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Poppy Build Guide by BallerBohne

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BallerBohne

Poppy, from 100 to 0 [*S3 UPDATET*]

BallerBohne Last updated on February 23, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys! I'm BallerBohne (ingame: JustALobster) and I want to show you, how i play Poppy! This build helped me a lot to get better and better with this champ. I will tell u everything what i know about Poppy and I hope it helps you!

P.S.: This is my first guide, so please give me tips and critics (positive and negative) and vote if u like or not! :) Thank you!

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Why Poppy?!?

Many people asked me in the champion selection: "Why the hell did u picked Poppy?!?" I want to explain it:
Most people believe, that Poppy is an useless champ. This is nonsense! If played correctly, Poppy can decide an entire game. This is due to her extremly strong Ultimate: Diplomatic Immunity! This Ult allows her to focus one enemie and concentrate on him. Also the Ult can be used to kill the whole team, if casted at the right time, on the right opponent.
Another Pro is, that Poppy is a really tanky character. If just follow this build, which is made for Solo-Top Poppy vs. any kind of AD-Bruiser, you won't have problems with enemie harassment. Due to her high movementspeed she can avoid the most amount of damage. Probably the biggest problem of Poppy is: she is depend on getting as many last hits as possible! She really needs the gold to get her main item: Trinity Force. After she got this item, she starts to deal "tons of damage" ( :D ).
In summary u can say, that Poppy ins't at all a needless champion. I would say she is one of the strongest champions in League of Legends (if played correctly ;) ).

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Summoner Spells

Why did I use Ghost and Ignite?

: Ghost is in my view one of the most usefull summoner spells in League of Legends (just as Ignite), because it has got various benefits. You can chase somone, you can escape from bad situations, you can get fast into a fight, etc. There is a big advantadge to Flash. With Flash you can quickly get out of a situation, but it's like a jump. You can only do it 1 time! With Ghost u are much more flexible. Also Ghost allows you to play more aggressively, because you can get quickly in or out of situations!

: It is also possible to use Exhaust on Poppy, but I think Ignite increases the maximuum damage. It's just a good supply!

Other viable spells on Poppy:
- (depends on your game style)
- (not recommended but possible)

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Why do I use more defensive masteries?
The reason why I use defensive masteries ist just simple: sustain, sustain, sustain, dmg, dmg, dmg, sustain, sustain, sustain, ...
It is just simple. Poppy is from beggining really squishy (if u don't use my runes and masteries) and thats why she needs defensive/a bit offensive masteries.

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My runes require an AD based enemy. They are just for the tankyness of Poppy. You can also take 2 Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed and 1 Greater Quintessence of Armor instead of 3 Greater Quintessence of Health, to dodge and sustain some more damage. The Greater Mark of Attack Damage assisting her damageoutput (especially from Devastating Blow) really well and ease her last-hitting.

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There are many different ways to build Poppy. I prefer AD-Bruiser, cause it's the most effective one! She is dealing "tons of damage" but also really tanky!

Starting Items:

normally: +

other ways:

also possible, if there is heavy AD harassment expected:

first trip back with 700+ gold:
Philosopher's Stone + and some Sight Ward

next items:
--> --> or


now you have got your most important item!!

there are different ways to go now.

if the enemy team is going to focus you hard:
--> --> -->
you can also build a bit more tanky with a Maw of Malmortius or a Sunfire Cape

if the enemie team is going to ignore you go that order:
(increases ur damageoutput, especially from Devastating Blow) --> --> --> -->

this is just the way, I play Poppy in most cases! the build can be varied, if there is another team composition.

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Early Game

The most important thing for Poppy is farming! Farming, farming, farming!!!! In the early game she isn't dealing that much damage. She has to get her main item: Trinity Force! After she got it, she is going to bloom! Until she got her Sheen she can start to harass his enemy hard, with her Devastating Blow. Trust in yourselfe and try to kill the enemy, if he is less then half-life. There is a tower?!? No problem! Turn on Diplomatic Immunity and go on! In most cases it's a save kill. Every time your Ghost, your Ignite and your Diplomatic Immunity is up, you can go for the kill, if the enemie is less then 2/3 life.

