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Renekton Build Guide by Milanor14

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Milanor14

Renekton: You forgot your hand! - AD/AS build

Milanor14 Last updated on February 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys, welcome to my AD/AS build for Renekton. I made this build because the usual AD/CDR build doesn't work out for me; meaning that even with items, I don't deal as much damage as a usual DPS would.

As far as my games have been with this build, I've been pretty successful with it.


-Has Tips on the Rage meter that most guides don't have
-Quite detailed guide. Includes chapters on Game Phases and Item explanation
-Updated quite frequently


-Lots and lots of COLORS

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April 30 2011:

-Made some images smaller to make viewing easier
-Revamped the "Items: Explanations and Substitutes" section
-Swapped Frozen Mallet with Warmog's Armor. Will be explained why later.

June 2 2011:

-Revised the Item portions of the game to give more space to situational occasions.
-Fixed some errors in my codes/spelling.

-Coming Soon: "Laning: Advanced" and "Hero Clashes: Advanced"

June 23 2011:

-Swapped Hexdrinker with Force of Nature. (Thanks to Nada for pointing that out)

Jan 7 2012:

-Wow **** have I been out for long
-Updated items and some other stuffs

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Pros / Cons

Using Renekton requires a bit of aggression at times, a great deal of map knowledge, and A LOT of patience. To make it short, I've made a Pros and Cons list:


-Very strong burst damage
-Very nice survival rates
-Good laning skills
-Crazy awesome farmer
-Easy to combo/synergize his skills
-Awesome dance
-Natural Off-Tank


-No ranged skills
-Hard to maintain his Rage meter
-Needs some items before he can deal a bit of damage to heroes

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Greater Mark of Desolation - x9

- x9

- x9

Greater Quintessence of Desolation - x3

The Marks are self explanatory.
The Seals help you on your survivability and beefiness.
The Glyphs lets you cast your Cull of the Meek and Slice and Dice more often to farm
The Quintessences have the same explanation as the Marks.

Note: I know that the Glyphs aren't strong enough for his CDR. But according to Searz's tips on Rune choices, CDR is the only good glyph for Renekton.

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Standard 21/8/1 Melee DPS Build with a bit of CDR

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Item Break Down: Early Game


Choice #1( ): Go with this if you're on a solo (Bot or Top) lane and if survivability is a priority. Recommended

Choice #2( ): Go with this if you're on a dual lane and if your Mid or Ganker (either Jungler or Invis) prefers ganking on your lane.

Choice #3( ): Go with this if you don't know any of your team mates and don't know their playing style. (Balanced item)

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Item Break Down: Transition -- Early to Mid Game

NOTE: This is an optional part of the build, if you feel you can last in the lane long enough to gather your Core Items, then do so. Remember, you have your Cull the Meek


Choice #1( ): If deprived of farm

Choice #2( and ): Normal game. Recommended

Choice #3( ): If you've been farming well.

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Item Break Down: Mid Game / Core Items

NOTE: You will need ALL of the items listed. ALL of the items are mandatory in any of the item builds on the AD/AS Renekton.


Youmuu's Ghostblade: You're looking at this item's Active ability which gives you the necessary MovSpd and AtkSpd you'll need for the (Supposed) duration of your Small Hero fights.

The Black Cleaver: This'll give you the necessary boost in damage both to your skills and your auto-attack. Also, this item's Unique Passive lets you kill squishies in a heartbeat.

Berserker's Greaves: As mentioned earlier, you'll need the extra MovSpd and AtkSpd in order to efficiently take out heroes. Also compliments Youmuu's Ghostblade.

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Late Game / Choice items

NOTE: Late game is left open-ended as there'll be different situations you'll be in

The Black Cleaver: Good against squishies, standard AD Carry item.

The Bloodthirster: Regular AD Carry item.

Phantom Dancer: Regular AD Carry item.

Entropy: Replacement for PD if you're taking a bit more damage than usual. Dominion mode only.

