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Yorick Build Guide by Xplor

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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xplor

[Patch 6.8] Yorick! In-Depth, Complete Guide! REWORKED!

Xplor Last updated on April 20, 2016
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 0

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 12

Threats to Yorick with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Darius Darius is a joke against Yorick. You are main counter of Darius. He will do nothing to you. Just be careful when you push him into his turret, he can pull you. You should win against him. Definitely
Teemo Who don't hate TEEMO? You can now completely counter him with Yorick. 100% Win against him. Harrash him with ghouls. After his 6, destroy his mushrooms with your W. It will explode on your ghoul.
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  • Hello and welcome to my -Y o r i c k- complete guide.

  • My name is Xplor, I play on EUNE, and this is my second guide, after a success with Shen!

  • Follow this guide for a much better understanding of this champion:

How it works

What to build

How to play

What to do

How to help!

  • Yorick Have so amazing sustain in lane, so much lifesteal pokes and damage, that you have really the chance to win most of the TOP lanes with no stress, following this guide!
  • People call me sometimes "Einstein" or "Math boy", because of the simple fact I was considered by the others to be very good in mathematics and physics.
  • In League of Legends I love to experiment, try and calculate every kind of possibility which make champions, better said Yorick to be a KILLING MACHINE.
  • And finally I discovered the "secret formula", why Yorick is a killing machine, and how to reach it's maximum potential.

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Pros / Cons


+ Amazing sustain in LANE!
+ Main counter for lots of hard champions
+ High DPS early, mid and late game
+ Alot of Lifesteal and Damage Reduction.
+ Because the Ghouls are your Friend.
+ Easy to play!


- Mana hungry early game
- No Hard CC
- Low escape skills
- Weak wave-cleaner
- People don't give so much importance to him
- Easy to play but hard to master

  • Many people speak about Yorick on a low rate level, and they don't give too much importance to him. I've seen people starting to being chat aggressive because I was picking Yorick as top laner, persons who never heard before of Yorick or they classified it as a low champion.
    But at the end of the game they GG so much...
    If you play him, is possible to meet this kind of people.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

* Every skill from Yorick summons a ghoul!
* Ghouls focus all the time on Champions

Allocate: Passive
Here's everything about ghouls.
  • Every each of them have 35% of your Damage and Health;
  • Every each of them gives you 5% increased damage and damage reduction, up to a total of 20% (4 Ghouls), while the ghouls are active.
  • A ghoul last for maximum of 5 seconds, except Omen of Death, your ultimate.

Allocate: Q
  • Yorick's next attack summons a ghoul which is faster that all of them.
  • The skill base is attack damage.
  • This skill gives you also a movement speed burst, pretty good one.
  • You can use your (Q) to catch an enemy or to run from someone.
  • Using it on minions while you run, it gives you the required speed you need.
  • Use it in combo with "W"
  • Max "Q" as second one

Allocate: W
  • You summon a ghoul into a specific location, damaging the enemies in Area of Effect and slowing them while the ghoul is active.
  • Spell base is Ability Power.
  • This is a very good mass slow.
  • Max "W" only as the last one.

Allocate: E
  • You deal damage to a target, and you get healed about 40% of the damage you deal, plus 100% from the ghoul if the target is an enemy champion or 50% against minions.
  • Is the main skill of Yorick, which makes him so OP and helps you win your battle.
  • The LifeSteal is extremely useful in almost all the situations, this skill gives you a very good sustain in lane and into the game all the time.
  • Main harass skill.
  • The skill base is Attack Damage
  • Max "E" 1st time.

Allocate: R
  • This skill is Yorick's ultimate, summoning a clone / ghoul of you or an allied target, which lasts for 10 seconds.
  • In this time if you or your allied die, and the summon is still active, you or your allied get revived for the next 10 seconds and can keep fighting with all abilities, until the time pass or someone kill the clone.
  • Use smart this ability, because it can balance the game in your favor.

