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Renekton Build Guide by SquigglyF4ce

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SquigglyF4ce

Renekton Top Lane - Guide to Success

SquigglyF4ce Last updated on November 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello guys, I am Squiggly F4ce and I'm gonna say I stole that name from some one of Runescape a long time ago. I am hoping to teach you the ways of playing Renekton and giving you a better advantage to playing him. I am only in Bronze Division III with my team "TECK" and we definitely plan to get a lot better as a team. Anyways, I am here for my first build ever, you can hate, criticize and all of that but try not to because this is my first guide ever.

On my first guide I will be reviewing or sharing my Renekton Build. I'm going to update this guide as I go, so right now it will not be complete as you can see (kind of because if just stops at random items or thoughts). But I will give you the masteries and rune pages and what not. So stay tuned and continue to check this guide out every once in awhile. I have what I need to do the whole guide I just don't have the time at the moment. Thanks guys.

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In the runes category I chose to use AD runes and your typical greater seals and glyphs of armor and magic resist.

I like to have the extra damage because it gives a little bit more of an advantage in the start of the match. Armor penetration works just as well, you just don't start with that extra 15 damage or so, you wouldn't be able to have that harassment up your sleeve at the start.

This mark i believe is my favorite for any AD champ (although Renekton's ult is AP), but i don't necessarily focus on his ult. His ult is a way of saying, "Back off, or i will slice your throat". Anywho, i believe this mark is your best bet for beating who ever you are facing in the top lane.

This is really what anyone else would pick unless you chose the scaling glyph. Either on really works and they are both just as effective in game. Of course I am explaining top lane. Things would obviously be different if you were going all out on AP.

This rune simply gives you more sustain against other AD champs as said earlier in the guide. I don't think i have ever played a match without a seal of armor in my runes pages.

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Summoner Spells

This spell is arguably one of the best summoner skills in the game. It gives a better position for escaping or securing the kill. Remember to use it wisely though, using it mistakenly can cause later deaths because of the cool down (but you still have your Slice and Dice.

Another amazing spell for anyone out there playing league (if your level 12). It is another way of securing the kill and from letting that person get away with that 100 health they were spared with. Make sure to use this wisely as well though because using it when someone is only at half health really isn't going to do much (unless you plan to dive in ad kill them), so be careful of when you use this Summoner spell.

This summoner spell is a choice depending on what you want. I generally like the Flash and Ignite and im good to go, but I will admit there are some times when the enemy champ is chunking out my tower and I need to get there NOW. So if you feel like you will need it or you just like to get back to your lane quickly, this spell is a good choice.

I have actually never used this spell, i'm going to be honest with you. But I will say that if you pop this spell at the right time it can save your life or some ones life almost every time. I believe this is a very good summoner spell and I definitely plan to use it in the future. I will update this section if there is anything to add onto it.

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Pros and Cons


+ A high amount of burst damage
+ Naturally Tanky
+ No cost for skills
+ Good escape with Slice and Dice for going over walls (can have a possible 1200 escape range).

+ Not as much damage can be dealt in the beginning unless you have over 50 fury
+ Does not deal a ton of damage late game (item dependant)

+ On some occasions, you can miss Ruthless Predator or i should say use on the wrong enemy, making it difficult to harass

+ Using Slice and Dice can put you in a bad situation if used wrong

+ Make sure to use Ruthless Predator wisely because it slightly stuns you as well. If used wrong, it can put you in bad situations

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So in the masteries you will be seeing 9 in the offensive section and 21 in the defensive section.
Now on the offense, having cool down for Renekton is important because he has no mana, or energy so everything he does is based on his cool downs. Although you do not fill all of the spaces for the cool down section you still receive 3% of cool down reduction. If you choose to make a different build like buying a The Brutalizer for the 10 armor penetration and the 10% cool down reduction and 25 attack damage. This will build into a Black cleaver if that is what you choose to buy instead of the Frozen mallet.

Lastly you will want the extra 8% armor penetration because you wont have that crazy AD like a lot of tops don't. So returning more damage is just as good as hitting harder for each hit. Course I probably have no idea what I am talking about, but that's ok because im new to this.

Onto the defensive side, you will see that Durability has been filled and so have the armor and only one of the magic resist. In this mastery page you could go with 3 magic resist as well it just really depends on what you want more of. I generally like armor because a lot of the tops like Darius, Rengar, and Tryndamere are AD, so having the extra armor is always helpful for laning against AD champions. Also sing that one extra point for an extra 30 health is good. It gives you that little bit more of sustain that you now have, not a lot, but just enough to withstand part of that last killing blow that could have killed you. Lastly the extra 5% against turret shots is another life saver for when you harass under a tower and you have to slice and dice out of the towers range. It just helps you out that much more.

