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Wukong General Guide by Primalistic

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Primalistic

{Patch 5.7} King Kong of the Jungle {S6} (In-Depth Guide)

Primalistic Last updated on May 8, 2016
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Threats to Wukong with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Fiddlesticks You can burst him down.
Nidalee Relatively easy all throughout. Don't get 'hunted'.
Wukong Skill match up
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Hi guys,

First of all thanks for checking out my Wukong guide created on the 01/04/2015.

Wukong is a really interesting champion and is personally one of my favourite junglers. He has a game changing ult, a decoy, a gap closer and a damage dealing Q that reduces armour. What more could you ask for!


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Upcoming updates I will be making to this guide

I will be starting to add a more detailed section on Wukong vs other Champions. This will include tips and what to do when you don't know what to do! I will do this over the next few days. This should be finished by 06/04/15.

I'm going to be adding a few 'Example final builds' to suggests builds against teams with varying compositions.

Currently reworking items section to include a more detailed account of item builds. Will also be revamping layout/design.

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- Added 'Example Builds for varying team compositions'
- Revamped Runes/Masteries layout.
- Provided more detailed explanation for Runes/Masteries.


- Added a 'Champions with Synergy Section'.
- Added Yasuo, Orianna, Katarina to 'Champions with Synergy Section'.


- Added Jarvan IV to 'Champions with Synergy Section'


- Finished reworking 'Items' section. Redesigned layout.
- Added 'Item Choices'.

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Champion Spotlight and Lore

Wukong was released on 26/07/2011


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Pros / Cons



+ Great early damage - Has poor jungle clear early game
+ Great mobility - Relies on kills/assists for snowball
+ Dukes & Outplays with Decoy - Highly dependent on items
+ Has a game changing ult - Hard to contest Dragon / Baron
+ Good snowball potential - Hard to catch up if behind
+ Decent burst damage/combo - Tankiness is not on par with most other junglers in this meta

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I choose 21/9/0 masteries for this build.

21 in offense is a must for optimal damage
9 in defense to assist with some creep clear, take reduced damage from champions and have more health at the start.
0 in utility as it does not help with this Wukong build.



* Double-Edged Sword allows you to deal more damage and take more damage. Best part is you deal 2% extra damage and receive 1% more damage as Wukong is melee. Sounds good!

* Sorcery is max for 5% CDR. This is really useful for pretty much all champions. This can make the difference of saving a tiny bit of time off each ability cool down!

* Butcher allows you to deal 2 extra damage to minions and monsters. This can help by allowing you to clear jungle camps a little bit faster!

* Brute Force is maxed for the extra attack damage. At max rank and level 18 in game, you receive 10 extra AD! This scales at 0.55 AD per level at max rank.

* Feast is taken as it restores 3 health and 1 mana per unit kill. This is an important mastery to take as Wukong has no in-built sustain. This can keep him going that little bit longer.

* Martial Mastery gives you +4 attack damage. Why take it? Well why not?

* Executioner is maxed and is an important mastery to level for most champions prioritizing offence. It allows you to deal 5% extra damage to champions under 50% health. This is really useful when you are ganking lanes.

* Warlord is a necessary mastery to max as it provides you with a 5% increase to bonus AD. As Wukong is AD based this benefits him immensely.

* Devastating Strikes is maxed and provides you with 6% armor and magic penetration. This 6% armor penetration will benefit you as you will be taking Attack Damage runes over Armor Penetration runes.

* Havoc takes the last point in offence to give you an extra 3% to damage!


* Recovery is maxed and taken for the extra health regeneration. As Wukong has no real sustain, this can help him a lot in the earlier stages of the game, especially whilst clearing jungle camps.

* Tough Skin is also maxed and is a necessary mastery for Wukong jungle as it allows you to receive 2 less damage from neutral monsters. This allows Wukong to take less damage from creeps, hence allowing him to stay longer.

