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Ezreal Build Guide by Xplor

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xplor

[Patch 6.10] Ezreal MID ! 3 in 1 Super In-Depth Guide

Xplor Last updated on May 21, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Guide Top


  • Hello Summoners!

  • My name is Gabriel (IGN Xplor) and Welcome to my complete in-depth Ezreal guide.
  • What I am trying to do, is to write down into a very in-depth guide all my experience and things I know about this champions.
    I will try to simplify all over the guide some shortcuts about these 3 builds, such as:
  • Blue Build Ezreal - Blue Ezreal
  • Marksman Ezreal - Green Ezreal
  • Ability Power Ezreal - Red Ezreal

Ezreal – The Prodigal Explorer
Ranged, Marksman, Mage

Primary BUILDS: Blue Build Ezreal, Marksman Ezreal, AP Ezreal
Laning: MID Lane (primary to this guide), Bottom Lane, TOP Lane
Speciality: Burst and Quick shots, infinite POKE.
Explanation: Ezreal is an Amazing Champion, one of the best in League of Legends if right played, not to mention, VERY FUN TO PLAY!
He is the new META on MID from season 6!
Ezreal have a very high killing potential, such a good mobility and even a global presence with his ultimate. It's very hard to master it, indeed, but once you do, you can have the biggest win chance coming from your side.

  • In this guide you gonna find 3 different ways to "MID Ezreal":




What are these?
  • Blue Build Ezreal Is one particular way and uncommon to build some specific "blue items" for infinite poke and slow, good damage through and extremely low CD / very good mana pool.
    (Custom name: Blue Ezreal)
  • Marksman Ezreal Is more or less, the standard marksman burst build, which works incredibly well on MID lane, giving you some very good burst damages all over the game.
    (Custom name: Green Ezreal)
  • Ability Power Ezreal Is one specific way to build this champion totally different like the other builds, going on ability power huge strikes damage and a fast way to shut down enemies.
    (Custom name: Red Ezreal)

Guide Top

Pros / Cons

  • Ezreal is such a nice champion and fun to play, there have lots of PROS but, more or less it haves some CONS like any other champions.

  • Incredible Burst and Poke.
  • Many Ways to Build it.
  • Very Good Mobility.
  • No Mana Problems.
  • Extremely Low Cooldowns
  • Global Impact Ultimate
  • Very Fun to Play.
  • All Abilities are Skillshots.
  • Hard to Play.
  • Harder to Master.
  • High FPS / Low Latency REQUIRED!
  • Farm Dependent.
  • Items Dependent.
  • Can Die Very Easy

  • Infinite Poke / AoE Slow with Q
  • Enormous Mana Pool
  • Maximum CDR Reduction up to MID Game
  • Very Hard to Catch
  • Not so Burster like Green Ezreal
With Blue Ezreal, your "Q" Poke is very strong, and after you got the Iceborn Gauntles, this is going to be your "hard CC", going to have a very low CD 45% (up to 0.9 sec on Q) if you don't miss your target. Your damage still going to be strong but not the strongest...

  • Very Strong Burst Damage
  • Still can reach Maximum CDR
  • Good Attack Speed, Crit Chance and damage
  • Can Q-instant Shots minions.
  • Your Q don't slow like Blue Ez and Crit.
The standard Marskman Build gives your Q a high burst damage which can end a target in matter of seconds if right played. But you don't have anymore slow on your Q so everything is more risky. Little harder to play that Blue Ezreal since your enemies can gap closer to you with no stress... End the target before he ends you.

  • All skills benefits from AP
  • High "W" Burst to targets
  • "W" Ignore minions, easier to hit a target
  • Very Weak Waveclear
  • Cannot poke; Closer range and more risky
With normal AD builds, your main damage is Q, but as Ability Power Ezreal you are going to use main "W", which ignore minions and have lower range. Indeed, all your skills have high burst damage now, since your "W" use only Ability Power, and now you main it.
Luden's Echo's passive applies to your ultimate as well.
Playing right as AP Ezreal requires some knowledge and skill of this champion.

R o l e s :

  • Blue Ezreal

    - Very Good Poke and CC on your Q
    Pick it when your team have enough damagers and they need some more CC in the team.
  • Green Ezreal

    - High Burst Damage on your Q
    Pick it exactly opposed of Blue Ezreal - When your team have CC but they need more damage.
  • Red Ezreal

    - Highest Burst damage and Early Attack Speed Sustain for your team.
    Pick it when your team need alot of damage, you have champions mained by Attack Speed in your team and when your opponent is a melee with lack of gap abilities.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

  • Flashis the father of all summoner spells. In combination with Arcane Shift, you are safe to do almost whatever you want.
  • It gives you an extreme gap closer to a target, can save you from some ugly situations, even helps you to tricky secure a kill, dragon or baron sometimes.
  • You should never avoid to take it!
  • Pick it ALWAYS as 1st summoner spell

  • You play with Ezreal on MID lane, you need to win lane as fast as possible, to secure some kills, help your team mates with a gank and so on.
  • Ignite gives better chance of winning your lane, very good pick for aggressive style.
  • It would be my 2nd pick against most of the champions, who don't represent a high threat to you.

  • Taking Barrier as a 2nd spell, is very good choise in some situations, and can save you from an imminent death (like Zed's ultimate) or any other similar situations :)
  • Pick it if you play vs a very aggressive champion, and you have to play defensive.

  • Heal is more like a Marksman summoner spell, used by AD carries, but can be picked on MID as well, a mass-heal very useful in team fights, or for the movement speed burst which can save you / secure a kill.
  • I do NOT recommend it, if your opponent have Ignite, because it counters the heal (Of course, you can't know that!).

  • If you managed somehow to be TOP (yes, Ezreal can go top as well), pick Teleport which is main summoner spell for that area of the map.
  • On mid, pick it if you aggressively push the enemy lanes, or somehow your presence is often needed all over the map (defending towers, a fight which started without you, etc.)
  • Still I prefer to pick it ONLY if you are premade with your team, for a much better coordinating all over the map.

  • In a galaxy far, far away, it was discovered that on the lane, split from LCS's, Smite CAN be used on MID lane as secondary summoner spell, along with Skirmisher's Sabre - Runic Echoes on RED Ezreal, for a much better farming (since RED Ezreal have very low farm potential), for it's passives and for many other needs.
  • Don't pick it unless you know the champion, because you must give UP to one summoner spell which can be essential for that game, and you have your premade team to avoid the "trolling accusations" .

  • That would be all summoner spells which I can consider they can fit in Summoners Rift.
  • Do not pick something else ( Exhaust, Ghost and others left) because it doesn't worth!