  • You must know, that every skill is summoning a ghoul which lasts for 5 seconds, decaying about 20% of health every second.
  • Your ultimate lasts for 10 seconds, and if the marked player die, he can revive for 10 seconds, but in all this time if your allied or you are not dead, your ghoul is a clone, which you can control by pressing the "ALT" key and walking with right click.
  • This is standard sequence and you should not try to go in other way, unless you are playing on Ability Power, which is totally different that my guide.
  • But playing on Ability Power, Yorick is very low, only your "W" having sustain from it.
  • Tank Yorick is not working as well. Only this hybrid status.

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Teleport is a very good pick for Yorick when he goes on TOP. Is is recommended it, but not mandatory; You have your return easier, and you can help anytime your teammates, specially when they are on Dragon or you think you can get a surprise gank. It's a good pick when is time to help your teammates from far away.

All right. Flash is usually the "FATHER" of summoner spells. It's engage / escape skill, something you must have, and over 90% of the people on TOP takes it. Is not mandatory, but now, personally I prefer to have it. ...It gives you the missing mobility in some situations Yorick need.

While Flash gives you the mobility you need in some situations, Ignite increase your chance to win your TOP lane or an 1vs1 fight. Is a good pick through, but you give up your extra mobility. Or not if you pick them both, which gives you so much potential...

Give up on Teleport and take one game with Ignite and Flash. Now your potential goes up crazy, basically owning the lane most of the times with no stress. But be careful that you cannot "teleport" anymore on desired locations through the map to help your teammates or back to your lane.

Here's one short video with Flash + Ignite and Yorick potential on TOP lane.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Here's a new updated Rune list which makes Yorick a "killing machine" during the game. It is mandatory to rush some passive attack speed from marks and quints due to the new perks and his killing potential
+29% Attack Speed
+9 Armor
+12 Magic Resist

These are primary marks and unique as well. Yorick will have greatly increased the basic attack speed, and in combination with the quints and some new perks which I found there are more useful that the old ones, Yorick shows his true face.
His killing potential is drastically increased.

I found the situation that Yorick need little more defense on early game. He have very good sustain in lane, lots of damage and LifeSteal, but he still have very weak the armor and magic resist on early game. Picking these seals are way more useful that anything else.
If you don't want to pick any defensive seals, then go for Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration, for better mana sustain early game, since Yorick is a mana hunter champion.

The same like with seals, early magic resist helps you against AP Champions. There's no need, indeed if you play against AD Champions, but the status you receive from Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, are good even on later game. I stick with it, so you have one standard Yorick rune page, instead of multiple ones, which can be very costly. There's nothing else to pick from Primary Glyphs, nothing helpful for Yorick, so something else or secondary ones are really useless. My advice is to stick with these ones.

  • There come the question, which are the best Quintessence for Yorick?
  • There doesn't exist "the best" Quintessence, because every each of them have unique status.
- However, I will definitely pick now and in the future the Attack Speed quintessences.
- It gives you the required boost for an easy farm or poke, while Warlord's Bloodlust do it's job even much better, giving to Yorick an incredible sustain.

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My personal opinion, this mastery line is the best one for Yorick, and I will explain below every each of them and why. Try it, is absolutely free, and you will see the results for yourself!

Take Fury over Sorcery. Additional 4% Attack speed the whole game long worth little more that 2% damage from ability (for example +6 damage on a 300 damage ability strike, which is insignificant)

I find it more useful that the other two, since you have additional 3% damage with the cost of receiving just 1.5% additional damage. Your life steal sustain more that the received damage

Vampirism is a must to have it on Yorick because of the additional 2% Life Steal. Don't pick Natural Talent is insignificant comparing to Vampirism

With Yorick you will stuck kills. This is the most important in this case. Oppressor gives you only 2.5% to impaired enemies, which is a standard. More kills you have, more Bounty Hunter stack.

It's 7% Armor penetration! You are on Attack Damage.
What else to speak about? :D

With this updated Keystone, now you gain life-steal according to your health. Lower HP - More Life steal. (you get maximum of 20% life steal on missing 80% health). Now this perk is something that you must have it on Yorick.