Going onto the next levels of the mastery page, you will see that Unyielding , Block , Tenacious , Juggernaut , Defender and Honor Guard are filled. All of these options help immensely. Juggernaut gives you that slight more tankyness and again a save from that last killing blow. Block is obviously a good choice because any way you can stop receiving damage from another champion is great. It will give you a little more lane sustain for the start of the match. This also goes for Unyielding and Tenacious.

Now Defender is a mastery that helps out your team pretty well, especially if more than one player on the team has this mastery. Of course nothing is planned unless you want it to be, you could all do this to give each other that extra defense, but no ADC is gonna give up the chance for more damage. Neither is any mid wanting for AP. Lastly, is Honor Guard . This mastery is very helpful at the start of the round. I already really said why it helps because it is basically the same thing as Unyielding and Block. There isn't much to be said but that it helps sustain.

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Although this item isn't my favorite, the extra health, health regen and its passive help a lot in early laning. Although you don't get to buy wards (which i dont do until my first back anyway). It is still a very good starting item for Renekton.

I would say Beserker's Greaves cope with Renekton well because later on in the match, your attack speed still hasn't bumped up from leveling up at all so giving it a little extra boost wont hurt your outcome of the game. I could be completely wrong that is just how I have been playing him recently.

These boots are also another good decision depending on the other teams champions. Although no matter what the other team has, adding that extra 25 magic resist helps you out a lot more than you think. Plus the reduced amount of time for slows, stuns, fears, etc. are huge. Giving you a better advantage towards later team fights.

This is a very good starting item. Grabbing a cloth armor gives you a better chance against AD champs. I explained most of why it helps up in the masteries so I don't think I need to say much about armor. All I can say is that it doesn't hurt to buy some armor every once in awhile.

Now, the The Black Cleaver is an item I looked into, not long ago. I actually like to buy this item first because of the armor penetration, CD Reduction, and the health. This gives you the damage you need in early game against champs like Riven or Garen (There are many, many more). People like to go tank first with Renekton but that's not what he's all about people. He's got the potential to do some serious damage. Don't doubt him in his power to take down the squishies and many tanks (Considering you will be one late game).

The Sunfire Cape is a very good item to buy for your team. Since the fire cape deals 40 magic per second, if you are under a tower and a champ if there, you are going to get all of the aggro. This means that your team can whale on the person that is trying to hide from your team while you just tank the tower shots, as well as do damage at the same time since you are already being killed by the tower. This will help later on in the game because once you get to the point of having 2.8k health or over, the tower will really mean nothing to you. The Sunfire Cape also gives you that extra damage for pushing creeps and getting to the tower faster even though your Cull the Meek will do enough damage around you to take out the creeps.

Although this item is better for champions with less crowd control like Fiora or Shyvana, it still gives you the extra damage for the Atma's Impaler that you will be buying later down the road because of the 700 health you get from buying it. I would rather buy a Randuin's Omen particularly because it slows the enemy and gives you more armor for being that tank you want to be.

This item is especially helpful against ADC's because of the added armor and health. The extra slow from the active helps you in the chase if you have initiated the fight. When your team is trying to get that one person (for example the ADC), that 30% slow and attack speed slow is huge. As well as if you are going to go against a person in a 1 versus 1 situation. Their attack speed is lowered therefore you deal damage more frequently.

By the time you buy this item, you will have around 3.6k of health. Thus giving you more percentage of AD to yourself. Atma's Impaler also gives you more armor to defend against their ADC. There is also no problem in grabbing a little bit of critical strike for when you're team is whaling on them as you basic attack them. Also the extra armor doesn't do any harm to your defense.

The Ravenous Hydra will provide a very good amount of AoE damage for those fights that you initiate. Ravenous Hydra gives out 12 life steal which will help you recover from after the team fights. Another good pro to this item is the health regain and the damage it gives you. Generally you probably wont have a ton of regain, so you will have to back frequently.
The Ravenous Hydra is also good for pushing lanes against the creeps. As I said in the last paragraph, this item has AoE and it will take out creeps even faster adding onto the Sunfire Cape, As well as speed up your gain in Fury because of that AoE damage. This item will also add AoE damage to your Ultimate. So overall you have your Sunfire Cape, Ravenous Hydra, and your ultimate THE Dominus!