* Veteran Scars is maxed for the extra 36 health that will allow Wukong to survive a little bit longer in the jungle. Helps especially in early game.

* Bladed Armor is taken so that neutral monsters bleed for 1% of their current health when hit by basic attacks. This is important as Wukong has moderately long cooldowns in the early stages of the game, thus he is autoattack reliant. This effect from Bladed Armor allows him to clear camps slightly faster.

* Juggernaut takes the final point in defence. This gives Wukong 3% extra health allowing him to survive and sustain himself.

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I take:

3 x Quintessence of Attack Damage
9 x Greater Mark of Attack Damage
9 x Greater Seal of Armor
9 x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

This gives a balanced build with prioritized Damage, some Armor, and some Magic Resist.


Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

> 3x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage is the recommended set of quints for this build. I always take these as they provide some early AD alongside the AD marks.

> Taking 3x Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration is not recommended as you will lose some early AD. It is viable to take 1x Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration with 2x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage. This can provide you with early AD and also some Armor Penetration. However I recommend taking 3x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage purely for the raw AD it provides in the early game.


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

> I like to take 9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage. This allows for some early Attack Damage that is vital in clearing jungle camps in the earlier stages of the game. Also the boost in AD is useful when ganking as well. This is the recommended runes.

> 9x Greater Mark of Armor Penetration is also a viable option, but it is not the recommended option for this build. This is because Wukong's Q Crushing Blow reduces the enemies armor by a certain percent. This removes 30% of a targets armor penetration at max rank. Given this, Armor Penetration runes will allow you to deal a higher percentage of your damage to a target. However at earlier stages, you will not have as much damage to deal without Attack Damage Marks. For late game, The Black Cleaver and Last Whisper provide you with a hefty Armor Penetration bonus.


Greater Seal of Armor

> I always take 9x Greater Seal of Armor. This works really well for Wukong in the early stages of the game to reduce some damage taken from creeps and also reduce some damage taken from champions whilst ganking.


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

> 9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist is the recommended set of runes for this build. As you will be focusing on damage in the early game, these runes will provide you with flat magic resist. Scaling magic resist runes are not recommended as you will need the magic resist early in the game especially whilst ganking lanes with AP caster champions.

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Summoner Spells

A summoner spell that deals a set amount of damage
Smite is a targeted summoner spell that deals '390 - 1000' true damage to a monster or enemy minion. It is available on Summoner's Rift and the Twisted Treeline. It is required to buy Hunter's Machete. Smite starts with one charge and begins to charge at 1:40 every 75 seconds.

A Blink like ability
Flash is a blink summoner spell that activates instantly upon being cast, teleporting the player's champion a short distance in the direction of their cursor.

Smite is of course NECESSARY for jungle.

Flash is the recommended secondary option.

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Stone Skin Increases your armor/MR for each nearby enemy champion Wukong's armor and magic resistance are increased by 4/6/8 for each nearby enemy champion. The amount is increased every 6 levels.

Crushing Blow Deals damage and reduces armor Wukong's next attack, within 5 seconds, will deal 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 (+1.1 per attack damage) physical damage and will reduce the enemy's armor by 10/15/20/25/30% for 3 seconds.

Decoy Allows you to stealth for 1.5 seconds Wukong becomes stealthed for 1.5 seconds and leaves an uncontrollable decoy that doesn't attack or move on the place he activated it. The decoy will deal 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+60% of ability power) magic damage to nearby enemies after 1.5 seconds.

Nimbus Strike This is your gap closer/Gives bonus attack speed Wukong dashes on a cloud toward a target enemy and sends out images to attack up to 2 additional enemies near his target, dealing 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 (+0.8 per bonus attack damage) physical damage to each enemy struck. He also gains a 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50% attack speed bonus for 4 seconds after using this skill.