There's 5% bonus of your armor and magic resist, which is more better that the other perk, with 2 Health Regen on 5 seconds.

Here it goes, maybe on your escape route, +15 movement speed. Or you can catch someone on the river / brush, maybe only because you have this perk and your enemy doesn't

This is a "MUST" on Yorick. The bonus 8% you get from life steal is something you should never "avoid". Plus other healings on you, regen and shields you receive.

Here you have a bonus of 15% cooldown reduction on your summoner spells. Take it over Perseverance because on your low health, this regen is almost insignificant with your life steals, or overall.

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  • After patch 6.7, One of Yorick's main items which made him a killing machine was strongly nerfed: Maw of Malmortius, and I've decided to remove it from the guide and reconstruct the standard build.
Spoiler: Click to view

Pick it always as first item, because you will have really big problem with mana on early game. You will need for the potion sustain during the game. Sell it only when you start making the 5th item!

Always pick this on your 1st recall, after you got 750g. If you have more that 1050g, try to buy Boots of Speed as well

Go for this on your second recall, and if you own more gold, try to upgrade your Boots of Speed at least into Boots of Swiftness, and in the meantime upgrade to Boots of Swiftness - Alacrity, before to end The Black Cleaver.

Pick this after level 9 for a better vision

The best movement speed boots in combat. Try to rush it before The Black Cleaver is done. On 2nd recall, run Phage and then focus on boots. YOU NEED MOBILITY!

End this only after you got your boots on maximum upgrade. You have Phage already.
The Black Cleaver as first item after boots, gives you more that enough status to be a GOD in the game!

After The Black Cleaver, normally Tear of the Goddess which you got on your first recall, should be almost or reach +750. Make the item, Manamune if is not fully charged or Muramana if have the +750 mana status done. Now you should not have anymore problem with mana on Yorick, and the damage burst is much more higher.

This blue item apply on hit a mass slow and a burst which offers you more sustain and status that the fight odds turns into your favor.
It's brilliant to "Q" as often as you can now, because you have lower CD, high burst and a mass slow after you get the Gauntlet.

Now after rebuild this champion, Spirit visage gives you an insane tanky status, magic resist and the passive with life steal is working very well on Yorick. Since "MAW" was removed from the guide, rush always the last 2 items as defensive ones, because you gonna need more sustain on late game. Spirit visage should be one of them...Of course, if they have AP threat.

I've said earlier, that the last 2 items should be defensive ones now, and here goes in the role of this item. They will have for sure AD bursts champions. With this, you end the final build, and now in late game, you are still a killing machine and a tank in the same time. If they have AD high threat, build this as 5th item.

  • These 3 items should be the only additional items you may consider to add to the standard build. Don't go for anything else, is doesn't worth the money.

Pick Guardian Angel whenever they have insane threat which focus on you, and you may die very often on late game. Pick it instead of one of the last two items, not anything else. It depends on your game which one it will be replaced.

Anyone knows that Trinity is the most expensive item in the game. It have better burst that Iceborn Gauntlet, more sustain on late game, but it have the same passive Trinity Force like The Black Cleaver (:RAGE). That's one of the reasons I put it here, but if you want to build it, replace the Iceborn Gauntlet with this one. Even if I do not strongly recommend it, your burst can wipe some enemies.

If you have overall a tanky team, and they need more damage, Pick this item instead of Spirit Visage or Dead Man's Plate, depending on the game status (AP carry feeded on the enemy team, AD Carry, enemy team is not a threat etc...)

This is the main and the only jungle item you should rush on Yorick, if you go jungle of course. In rest, rush your normal build, and give up on the last item, because this one is going to replace that space.

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Tips & Tricks!

