage as well.
Another great lethality item and a mythic one. Its passive is great for bursting down enemies. Combined with Youmuu's Ghostblade can destroy squishies in the blink of an eye. The slow after it procs is also extremely useful for Jhin as he gets movement speed when he crits which means there is almost no chance that enemy escapes. One shooting Lux or other squishes feels DIVINELY!
An item you want to buy first when you're building lethality. AD, omnivamp, lethality and passive that increases your damage? Goodbye Lux ;). Another mythic item with good passive to chase down your enemies and deal massive damage to them.
A lot of useful stats. Lifesteal, attack speed, crit chance and AD. Also, its passive gives you huge shield and lifesteal if you get damaged hard so you can survive and heal. A mythic item giving every legendary item useful bonuses.
One of the items you want to build first on Jhin. You can dash and deal damage by using it and it also gives you very good for the first item. Mythic item giving all legendary items you 3% bonus speed.
Amazing passive for squishies. You execute them when they are below 5% health. It gives you AD, lethality and crit chance which lets you kill your enemies very easily and get bonus gold for that.
Another powerful item for that lets you literally spam your abilities. Ability haste combined with its passive makes you root your enemies with your Deadly Flourish so often they will think they are AFK ;). Big amount of AD and crit chance is what Jhin likes as well.

----> ----> ----> ----> JHIN BUILDS TUTORIAL <---- <---- <---- <----


โ— I'd recommend buying Doran's Ring with the lethality/poking rune page as you can poke really well when combined with the Arcane Comet. Really good vs. Draven.
โ— Doran's Blade ought to be bought when you want to be aggressive and want to all in the enemy. Good vs. Kai'Sa as she doesn't have good abilities to poke you also punish her for this.
โ— Doran's Shield is really good vs. annoying poke lanes like Miss Fortune, Ezreal, Lulu or Janna. These supports with these ADCs are really painful in the lane so I'd take Doran's Shield in this situation.


โ— This is the most basic rune page at the moment.
โ— These last two items are situational and you should pick them depending on the game.


โ— Most of the items should be lethality ones.
โ— The last two items should be crit items. I recommend going Rapid Firecannon > Infinity Edge. You can build something else instead of these items though.
โ— This build is supposed to give you a lot of AD and lethality to quickly kill squishy enemies.


โ— This build is a combination of crit and lethality builds for maximum damage output.
โ— You will get the best results when using this rune page against squishies.
โ— I wouldn't recommend building only crit items when using Dark Harvest rune page because you will lose quite a lot of damage without any armor penetration.

Table Of Contents


+ Good late-game
+ Huge damage
+ Each 4th shot is a crit
+ Long range CC
+ Initiate teamfights with ultimate
+ Really good objective control
+ Satisfying animations
Jhin is really good when he has supports with CC abilities such as Morgana or Zyra. He can also be good with Karma, Nautilus or Tahm Kench! Try to combine your W - Deadly Flourish with root, snare or stun abilites of your support. Try to make those abilites last as long as they can so enemies are more likely to get super low or even die.

- NO mobility
- Vulnerable to ganks
- Fixed attack speed
- Skillshots reliable
- Interuptable ult
- Crit damage decreased by 25%
If you get ganked and you have no traps in the bush you can't even root the enemy so he will probably easily kill you. Jhin's ult can be interrupted by e.g Hecarim's Devastating Charge or Lee Sin's Dragon's Rage. Crit damage is decreased by his passive Whisper. You can't get more attack speed by buying items you gain AD and MS for attack speed and AD for critical chance bought. No mobility AT ALL makes him squishy.

Table Of Contents

There are more supports that are really useful with Jhin of course, but I picked the most useful and comfortable to play with in my opinion.