Cyclone Knocks up your opponents and deals damage Wukong's staff grows outward and he spins it around for up to 4 seconds, dealing 20 / 110 / 200 (+1.1 per attack damage) damage every second and knocking up enemies once per cast. Wukong gains an additional 5% movement speed bonus every half second for the duration of the spell, with the bonus disappearing once he stops spinning. Wukong cannot attack or use other abilities while Cyclone is on, but he can deactivate it at any time. Maximum total physical damage to a single target is 80 / 440 / 800 (+4.4 per attack damage).

This template for skill explanation is from LAMEOGAMER and his Tristana Guide

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Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

* Your aim here is to max Nimbus Strike first.

* Maxing Nimbus Strike first allows you to have a shorter cooldown and more damage on your gap closer.

* Crushing Blow is maxed second.

* This allows you to deal more damage with your Q and simultaneously reduce enemy armor.

* Cyclone level this at levels 6,11,16 respectively.

* Good game changing ult. Scrap Garen, this is the real spin to win.

* Decoy is maxed last.

* Great ability that creates opportunities for great outplays. Sets up good ganks and great escapes.


1. Nimbus Strike
2. Crushing Blow
3. Cyclone
4. Decoy

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Item Choices





Magic Resist




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Items - In detail


Hunter's Machete is the necessary starting item for all junglers. Remember to take Smite or you will not be able to purchase this item. The Hunter's Machete allows you to deal more damage to jungle monsters and also gain some health/mana plus some extra gold. It can be upgraded to a Stalker's Blade, Skirmisher's Sabre, Ranger's Trailblazer or Poacher's Knife.

Stalker's Blade is the primary jungle item I take for Wukong. There are other choices such as Ranger's Trailblazer, however personally I prefer the Chilling Smite of the Stalker's Blade. This item can be upgraded to either the Warrior, Magus, Cinderhulk, Devourer enchantments. Stalker's Blade - Magus

Stalker's Blade - Warrior is the jungle item taken for this Wukong guide.


The Black Cleaver is an important item for Wukong. It gives a mix of health, armor penetration, CDR, and 50 attack damage.

I take Ravenous Hydra if I am falling behind and want to catch up on creep score. Its lifesteal/health regeneration plus the active prove it to be a very strong item. However I do not build this much unless I'm falling behind. Wukong very nicely with Armor Penetration so I build with that in mind. However if you are snowballing very nicely and having a 'glass cannon' build will not impact the game in the enemy teams favor, Ravenous Hydra can be a good item.

Another crucial item. The armor penetration passive synergises nicely with Wukong's Crushing Blow which also reduces armor. Basically allows you to deal a higher percentage of your damage. Gives 40 attack damage and 35% armour penetration pre-mitigated. Get this mid to late game.


Gives a mix of 450 health and 45 armour plus a damage over time burning effect to nearby enemies. I get this for more damage plus tankiness. I usually get this as my second last item after I've built my main AD items such as The Black Cleaver and Last Whisper

This item is a viable option for Wukong. It gives 500 health and 70 armor making it a really nice tanky item. This is good as its passive slows attacker's speed by 15%. Usually I take this item as a substitute for Sunfire Cape. This item is a really nice counter item for Blade of the Ruined King.

Gives 450 health + 55 magic resist. Also gives you a shield that blocks the next enemy ability (90s cooldown). I take this item especially when I'm against AP burst champions such as LeBlanc and Annie or champions that have strong cc such as Blitzcrank, Thresh and Leona.


I take Guardian Angel nearing the late game. It provides a mix of defenses with 50 armor and 50 magic resist. Furthermore, this item is really useful as its passive allows a champion to be revived upon death with 30% of health/mana being restored (5min cooldown). This item is usually a necessity in the late game for Wukong especially if you are doing well and your team needs you to stay alive.

Thornmail is an effective piece of armor especially against autoattack based champions. It provides the wearer with 100 armor and a unique passive that reflects 30% of received attack damage to the enemy as magic damage. This item is especially good against champions such as Master Yi, Vayne, Tryndamere, Udyr if he builds Tiger Stance. So I usually take Thornmail if I'm playing against some of these champions. This is not necessarily needed but works nicely if you are up against autoattack based champions.