Guide Top


  • Blue Ezreal and Green Ezreal have usually the same kind of runes, but RED Ezreal goes different, mainly Ability Power ones.
  • I am going to write down some of information about every each of them.

+8.5 Attack Damage at Level 1
Going on Blue or Green build, your main status you need to have is Attack Damage . With both of the builds, you should never bypass early attack damage, because except Doran's Blade you will have no AD input until MID Game (buiding Manamune as 2nd main item on Blue Ezreal, until then Iceborn Gauntlet doesn't give you a bit of AD, or rushing Trinity Force on Green Ezreal, being the first [and low] input of AD).
It is very important to take Greater Mark of Attack Damage

+9 Armor at Level 1
Early levels, some defensive armor doesn't help you only if you play against an AD champion, but it reduce some attack damage dealt by minion waves and most neutral monsters. It's something you should pick, even if you don't play against AD champ. There's nothing else very good you may have, perhaps Greater Seal of Health (these ones are the most expensive runes), but I still prefer Armor (useful all over the game and cheap to rush).

+5% CDR at level 1 and 5% more at level 18
As far as you can see, I've picked to have 6 pieces of Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction for immediate 5% CDR at level one (except masteries) and 3 pieces of Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction for another 5% CDR at level 18.
In the end you will have 10% CDR at level 1 (because of Intelligence and 15% CDR at level 18 with no items.
On Blue Ezreal, the first 2 items ( Iceborn Gauntlet and Ionian Boots of Lucidity with these runes and masteries, gives you around 43% CDR at level 11, which is above normal compared with other champions (big advantage)
On Green Ezreal, you will reach almost maximum cap (43-44% CDR, 45% is only at level 18) after you finish Trinity Force and Essence Reaver due to it's passive.
In the end, these could be the best runes which helps Ezreal to get it's maximum potential as soon as possible!

+6.8 Attack Damage at Level 1
The same point like on Greater Mark of Attack Damage, you should rush these Quintessence for more early attack damage and burst, since until the mid game you will have low AD input or none. I strongly prefer and recommend these, whatever builds you may use (Blue or Green).
Aaaaand now even farming became much more easier! :)

There's nothing else to say about Blue and Green Ezreal runes, you can use it as standard for both of builds.
Now is time to talk next about RED Ezreal RUNES!

+7.8 Magic Penetration at Level 1
As RED Ezreal, Ability Power is going to be your main status. Rushing some Magic Penetration helps you inflict better and more damage into enemies champions. These are standard Marks for a magic champion, and you should always pick them now, if you are following the Ability Power way to "Ez".

+3.7 Mana Regen / 5 sec.
In my personal opinion, on early levels if you go for Ability Power Ezreal build, he is going to be little more mana hunger, even with Tear of the Goddess;
Is not mandatory to pick it, if you don't want it, you can pick Greater Seal of Armor instead, for better early defense against AD opponents (blind pick) or any other AD inputs.

+11 Ability Power at Level 1
It's the main Glyph to pick on RED Ezreal, if you are playing on aggressive mode, and you do, because you are ... Ezreal :)
There's no point to pick something else, because now as RED Ezreal you don't depend anymore on Cooldown Reduction ( YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HIT MAX. CDR ANYMORE ), and going for Magic resist is pointless...
Definitely go for Ability Power Glyphs and ...Quints (next part)

+15 Ability Power at Level 1
The same fact on Quintessence like on the Glyph part... You are on Ability Power now, you should rush some early AP for better damage, which it REALLY MATTERS!.
There are lots of useful quints ofc., but if you consider picking something else which can be better, please let me know and I will update if needed, but until now on my personal opinion, these are the best Quints if rush AP Ezreal.

  • For now there's nothing more to say about the runes, but as far as I will discover new and more useful information, I will update this chapter.
  • If you have some different opinion about it, please let me know.

Guide Top


  • In this chapter I am going to explain in details about the Masteries which goes for BLUE, GREEN and RED Ezreal, and why is important to pick it.
  • BLUE and GREEN Ezreal are using the same Mastery Page
  • RED Ezreal have little different one.

Blue Ezreal
Green Ezreal
Red Ezreal
Basic attacks and single target spells deal 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 bonus damage to minions and monsters.
  • It's pretty simple, Ezreal is a farm dependent champion, this mastery helps you farm better all over the game, specially on early levels. On Ezreal, it worth more that the other perk, which is 3% movement speed out of combat.

Blue Ezreal
Green Ezreal
Red Ezreal
Secret Stash
Your potions, flasks and elixirs last 10% longer. Additionally, your potions are replaced with biscuits that restore 20 Health and 10 Mana instantly upon consumption.
  • There's little more a "duel" between Secret Stash and Assassin , since you are going to be alone on middle lane (2% increased damage).
  • I find in some situations, early boosted potions could be much better that the additional damage, which helps you last little longer on lane (every bit of hp and mana matters).
  • It's not mandatory to pick the Secret Stash , Assassin is a good perk too, but in the end it's up to you.
  • I will stick with Secret Stash for now.

Blue Ezreal
Green Ezreal
Red Ezreal
Deal 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 % increased damage to champions below 40% Health.
  • This perk gives you some increased damage against a low HP target, this damage is included on all your abilities, specially your ULTIMATE. I find it more useful when you shoot Trueshot Barrage to have increased damage for a better chance to end the target.
  • On the other way, Meditation gives you pretty good mana regeneration, but since you don't have so much problem with mana on Ezreal (huge mana pool, except RED Ezreal, which still benefits from Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration), you should go for damage.
  • I recommend 100% Merciless on Blue and Green Ezreal, and it's up to you on the end on RED Ezreal which you are going to pick (increased damage or little more mana regeneration?)

Blue Ezreal
Green Ezreal
Red Ezreal
Dangerous Game
Champion kills and assists restore 5% of your missing Health and Mana.
    Hue, hue!
  • It's the only viable perk since the other one is mostly for supports.
  • It gives you pretty nice restore if you gain kills or assists during a fight.
  • Better odds that the fight to goes into your favor (how i said, every bit of HP and MP matters)

Blue Ezreal
Green Ezreal
Your Cooldown Reduction cap is increased by 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 % and you gain 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5% Cooldown Reduction.
  • Here goes another extremely useful perk, since you are going on BLUE and GREEN Ezreal to reach maximum and beyond Cooldown Reduction (without this perk, maximum CDR is 40%. Now is increased to 45%), plus starting with 5% more CDR (10% at level 1 with runes included).
  • It's one of the main perks which can benefits Ezreal with these 2 AD Builds.