โžฃ Supports which go really well with Jhin are:

Morgana, Fallen Angel
Karma, The Enlightened One
Leona, The Radiant Dawn
Taric, The Shield of Valoran
Nautilus, The Titan Of The Depths
Alistar, The Minotaur

Table Of Contents

Jhin's ultimate can start teamfights, slow down enemies to let your teammates kill them or to finish enemies on your own. When you are low on HP and you have your R - Curtain Call, try to look for your jungler. If he's near bot lane you can ask him to gank you. You just have to use your ultimate and maybe 2 kills are guaranteed. It works really well when enemies are pushing. Same with teamfights. Just position yourself to be safe. Your Curtain Call has a really big range so it shouldn't be a problem. Remember that the last shot of your ultimate works the same as your passive Whisper. It deals more damage to low HP enemies. If someone's low, shoot 3 times in the enemy which your team wants to kill and the last shot in the low HP enemy. Your ultimate is really good for stealing objectives like drakes. The last shot always crits. Use this to steal drake, Baron or Herald.

Table Of Contents

There are three rune pages that are the best for Jhin right now. The Precision, Sorcery rune page, Domination, Precision rune page and Sorcery, Precision rune page.

โ— The first rune page which is supposed to be the mobility/sustain one is going to be like this. You will be going into Fleet Footwork of course to stay in lane longer and get this nice movement speed as you proc it. Then take Overheal to generate, well a small amount of shield, but in the early game It's really useful. Next rune is Legend: Bloodline for some lifesteal in the late game. The last rune in Precision is Coup de Grace to deal even more damage to low HP enemies. Now Sorcery. You ought to take Nimbus Cloak, it gives you some movement speed after casting a summoner spell which can help you escape or chase an enemy. The last rune is Gathering Storm for more damage late game. The bonuses are: Attack Speed, AD, and Armor. This combination of bonuses gives you actually like 5 AD less in early game but you gain movement speed from attack speed that's why It's here instead of more AD It's good for champions like Caitlyn, Nautilus or Thresh when you can't really walk up close to them and trade.

โ— Now the second rune page is supposed to be the Electrocute one. First rune will be Dark Harvest of course to let you kill enemies more easily, for instance in lane when you have your FOURth shot ready you can flash to your enemy and deal more damage. The next one is Cheap Shot so that you can deal even more damage after rooting someone with your Deadly Flourish. The third rune is Eyeball Collection for additional damage. The last rune in Domination is Relentless Hunter to be able move faster and eventually chase down your enemies. Now It's time for Precision.
The first one is Legend: Alacrity so that you can deal more damage as attack speed gives you AD. The last rune is Coup de Grace, another rune that lets you deal more damage to low HP enemies. The bonuses are: AD, AD, Armor. This rune page is for finishing off enemies with your Dark Harvest, it can help with killing opponents with your Curtain Call or with ability combos. It helps you in the lane as well, when your support catches an enemy and you proc Dark Harvest it's a big advantage over them.

โ— Now the third rune page is supposed to be the Comet one. First rune will be Arcane Comet of course to let you win trades in lane and for some damage in late game. The next one is Manaflow Band so that you can use your abilities more frequently in the late game. The third rune is Absolute Focus for additional damage when you have high HP. The last rune in Sorcery is Gathering Storm so you can deal more damage in the late game. Now It's time for Precision.
The first one is Legend: Alacrity so that you can deal more damage as attack speed converts to AD. The last rune is Coup de Grace, to deal more damage to low HP enemies. The bonuses are: AD, AD, Armor. This rune page is for winning trades early game with Arcane Comet, it can also help you with killing or poking opponents with your Curtain Call, Deadly Flourish or Dancing Grenade. It helps you in the late game as well as it gives you an ability to poke enemies and deal more damage so that your team can engage and get easy kills.

Table Of Contents

Finally ALMOST at the end! I really tried to make this guide as clear as I could. Worked really hard on it although It's not the best. I hope you learned something. Maybe I encouraged you to start playing Jhin more often or even main him. Scroll down to see interesting facts about Jhin and to see the change log if you're interested. Don't forget to comment and ask me anything, what can I improve or change. Don't forget to leave a vote also. It really motivates me to make the guide bigger and bigger! If you want to support me just click the green "support" button under the guide's title!
Stay PERFECT guys!

