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Quinn Build Guide by MaryJane030

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MaryJane030

Quinn and Valor; Demacia's hope

MaryJane030 Last updated on March 13, 2013
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Hey Folks, this is my first guide here on mobafire. It is about Quinn, an extremely fun champion to play. She excels in laning phase due to her great passive and high mobility. I hope you all will enjoy this guide and I hope it helps you all to play Quinn a bit better. If you find something in this guide that could've been done better, just send a message and I check if I should revise it.

Thanks for reading!

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Pros / Cons

Deals lots of damage
Extreme mobile
Unique skillset
Great passive

Very squishy early on
Low range
Hard learning curve
Possibilty of getting nerfed

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Every ADC needs this, besides Miss Fortune, it increases your early damage and make last hitting a lot easier.

Greater Seal of Attack Speed

No armor seals? I hear you thinking wth is wrong with me. But really on Quinn it pays off. I tried both armor seals and as seals. But armor seals didn't feel like adding something while attack speed gave a great boost to my 1v1 duels.

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

And also no scaling mr, as explained above.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Makes last hitting easier and increases your damage. This is a go on every adc.
You don't like this rune set?

You can change the seals from attack speed to armor like most adc's are built. The marks could be changed to arpen, it is harder to last hit with but it will give a little boost to your lategame. The glyphs can be changed to scaling mr, I heavily recommend this when you're playing against heavy ap teams. It also helps you in lane when the opponent support is ap oriented.

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Best spells

Flash is a must have on almost all champions. It gets you the hell out of scarry situations. It close the gap to the squishy who is likely to get away with 60 hp. It makes you steal buffs/dragons.

Barrier Alistar and Draven dive you when you are on low health? Pop this and walk away laughing while they get destroyed by the tower. Caitlynn is firing her ult to secure a kill on you? Pop this. Karthus ult? Pop this. The possibilities are limitless.

Good spells

Ignite Burn someone's last hp away with this awesome true damage! Or counter someone who popped a pot or Mundo who popped his ult.

Heal Why not take this over Barrier? It gives a little less, but permanent health. Still it's to easy countered by ignite so I think it's not as usefull as Barrier

Exhaust let your support take this, if he takes Clairvoyance it's a good option.


Teleport your solotop has to take this, only good to return fast in the lane again.

Cleanse buy a qss or mercurial scimitar.

Clarity you should not have mana problems.

no, just don't pick them

Ghost you are mobile with your ult and E so you really don't have to buy this.

Smite you are not a jungler.


Revive I report you if you pick this

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There are some items I want to discuss.

Let's start with the boots enchantment. Furor lets you kite like a boss. You E on someone, then you have automatically tagged him so you deal a lot of damage. But you are still in attack range, with furor you gain ms everytime you hit an enemy. So after your E you can chase him to the end of the earths and still be attacking him because you always land in a range you can attack from.

Statikk Shiv synergizes good with Quinn's ult. You can be stacking it like hell when you are playing as Valor due to the high movement speed.

The Bloodthirster is a great item on Quinn. Especially in birdmode. When you get low in a teamfight you can just rush into the jungle pop birdmode slay some camps and come out full health in a very short time so you can still be usefull in fights.

Mercurial Scimitar is not in the standard build. Don't get me wrong, it is a great item and worth the money. But I feel like Quinn benefits more from the other items. But if you like it, feel free to add it to your build instead of Guardian Angel or Last Whisper.

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Harrier is Quinn's sick op passive. It makes laning so easy, because it helps you last hitting and harrassing.

Blinding Assault Good skill, good damage. But the blind is what makes this ability a hell for other adc's. Fire this everytime the other ADC goes for a siege minion. I always max this ability first, because it will become spammable with the low cooldown.

Heightened Senses Cool passives, the passive on Quinn makes kiting after your E with Furor easier. The ulti becomes incredibily OP when this is maxed, Valor will shred everyone in 1v1 battles. The active is quite good, and is usefull to steal buffs/dragon. I max this second because of the passive, it just gives you more chasing power and it's easier to burn someone down fast with the extra attack speed.

Vault Puts a tag on the target and makes you jump away from him, to make it all better; it even slows the enemy and it does damage! Blitz grabs you? GG easy Blitz I just jump away. I max this last, because I feel this skill is only usefull for its utility, the scaling is poor and the base damage doesn't increase a lot.