Red Ezreal
Gain 0.6 / 1.2 / 1.8 / 2.4 / 3.0 (+ 0.06 / 0.12 / 0.18 / 0.24 / 0.3 per level) Magic Penetration and Armor Penetration.
  • On the other side of Intelligence , here came the Precision, which is much more useful for RED Ezreal, since on Ability Power you are not going to reach maximum CDR and benefit too much from it.
  • Magic Penetration is much better in this situation.

Blue Ezreal
Green Ezreal
Red Ezreal
Thunderlord's Decree
Your third attack or spell on an enemy champion shocks the area around them, dealing 10 damage per level plus 30% of your bonus Attack Damage and 10% of your Ability Power as magic damage to enemies in the area (25-15 second cooldown, based on Champion Level).
  • I find that the most important keystone is this one! it gives you an insane power strike when you hit 3 times the enemy champions. You can end a target in matter of seconds with Ezreal, and there come lots of damage from this keystone as well.
  • On the other hand, going for Cunning tree, allows you to access the Intelligence for BLUE and GREEN Ezreal which you can't if you go on Ferocity for different Keystone...
  • It's insane how much burst you can have with this one.
  • Just try if you are not decided, is absolutely free, but I assure you that it gives you the best power spike you can get in a short time.
  • Definitely now and in the future I will recommend it on BLUE, GREEN and RED Ezreal, until it gets strongly nerfed.

Blue Ezreal
Green Ezreal
You get additional + 0.8 / 1.6 / 2.4 / 3.2 / 4 % Attack Speed
  • Ezreal passive, Rising Spell Force gives you up to 50% additional attack speed if max stacked.
  • Essence Flux the same, gives some bonus Attack Speed on you, on an easy combo (I will speak later about it).
  • Blue and specially GREEN Ezreal have huge benefits from attack speed.
  • Pick this perk as always!

Red Ezreal
You have + 0.4 / 0.8 / 1.2 / 1.6 / 2 % Increased Damage from Abilities
  • Since BLUE and GREEN Ezreal benefits from Attack Speed, on the other side of that perk is Sorcery, a very good one for RED Ezreal.
  • It gives you some additional damage from abilities.
  • The other one (Attack Speed) is pointless on Ability Power Ezreal.

Blue Ezreal
Green Ezreal
Red Ezreal
Killing a unit restores 20 Health (25 second cooldown).
  • Again we have a duel between this one and Double Edged Sword But me, personally I prefer this for a much better sustain in lane, specially during early levels.

Blue Ezreal
Green Ezreal
Red Ezreal
+ 0.4 / 0.8 / 1.2 / 1.6 / 2.0 % Life Steal and Spell Vamp
  • Many people thinks that Natural Talent on Ezreal is a good pick.
  • Many that Vampirism would be much better.
  • I say that Vampirism is all-the-way, since the status from Natural Talent is way too low to gets early benefits and on late game, way too low to notice it...
  • Vampirism stacks also with Doran's Blade life steal on early game, and later on BLUE and GREEN Ezreal, Blade of the Ruined King is going to be built.
  • In the end, It's all about stacking some life steal for more sustain all over the game, specially on late when it gets more benefits from every income.
  • RED Ezreal does not benefits from any spellvamp from items, but passively is restoring some health while farming...

Blue Ezreal
Green Ezreal
Red Ezreal
Bounty Hunter
You deal 1% increased damage for each unique enemy champion you kill.
  • As Ezreal you are going to have kills, and sooner or later you are going to have (I think) a maximum of 5% damage increase from each unique champion you killed ( the enemy team have 5 champions, 1% unique for every each of them ).
    Oppressor is a very GOOD Pick but only on BLUE Ezreal because of your slow pokes with Q.
  • But in the end on my personal opinion, for only one perk I don't want to make an additional page to difference the BLUE and GREEN Ezreal.
  • Later you are going to have 5% damage increased which would be much better to say.
  • But not early games anyway...
  • Still, if you are going to play all over the way only BLUE BUILD Ezreal and nothing else, then pick Oppressor for early poke damage.
  • If not, remain with standard Bounty Hunter and benefit more on later game.

  • For now that would be all to say about Masteries.
  • I will keep the chapter updated, if something changes.

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Skill Sequence

Let's talk about main skill sequence on BLUE, GREEN and RED Ezreal

  • Like this is going to be the Skill Sequence for all 3 builds.


In Skill Sequence, the RED dot represent RED Ezreal (Ability Power) point allocation.
Alone, it means that is the only build which use ability point om respective level.

The same like before, the BLUE and GREEN dots while alone represents a point allocated by BLUE and GREEN Ezreal to a specific level, different that RED Ezreal
Note that the Blue Build and Marksman Build use the same ability sequence, this is why the dots are always together.

These 3 dots together represent a common skill point allocated to a specific level by all 3 builds (BLUE, GREEN and RED).

Blue and Green Ezreal, main ability to use is Mystic Shot(Q). It have a very good burst damage with an insane low cooldown, specially if you hit the target (reduced by 1.5 sec)

On the other hand,RED Ezreal goes on Ability Power. Essence Flux is the main ability to use.
It have some advantages and disadvantages compared to Mystic Shot:
- Benefits only from Ability Power
- Can be used on an allied for increased attack speed
- Have high burst damage
- Ignore minions and can HIT directly an enemy champion
(Advantages and Disadvantages, more details little below...)

Arcane Shift is the main mobility skill on all Ezreal builds, and should be ALWAYS maxed as secondary one.

The Abilities benefits from:

Mystic Shot - Attack Damage, Ability Power
Essence Flux - Ability Power
Arcane Shift - Attack Damage, Ability Power
Trueshot Barrage - Attack Damage, Ability Power

Hitting a target with any of Ezreal's abilities increases his attack speed by 10% for 6 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.

This is the Ezreal passive and to be honest, it's extremely useful, giving you up to 50% attack speed if you stack it 5 times.
Depends on the builds you are choosing during the game, this passive can be very useful to be max stacked when attacking a target.
GREEN Ezreal benefits most from the passive, knowing that there are few items in that build which gives you attack speed as well.
This doesn't mean that is useless on the other builds, it's very important on all of them actually.
  • Note that Essence Flux gives you some attack speed burst as well in a very easy combo (I will speak below about it).
  • So, stack it whenever you can.
  • Starting the fight while you have 5 stacks gives you greater odds to end a target extremely fast. You can do it by attacking minions if you plan to engage.

