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Rammus Build Guide by Colanasou

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Colanasou

Rammus, the trollin tank

Colanasou Last updated on March 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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My rammus build. i haven't played around much with runes so im not going too far into them. masteries are pretty standard. items are very conditional. ill go into that more later i guess and include more options. you will lead your team in, force someone to attack you while your team destroys them and then keep plowing through. team fights will be your time to shine, while soloing late game is going to become viable once you get some health and armor. also not sure why boots arent highlighted but you keep them. any comments or anything i forgot would be appreciated, this is my first guide

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tier 1: the 3 resist and armor. duh.

tier 2: health per level. the problem i have at lower levels is less health. the regen isnt as needed as the survival of being hit over healing.

tier 3: reduce damage by 2? doesnt seem like much but i cant tell you the amount of times i escape by te skin of my teeth

tier 4: 3% movement speed is great, powerball caps at 690 with boots, so this is a huge escape tactic for early game to run as fast/faster than non boot characters. the cd reduction helps. tremors goes from 60 sec down to 36 sec. and it keeps your def curl gonig strong.

tier 5: reduce damage by 1.5% again, DUH

tier 6: well we fill out the tree for this so theres no way we pass it up. plus the hp and disables is great.

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Ninja Tabi: these are the tank boots.

Thornmail: ive read tool tips where this is getting revamped for all damage. either way its 100 armor and reflects basic attacks right now. AD gets wrecked by this solely. ive had games i fight 2 ad and build this, wreck the lane until an AP comes after me wen they realize its thornmail.

Warmog's Armor: health. regen. grows in power for kills. worth the 3k to make. pretty self explanatory

Force of Nature: magic resist, always good to have a bit of it, and .35% of total hp every sec helps keep you fighting.

Frozen Heart: cooldown. reduces enemy attack speed. mana, cuz im sure you realize that all of his attacks cost 50-150 mana each is going to leave you hopeless fast. and it gives almost as much armor as thornmail

Frozen Mallet: i use this for the health. the little extra damage. and the ability to stop people who try and run away from you after they think they can take you and realize the mistake

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Item Options

some games you'll need more resist at the start than armor. some games you'll want more hp. sometimes some life steal can come in handy. its all about whats in play. above is my general build, but these are what i sub in accordingly

Banshee's Veil a shield, mana and hp, resist, i grab this first when im against heavy ap (by heavy i mean more than 1 ap champ)

Atma's Impaler it has armor, allows us to crit now, and at 3k health gives 60 ad (2% of 1,000 is 20)

Guardian Angel armor, resist and brings you back in the heat of a team fight. down side is it could revive you after a gank and get u ganked again.

Madred's Bloodrazor i use this to screw around. it has armor, Ad, attack speed (we dont hit 1 atk per sec at 18) and does 4% of their health per atk. thats 40 dmg per 1k hp plus what you hit for already. i dont really use it but i screw around with it.

Randuin's Omen it has a little of everything. armor, hp, cd, regen, slow chance. but its a little.

Sunfire Cape it has armor, hp and an AoE. i dont need the AoE i feel the bloodrazor hits hard. but it is still an option if you feel the extra dps helps.

Ionic Spark i do it for speed. we know about his speed. plus a little health and every 4 atks does 110 dmg.

Malady and Nashor's Tooth ap for powerball and tremors to give em some damage. both do 50% speed. malady does extra dmg, nash does cd 25% (highest reduction)

Executioner's Calling life steal and crit. again keeps u in the fight.

Wriggle's Lantern armor and life steal plus dmg

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Skill Sequence

tremors always priority.

defense curl. it is your main ability. shields, reflects, increases armor and resist.

taunt. it reduces their armor but the mana cost isnt really affected per level.

powerball. it doesnt get faster, it gets more powerful and expensive. it is the last 4 points besides tremors. it isnt better than taunt, no mastter the dmage it does it still doesnt make them hit themselves.

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Summoner Spells

i prefer Exhaust and Ignite. as i said wen they realize they aret going to win they will run. exaust also reduces armor/resist on them, the dmg they do, and their speed. ignite does the DoT and stops healing for warwick and the like.

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team play

you arent soloing. if your team bails on you in a fight then you will die unless the entire enemy team is at 30-50% hp and your at full. taunt the biggest threat, pop defense curl to reflect dmg back cuz they will burst at you. then wen u pop shield pop tremors after. if they run exaust em. hopefully by the time they are dead your taunt and shield are back up and someone else decided to stick around and attack. your team is going to be the only thing getting you through the enemy champs. turrets are nothing, i can run into a turret, pop shield and tremors and take it out with creeps on me. taunt will be the thing saving your team, ive had teammates at 10%ish health running for their life from someone at 50%, pop taunt and thats 3 sec of me in their face while my teammate runs or helps me get the kill.

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final thoughts

dont leave your turret alone early game. hug it like your life depends on it.

if your laning against ap characters focus on resist first.

not sure what you took too much dmg from? check who killed you.

healing champs or supression abilities are your worst enemy.

2v1 early game is never going to work unless their almost dead.

powerballing out is always approved

powerballing in is sometimes approved for knock back if your late to the fight

do what fits as per items. those are my choices for watever i run into.