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Rammus Build Guide by Jasbinschek

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jasbinschek

Rammus, the real tanker [updated: 12/27]

Jasbinschek Last updated on December 30, 2011
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Hello, im Jasbinschek and this is my first build...
my main language is not english, so i hope u guys understand my bad english...

since the beggining of playing LoL i play as tanker, i started playing that way cuz of my teamates... (no one EVER want to be the tanker...) so here i am...

ill go straight to my point, this build is designed to the ones who wants to be a FULL TANKER, or the ones who wants to learn/use rammus...

we have a problem when using a tanker, we depend on some teamates to do damage, sometimes you can only hold your enemies, so you will NEED your teamates to do a high amount of damage in a short time, and sometimes you need to coordenate your teamates, and thats not always easy...

i will talk about my rune page, masteries pages, skill order, item orders and how to use rammus early game, mid game and late game.


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Rune Page

my last guide was built focused in dodge, since it doesnt exists anymore i balanced that, i put more armor and hp do help you guys out.

so, all i can coment now is:
1- you can change greater quintessence of endurance for Greater Quintessence of Health if you guys need the initial bonus, at lvl 1 Greater Quintessence of Health gives you 78 hp, and greater quintessence of endurance gives you around 28 (counting all items and bonuses from my build), but at 3K hp greater quintessence of endurance gives you around 135 hp, so it worths mid/late game

2- you can change the mana regen for whatever you think is more tanky, i just think that the mana regen is really usefull for staying at lane for some more time.

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The new masteries are awesome, i tested it and it makes Rammus almost indestructible, if you have a nice team, you will be really unkillable, so let me explain here my choices...

i will put maximum points in defence (for a nice full tanker)...
around lvl 6 you will have around 1K HP (counting that you didnt even start build your Warmog's Armor you will have a nice armor, and around 45~50 magic resist...
if you are fighting 2 AD/MEELEE/DPS and have 1 partner with you, be sure, the lane is yours, you just have to pratice rammus...

i put max magic resist bonus and max armor bonus in masteries + the damage reduction, that will help you a lot while chasing enemies through minions, the HP bonus is AWESOME Durability + Veteran's Scars gives you (6*6+30) 66hp bonus at lvl 6 PLUS Juggernaut that gives you 3% HP (and thats 66*0.03=2) + 3% of your HP, and that should be around +31HP
so at lvl 6 you will have around ((420[base]+120 ( Doran's Shield) +(86*5)[level ups]+66(masteries bonus))+3%( ( Juggernaut ) bonus))+4.5% ( greater quintessence of endurance ) bonus

1114 HP

so you will gain:
- bonus HP
- bonus reduction damage
- bonus armor and magic resistance (not so much, but it helps you at low lvls)
- some utilities like Mercenary / Bladed Armor (to stack with ur Defensive Ball Curl / Vigor )

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this is quite important...

first- a cheap and good item ( Doran's Shield) (it depends on you, but i always build this one)
second- boots of course.. and that will be Mercury's Treads
that magic resist will be enough depending on their team...
and then we will start building some HP (like a Giant's Beltand a Ruby Crystal) (we should have a nice armor + magic resist by now, that will be enough for now)

finish up your Warmog's Armor(now you are supposed to have quite a nice HP, time to restart building armor and magic resist)

now we have to split this build, because if their team is stronger at AP chars, then we will build the Force of Nature first, and then the Thornmail, but if they got more AD/DPS, or if its even, we build Thornmail first

why should we build Thornmail first if they are even?
thats easy to answer, Rammus need armor, its good for holding the taunted char for some more time, its good for tower diving, it will raise your damage, but its not good if they have strong AP chars, because you get too "squishy" against them, and then you lose...

ok, if you're building Force of Nature first then buy the Negatron Cloak as your first item and then you finish your Force of Nature
that will be your 4th item...

if you're building Thornmail first, then it doesnt really matters the order, just get it as soon as possible...

ok, after we finishing our core( Doran's Shield, Mercury's Treads, Force of Nature and Thornmail i will call it "late game", then it's time to build something fun!

here are some options:
(you will sell your Doran's Shield, remember that)
Sunfire Cape + Banshee's Veil
Atma's Impaler + Warmog's Armor
Randuin's Omen + Guardian Angel
Atma's Impaler + Infinity Edge

of course you can change your Core, it will depend on your enemy's team (it makes no sense to build a Force of Nature first when your fighting against 5 AD/DPS, for example), just use your human sense :P

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Thats quite personal, but i used those as default...