  • Cooldown: 6.5 / 6 / 5.5 / 5 / 4.5
  • Cost: 28 / 31 / 34 / 37 / 40
  • Range: 1100
  • Ezreal fires a bolt of energy that deals 35 / 55 / 75 / 95 / 115 (+1.1 per attack damage) (+40% of ability power) physical damage and applies on-hit effects. If it strikes an enemy unit it reduces all of Ezreal's cooldowns by 1.5 seconds.

  • This is the main ability on BLUE and GREEN Ezreal
  • You fire a bolt in one direction which collide with first enemy meet within the range.
  • It have a low cooldown and if you succeed to hit a target, his cooldown is reduced and to all other Ezreal abilities by 1.5 SECONDS!
  • You can spam this skill because of the very low mana required.
  • This actually acts like an enhanced autoattack with on-hit effect
  • With full CDR, you reach around 0.9 sec CD if you hit a target.
  • If you have cooldown on other Ezreal Abilities, like "E" or ultimate, spam this on minions, so it reduces the cd to all skills by 1.5sec, and again you restore quickly your ultimate.
  • After you get some mana pool, use it to last hit (half hp) minions for an insane easy farm. But not before because it can let you with no mana!
  • Not to mention that you can have a VERY SAFE Farm with Q
  • If you miss an enemy opponent with this ability, don't think to engage because you have reduced winning chance.
  • POKE a target TO INFINITE with Blue Ezreal, slowing him all the time.
  • But most important, keep practicing this ability, because is not so easy to have high accuracy.

  • Cooldown: 9
  • Cost: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90
  • Range: 900
  • Ezreal fires a fluctuating wave of energy at a targeted area. Any enemy champions it passes through take 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+80% of ability power) magic damage, while any allied champions (including Ezreal) it travels through have their attack speed increased by 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 % for 5 seconds.
  • This is most important ability on RED Ezreal
  • It have insane burst damage and easy to shoot an enemy champion
  • It passes through units, so you cannot farm with.
  • If you play with Blue or Green Ezreal, do not spam with this spell, because it will wipe your mana quickly.
  • Use it on allies while doing dragon / baron for better attack speed, even while you have a team fight if you play with Blue or Green Ezreal.
  • It have 3 uses: Attack Enemy champion, buff your allies, and... buff you through a simple combo...
  • And below is going to be that simple combo, how to buff yourself:
  • Use your Essence Flux into a target direction
  • Quickly TELEPORT ( Arcane Shift, your E) Into that direction you cast.
  • The "W" you cast before, now pass through you, giving you some additional attack speed.

  • Cooldown: 19 / 17.5 / 16 / 14.5 / 13
  • Cost: 90
  • Range: 475
  • Ezreal teleports to a target nearby location and fires a homing arrow at the nearest enemy unit dealing 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 (+75% of ability power) (+0.5 per bonus attack damage) magic damage.
  • This skill is basically a Flash every few seconds which does damage to first target within range
  • Is his main mobility SKILL which makes him a hero, and sometimes a GOD.
  • Used right, you can escape from any situations, or catch anyone.
  • Try to catch him now! :)
  • Do not use this ability to engage unless you know you are going to take down the target.
  • This "E" practically jumps over... all walls in the game?... Hmm. Let's say 95% of the walls from the Summoners Rift!
  • Now Ezreal is almost impossible to gank while on MID Lane!
  • Use this ability WISE!!!
  • Allocate points to it as 2nd skill on all builds.

  • Cooldown: 120
  • Cost: 100
  • Range: 20000
  • Ezreal channels for 1 second to fire a powerful barrage of energy missiles, which deal 350 / 500 / 650 (+1.0 per bonus attack damage) (+90% of ability power) magic damage to each enemy unit they pass through. However, it deals 10% less damage for each additional unit it hits (30% minimum damage).
  • This ultimate have a global map presence which keep enemies under pressure.
  • It's a skillshot ability, so there's a high chance to miss.
  • Unexpected, you can shutdown enemies from fog of view / long range when they expect less
  • It's a good thing through, that it's stacks with Attack Damage and Ability Power as well.
  • USING IT to NUKE a team fight is more benefit than waiting to snipe a low HP.
  • You can use it to defend a tower by huge minion waves.
  • You can use as well to blind shoot dragon / baron if not warded and maybe the enemy presence is there, or if the enemy team are doing it and is warded, try to steal it.
  • This is all for now on this chapter and I will keep it updated.
  • If further I will have more things to say about, or new patches are going to change something, I will post an update with notification about.

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Enabling Quick Cast

  • If you don't have enabled QUICK CAST I strongly recommend to read this chapter.
  • If you have it already, you can skip it.

What is Quick Cast?

  • Quick is a system that automatically casts the selected ability at (or towards) the current mouse cursor position, as if you had first pressed the ability button and then left-clicked at the target position.
  • Quick cast works for self-buff abilities, targeted abilities, ground-targeted abilities and skillshots.

With less information, to cast an ability (for example Ezreal Mystic Shot) without Quick Cast, you have to press Q, it shows you the animated direction and range of the ability, and you have to press click to cast it.
With Quick Cast on, you press Q and the spell is directly casted in the mouse cursor direction.

Ezreal is one of the champions which benefits the MOST from Quick Cast system.

Your casting time and effort is DRASTICALLY Reduced, making it much more easier to land and use an ability.

For example below we have 2 gif images which shows the difference between Normal Cast and Quick Cast:



As you can see, having quick cast offers you an much better and easier gameplay with this champion.
Once you activate Quick Cast, is activated for all champions. You can disable it any time you wish.

How to activate:
  • While in game, go to MENU by pressing ESCAPE and Choose Hotkeys TAB
  • There you see the window of which shortcut keys you want to activate quick cast.
  • PRESSING QUICK CAST enable all of them (including D, F, and numbers from 1 to 7).
  • You can personalize as you wish.
  • And on the end, press OK to save it.
  • To disable it, click on Normal Cast.

  • That would be all about quick cast, If you are doing it first time, take some custom games and practice with it.
  • You will get use very fast, and is going to be much more benefit.

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ITEMS! (Starting items, 1st recall and Trinkets)

  • So, finally we got to "ITEMS" Chapter.
  • There's a lot of information I want to write, so I recommend reading it for a much better understanding.

Like this is going to look all 3 Major Builds:
  • Blue Build Ezreal (Blue EZ)
  • Marksman Ezreal (Green Ez)
  • Ability Power Ezreal (Red Ez)

Every each of them gives to Ezreal the power to carry a game if right played.

Playing as BLUE or GREEN Ezreal you can decide in game which one you can go after the 2nd recall, because they have similar runepage, masteries and starting items / recall options...

