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League of Legends Build Guide Author BarockHero

Rammus - Jungle = win

BarockHero Last updated on January 17, 2011
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Hello everyone and welcome to my Rammus - Jungle = win Guide. I have been playing jungle Rammus for a long time now, and i experienced that this is the ultimate build for it. In this guide, I will show how you should jungle, and my item build for him, also what i do during the different stages of the game. Now lets get started.

MR = Magic resist
BB = Blue Buff
RB = Red buff
PB = Powerball
DBC = Defensive ball curl
PT = Puncturing Taunt puncturing taunt
POTS = Health potions
XP = Experience

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Pros / Cons


- Hes a great jungler
- Hes a strong tank
- He has loads of armor so you almost only have to stack MR
- Longest Taunt in the game


- Rammus has low HP at start
- He needs the BB almost all the time
- In jungle he cant take the dragon alone

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Summoner Spells

Must haves!

Is the best, always take this instead of ghost. Because, you are more surprising if you start your PB and jump in from a brush. You can also use this as an escape mechanism
This spell is needed if you jungle with Rammus. If you have warded, lets say their BB, you can go there and steal the buff if enemy jungler is there, you can also go gank him.


This spell is in "Useables" because i think that flash is much better that it. But Ghost is good if you have to defend turrets or others.
This is an allround good spell, but to a tank AND jungler i prefer the other spells. This CAN be used if you have to defend turrets or do a start gank.

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I will start showing you the route:

You start at the blue buff *Make sure that you arent getting ganked!* You should be able to kill it with two defensiv ball curl and when it is around 500 HP*REMEMBER TO USE POTS!*
After the blue buff, you LVL up your and roll to the wolves, *Try to kill the big one first, the same thing goes with the Wraiths*
Now you should use a health potion more and roll to the wraiths *go for the big one first cause the small ones die when you use your , also make sure that the mid laner isnt leeching(Stealing) your XP*
After the wraiths you should be lvl 3 put a LVL more in and go for the red remember to into it.
Then after the RB you go after the big golems, again you go into it and . Then you are done with the first round, now you should be lvl 4 take a point in Puncturing Taunt and go gank if you have enough HP. If not go take the wolves that should have respawned. You should be able to stay out ganking and jungling until you have enoungh gold for the Heart of Gold. *Remember to ward!!, it is important that you things such as their Buffs and Dragon, the Baron should also be warded!!!You are now ready to help you team to the win remember to have the blue buff at all time! Good luck and have fun!

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The items for Rammus can vary alot, depending on the enemies.

Core build:

Only change the core items if you are against full ad team like:

Then just go through with the I would still buy the but then I would build a because it stacks with your then maybe the and then the you can always experimentate with other items

Also if you are against a Magic damage team like:

Then you shouldnt build any Armor then just go straight MR, you should anyways still buy the , , then i would proberbly build the then atlast build the

is also a good idea to buy for both.
Remember that if you are against a mixed team, vary with the above.

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Skill Rotation

In fights you in to initiate maybe in to get to the carries or squishies. When you attack you use your puncturing taunt and go into use your ultimate and OWN. If your target isn't dead yet he/her is probably running away. Use your to catch him/her and finish your job. Remember to defend your own squishy allies.

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Thank you for reading. Now go try it out! and have fun, you should also remember to always help your teammates. Oh and another thing WARD WARD WARD WARD, map awareness is so important to win games!