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Mid Game

In the mid game Poppy should have got her Sheen, Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads and Phage. If u last hit good and maybe got some kills you maybe also have finished your Trinity Force yet. Now you don't have to worry if you think about getting in a teamfight. Get your ult on the enemy AP-caster or AD-carry and kill him! But also in mid game it's really important for Poppy to get as much last hits as possible! Keep on farming, to get your end build!!!!

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Late Game

There is not much to say to late game. If you just followed this item build and if you farmed a lot, it should be easy going for you, to get 1-2 kills in a teamfight without dying. You just have to use Diplomatic Immunity at the right time and on the right champion!
You can also add some new items to this build, in most cases you have to build her SITUATIONAL! So if they are all dealing AP-Damage, it's not usefull to get a Randuin's Omen, if you know what I mean ;). So if you see the opponents focusing you, and they are dealing much more AD-Damage then AP-Damage try to get a tanky Item, which still supports your DMG-Output!

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Poppy vs. Malphite (Difficulty: middle):

Laning against Malphite can be easy or difficult. It depends on ur opponent's skillness. :) You just have to check it. If he is a good Malphite player you have to pay attention and keep farming in the background. Hope for ganks from your jungler and play defensive. If he isn't that good you can play more aggressive and harass him often with your Devastating Blow but still concentrate on last hitting. When he reaches lvl 6 you have to pay attention for ganks. If Malphite uses his ult Unstoppable Force it's most times a save kill, because you are unable to act for like 1-2 seconds.

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Poppy vs. Riven (Difficulty: really heavy):

Riven is probably the heaviest opponent for Poppy. She is a really strong top-laner. The only way to win the lane against Riven is to play much defensive and concentrate on last hitting! Many last hits are the most important thing then, because you can get your build, although you don't get some kills and probably plug some death. Ask your jungler to spamgank top, then you should dominate the lane nevertheless. Don't get stunned, because then Riven can burst you down easily, although the stun is not that long!! Never underestemate the opponent!

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Poppy vs. Xin Zhao (Difficulty: middle):

To play against Xin Zhao can be relaxed or stressful. Like against every champion concentrate on last hits. You can also harass him and try to kill him. Xin Zhao is not a very tanky character from beggining. If played correctly he will turn tanky, but thats why you need to use the early-game!!! You can easily burst him from full-life to zero if your Diplomatic Immunity is placed right, supported from your Ignite, Devastating Blow, probably a stun with Heroic Charge and many autoattacks!! Care for Xin Zhaos Three Talon Strike, because it hurts really hard! Apart from that there is nothing more to say. Just be careful, because Xin Zhao can also burst you! In this case probably the Phage is better as first core item and not the Sheen. It depends on the situation.

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Poppy vs. Darius (Difficulty: hard)

WEll, we all know Darius is for many people the most overpowered champion in League of Legends. I think he may is op, but not undefeatable! If you play correctly it should be easy to win against him. With Poppy it's a bit difficult, cause Poppys Early-Game is weak. In this case you better start up with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion, to avoid his Deciamte and Apprehend. If you get grabbed, directly pop Paragon of Demacia and try to get away.
You can also start up with a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion, but then you are not that mobile to get away if he grabs you, or if the enemy jungler ganks. By the way ganks: Tell your jungler that he HAS to gank top as often as possible, because once the Darius reaches level 6 it's in most cases a 1 for 1 trade if the jungler comes. Due to this it is very important, that you use your Ultimate ( Diplomatic Immunity) at the right time! "Playing defensive" are the keywords if you lane against Darius! Also it's better if you get the Phage first, instead of rushing Sheen. Cause Phage gives you a bit of early tankyness, which you defenitly need against a champion like Darius!

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This is my first guide, so please give me critics! Positives and negatives, so I can fix them. Also vote for it please, if it helped you! Thank you very much!

P.S.: Sorry for my bad english ;) I am german :P

(Sorry for that late update, I had to concentrate on school the last half year, so I wasn't able to perfect my guide.)

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Coming Soon:

Updates for:
- match ups on top lane (will get filled, until I listed every champ)
- Poppy as a jungler
- the Suppoppy
- ...

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- 10.5.2012 Laning match ups added: Malphite, Riven, Xin Zhao
- 23.2.2013 Laning match up added: Darius