But if you decide to go on RED Ezreal you must pick runes / masteries before to enter the game, so once you got inside, you can't change your path anymore.

I am going to talk below about every build, and every item one by one in details...

Offensive Starting Items

This is the standard offensive starting items for Blue
Taking the Doran's Blade gives you enough very early sustain to farm and recover your health, and should be pick over 90% of time.

On the moment, blade cost 450g so there's 50 more gold left for a Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation. Take it.

The Green Ezreal have the same starting items like Blue Ezreal. Take the blade and one potion for early sustain, there's no doubt.

Unless you are going to pick a defensive start for safe laning and farming, if you are against a very aggressive champion.

Things are little different on RED Ezreal, you are going to have the "ring" as starting item.
It gives you the best option as a starting item, including mana regeneration which you are going to need some on RED Ezreal
This one costs now 400g and there you have 100g left, enough to take about 2 Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation.

Defensive Start

If you feel yourself that you are against a heavy-burst champion which can makes you trouble, poking and damaging you all the time, I strongly recommend to have a "defensive start", taking the Corrupting Potion.
Not only that you have a good defensive start with 3 potions and a "red buff" while you are using it, but this items is going to last mostly all over the game (until late game), saving your money from further potions every time you recall to base.

Wards and Trinkets

This is the most common starting trinket on Ezreal and should be picked about 99% of the time. Keep warding your middle lane bushes (if possible both of them) and stick more to the side where you have ward, so at least you won't be taken by surprise if the enemy jungle wants to gank you.

There's no doubt that you are GOING to buy a vision ward every time you can and you don't have one placed. Is not about only placing on the middle bushes, it's about KEEPING warded many places as you can, you and your team.
Having a better vision all over the map DRASTICALLY increase your winning chance.
Never avoid buying it, if there is Shaco or Evelynn in the enemy team!

Speaking about Shaco above, if there's one in the enemy team, you should pick Sweeping Lens as starting trinket. You won't know when he is coming, but there's at least an early chance to detect him. Or if you know he is running through your jungle, or seeing it jumping on invisible, with a fast time of reaction you can detect him.
Is not mandatory to pick it if you play safe, but make sure on your first recall you are going to buy a Vision Ward and every time you get to the shop (if it was destroyed your active one)

This is the best trinket for detecting invisible units and champions, and you should always have it, of course if the enemy team have invisible champions.
If not, don't pick it only to detect wards, your support should have it already.
It's only available from level 9

The last and the most important trinket for Ezreal
Warding is good, but more important for you is to have after level 9 this trinket.
It gives you an area of detection on a pretty big range from you, allowing you to aim better your ultimate into a zone with zero vision.
Also it helps you to detect the areas like Dragon / Rift-Baron if is not warded or the wards expired / was destroyed, giving you the possibility to take an successful shot and stealing the objectives.
Is the best vision-from-far you can pick, and you should take it on Ezreal after level 9


Because BLUE and GREEN Ezreal goes on the same path a little, this is going to be the both standard 1st recall.
If you have over 750g but below 1050g, pick just Tear of the Goddess
If you reach 1050g pick Boots of Speed as well.
Tear of the Goddess should be picked early as possible because it gives you the missing mana to harass the enemies with your Q, and it need to be stacked as soon as possible (specially on BLUE Ezreal when you are going to have Manamune built little earlier that on GREEN Ezreal
Don't forget that, on 2nd recall YOU SHOULD ALWAYS RUSH Sheen on both builds.


The same like the other 2 builds, the first recall on build Ezreal should be the same, if you have between 750g and 1050g.
Pick Tear of the Goddess as soon as possible, because stacking in on RED Ezreal gonna be little harder that the other 2 builds, since you won't spam with spells so much.


If you manage somehow to stay longer on the lane and reach 1800g, I strongly recommend to pick Tear of the Goddess and Sheen as 1st recall.
Until here, the BLUE Ezreal and GREEN Ezreal is going to have the same path.
Further, if you didn't before, you must decide which path if you are going to follow:


RED Ezreal have little different path... If you stand on lane and collect over 1600g pick the Tear of the Goddess and Aether Wisp (which is going to be build into Lich Bane) - I will talk more about this item in the final build below...
Anyway, is important to have little more ability power early game, not only that, you have some bonus movement speed as well.

Q: Why I didn't pick on RED Ezreal like on the other builds Sheen on 1st or 2nd recall, and I rush Aether Wisp instead?
A: To be honest, on BLUE and GREEN Ezreal, Mystic Shot is main skill which use the Sheen and applies on hit effects.
On RED Ezreal you are going to use your Essence Flux which needs little more ability power earlier, since it's standard output damage is very low, and it doesn't benefit from on-hit effects like Mystic Shot.

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This kind of boots are very important to rush and you should never avoid them, since it's in the path to reach maximum Cooldown Reduction.
Usually you should upgrade to this stage after the 1st item ( Iceborn Gauntlet) is built, but with no problem can be done before, since they are very cheap to rush.
Unfortunately there are no more enhancements on the boots, but this fact affect all champions not only Ezreal

  • This is the main and most important item on BLUE Ezreal, which makes him unique and alive!
Iceborn Gauntlet's passive which creat an icy zone damaging for an fair big amount and slowing insanely in a small AOE, fit perfectly with Mystic Shot activating and applying every time.
With an 1.5 seconds Cooldown, AND 2 SECONDS FIELD, you just officially turn into an insane poker, slowing continuously enemies hit by your Q and damaging them pretty well.
Not only that, but you just got 20% more CDR (with boots if you already built and runes / masteries, you have around 43% Cooldown reduction, rising to 45% at level 18).
aaaaaaaaaaaand more, you have insane mana pool again, and some Armor which helps you against any AD threats!
This item is the reason BLUE BUILD Ezreal EXISTS!
And... it's very cheap to rush!

Manamune is another big step into this build and is going to be the 1st item which gives you Attack Damage.
If you respect the build order, and you go now for this, you should have close or reach 750 mana on Tear of the Goddess, while making this item.
Once you have 750 mana on it, Manamune became Muramana, giving you INSANE mana pool and some pretty big bonus damage (consuming a fair amount of mana).
You should not worry about the readings from this item (consuming X% mana), because It's almost impossible to get with no mana on Ezreal anymore!
You can poke and damage as much as you can, and even if Muramana eats mana percentage, it will stop on 20%, which is insanely enough to shot dozens of skills with no issues (including regeneration as well).