Table Of Contents

โžค Here you can find some interesting facts about Jhin if you want to get to know him better from the side of his lore. โ‡ฉ

โžฃ Jhin was released in 2016. On the 1st of February.
โžข Khada Jhin is only his artistic pseudonym. His real identity is unknown.
โžฃ Jhin was designed by Jordan Anton. The designer of Kindred and Braum. Maybe that's why there is a theory that Kindred is female Jhin.
โžข At the beginning Jhin was meant to be a cowboy-robot sniper and his name was Deadeye. High noon skin shows the way how he was meant to exactly look like.
โžฃ Kindred's passive - Mark of the Kindred was supposed to be Jhin's passive.
โžข Jhin's passive was supposed to deal an EXTREMELY big amount of damage. He could kill full HP Zed with just a 1 shot.
โžฃ His Q Dancing Grenade could be activated once again while mid-air to change its direction. Riot decided to change this ability because it was too complicated.
โžข Jhin has the most quotes in the game. He has 241 quotes to be exact. Tahm Kench has 224 of them. That's why they made a special quote for Jhin related to quotes, provocating Tahm Kench.
โžฃ In his lore, Jhin always kills 4 people in each country he signed a contract with.
โžข Some of his quotes relate to popular movies - e.g. "I like the way you die, boy" - Django Unchained
โžฃ His dance relates to Legzinka dance.
โžข Jhin's eyes are blue and under the mask, he has just a normal face.
โžฃ As you know Jhin has an obsession with the number 4. Four is considered the symbol of death in China and Japan.
โžข His pseudonym (Khada Jhin) means "Gold Perfection".
โžฃ Jhin is 4 years older than Zed.
โžข Jhin is a conversion of the Arabic word "Jinn" which means "Demon", something inhuman...
โžฃ There is 20% chance for Jhin's humming and laughing at the beginning of the game for 44 seconds.
โžข The end of Jhin's gun (Whisper) is similar to a fountain pen.
โžฃ His favorite dish is dumplings.
โžข Jhin once used his father's blades before he got his gun.
โžฃ Jhin makes bullets on his own. They are filled with magic.
โžข His obsession with perfect killing may be related to public prosecutor Manfred Von Karma from Phoenix Wright series.
โžฃ His quote "I love to perform, but I hate crowds" is related to spell shields and their ability to block his W - Deadly Flourish which is a crowd control ability.
โžข Jhin's shots from his ultimate are considered as abilities so you heal up off them when you have spell vamp.
โžฃ Jhin is the only champion in the game with an ultimate ability that can crit and deal physical damage - 4th of the Curtain Call.
โžข After killing all 3 targets with Dancing Grenade it will have about 120% AD ratio and about 140% AP ratio. That's why it deals so much damage on the 4th bounce.

I hope these facts were really interesting and you have learned something about Jhin. That's why I love Jhin so much!