Tag Team This is meant to chase people. Are there lowlife enemies just to far away for your team to kill? No problem, Valor flies like a jet to the enemy and instantly kills it with the combination of high attack speed and a nice finisher when you press R again. Upgrade it whenever you can, because the damage will increase by a lot if you do.

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Orianna is not the most common support. But works extremely well with Quinn. She just has to put a ball on you to let you take more damage and speed you up even more so you can chase other champions.

Taric Always a good support, makes you a bit tankier and has a very reliable stun.

Leona Very high burst potential, just tell Leona to wait 'till someone got tagged by Harrier and then stun + burst.

Soraka Not the best support for Quinn, just a regen bot and you shouldn't have mana problems or health problems.

Blitzcrank is an unique support that provides some utility to hit your attacks better. But nothing is worse than having a bad Blitzcrank as support.

Lulu I always see Lulu as a gimmicky support. She has some nice skills, but only her ult can make a real difference in a fight.

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Now it's time to get of the theory and get to something more concrete. In the laning phase you need to focus on last hitting for the first ten minutes. When the ten minutes are over your build will look something like this: Berserker's Greaves, Vampiric Scepter and Avarice Blade. Now it's time to harass some, still focus on farming, but when the opponent adc gets tagged by Harrier try to land an autoattack followed by the combo E->Q->AA. The E->Q->AA combo deals alot of damage and can burst half the life of a squishy adc ( Ezreal for example).

When you and your lane partner are around level ten, ask your jungler to gank and ask mid to push. Be sure that you drop some health of the opponent botlane so you can do dragon while they are going B.

After that try to get the tower down and rush to mid with your ult to help your midlaner.

Not doing so well in lane?

Just farm then, and stomp the opponents when they make faults but never ever take a risk! They might snowball out of hand and kill you under the tower before you can do anything. So just focus on farming, then you should scale well into mid game.

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Team fights and objectives

At this point I always ask myself the question: What could us help to destroy the nexus? The main answer is gold. You get gold by killing the other team, but you get far more gold by clearing objectives. First of all make sure that your team has good dragon and buff control.

Ask your jungler kindly for the red buff to increase your kiting potential. Farm as much as possible but stay close to your team, be there whenever a fight breaks out! Try to push the lanes to avoid turrets getting took down. But don't go to far in pushing the lanes, you might overextend and be an easy target to take down for the enemy team. If your top/mid failed in lane give them the opportunity to get back in the game by letting them farm instead of you, but stay around for experience!

When teamfights start to break out stay behind your tanks (duh). It is hard to deal damage from there because your range is very short. Try to hit some auto attacks on the most nearby opponents and whenever you get the chance blind those who are reliable on auto attacks (their adc, maybe their bruisers). Let your apc and bruisers deal the damage and when the opponent burned all their cooldowns then it is your chance to shine.

There is a big chance the other team is hurt a little by your teammates, so now they can't do a thing pop your ult and auto attack the **** out of 'em, but don't forget to blind their adc because he will kill you no matter what (because he's not cooldown reliant). If you dominate the fight just race after them in birdmode and wipe 'em out one by one.

When the fight is over and your team won it, look for the easiest objectives to achieve. Most of the times that objective is the dragon, when it's up clear it immediately. When a creep wave reaches one of the opponents tower then take the tower down. When you won a teamfight and you aced the opponent and most of your teammates are alive, then try to take down the Baron Nashor, needless to say why.

When you lost a teamfight and you survived, don't go all in for a kamikaze attack. Try to push lanes as far as possible so they can't take towers down, ward (yeah even adc's need to ward) buffs and steal them with your E and birdmode (if not on cooldown).

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Final Words

Thank you very much for reading my guide. I will update it more with more information about supports, some videos about Quinn (how to kite, how to act in a teamfight etc.), more item paths, a solotop guide and much more. It is my first guide so I will update the visual more, but I have to learn to apply BBcodes a bit better. I hope you enjoyed it and recheck it sometimes, because I will update it constantly :)

And please leave some feedback, I will learn a lot from it!

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v1.0 [3-3-2013] - First version released

v1.1 [4-3-2013] - Updated Runes with some more options. Updated Skills with explanations what and why to max. Updated supports with Lulu. Updated title of the build. Updated Pros/Cons with another con.

What to expect soon? More information about top laning with Quinn, how the item Blade of the Ruined King fits Quinn and more supports!

v1.1.1 [13-3-2013] Updated items with a rush on BotrK, explanation comes later!