This item is another part of the BLUE BUILD, and Is very important to pick as well.
To be honest there are many benefits from this item, and all of them are extremely important!
I will make a short list about them:
  • Life Steal - 10% (extremely benefit, it gives you insane sustain on lane)
  • Deal % damage (with this item you can take down tanks even faster, and all your targets HP are going to fade like crazy)
  • Attack Speed (since Ezreal's passive gives you attack speed and as well self-combo Essence Flux, with this item you can take down towers and objectives so fast and easy only from auto attacks!)
  • Attack Damage (not so much on numbers, but it really matters and makes the difference!!!)
  • Unique Active! (this active steal 10% of the target maximum HP, and heal you for the same amount. It's insanely benefite against a tanky target, restoring an insane amount of HP and dealing tons of damage. Not to mention that you slow that target by 25% for 3 seconds!)

- And the last item from the mandatory BLUE BUILD, which brings Ezreal to another level!
This item was specially made against TANKS!
With Blade of the Ruined King and this item, you are going to WIPE almost any tanky targets!
That % damage it gives is absolutely insane, because you are going to have lack of HP and definitely lower that most of enemy champions.
Not to mention that you ignore 45% of the enemy bonus armor, which is one of the most benefite status you have!
Now, take a look back of all bonuses from these items until now! Everything together, with this last item from Blue Build, gives you the chance to be the NEW META CARRY into the games!

  • This item does not belong to BLUE BUILD Ezreal. Maybe because it's red? :) Nop.
  • Blue build is made primary from 5 items, and the 6th (this one) is going to be only optional!
I strongly prefer this item as the last one because it gives you an insane power spike to the end of the game, giving you the ability to wipe enemy targets in matter of seconds!
Not only that you got +75 BONUS ATTACK DAMAGE!, but more Armor Penetration as well and some bonus MOVEMENT SPEED!
Not to mention about it's passive, which applies an insane damage to a target over 2 seconds ( LOWER TARGET HP ---> MORE DAMAGE INFLICT ).
This is another item which inflicts percent damage, and is the 3rd one!

How I said before, the BLUE BUILD Ezreal is made from 5 mandatory items, the 6th one is just optional to build (but I strongly prefer it!). There are too many items to pick from, but this seems to be the best one.
I had even a game when I had as 6th item Zz'Rot Portal and won mostly because of that, insanely pushing lanes.
I had games with Guardian Angel as the last items, or Mercurial Scimitar, even The Bloodthirster.
On the end is up to you.

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Once you go on GREEN Ezreal, you should pick the attack speed boots, because one of the main status which benefit this kind of build is Attack Speed.
There's not so much to talk about, maybe that these are pretty expensive comparing to the others, but is going to worth every gold.
Comparing to BLUE Ezreal, you are going to reach maximum CDR here without to build Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

Trinity Force is the main burst output damage.
What can I say about Trinity?!?....
It gives you lots of benefits which can boots Ezreal once you build it! (damage, attack speed, Cooldown reduction, critical strike chance, health, mana, movement speed and 2 passives)
Spellblade Passive, is the same like Iceborn Gauntlet but different on the same time. It doesn't stack together, that's for sure, but the damage output is DOUBLE!!!
Disadvantage is that you won't slow anymore the target like on Blue Ezreal. As well mana pool is little lower, but you have other benefits.
The second passive is that, if you hit a target (with your Q), you are getting a burst movement speed, and if you kill a target (from minions to champions) you get even more bonus movement speed for a short duration.
This is one of the main items on GREEN Ezreal. Build it as far as possible.
Keep in mind that is the most expensive item in game (3800g at the moment.)

This item is on the path of a successful GREEN BUILD, giving you some crazy status overall!
Attack damage coming from this item is very high!
It gives you 20% critical chance and together with Trinity Force you have about 40% critical chance.
You must NOTE that your Mystic Shot does not CRIT, just your auto attacks!
But the passive from Essence Reaver gives you a total of +20% Cooldown reduction coming from a maximum of 30% critical chance (you have 40% already). I am not sure if this include the Cooldown reduction passive or not, but always if you build it after Trinity Force you have 43% Cooldown reduction (from runes and masteries as well)
One more extremely useful passive is that, if you proc critical strike from your auto-attacks you restore about 3% of mana, that means you have basically .... again HUGE MANA POOL.
This item is a "MUST" to have it on this build!

This item is going to be built as well on GREEN EZREAL, giving the same status like on BLUE Ezreal
Better said, Muramana, because until now you have already +750 mana on Tear of the Goddess.
Now with this build, you have again basically INFINITE MANA, due to the passive from Essence Reaver.
Mana pool is going to fluctuate, but is very huge, so you would never have problem with it.
Aaaand the attack damage bonus you will receive from it, is very benefite.

This item is a must to be built on Green Ezreal!
Besides the percent damage you would do to a target, the attack speed stacks with other items ones, and your passive / Essence Flux self-combo, which leads very easily close to a maximum attack speed in League of Legends!
The same active, the same benefits. You deal tons of damage, even more tons, heal yourself, slowing the enemies etc.
It is very important to take this item.
But unfortunately is going to be only the 5th one.

The anti-tank item is going to be built only as the 6th one, and somehow hard to reach it until very late game, because of the costly items you have before.
It is very good against TANKY Champions, and if you get until here, do NOT avoid it!
The % damage on some enemy champions is going to be more that insane doing to the very unique build.
And when you ignore targets bonus armor, your damage is bigger, and bigger and ...bigger

  • Like this it should look the GREEN / MARKSMAN BUILD.
  • These are the best options and combinations possible for a maximum burst damage.
  • The only disadvantage comparing to Blue Ezreal is that you will miss the slow infinite poke.
  • But you will love the damage :)

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  • Before to start, you must know that there's not a specific order to build the RED Ezreal.
  • As early items gonna always take Tear of the Goddess and I strongly prefer Lich Bane as 1st item.
  • Later, you can customize your order, something like, if the enemy have an AD Threat like Zed, you rush Zhonya's Hourglass as soon as possible, and so on.
  • Luden's Echo is an important item which should be build until the 3rd item.
  • Rabadon's Deathcap can be built when you stack some ability power but you feel that is not enough for power strikes.
  • And so on. You can mostly customize your build order, which depends on the game you are and your opponents.

On my personal opinion, I think Ionian Boots of Lucidity are the best boots you are going to build on RED Ezreal
You will definitely won't reach maximum cooldown reduction like on the other 2 builds, but I strongly prefer to have some.
And are very cheap to rush.
Alternatively you can pick Sorcerer's Shoes but there are more expensive.