Frozen Mallet: Replacement for Entropy if you find yourself focused down during team fights

Force of Nature: Great item against a magic-based team

Infinity Edge: Goes irregularly well with PD. Standard AD Carry item.

Warmog's Armor: If you don't have a proper tank on your team, buying this item is probably mandatory.

Hexdrinker: + Survival against magic-based teams

Sword of the Occult: If you're getting WAAAY too many kills, then taking this item should get you ALOT more.

Last Whisper: The solution for armor-stackers

Atma's Impaler: If you're buying a Warmog's, might as well buy this.

Sanguine Blade: Can't stack creep kills? Then buy this, you *****.

Thornmail: For those pesky AD's

Note: I don't think it'll be necessary to change Berserker's Greaves since you can easily cover up your weaknesses with cheap alternatives.

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Full item builds

Against a Balanced Team:

Against an AD/DPS type Team:

Against an AP/Mage type Team:

Against an Armor Stacking Team:

On a game with too many Kills:

On a team without a proper tank:

Note: Remember that this build only brings you up to Off-tank-tank. It'd best work if you had another off-tank such as Lee Sin or Olaf for example.

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A run down of the Skills

So in this part, I'm just gonna explain the uses and importance of which skill to prioritize and why.

- Reign of Anger - This skill is the key to making your skills stronger, besides your godly damage.

- Cull the Meek - This is your Main healing skill if you haven't bought your The Bloodthirster yet. It's important to level this skill on the first level as it ensures you that you stay in the lane longer.

- Ruthless Predator - Your main damage skill. Leveling this skill lets you harass frequently whenever you have 50 rage.

- Slice and Dice - Combos well with Cull the Meek when farming. Crazy useful with 50 rage during clashes or ganks.

- Dominus - The most important skill during clashes. Provides you with some DPS, Health and Rage regeneration.

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How to Handle your Rage Meter

Just bought Renekton and need some tips on handling his Rage Meter?
Here are some quick tips on how to do it:

-PATIENCE: You don't always have to use your Rage. it's ok to let it run down to 0. Just don't force it.

-PRIORITIZE: Depending on whether you're focusing on either heroes or farming you have to choose which 2 skills you will use your Rage on.

-AUTO ATTACK: Whenever possible because it'll be your main source of your Rage.

-SKILLS: Are you saving up on Rage? Do you have time to wait for your skill's cooldowns? Then remember that your Ruthless Predator applies on-hit effects including your Rage meter gains whenever you attack and your Cull the Meek also produces some Rage according to the units you hit with it.

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Skill sequence: Ganks and Clashes

Keep hitting until the skill's are on cooldown.

Note: When burst-using Renekton's skills, always make sure that Cull the Meek is always last as you wouldn't want it eating up all your Rage.

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Skill sequence: Farming

then Auto attack.

Note: You'd want to be right in the middle of the creep wave after using Slice and Dice for maximizing the effects of Cull the Meek

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Summoner Spells

What I normally get:

- Exhaust - Helpful during chases and 1v1 moments as a Melee DPS

- Flash - Useful for escaping and closing gaps against heroes


- Surge - Preference over Exhaust?

- Ignite - Helps you finish off run-away heroes

- Heal - Improves survivability

- Cleanse - Alot of CC? Pick me

- Teleport - Lets you get to creeps faster

- Rally - Useful, but not recommended

- Fortify - Your job is to destroy, not to protect

- Smite - Your skills are enough for farming

- Revive - If you need this, you're doing it wrong then

- Clairvoyance - Leave it to the support

- Clarity - Pick me if you're stupid

- Promote - You won't need it

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A lot more to come!

This is my first ever build so go easy on the votes!

Please, please don't flame on it being an AD/AS build instead of a AD/CDR build.

Remember that this build is made for when your DPS role is unfilled, so don't comment "Too squishy" or "Not enough HP."

The above mentioned "Team without a tank" build is meant for bringing you only to as tough as an OFF TANK.

So before you down vote this Guide, please take note of it.