All right, Here I should write some rows, to share with you my personal Tips and Tricks you can do with Yorick

Did you know that:

  • Fighting in 1vs1 situation with all your skills in shortest time, increase drastically your chance of succed, because of all summoned ghouls in the same time? Every each of them having it's own unique status, and you will have increased damage and damage reduction.
  • If you run from someone or trying to catch an enemy player, and you have minions / rift scuttler , or neutral monsters around, hitting them with "Q", increase drastically your movement speed while the ghoul is active, up to 5 seconds.
  • Ghouls doesn't follow the enemy in brushes, if you don't have visibility there. This is an escape way from your ghouls for enemy champions. Brushes!
  • Ghouls always focus on enemy champions. If you spawn your skills on minions while an enemy champion is in range, ghouls ATTACK him!
  • You can make dragon solo on low level. And did you know that you can make Rift solo with no stress after level 6-7?
  • Use your Omen of Death on your ADC if is about to die in a team fight.
  • Use your Omen of Death on you and control the clone, sending it into the enemy turret for aggro, if they have someone with very low hp defending it, allowing you or your allied to secure a kill safe.

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Gaming as Yorick

  • Yoooorick is digging a graveyard for the enemy teams in random games, in League of Legends.
  • There'll be some recorded moments or games with Yorick, to show it's capability with this build and guide.

Here I am with Yorick on late game, doing insane damage with this build and having a lot of sustain and life steal, and killing them one by one in an unofficial quadra solo.
0:42 seconds video length

In this video I recorded a moment when I did a triple kill with Yorick, moment when the enemy team forfeit.
(Give them a reason to surrender) - 0:35 seconds video length

Here's one Yorick game which I play on ranked against Jayce, carrying the game after mid-game with this build, and leading my team to victory.
35 minutes video length

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Additional Guide Changes & New Patches

All right guys, here I will drop some changes through the guide or new patches which affect the items or Yorick Gameplay.

06.04.2016 - Patch 6.8 Changes:

Corrupting Potion was modified during this patch:
  • HEALTH REGENERATION 150 health per charge ⇒ 125 health per charge
  • MANA REGENERATION 50 mana per charge ⇒ 75 mana per charge
On my personal opinion, there's a little boost on this potion for Yorick since he have early mana problems. Now got boosted.

Iceborn Gauntlet Suffered an ugly nerf this patch...Even like this, is very useful to have it.
  • SPELLBLADE 125% base attack damage ⇒ 100% base attack damage

06.04.2016 - Patch 6.7 ; Major BUILD Changes;

  • REMOVED: Maw of Malmortius - This item got a very strong nerf on this patch and I've decided to completely remove it from the guide.
  • Because of that, the standard Yorick BUILD suffered major changes;
  • Please read ITEMS CHAPTER for more information.

23.03.2016 - Patch 6.6

In this patch there are not so many chances which affects Yorick.
  • Ravenous Hydra's combination is more simple, the required items to build it has changed.

22.03.2016 - MAJOR GUIDE UPDATE!

Updated the following:
  • Runes page and chapter!
  • Mastery Page and chapter!
  • Final items and items chapter!
  • Summoner Spells page and chapter!
  • Minor updates through the others chapters.

09.03.2016 - Patch 6.5

Guardian Angel Price decreased and status changed
    COMBINE COST 1380 gold ⇒ 1180 gold
    TOTAL COST 2900 gold ⇒ 2700 gold
    REVIVE AMOUNT 30% of maximum health ⇒ the greater of 700 health or 30% maximum health

09.03.2016 - Notes:

  • This Chapter was created

Guide Top


All right...

  • I hope I can be useful to someone with this guide, and I will try my best to keep it updated every time something new releases or I get or discover more ideas and points about this epic champion!
  • I wish all the best to you my friend.
  • If you find this useful, I will appreciate your support with a vote up.
  • You can check my Shen and Kayle guides below, if you are interested.

    Shen! In Depth, Complete GUIDE, by Xplor

    Kayle, In depth Complete GUIDE!

  • And please Follow my YouTube Channel, where I will upload lots of games with Yorick, Shen and many different Champions. I Will subscribe back!

    YouTube Channel