I strongly prefer to build Lich Bane as 1st item for several reasons:
  • It have the same "Spellblade" passive like Iceborn Gauntlet and Trinity Force, so your Mystic Shot would definitely benefit from this item.
  • Your farm is getting much more easier having this item.
  • Ability Power on high amount.
  • Cooldown reduction, so it's very useful.
  • Mana Pool. Early you gonna have not so much mana, so this item with the Tear of the Goddess (what you built until now) gives you pretty well amount of mana, so you can spam little more abilities with not so much worries.
  • And some extra MOVEMENT SPEED, which really matters!

Luden's Echo is one of the most viable items which goes on this build.
Not only that it have insane ability power amount, but the passive now can burst down enemies, once you stack it.
You can stack the passive when you move and your cast. Once you get full charge, you shock the enemy minions and champions with a pretty big damage burst.
But one of the reasons I love this item so much is the MOVEMENT SPEED (10% on the moment), which stacks with Lich Bane's one.
You gonna have insane movement speed, and very hard to catch. You won't die often due to it's mobility.
You must notice that the passive from this item applies to your Trueshot Barrage as well, discharging on first hit target (It happened for me sometimes that I miss my target with my ultimate but I hit the minion wave and because the enemy champion was near, it discharged into him, securing me an unexpected kill)

Below's one example with a kill secured because of Luden's Echo:

Depends on the moment you are going to build this item, Tear of the Goddess can be stacked at +750 mana or not.
If it is, then Archangel's Staff is going to be upgraded into Seraph's Embrace
  • This item solve all the mana pool problems on RED Ezreal, and it gives you a good amount of ability power (80 AP +3% of your total mana).
  • Comparing to Muramana (on Blue and Green Ezreal), Seraph's Embrace have an unique active which drains 20% of your mana to shield you up!
  • The shield is pretty strong, similar to Barrier, even stronger.
  • Use it wise when you are targeted into a team fight.

Rabadon's Deathcap is the best Ability Power item in League of Legends!

The AP power spike it gives you is insane, giving you the best burst possible.

But I recommend building it later in game, because it needs to stack some AP (+35%)

Later the game is going on, more benefit you get from this item!

My personal opinion, build it between 4th and 6th item!

  • This item is a META into Summoner's Rift and the passive can save you from many bad situations.
  • It's perfect to rush earlier against many AD Champions, such as Zed, Talon and many others.
  • It gives you decent ability power and armor as well.
  • Pick it depending on situation and enemy opponents.
  • On basic games when the enemy team is not such a high threat to you, I recommend building only later, because there are more important items to build earlier.

More or less, this should be the standard Ability Power build on Ezreal
There are few situational items which can benefit as well, and can fit in some games, but mostly I stick to the standard build...
  • Still, let's make a short list:
Is a good AP item to build against a tanky enemy team who rush some magic resist against you. Build it later on game if you really need it!
As I said before, this is not mandatory to rush, but if you are against a champion who stack early some magic resist against you, I would recommend to build these instead of Ionian Boots of Lucidity
The same like above, to counter an enemy champion who build some magic resist against you (Like Athene's Unholy Grail), it's good to rush this item. But is only optional, unless is going to make you hard moments. Build it and revenge!
If you dominate the middle lane and game overall with almost no mortality, I recommend building and stacking this item, for insane Ability Power on cheapest price!
Always buy it on end-game after you got full build (if the game last so long) for more damage output!

Aaaaaand this would be all for the moment with RED Ezreal items, and here we are going to end the "items chapters".
I will keep the builds heavily updated, every time the patch changes or there are new information to write

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Farming and Objectives

  • Ezreal is a champion mostly dependent on farm
  • Farming as BLUE and GREEN Ezreal is quite easy, but not-so as RED Ezreal

I will try to stick to 3 main categories of farming:


When you play against an very aggressive champion and you cannot stand too much in lane against him, PLAY SAFE!
Playing safe under tower is the best option in this case, allowing you to defensively farm and avoid getting killed.
What we know about it?
  • Melee Minions get 2 hits from the tower, getting very low hp, and can be taken by one Ezreal auto-attack.
  • Caster Minions get 1 hit from the tower, getting around 25% health and CANNOT be taken by one Ezreal auto-attack. Depends on attack damage you have, you can first hit the caster minion, tower hit 2nd time, and you last hit to take him down.
    Otherwise if this doesn't help and one auto-attack is not enough to take it down after tower hit, USE Mystic Shot to end it.
  • Siege Minions get only 70% of tower damage, and can get multiple shot. Check always it health, and try to last hit with Mystic Shot AND one Auto Attack to make sure you take it!


Almost every game starts with a "passive farm".
Passive farming is normal laning and farming along with enemy champion without to be very aggressive or you have to play defensively.
Mostly this kind of farm last long time until someone decide to push the lane.
  • While farming passively, try just to last hit the enemy minion with auto attack, dealing only death blow.
  • Try to keep moving all the time around and stand beyond your minions, to avoid getting shot by the enemy champion.
  • If the opponent is trying to push the lane and you think you can face him (into a possible combat), start using your Mystic Shot along with your auto attacks to push the lane back, avoiding your minions to be mistakenly taken by your turret.
  • Use whenever you can Mystic Shot to make sure you take the final blow to the Siege minions (at least I do it and almost never miss the death blow).
  • Make sure you have ready your Arcane Shift to avoid possible ganks.
    Try to ward around every time you have available wards.


With Ezreal you can play aggressive, aiming objectives solo on your lane but make sure of few things:
  • Your enemy presence is not there, or if your opponent is, make sure you own him in a 1vs1 duel, and he cannot kill you (you have secured kills, you know how to play against that champion, the opponent is pretty weak etc.)
  • Make sure you have warded the whole area around (bruises, river etc.) and the other enemy team members are on their lane / low chances to get ganked.
  • Don't push very aggressive if they have champions like Twisted Fate, Nocturne, Shaco, Evelynn, Teemo, Hecarim on their team.
  • If you push under the enemy tower, use your Mystic Shot on nearby enemy minions while auto attack the tower, for stacking the passive and taking it down faster.
  • Stop farming and do other objectives if you push alone too much (for example your team members didn't take any towers down, but you took the first one and you push up to the second one)

There are not so many things to say about, just be very careful when you push aggressive because is risky.

  • I want to take a remember to the majority players from League of Legends that TAKING DOWN OBJECTIVES is definitely way more important that running for kills with no reason (Here I won't include team fights.)
  • Objectives are the way-to-win the game, and you must focus on them!

