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Anivia Build Guide by AniviaBot

Middle [ Patch 12.18] Tank Style Anivia Guide

Middle [ Patch 12.18] Tank Style Anivia Guide

Updated on September 21, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AniviaBot Build Guide By AniviaBot 59 14 129,673 Views 3 Comments
59 14 129,673 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AniviaBot Anivia Build Guide By AniviaBot Updated on September 21, 2022
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  • LoL Champion: Anivia
  • LoL Champion: Anivia

Runes: Rune option 1 { Safest option }

1 2 3 4
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

[ Patch 12.18] Tank Style Anivia Guide

By AniviaBot
Hello, I am AniviaBot. Im a long time Anivia Onetrick who've played league of legends on and off since the early season 1. My peak was Challenger back in season 5 and 6, but now im just hovering Diamond tier.

Anivia is a unique champ which have had my love from day 1, and i figured i'd make a build guide covering tank style builds thats utalizing the power of the new item added in season 11, Everfrost and the new item added in s12, Evenshroud.

The build for Midlane plays around the power of Everfrost. Everfrost is really strong item with champs who can chain cc its cc combined with one of their own spells. For Anivia this makes her really strong because she already have the Q into W combo which pretty much ensures you to start a CC chain. Here you can additionally use Everfrost to extend the cc even further making the total duration a enemy is cc'ed for 3 seconds if chained perfectly.

The build for Support plays around the power of Evenshroud. Evenshroud is a new mythic introduced in season 12. This item is basically like old Abyssal Mask where if you CC an enemy. They will take increased damage for a period of time after the CC. Evenshroud has an additional effect where you also apply its effect if you get CC'ed. So my idea with this build is to play a tankier style build where i keep applying this effect to enemies by either getting CC'ed or using my abilities ( q and w ). This will be applied while also having Glacial Augment take effect because of Q and W. Glacial will reduce the damage your allies take from enemies while also slowing the enemy. This combined with your Evenshroud will give alot of bonus power to your allies.

The playstyle of the Evenshroud build in 5v5 senarios is to apply its effect to as many enemies as possible, once its applied use your zhonyas to disengage while keeping r running at enemies. With the 10% increased damage from Evenshroud, slow from your ultimate and the power of your wall, enemies will usally be at an disadvantage.
Basic Items Support
These are the main items you usally go for support. Evenshroud is your main and most important item in this build, after it comes the Zhonyas. Zhonyas will be your item for disengage. Dark Seal is used to gain a way to gain alot of early Ability Power. With this build, you're going Evenshroud as first item which is an item that gives no Ability Power at all. We use dark seal to "counter" this by gaining 55 Ability Power for 350 gold once fully stacked.
Evenshroud is the first and main core item for this build. Evenshroud gives you a good amout of defence and because it has a overall 9% increase in damage to enemies, your early damage wont really be nerfed too much from it having no ap values. Main point of this item is making you more tanky, while also creating great synergy with Glacial Augment and Fimbulwinter.
Zhonya's Hourglass is second core item and your your main item for defences outside fimbulwinter in this Support build. It gives you a huge amout of Armor, additionally it gives you a decent amout of Ability Power and 15 Ability Haste. For Anivia the active of Zhonya's Hourglass can be really helpful in this build. It allowes you to keep your Glacial Storm running while you'll be invulnerable. This can further be improved by first applying the passive of Evenshroud onto enemies, then using Zhonyas as an disengage or a way to swap the focus from enemies onto someone else for a few seconds.
Fimbulwinter is your final core item. It gives you alot of Mana and Health in base stats. It also gives you 15 Ability Haste. Fimbulwinters passive "Everlasting" works great with Anivia and this support build thats focused on CC because Evenshroud and Glacial is also apply from CC. Many people get confused with this item because its stated "if you are melee". The melee part of fimbulwinter is its slow part. As long as your ranged champ has a form of hard CC (stuns, roots, knockbacks, knockups etc) you can still recieve its shield.
Dark Seal is a huge damage boost for your support build, its similar to Mejai's Soulstealer. Reason why we dont upgrade this to mejais as support is because after a certain point in the game, we will sell it to buy one of the items below.
Morellonomicon is used in games where you need Grievous Wounds. It gives a good amout of Health and Ability Power, its also really cheap (2500 gold).
Thornmail is used in games where you need Grievous Wounds but also the increased defence rather than the Ability Power youd gain from Morellonomicon
Force of Nature is used in games influenced by a heavy amout of Ability Power on the enemy team. In season 12 it got changed so it has a stacking mechanic now. Once you have obtained 6 stacks on its passive you will gain 10% increased movementspeed and you will reduce all incoming magic damage from by 25%.
Demonic Embrace is my most used item out of the items i go as last item. It gives a good amout of damage and it gives you increased Ability Power based on how much bonus Health you have. This passive combined with fimbulwinter, your hp/level and evenshroud will end up giving you a good amout of Ability Power.
Abyssal Mask is in games where your team has some good amout of Magic Damage, and you'll need some Magic Resistance vs enemies. With all the bonus Health you gain from the core items in your support build, the Abyssal Mask's unique passive will be fully stacked, this will make so that all cursed enemies will loose 25 flat magic resistance.
Dead Man's Plate isnt used as often, but its a good item if you just want Movementspeed and added Armor + Health versus your enemies. Dead Man's is usally buildt based your own decision and or preferance in x game.

