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Poppy Build Guide by loclass

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author loclass

Poppy the Iron Jungler (S3)

loclass Last updated on August 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction :

NOTE: English is not my native language.

Hi summoners, this is my first guid on mobafire, I hope you'll be indulgent if i do some grammar mistakes, don't hesitate to write a pm to me so I can change every single mistake.

Poppy is one of my favourite champ in lol, but I never find a good guid for her as a jungler, I experimented a lot with masteries, runes and the right purchase order, it's still under experiment but I share what i guess it's the best i found.

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Pros / Cons :

I test all kind of build (AP, AD or Hybrid), my opinion is AD Poppy is the best way to play her, most effective and really fun, If you play her very well, you will appreciate her :)

Pros :
- Best def passive in League of Legends Valiant Fighter
- She's very fast !!
- Best engager.
- Devastating Blow , which has a swingtime-reset, meaning it can be instantly used after an auto-attack
- Awesome tower-diving capabilities with her ulti.
- Anti AD/AP Carries
- One of the best end game champ
- She's a Yordle!
- Ultimate on enemy supporter (or carry but not recommended) and rush ftw !!

Cons :
-Poor Farming Capability.
-Extremely weak early game.
-No *Flash Escape* mechanism.
-Easily Poked.
-No innate sustain.
-Item dependant.
-Need mana regen, you will be always oom :'(

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Runes :


Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
- Greater Seal of Armor for survability against neutral creeps or against AD champ.
- Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for survibility against AP champ.
- Greater Mark of Attack Damage to have a little attack damage to kill neutral creeps, last hit creeps (when hold a lane), or for burst when you gank a lane.
- Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed because you need it, to be fast, to gank and because you have no dedicated escaping spell.

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Masteries :

-Offense's three :
Fury - Same as the Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed fit perfectly to Paragon of Demacia.
Deadliness - Add you more attack damage in each level.
Weapon Expertise - This masterie is perfect to make Devastating Blow even stronger!

-Defense's three :
Summoner's Resolve - Standard jungle masteries to earn an extra gold income of +10 each use.
Durability - You want to take this masterie because it gives you a lot of extra health.
Tough Skin - Take this masterie, that effect allows you to take less damage from monsters and Minions.
Hardiness / Resistance - Take one point each, because free +2 amor/magic resist.
Bladed Armor - The extension of Tough Skin every monster will get 6 true damage if it hits you.
Unyielding - You will get -2 Damage from enemy Champions, wich is great.
Veteran's Scars - Extension of Durability it gives you 30 health what is great.
Block - It reduces the damage of enemy basic attacks. You want to assassinate the enemy Ad Carry so it is perfect, but later more about the gameplay.
Juggernaut - 4% more health? AWESOME! It says if you have much health you will get even more.
Tenacious - Reduce the duration of Crowd Control.
Honor Guard - Reduce the damage you would take by 3%.

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Creeping / Jungling :

Start Blue first, you really need it until you don't have Spirit Stone and Sheen, Poppy has high mana cost with her skills, you will be often OOM...
Go after take Red's buff if the ennemy jungler don't steal it, you will be lvl3, be sure to take all basic skills and you can start gank (but don't forget, Poppy is really weak in early game...) or continue to jungle.

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Items :

Start with Hunter's Machete and 5 X Health Potion.
At the first recall, be certain to have at least 725 golds to take Spirit Stone for mana/heath regen and Boots of Speed.
Buy Sheen as fast as you can, that will give you more mana (she need it) and a good burst with Devastating Blow.
Choose one of this boots : Boots of Mobility, Boots of Swiftness, Ninja Tabi or Ionian Boots of Lucidity. for my opinion, Boots of Mobility is the best for her [you will be very fast to engage ganks, Team Fights or for escaping ennemies. But the others are not bad :
* Boots of Swiftness you will be fast enough and have a constant speed.
* Ninja Tabi is good against an AD team.
* Ionian Boots of Lucidity isn't a bad choice too, the 15% CD reduc is good to reduc your ulti Diplomatic Immunity or Devastating Blow.

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Team Work :

Poppy is one of the best engager, you can use your high speed to rush on ennemy team and use your ulti Diplomatic Immunity on ennemy support to take no damages or CC by the others ennemy and focus a carry (AD or AP), try to use Heroic Charge when the ennemy is near a wall for extra damage and stun or use it to push the ennemy out of his team and near ours. Be certain to have the 10 X buff of Paragon of Demacia in fight (for attack damage and armor). and use Devastating Blow when it's possible (very high damage for burst).
Don't forget one thing, when you use your ulti Diplomatic Immunity on one champ, if he die before the end of your skill (6 seconds lvl1, 7 seconds lvl2 and 8 seconds lvl3) it stop your ulti and you will be contestable by the other ennemy, turret and CC, that's why is better to use Diplomatic Immunity on the ennemy support.
Poppy's passive is the most OP def passive in LOL Valiant Fighter, it give you an big resistance in TF and you will be very hard to kill when you will be low life.

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Summoner's spell

Ideal summoner spells :

Poppy really need it in early game, You job as a jungler is to give the biggest EXP, gold, and lane advantage. Smite helps with:
*Stealing Dragon
*Stealing Baron
*Stealing Enemy Buffs
*Making Sure You Get Your Buffs
*Some Extra Gold From the Mastery Summoner's Resolve
*Smiting Cannon Minions to Push Lanes
*Clearing Annoying Heimer Turrets.
Great for map mobility, clearing big distances quickly when paired with Paragon of Demacia, and also a nice chasing/escaping tool. I prefer this one over exhaust personally because if you're chasing a kill, ghost will get you 6-7 more basic attacks and 2-3 more Devastating Blow on the target.

Less Ideal summoner spells :

This is a great spell for gaining an advantage over annoying carries or runners. Also great for ganking if you already have a lane with slows. But it is not as viable as Ghost. Poppy doesn't need this. She already out races most champions with just Paragon of Demacia. Throw in some movement speed and smart use of Heroic Charge and you're fine.

Unrecommended summoner spells :

Although Poppy is mana-hungry due to having high mana cost skills it still doesn't warrant the choice of this spell. It definitely isn't bad however there is a large cool down. you can use it to Teleport to a ward on a lane or another possibility is to be there when your team needs you. A warded dragon could be the best teleporting location when your team could be in danger or for gank bot or mid lane. If you want a "larger" damage output go for it. It's usefull just because enemy AD Carries often got a very strong lifeleech. Ignite will burn them down with some serious damage and will reduce their lifeleech but it's not really needed, your carries has it too...

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Summary :

Poppy is not really appreciate by the other summoners even on your team, nobody play her, most of them are not really good with her, but well played, she can be the best champ on your team, you will drive your ennemies crazy by your survivability with your passive Valiant Fighter, your movement speed and your burst.
Her ultimate Diplomatic Immunity will help you a lot to take or give kills when you gank a lane.
In end game, you will be a great battlefield's beast :)
I hope you will be appreciate my first guid in mobafire, try this guid (in a normal game if you don't want to take risk) before speak against it and be indulgent with me if I do some grammar mistake, English is not my native language.