    I will make a short discussion how Ezreal works with League of Legends Objectives:

    The Ezreal capability to take down objectives goes downward in the following order:
    • GREEN Ezreal have the most power strength to take down turrets and inhibitors because it have the most stacked Attack Damage and Attack Speed from all 3 builds.
    • BLUE Ezreal goes next having lower capability that GREEN Ezreal, because is based on poke and infinite slow, which doesn't deny the difference of damage between these 2 builds.
    • RED Ezreal - From these 3 builds, the hardest one to take down objectives like inhibitors and turrets is coming from Ability Power Ezreal, since it have almost no benefit to auto-attacks except the passive and self-combo attack speed...

    Randomly shooting with Essence Flux or Mystic Shot without to hit a target while attacking the enemy turret, applies "Spellblade" passive (if you got the respectively items) which can discharge on your next auto-attack on turret (YES, spellblade passive discharge on turret) for way much better damage and faster takedown!

    As well, self-combo the Essence Flux and shooting the minions which defend the turret with Mystic Shot, applies and stacks your attack speed passives, aiming to a maximum amount for a very fast take down these objectives.

    Be careful if you self-combo for bonus attack speed, brings Arcane Shift on cooldown which makes you vulnerable!

    Do not deny the power of Ezreal to take down Turrets and Inhibitors!

    Just to make a short review, It is very important that you and your team will do these objectives!
    • Being on MID Lane, your presence will be NEEDED at dragon, but try to make it "stealthy" without your opponent to notice it.
    • Always use your Mystic Shot as much as you can and Essence Flux on all your team members (more allies benefits from Essence Flux, more stacks you get to your passive), and there's HUGE difference of taking down Dragon or Baron with your sustain.
    While Baron, try to continuously move around when he splashes, to avoid taking unnecessarily hits, getting in range mostly only for your Mystic Shot (A very safe way to do baron while you are with Ezreal, taking almost none damage).

    Off topic: Do NOT forget to ward these objectives every time you can do it !(specially dragon, if your support didn't done it, because you are at one step from it)

    If the enemy team are getting these objectives, and you have vision, TRY to use Trueshot Barrage to steal them (you need very good timing and... LUCK!)

    And if is not warded, and your enemy presence is not over the map (possible that they are taking down Baron or Dragon), USE your ultimate to blind shot (very low chances to take it, but you have for a second vision and your team must react! - Unless you have Farsight Alteration and you can use it. Then try to steal it.)

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The Versus Area

On Mobafire guides, there's a System which the authors can classify a champion threat from level 1 to level 10 (low to high threat)

I think you notice that I am not using this System, because mostly, opponents cannot be classified with threat level, if you play as Ezreal

Almost everything depends on your play style and experience with this champion, as well the opponent experience...

For example for me, personally I find Yasuo as an very easy opponent to play against, with my play style.
But there was Yasuo who just deleted me from middle lane.
Maybe for other people is a medium or hard. Or can be easy as well. Who knows?

The fact is that, if you play better that your opponents and you got some experience on Ezreal in time, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE ALMOST NO COUNTERS.

You can farm safe, aggressive, you can play however you want, doing ganks, snipeshots with high precision etc.
Everything is about the experience with this champion.

There are still very few opponents who represent a real threat to Ezreal

  • Below I am going to write the TOP 3:
(This list is made personally by myself experiencing over all games)

Warwick with Infinite Duress can definitely represent a threat to Ezreal since he can blink on you when he is in range, as easy as you blink, doing insane amount of damage in a very short time, insanely stunning you and anyone can wipe you out.

If you use your Arcane Shift in the moment when he use Infinite Duress, you are going to be stunned and take damage after you teleport far from Warwick with a bugged animation...

Mostly after his ultimate your hp gonna be very low and he could just trace you with his insane movement speed, that even your Arcane Shift cannot save you anymore (unless you have some hard terrain to blink over, your team or tower around)

Braum is a nasty champion which can make you hard moments...

He can block your ultimate, he can slow you so much that anyone can catch you, and after mid game your damage output to him is gonna be so low almost null.
Even in a 1 vs 1 situation a good Braum can wipe the floor with Ezreal.
Even if he is just SUPPORT...

Just avoid direct confrontation against Braum unless you are over-fed.

Zed overall is not such a high threat to Ezreal but I want to point at him because he can wipe you way much faster that you do if you don't play safe.
Specially with his ultimate, there's no way to dodge it, unless you play as RED Ezreal and you rush Zhonya's Hourglass (that's the best way to counter him)

  • If you feel yourself that you have some bad games with Ezreal, don't give up, everything's gonna improve over time.
  • For new players I really recommend to play defensively at the beginning.
  • And most important, I recommend as many games as possible to NORMAL mode if you don't have too much experience with this champion, before to get to RANKED ones.

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Gaming as Ezreal

  • Here, in this chapter we have some games and montage compilations with Ezreal
  • Everything you gonna see below, is made by myself with strictly these builds and tactics.

Ezreal Trollshot Compilation - Part 3
  • Some time ago I started to put some nice funny moments and good ones into some short videos, specially calling them "compilation".
  • Here we have the 3rd part / episode from
    Ezreal Trollshot Compilation
  • I hope you enjoy it!
Ezreal Trollshot Compilation - Part 2
  • This is the second part from these troll shots :)
  • I hope you like it guys and find it positively good.
  • Thank you again :)
Ezreal Trollshot Compilation - First part.
  • Here we start with the first part / episode from Ezreal Trollshot Compilation
  • This is actually my first montage ever, and I hope I didn't fail with it. :)
  • I hope you like it guys!
  • Below is going to be two full games playing as Ezreal but on TOP Lane.
  • The one from the left is against Maokai, and from the right against Riven

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  • In this chapter with the strange name, I am going to write all updates and changes to Ezreal, items and changes I am going to do through the guide!

21.05.2016 - Patch 6.10

  • This patch actually brings nothing which affects Ezreal gameplay or any of his builds...

10.05.2016 - Minor Changes

  • Today I succeed to make some minor changes through the guide.

04.05.2016 - Patch 6.9

  • In this patch we've got some items changes, which are used by Ezreal:
  • That would be all changes to this patch which affects Ezreal
  • I consider these changes a small boots to this champion.

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  • All right guys, here we come to an end of this guide...

  • I hope it was helpful to you, and if you have any kind of questions about Ezreal you can ask me and I will gladly respond in quickest time possible!
  • If you was patient enough to read all of it, I must personally say THANK YOU!.
  • Below's my Youtube Channel where I will upload very often games and montages with Ezreal and many other champions I love to play, in League of Legends.

Thank you again, and have a good day!