Shoes You Would Go
These are the shoes you'd normally go in your support games:
Sorcerer's Shoes is your most common choice of shoes. They give you a good amout of damage increase in most games, specially because you wont have early Ability Power from mythic
Mercury's Treads is your goto shoes in games where you need more Magic Resistance or Tenacity.
Boots of Swiftness is your goto shoes if you wanna focus more on roaming. They're the shoes that give the most base movementspeed in league at the moment. Exception is Mobility Boots, but these are only faster if you're not in combat.
Plated Steelcaps is used for games where you need alot of reduction versus auto attack based champs.

Basic Items Midlane
These are the main items you usally go in most midlane games depending on which build example you choose to go in your game. Everfrost is your main item which you will always be using. Zhonyas is your item for defence when you dont use Fimbulwinter. Mejais is your early "replacement" for rabadons in terms of Ability Power. Morellonomicon is used for Antihealing. Void Staff and Rabadons is used to further enchance your damage in games you need them / at point where you can get them.
Everfrost is the core item for this build. Its mainly used to chain-cc the enemy using your Flash Frost into then Everfrost. This will always allow you to use a additional Frostbite in every single combo you do. Its also a good item for defence, because the projectile of everfrost wont follow your flash. So you can do stuff like Everfrost the enemy then flask away. Everfrost is also a really strong item champs like Yasuo and Samira. Their spell blocking abilities (Wind Wall and Blade Whirl) cant block the projectile of Everfrost, so it can be used to counter those abilities really well.
Zhonya's Hourglass is your main item for defences if you dont go for the new item Fimbulwinter. It gives you a huge amout of Armor, additionally it gives you a decent amout of Ability Power and 15 Ability Haste. For Anivia the active of Zhonya's Hourglass can be really helpful. It allowes you to keep your Glacial Storm running while you'll be invulnerable. This can further be improved by using Everfrost into Zhonyas cc-ing a enemy champion inside your Glacial Storm for the majority of your stasis.
Shadowflame Is your main source of damage outside Rabadons and Mejais currently. It has alot of Ability Power, gives a good amout of HP and versus most comps it will also give alot of bonus penetration.
Mejai's Soulstealer is a huge damage boost for mages in general at the moment. When its fully stacked the item will give you a total amout of 145 Ability Power, 100 Health Points and a additional 10% Bonus Movespeed increase. This item is extremely strong simply because of the stats, but also because it counts as a Legendary Item for your Mythics.
Void Staff will for most games with everfrost become a really core item for lategame, exception is you're really ahead and snowballed so fast you wont need the penetration. League of Legends at the moment has alot of items giving people defences, so most people will in the later periods of a game have a good amout of magic resistance if you're the fed one on your team. Because of this the Void Staff will become a really important item for you if you want to deal any damage to a enemy champion as a carry.
Rabadon's Deathcap is used in games where you've achived full build and have enough gold to buy the full item. When you have enough gold for it, you'll sell Mejai's Soulstealer to then pick up the Rabadon's Deathcap. Its picked up as last item because its really not worth spending 3600 gold on Rabadon's Deathcap in earlier stages of a game.
Morellonomicon in Everfrost build is used in games where you need Grievous Wounds. When you go Morellonomicon you swap out your Giant's Belt for Oblivion Orb and upgrade it into Morellonomicon as last item, just as you'd do with Giant's Belt