i alredy starts with puncturing taunt so i can taunt some enemies for my teammates...
then ill get Defensive Ball Curl to combo the puncturing taunt, and taunt again (to make the taunting time higher)

i will only get Powerball to make sure i will be able to run away, in case something goes wrong (like a gank or a fail attack)
i always leave puncturing taunt and Defensive Ball Curl at least 1 lvl higher then Powerball...

always get your ult...

after you get your ult at lvl 6 you can alredy combo ( puncturing taunt + Defensive Ball Curl + Tremors)
of course, thats more efective when you are in the middle of a 5v5 fight, but sometimes you will need to use it in a 3v3, or something like... but no problem, the cooldown is not that high anyway.

i recomend you to follow exactly my skills sequence.

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Summoner spells

i wont talk quite much about that, thats personal (really)
i always get Flash(not anymore) + Exhaust, it doesnt matters what champ im using

since this is old, and flash was nerfed, AND the masteries pages dont help us, i changed from Flash to Ghost

Ghost for escaping when low HP, and for chasing(stacks with ur Powerball).
Exhaust for chasing/running away...

here you can activate your Ghost to run from a gank (5v1) then after you wont collide with anything you can just Powerball and NOTHING will catch you back (ok, maybe a Master Yi with Highlander and 2 Phantom Dancer can catch you, or a teleport char, but whatever, since you can destroy almost any char in 1v1)

obviusly you can also use your Powerball + Ghost + Exhaust to catch almost any char, dont try to catch Master Yi while he is with Highlander or Olaf while he is with Ragnarok, since they get immune to disables

AGAIN! thats personal, i use those above because it's my gameplay, find your gameplay and chose ur masteries well...

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So here we go...
as i said, rammus depends much on your own team, as your the tanker, not the killer, you wont inflict high amounts of damage, (at least not early game).

early game

try to be a little bit defensive, you can taunt them into the turret and get some easy kills (but that doesnt happens really often)
if you are fighting against 2 meelee AD/DPS in your lane, you have advantage, so dont worry about going ahead and taunting( puncturing taunt) + Defensive Ball Curl them, your HP is quite higher then theirs, like 200~300, and your def is higher, also you reduces their armor when you puncturing taunt them, so turn on your Defensive Ball Curl and hit them hard!

you will need help from your teammates to go back and restores your mana, HP sometimes, so know if you can count with them first, or else you will need to tower hug...

also, if your fighting against 2 ranged harassers, be careful, you have to play smart to kill them, try to harass them back, and dont let them farm, or else you will have problems late game...

if you are playing against 1 ranged + 1 meelee, combo with your partner, that will depend intirely on your enemy and your partner (sorry, but we dont have any patern)...

if you are soloing, get full defence (that's quite obvious, i guess...)

mid game
now the game will start to get easier, you can hold them quite easier, you can start killing and you can start tower diving thanks to your high armor (but also you need to know the right time, or else, you will epicly fail and die alone).

Oh, also turn your Defensive Ball Curl while diving...

try to teamfighting along with your team, taunt anyone who get out of position, bring him to your team and watch while your teammates rape him.

you will probably get lots of assists, so dont worry, that's normal...

now, here is my point, in mid game:
your main objective is to push your main lane and get some turrets, you can also tank the turrets to your teammates so they can take it down.

important thing is: your ult( Tremors) INFLICT DAMAGE to turrets, that WILL help you to get turrets down

Late game
if you alredy finished your Thornmail/ Force of Nature, then you are almost indestructible, after you finish up your build, you will probably be indestructible, you will only die if you stay too much time at their base, or if you really mess up things(like charging all alone against their whole team).

late game you can easily take turrets down along with your teammates and you can also do some awesome things like:
- solo a Master Yi/ Tryndamere/ Warwick/ Caitlyn without doing anything ( Thornmail will do all the job)
- triple kill all alone against 3 AD/DPS (at the same time)
- get into their whole team, tank their whole team while your teammates kill them
- solo turrets

last details -
Rammus will work better in teamfights then walking alone
Rammus is harder to use early game then late game
Rammus is OP late game.


Well, i guess i have nothing else to say, anyways, remember that this is my first build, and i will edit as you guys comment about it (mistakes, improvements, etc.)

Some bonus:

its so nice to read this:

Thank you!

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Update 11/11/11:
Item sequences are more detailed.

Update 11/17/11
new masteries are now updated and explained.
changes in summoner's spells

update 11/22/11
some formats were changed

update 12/27/11
everything is updated, dodge is out of the build

next update: im reformating my build...