This is self-explanatory. Recommended start for Wukong jungle is Hunter's Machete and 2 x [[Health Potion.

Gives 25 attack damage and Bloodlust which heals you for 10% of physical damage you deal. I usually take this as its much more useful on Wukong rather than the Elixir of Ruin.

This is viable however I do not recommend it. This is taken if you want to split push or push lane/turret down fast. I rarely ever take this. Wrath>Ruin

This is a great Elixir for Wukong. Provides increased size and tenacity. The increased size allows you to gain more range on your target. Works nicely with Crushing Blow.


Do not forget to purchase your Warding Totem at level 1! Wards are important in securing objectives and have more awareness around the map. Do not forget to upgrade your trinket at level 9 to a Greater Stealth Totem.


These are good if you like to gank a lot and roam around. Gives you heaps of movement speed while not in combat.

I take these usually as they provide a lot of movement speed and give some tenacity (25% reduction to slows). Also these allow you to still maintain movement speed whilst in combat recently. I almost always take these over Boots of Mobility.

These provide 25 magic resist and 35% reduction to all types of crowd control effects due to its passive Tenacity . I take this when I'm against champions with heaps of crowd control/mages such as Veigar to reduce stun duration.

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Creeping / Jungling

Wukong's jungle clear at earlier levels is not great. It is poor in comparison to most other junglers in the Season 5 jungle.

The path I take is:

1) Gromp I ask for a strong leash and Smite Gromp .
2) Ancient Sentinel
3) Murkwolves
4) Raptors and here I use my second Smite.

Recall and head straight over to:

5) Brambleback Smite again.

If timed correctly, you should have roughly 10 seconds till next smite when you get near to Brambleback. Smite to gain some health.

6) Krugs will be an easy clear with your red buff. At the end of Krugs, your blue buff should be gone or near to gone.

7) Get Rift Scuttler for some health and river vision and repeat/gank.

Note: Gank whenever you see good opportunities.

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Jungling Tips/Tricks

At level 1 you will be leveling Nimbus Strike.

After smiting and killing the Gromp , you will head over to the Ancient Sentinel.

Ancient Sentinel deals quite some damage so you will be leveling Decoy at level 2.

Decoy will allow you to effectively use your clone to 'tank' a couple of hits from the monsters.


This section is currently under construction!

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Champions with Synergy




Jarvan IV

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Thanks for checking out my guide on how I like to play Wukong. This is my first guide and I will continue to update it as frequently as possible.

Please let me know if you see something has been stated incorrectly. Also leave me feedback on how I can improve, what you think of my guide and any other suggestions!



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Frequently Asked Questions {FAQ}

Why is E Nimbus Strike maxed first?

It is maxed first so that the cooldown on Nimbus Strike is reduced and also the damage is increased alongside the attack speed increase. This is highly beneficial when ganking lanes and clearing jungle camps.

Why AD Marks/Quints and no Armor Penetration Marks/Quints?

Wukong's Q Crushing Blow reduces enemy's armor by a set percent, capped at 30% at max rank on Crushing Blow. The early AD from Greater Mark of Attack Damage and Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage give a nice early boost to damage for ganking/jungle clearing.

Won't Sunfire Cape be pointless if it nullifies Decoy?

I get Sunfire Cape usually as my second last item. Wukong's Decoy lasts 1.5 seconds and the Sunfire Cape's passive occurs once every 1 second. I take the Sunfire Cape because of the +450 Health/+45 Armor and the passive that deals constant damage, thus helping with clearing/fighting. I find the 1 second from Decoy, (if you have a Sunfire Cape) is enough to fulfil its purpose. The late game purchase of Sunfire Cape is better as this build is focussing on a more AD based approach.


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