Giant's Belt Items
Giant's Belt is bought desently early in the game (usally after Everfrost and Zhonya's Hourglass) and upgraded to its item as last item.
These Are the items you usally upgrade your Giant's Belt into:
Demonic Embrace is used for games where you go into the complete endgame and enemy has alot of Health Point stacking champs. Its used for games where you'd normally go Liandry's Anguish, but instead use the everfrost build for extra cc and tankiness.
Warmog's Armor is rarely used, but it can be nice in games where you neither need the defence and damage from Abyssal Mask or the % Max Health Point damage from Demonic Embrace.
Anathema's Chains is one of my favorite items in the game outside the new Fimbulwinter item. It gives alot of defences for a cheap price. Will also be huge if you play versus certain assassins or overfed adcarries because the item lets you mark one opponent so they deal 30% less damage to you. It's also a quite good combo overall with everfrost because it reduces the tenacity a enemy has, meaning your chain cc with q into everfrost or everfrost into q will become even longer.
Thornmail is good versus full ad comps. Also helps alot if they have a insane amout of healing or autoattack based physical damage. I didnt really use it before, but the item has changed how alot of games go for me simply bcs of the amout of armor you get.

Other Tank Options
Insted of using Giant's Belt you could use one of these items insted (Keep their cheap hp component for same duration as you'd keep a Giant's Belt, only exception is with Cosmic Drive and Fimbulwinter. Upgrade Cosmic Drive as 3rd item, and upgrade Fimbulwinter as the last item of the build unless you need the % max hp from demonic or if you're using the predator runepage which would reduce fimbul cd because of the Ingenious Hunter

Fimbulwinter is a new item introduced in patch 11.23. This item is my new favorite item and will most likely replace giants belt alot of the time for my tankier styled builds. It gives you a great amout of mana, alot of hp and a shield which can proc from your Q, W and Everfrost. Combine the bonus hp gained from this item and your hp/level with the new unique passive of demonic, which gives you bonus ap based on bonus hp to gain an additional 30 ap from basically nothing.
Dead Man's Plate is used for games where the enemy has alot of Physical Damage or when they have a huge amout of CC which you could easelly dodge having some bonus movespeed. Its not fully as strong as older seasons, but its still a fun item you can use in games where you want to play around movementspeed.
Force of Nature is used mainly in same games as Dead Man's Plate, but for Magic Damage comps insted. It got changed for season 11 so it now gives you damage reduction vs magic damage once its stacked . Downside with Force of Nature if you use it at the moment is that the unique passive requires you to stack it first, but because of the damage reduction, the item is really good at the moment.
Abyssal Mask is a good tank item for Magic Resistance. It got changed in 11.23 so that it now instead of giving your team bonus damage, it now reduces enemy Magic Resistance by a base value of 5 + an additional 1% of Health up to a maximum of 25 flat Magic Resistance reduction, this effect will be fully stacked to 25 by just using Abyssal Mask with your average mage items with hp. Additionally to this, abyssal mask also increases your Magic Resistance for each enemy you've applied this debuff to. This makes the item a really good item for Anivia for the durability patch (12.10). She will gain added defences and she will also reduce enemy magic resistance by a flat value of 25.
Cosmic Drive is a good item in general. I recommend using this item if you dont need any of the items above. Or any of the Giant's Belt items. In season 12, its not fully as much of a tank item anymore. But it gives a good amout of hp and is generally an item you could go for some defence still. It doesnt have the defence of armor or magic resistance but it acts like a mini phaserush which could save you sometimes. The Aether Wisp can also be bought a bit early and be combined with Mejai to have 5% bonus MS from Aether Wisp and 10% bonus MS from Mejai. This will allow to roam easier.