I really like this item because it gives you just enough magic resist to stay in with the team fights (again, adding more health). I also love this item because of the health regain and the 20% cool down reduction. Considering that Renekton has no mana or energy, all he has to worry about are his cool downs. Another option to doing this is buying the Kindlegem and later saving up to bu the Spirit Visage.

A lot of people like to buy this item because it gives you the armor penetration and the cool down reduction (plus the attack damage). I will say this is a good item to buy on your first back because it gives you more control over the champion you'r laning against.

I have recently been using this item a lot and it gives a very good output of damage for Renekton. It gives you that extra edge to getting the kill and grabbing this item will help immensely. I also like to go for this item first but not first if that makes any sense. As you go through the game, grab some armor like a Warden's Mail or a Chain Vest. It would be better to grab the warden's because you will build that into a Randuin's Omen. So overall, for me, a very good item to buy; Definitely recommended.

Now, this item I have been getting into more lately. Awhile ago when I was more new to the game I would rant on how annoying I thought the enemy champion was. But now knowing and having some experience i look at the champions as advantages. Knowing what they do and how they work is a special way of saying "Haha you're fault". And the reason I say I have been using this item more often is because of ADC's. Now i would not normally buy this item unless our team had fed the ADC. Also, if you know that the other team is all AD or all AP, then buy your items accordingly.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Now the reason you want to start with Cull the Meek is for the early harass. This way you can chunk down the enemy champ as you go. Cull the Meek also gives you slight sustain with the life steal it gives. This skill is most effective when you have 50 fury or above. It gives you the best outcome of damage and way better harass.

Next, after maxing out your Q, I think that maxing out your W ( Ruthless Predator) is a good choice because it deals a great amount of damage on the enemy champ and it will be one of your main harasses in late game. It also helps initiate for the team. Although the stun does in a way stun you too, it still deals damage and gives you a half a second to get away. Make sure to use this wisely though. If you use this at the wrong times it can cause you to be bursted very quickly and brought to your death.

To me, I feel like this should be the last thing you should max out because it doesn't deal too much damage as you would like it to be. But it is a very good initiator and also a very good escape skill. As you all know, with Slice and Dice, you can slice over walls. Again make sure to use it wisely because if you use it over a wall where an enemy champ can walk around in 2 seconds, that wasn't necessarily a good choice of a wall to lice over. Just be careful of when you use this skill though. It can either save your life, or put you in a horrible situation.

I would have to say that Renekton's ultimate s one of my favorites. Not because of the damage (considering it doesn't deal much), but the fact that it gives you extra health and AoE damage. When you activate your ult, you either want to use it before going into a battle (if knowing you wont die so quickly), or using it when dying to turn the tables on them. The AoE damage does help when you are chasing the enemy champ down; like when that champ you are killing is getting away with 100 health and all you have to do to kill them is run at the because of the AoE damage. You will also have a Sunfire Cape which adds to the AoE damage. ALSO later adding on the Ravenous Hydra adds even MORE AoE. So generally you will be helping your team out a lot in team fights. Assists for life. (And kills).

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Playing in Ranked

So i just read my old description of this section and I sounded unbelievably wrong, so i'm gonna change that. Playing in Ranked is always a stressful thing we all know that. Considering you lose your damn Points and then you get all pissed and it's just not a fun thing to experience. So playing with Renekton, you have to be aggressive. Chunking them down is your only way to success (unless you get ganks). Now if you play your cards right you should be able to get the first kill in your lane. The ability to kill an enemy at level 2 is a possibility. Remember that creeps are OP up until level 8 and so on, so play smart.

Now realizing that there is a jungler out there somewhere, be very wary of where they are. You never know when you going to get into some trouble at this level if you haven't back for wards yet. Before you initiate anything, make sure you have your map awareness because it will cost you if you don't pay attention. I even get ganked sometimes and I have a damn ward in the river! So I guess you could say that I get into the moment a little too much when it comes to killing someone.

The key in ranked is to not get greedy. Being greedy gets the other team fed and makes everything more difficult for your team to deal with. So don't go trying to be a hero and tower dive for that double kill or triple kill because it wont be worth it. People are playing ranked for a reason and that's exactly what they would want you to do. They want you to risk getting that kill because you think you're cool when all of the sudden, they turn around and slow or stun you under a tower or with their team and they slaughter you.