Table Of Contents

10-09-2017 Hugeeee!!! Guide update!
11-09-2017 Added "Back to table of contents" button.
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13-09-2017 Updated for patch 7.18!
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14-10-2017 Some notes update.
17-10-2017 Small update to the build and big VS. champions updates!
05-11-2017 Small build update.
08-11-2017 Big PRESEASON update, new runes and big supports update!
09-11-2017 Runes updated.
10-11-2017 CHANGE LOG added!
12-11-2017 NEW! JHIN MID BUILDS!
15-11-2017 New Jhin ADC matchup!
19-11-2017 Huge guide update! Build, champion match ups and small runes updates. NEW GUIDE SECTION - ITEMS. REMOVED JHIN MID BUILDS!
24-11-2017 NEW SUPPORT ADDED - Karma!
27-11-2017 Corki and Blitzcrank VS. champions notes added!
06-12-2017 Updated for Patch 7.24!
16-12-2017 Updated for Patch 7.24b!
29-12-2017 Build updates and some small ITEMS section updates.
27-03-2018 Insanely small guide update.
07-04-2018 Updated for patch 8.7!
26-04-2018 Updated for patch 8.8! RUNES UPDATED! Comet Jhin doesn't feel that strong as he was before.
06-05-2018 Updated for patch 8.9!
18-05-2018 Updated for patch 8.10!
31-05-2018 Updated for patch 8.11! Totally removed Essence Reaver because of its rework. Added Stormrazor, updated the Infinity Edge and Lord Dominik's Regards.
06-06-2018 Updated the guide! NEW, UPDATED RUNES (Fleet footwork nerfs). Added Essence Reaver again since you have 10 seconds to proc it's passive/buff! (Didn't notice that before). TEMPORARILY REMOVED Stormrazor BECAUSE OF ITS BUG!
16-06-2018 Updated for patch 8.12! SOME PROS & CONS SECTION CHANGES! Sorry for my inactivity. I was away from my home but I'm back!
27-06-2018 Updated for patch 8.13, Stormrazor is still bugged...
29-06-2018 Just noticed the runes changed into the old ones before I updated my guide to patch 8.8 for some reason. Changed it as fast as I could.
05-07-2018 Updated my profile picture in the INTRODUCTION section.
18-07-2018 Updated for patch 8.14!
01-08-2018 Updated for patch 8.15!
12-08-2018 Added Stormrazor, 2nd RUNE PAGE OPTION ADDED JUST CLICK THE 2nd BUILD PAGE! Quite big build and guide changes. MAIN rune page also updated. Stormrazor got fixed this patch I guess.
16-08-2018 Updated for patch 8.16!
21-08-2018 Made Hail of Blades the main rune page. You can still see the Fleet Footwork rune page on the 2nd build page. Also updated some parts of the guide and change log to make it more clear.
22-08-2018 ADDED NEW GUIDE SECTION - CURIOSITIES, WHERE YOU CAN FIND REALLY INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT JHIN! New CHANGE LOG table of contents button. (You won't see diffrence probably but... Everything must be PERFECT!)
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23-09-2018 Updated some builds and removed Cull, Ionian Boots of Lucidity which means that my importable build got also updated.
26-09-2018 Updated for patch 8.19! (Removed the tier list, Jhin guide is the thing I want to focus on right now!)
11-10-2018 Updated for patch 8.20! Quick note --> (Jhin got "nerfed" which is just a simple bug fix and now Hail of Blades rune doesn't work with his 1st auto attack. The rune works now the same as on other champions so It was just a bug and Jhin doesn't get any nerfs... If you want to go Fleet Footwork though, go to the 2nd build page on the very top of the guide. Anyway I guess this rune will still remain on Jhin as It's still good in late game.)
26-10-2018 Updated for patch 8.21! (Quite late update, am I right? Sorry.)
09-11-2018 Updated the guide (Removed Essence Reaver and split the build into 2 parts - crit and lethality). Also updated my importable build!
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08-07-2021 Updated for patch 11.14!
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13-08-2021 Updated for patch 11.16!
01-09-2021 Updated for patch 11.17!

โšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโ–ถ MILESTONES โ—€โšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠโšŠ

20-09-2017 20K views! Thanks a lot!

15-11-2017 60K VIEWS!!! THANK YOU! <3

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28-05-2018 150K VIEWS!!! WOW GUYS THE GUIDE IS GROWING REALLY FAST!!! Also 28 votes for now! Thank you very much! I still remember when I had like 5 of them and now 28! Just WOW... <4


21-08-2018 Just looked at the guide... What I saw were OVER 350K views... Wow guys. Last time I checked the guide page, there were about 270k views. YOU ARE AMAZING! SO MANY VIEWS IN A COUPLE OF DAYS!! WOW! Thank you very much!!! You can't imagine how surprised I am! THANK YOU FOR SO MANY LIKES AND VOTES ALSO!!! Remember to comment what you think and what can I change or improve!

24-08-2018 Finally we hit 400K views!!! In less than a week I got 50K views. That's a lot for me. I really appreciate your comments, votes and I hope you like my guide. As you can see I recently (for today 24-08-2018) added the CURIOSITIES guide section which provides really interesting facts about Jhin. Let it be 400K views special then :). I'm so happy and surprised we are growing that FAST!!!

15-09-2018 WE ARE FINALLY HALF A WAY FROM HITTING 1 MILLION VIEWS! Didn't think we would ever hit so many views! Thank you really much for all the nice comments and your votes! Really appreciate your help!


11-07-2019 1 000 000 VIEWS! Thank you very much for this amazing milestone we hit.

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