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League of Legends Build Guide Author MTaur

Phanfinity Splash Dancer!

MTaur Last updated on May 30, 2011
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Not "Trinfinity Splash" anymore. Sorry.

Though "Trinfinity Splash" sounded really catchy, I learned a little more about Twitch and got rid of Trinity Force for several reasons.

1. Phage isn't totally necessary. Exhaust followed by six auto-attacks and then Venom Cask... that should suffice. I'll miss the bonus health, though. :(
2. Sheen is totally wasted. By the time you build up Ambush, the Sheen effect has faded away. Expunge isn't a great Sheen proc because at that point they're out of range, and spamming Expunge to proc Sheen is too mana-spammy and the cooldown is too long. Venom Cask is really all you've got... such a waste.
3. Phantom Dancer is cheaper, and synergizes with Infinity Edge extremely well.

So, there you have it.

One other note: The Bloodthirster might work better than a second Tiamat, if you don't mind the mp5 loss.

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Just trying out Twitch lately, kind of fun. Tiamat is helpful, especially since bots don't try to work against it (by spreading out). But in any case, Twitch pushes pretty quick with two Tiamats + Ambush. 10MP5 is about the right amount to have, and 30HP10 is good (better than life steal) because Twitch should be spending most of the time running around waiting for his Ambush to build up. But three or more is too much, unless you're just going for shenanigans - you need survival, and crits help more anyway. Spray and Pray applies on-hit effects, so have fun with that - splash, crit, Sheen, Phage, poison, you name it. If you can get in position before starting your assault, great, but humans will probably use wards or Oracle's Elixir to avoid letting you shoot fish in a barrel like that. Still, this forces them to spend hard-earned gold, setting them back a dragon or two.

Read the items section! I didn't break down the item construction order in detail. Some of it's situational, but you *won't* want to blindly go by the above.

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The order is sort of flexible, but I suggest starting with

The Health Potion is good to take during an early fierce battle. I've gotten first blood 1v1 vs Ryze Bot at level 2 before, and it wouldn't have worked without the Health Potion. So it seems like Twitch can handle mid, ESPECIALLY since they can't really afford to take Oracle's Elixir that early. Boots of Speed and some potions might also be viable as a start, if you're gank-happy. I'd rather lane with a tank and then you can really last a long time on two potions.

Ok. Next up - I kind of wanted to get Guardian Angel, but Twitch has such a poor health pool that I went with Aegis of the Legion instead. The Ruby Crystal should probably be taken somewhat early, but I didn't specify this in the item setup. Null-Magic Mantle and Cloth Armor can be taken whenever you feel appropriate, or situationally. I repeat, Guardian Angel is pretty viable, but get some per level health runes or something if you go with Guardian Angel.

Zeal should be taken before Infinity Edge to make the most of the 250% damage crits.

Other than that... I guess do whatever. I don't like waiting too long on the second Tiamat, but I'd probably at least get the second Faerie Charm early.

Boots of Mobility because you'll be stealthed and running around most of the time waiting for the time to strike. Since this lets you skip Teleport, you should probably get the boots fairly early in any case so you're not suffering too much down time early-mid game. If you're doing well early, Tiamat and Boots of Mobility is enough to roam and gank, and waiting for Zeal for a third item might not be a bad idea, either.

If you have a rough start, the second Faerie Charm can be upgraded to a philosopher's stone, but I find that I need the MP5 in any case.

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Skill order, skill use, and mana management

Ok, so Tiamat and a Faerie Charm is 8mp5 fairly early. Not an insane amount, but helpful.

Extra levels of Ambush are nice, but your attack speed bonus maxes out after 10 seconds or less in any case. The first few games I played Twitch, I didn't notice this, but then I read descriptions more carefully. You don't have to wait at high levels for a long stealth to almost expire to make the most of Ambush, so that's nice. With 2 or 3 levels, you can pop Q whenever you think you'll probably engage in the next 10 seconds or so; you have a longer grace period with more levels, but it's not the first thing I want to maximize.

expunge, as I have learned from conversations, is best used for last-hitting champs. You can save mana by not using it unless you have to, though. It *can* be used to rack up kills, but if someone else is probably going to score the kill, then resist the urge to pop E for the kill. They can use the money just as well as you can, and you'll save mana. Pop E when they're about to get away otherwise, and you think it might be enough to finish them off. The range of expunge is huge, about as big as your sight radius, I believe, maybe a little more. Overleveling expunge early really helps with kills - "almost got away" doesn't happen anymore. When you get a feel for the amount of damage it does, you can make this work.

Venom Cask is pretty nice. Can be used in a pinch with just one stack, but I prefer to Exhaust and then build up 6 stacks, and then using Venom Cask when Exhaust wears off. Only tanks have a chance of living through that much hurting.

Spray and Pray is your ultimate, not much to say there. Save it for larger fights, or if you absolutely must, you can use it for an edge in a 1v1 if you need to. If enemy minions are around, Ambush and Spray and Pray can do hilarious extra damage with Tiamat splashes procing repeatedly.

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Hard to play?

Not especially, I don't think. Maybe if the other team is warding well, or taking elixirs... but then you just remember that they see you and don't play dumb. He's underpowered and sort of useless if underfed, but he also pushes well with just one Tiamat + Ambush; get at least that and you can farm/side-jungle if you fall behind.

Don't get outnumbered. Wait for enough help. It's fun splashing 3 or more champs at once with Spray and Pray, but if you don't have tanking and CC in place first, you'll just die, so don't. My first couple of games, I always launched an attack whenever my stealth was about to run out and... dying is worse than wasting a fully-charged Ambush.

Build up your Ambush, get some auto-attacks in, fire your E for damage and pick a good time to slow them with W. I think(???) expunge removes poison charges when it's used, so save it for last. Exhaust helps you initiate, and then you can use Venom Cask once you've got as many poison charges as you think you can manage. Finally, Ignite works great - if you think a kill is possible, this stops healing and chips in a little more damage.

I find that Twitch is at his best when he joins an even fight to make it uneven - 1v1 becomes 2v1, 3v3 becomes 4v3, etc. Suddenly everyone is poisoned and slowed and taking crits in the face. Sure, Twitch is sort of weak after Ambush fades, but if you got a kill, then your team should be outnumbering them at this point anyway, even without you there anymore. You have a better shot at escaping than many other squishies in any case, with your stealth ability. And I suggested some health items for you, so you should be all set.

If you can avoid detection, then split-pushing might be an interesting strategy. Just the threat posed by the *possibility* of Twitch can make them hesitate to push advantages they have; if they have wards, this can be hard to pull off, but it's more of a possibility to avoid them if they only have elixirs.

The more I play Twitch, the more I realize that if he gets fed, he's still doing decent DPS even after Ambush ends, and 10 seconds of extra attack speed is a long time anyway.

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Pros / Cons


* Fun character
* Health items compensate for extreme squishiness
* Great pusher
* Forces enemies to take wards/oracle's if played well
* Burst DPS with nice on-hit effects and splash
* Mana fairly well-covered
* Roaming power
* Possible candidate for mid lane


* Squishy
* Can be countered by good jungle and support
* Fairly useless 75% of the time
* Not quite as noob-friendly as Ashe

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Will have to test

+ + +

Might be good for some nexus hilarity. Not a reliable damage combo, but probably deadly to the extreme in special circumstances. I'm not sure which item to remove to make room for Wriggle's Lantern, though - maybe the second Tiamat. Even if you're not going for lulz, a roaming Twitch is a natural choice for Wriggle's Lantern warding. I'll test it sometime, maybe.