Now I kind of touched base on this when I was explaining why you should use a Thornamil or not. Anyways, now like I said, knowing the other champ is your advantage. You first look and see if they're AP or AD. Now remember their moves, who has CC and who doesn't? Who will be doing the most damage? Who will be initiating fights? All of that good stuff that you need to know to win the match. Make sure to build your champ accordingly to the other team. Don't build health because you want to be "Tanky". Being tanky in my book is having the most armor and Magic resist (also with a decent amount of health). I also said that even though you moan about going against that champ, you still need to know that you are playing your champ for a reason. You know your abilities, you know how strong they are, and you know how to use them accordingly to the team. Say, you haven't played a certain champ with Renekton before (but why would you be in ranked not knowing how to play another champ), anyways, dont be afraid to see what you can do. If you play Renekton right, you will dominate the first 15 to 20 minutes of the game, I guarantee it.

People like to make Renekton and tank from the very start. Now these people dont know the potential Renekton has to do some serious damage. You can potentially do a 1V2 at level 3. If you follow my build, you will be unstoppable. I promise you that.

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Team Work is Key

As you slowly make your way into the game, around level 9-12, the team fights begin to accumulate. Using pings and communicating is the number one most important thing you can do for your team. Signal when enemies are gone, signal when to be careful and all of that good stuff. You will create a positive attitude for you team when you help them out, this will give you over a 50% chance of winning the game. Staying together and working together wins game. Never be selfish. When you are selfish you create grudges. People want to get back at you for not helping them. In a way its like saying, "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine".

This means you can never:

- Run because YOU are about to die while someone else saves you and takes their own life.

- Not pinging because you "Forgot" and said you pinged but you really didn't

- Cursing at one another is a way of demoting your teammates and making them quit

- Kill stealing is probably one of my worst pet peaves ever. If some one did all of the damage to an enemy champ, don't just walk up and one hit the guy like you own the place. The only time you need to do that is if they are dying as well. They will thank you for saving their lives, and that's good team work.

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How to Farm Successfully

Farming with Renekton is quite easy. Using Cull the Meek is one of the easier ways to clear out a minion wave (Especially if you have 50 fury or more, unless you use the minions to gain fury). All you have to do is walk into the middle of the creep wave and pop your Q and your job is done. If you really want the CS use your Slice and Dice to finish all of them off. Its's easy...

Creeps are also a good way to use your Slice and Dice in sequence if you know where their jungler is and you know your safe. Hitting any kind of enemy using your E, you can get up to 800 range of a gap closer towards an enemy. So creeps can help you in a way, but almost for the wrong reasons but right, if that makes any sense to anyone at all. If you even have to, a good idea is slicing into the ganker (if beig ganked), and then use your dice. I have done it a billions times and it works effectively. Although you may lose some health, using your skills the right way can save your life.

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Early Game

As the match begins, using Cull of the Meek is going to be your main source of harass (as I have explained before). You want to use this ability when you have 50 fury or more because of the damage boost it gives. As you reach level 3, you will be able to run your ability sequence. The only reason you would hang back behind the wave of creeps is if you are facing a ranged enemy champion. But as you are able to use Slice and Dice, you can Slice to them, use Ruthless Predator and finally Cull the Meek and have enough time to Dice out of the range of the other champion. Make sure to us your Slice and Dice wisely because not knowing where the enemy jungler is can cost you. If you play aggressive and Slice in,the jungler can come in and you are most likely dead. The only chance of you getting away is if your flash is up. Just remember to be careful of when you use your abilities and when in the early game.

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Mid Game

Mid game you should be able to carry. I'm saying that in the sense that you dotn need your team to do a 1V2. Your ult will save you more than a thousand times and it is so worth the use. The CD really isn't that bad either.

Be careful as you charge into fights because you wont be as tanky as any other Renekton but you do deal a decent amout of damage. Now be sure that your team will be ready to go into fights because you don't want to slice, in ult and expect to kill them all and expecting your team to help. If you know that your team is already half way dead and there is only 2 champs against you and someone else compared to their 3, then don't try anything. Be a team player and defend.

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Late Game

It has gotten to the point where you don't necessarily do the killing anymore. You're going to have over 3.2k health or so having your Sunfire Cape, Randuin's Omen]], Ravenous Hydra, Mercury Treads, Spirit Visage or your Atma's Impaler. You most likely wont get to the point of having full build considering it rarely happens unless you continue to get kills or the round goes on where no one wants to try and kill the towers, but only each other. You are also going to be that Champion that when they see you, they will run away. The amount of health you will have and the good amount of magic resist and armor you have, will send them running because the only way they can kill you successfully is by creating a 3 v 1. Therefore do not be afraid to take all the damage while your team does the work. BUT, don't think you can't do anything because you do have your Ravenous Hydra and your ultimate makes you even more tankier.

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None at the moment.