Shoes You Would Go
These are the shoes you'd normally go in your midlane games:
Sorcerer's Shoes is your most common choice of shoes. They give you a good amout of damage increase in most games.
Mercury's Treads is used in games where you need the Tenacity to survive perma-cc comps.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity can be used in games where you go a Giant's Belt item but still want to do some of the harder Everfrost combos which gets easier with a good amout of Ability Haste.
Plated Steelcaps isnt used alot, but it can become useful into either full AD comps. Or games where you'd have a AD carry in both toplane and botlane on enemy team (both being fed / strong).
Skills and Combos

Main Anivia Combos:

This is a quick combo allowing you to hit q and e almost at the same time on a enemy. This can be really useful versus stuff like a Gangplank who usally uses his to remove the cc from your q and too heal a small portion. You can additionally use to proc a unexpectec on the enemy. This can easelly result in you getting a cheesy kill on a enemy who didnt expect this burst.

This is Anivias main poke combo, it procs your electrocute and does a huge amout of burst. Its a simple combo all Anivia mains should learn, gives them a huge advantage in alot of lanes...specially versus certain melee matchups or immobile ranged ones.

This is another combo Anivia can do. This combo allowes you to get a Empowered off, but it requires a good timing on when you cast e. I use this combo usally when i want to bait out a dash. This sets the enemy up to a point where you can then use to cc them when dash is on cd.

Combos you can do with Everfrost / Midlane build:

All combos can be done without Cosmic Drive. Cosmic Drive only makes them more safe.

This combo allowes you to always get 2 Empowered on the enemy champion because of the chained CC with your and

This combo gives you the oppertunity to use 3 Empowered . Downside with this combo is that its kinda slow and its not really used for burst, enemy also get a slight timeframe where they could flash or dash away. Its recommended using this vs either melee champions who wasted their dash. Or against a immobile champ in general who has no way of getting away from the combo. Also helps alot when you use with this combo insted of abyssal mask or any other item.

This is a faster version of the combo above. Downside with this is that you dont use our to hit your first combo, so you play with alot of risk after using the

Replace Q with Everfrost:
Additionally you could also use your as a replacement for your cc. The speed of is about the same as your , which then allowes you to use into just like you would use into . This requires a bit diffrent timing because is slightly faster than your .

W Mechanic {All things can be done with rank 1 :
A Mechanic you can do with Anivia is using in the opening between your tower and wall. This will delay the minions arriving to lane and allowes you to farm safely under tower. Downside by doing this is that your minion wave will automatically slowpush into the enemy, which can quickly backfire on you.

Insted of blocking the full wave, you can deside to block only the Casters(Ranged Minions). This will result in the enemy starting to slowpush into you.

A slow push is having your minions push down a lane slowly, due to some resistance from other enemy minions. This can typically be done just by ensuring you have, say, 6 minions (3 Melee, 3 Casters) versus 1 Melee, and 2 Casters.

Which is what your will make minions do. It blocks the casters so the wave them becomes 3 Melee minions on your side, versus 3 Melee and 3 Casters on enemy.

There's also another way to use the wall that i recently discovered. If a enemy is freezing the minion wave at their tower. You can proceed to block one minion wave twice. This is done by blocking them first at your tier 2 tower, then again at tier 1. This forces enemy wave to push rather than freeze, and it will end up freezing at your tower. Keep in mind this will only work for Botlane and Toplane as minions use a bit longer to get to lane.

Anivia also has a way to kill dragon from behind the wall, this can be done by placing first your ultimate then your W in front of the dragon so that he path to the left. This can help you to get a cheesy dragon which enemy team wont see unless its warded. The vision range Rift Scuttler's Speed Shrine isnt big enough to where it can see inside the dragon pit so by using this strategy you can kill the dragon from behind the wall and get a free dragon which enemy phsyically cant see you're taking.
League of Legends Build Guide Author AniviaBot
AniviaBot Anivia Guide
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[ Patch 12.18] Tank Style Anivia Guide

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