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Rengar Build Guide by Morzanoth

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Morzanoth

Rengar Jungle in a Nutshell 6.6

Morzanoth Last updated on March 25, 2016
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Bounty Hunter
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Ferocity: 12

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Threat Champion Notes
Master Yi You should be able to easily out damage him. You can stop his heal with your root.
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About Myself

Hey there. The name is Morzanoth and welcome to my Rengar guild. I made this guild cause I really love playing Rengar. He has great damage, is really easy to understand, but has potential to do so much and lets be honest... the ult and passive are amazing.

A little about myself. I've been playing (on EUW) since the end of Season 4. I am a jungle main, currently maining Elise, Fizz and...Rengar( bet you didnt see that coming) In Season 5 I was placed in Silver 5 and ended in Silver 2.

Part of the reason for me making this guild, not only to share the Rengar love, but also because I know the struggle a lot of people face finding a champ that they can climb with. After playing close to 500 ranked games( a lot right?) in Season 5, I started to understand just what I needed to do which allowed me to climb. With this guild I hope that many of you will understand the basics that I hope to convey, not just on Rengar but as a Jungler as well.

I hope you enjoy the guild and would love to hear some feedback.

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Summoner Spells

So Flash is your bread and butter summoner ( along with smite as a jungler). It can be used in many ways, be it to gap close, escape and juke.
Smite is a Junglers best friend. It's basically like your head, you can't do without it( well you can be I really REALLY advise taking this in the jungle)

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This is probably the best jungle item for Rengar. The mix of AD, CDR and the enhanced red smite work really well on Rengar

Decent movement speed for a good price. The 10% cdr it gives is nice but the passive makes this item even better. A lower cooldown on flash is really useful.

A good mix of AD, Armor Pen and a really nice active that helps you catch those high mobility targets and reposition a bit faster ( suppose for those quick escapes too)

A good mix of attack speed and crit chance. The passive movement speed helps you keep up with a target you just jumped and the damage reduction can help in those intense 1v1 situations (talking to you Lee Sin)

With recent nerfs to Rapid Fire Cannon, Statikk shiv provides a good amount of burst, wave clear and stats when building Crit Rengar. Take it when you need a little extra wave clear in the early game otherwise delay it till after Phantom Dancer.

The mix of crit and attack speed are nice when clearing the jungle. The single target damage on the passive is a nice bit of extra damage that helps with some assassinations.

Lots of AD, more crit and a nice damage buffer.

This gives a nice chunk of AD and the passive will help you cut down those tankier targets.

Gives a good variety of stats. The passive on-hit damage just adds to Rengar's Burst.

Armor Pen, A big chunk of AD and a passive that almost always guarantees a kill.

Basically buy this if you feel you need lifesteal though not really used often. The raw AD is nice though and hey, life steal never hurts anyone.

This was once the bread and butter item for Rengar. It gives nice clear speed with the cleave passive, a lot of much needed AD, some life steal and some extra burst every 10 seconds or so. I personally think that building it now with the passive cleave back on Tiamat can be nice early

Gives some good AD, Armor Pen and Much needed magic resist. The passive shield and life steal are really useful.

A good mix of health and magic resist. The passive is really nice against teams with a lot of crowd control.

A bit more health regen then banshees. The passive is nice with the empowered w and the cdr is useful.

A nice bit of armor and health. The passive movement speed and bonus damage.

Gives lots of HP, some needed AD and the passive is nice.

Lots of HP, some AD and as passive shield thats can save you and gives you more damage.

Gives HP and a sunfire aura with a nice passive HP gain. The wards are useful for vision

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Rengar Basics

So the first thing you need to understand when playing Rengar is how his abilities interact with each other. His passive allows for a very unique play style and mechanics that do require some getting used to.

As Rengar you have multiple combo's and tricks you can use in a variety of situation. The most common one would be the burst combo - E,Q,W . You want to generally use your ultimate with 5 stacks, run to an enemy and as you jump towards them E mid air, Q and W as you land. The W will hold them in place as you finish the job. Please note doing the same thing from a brush is just as good and is useful very early on in the game.

Rengar's passive is a bit tricky to get used to as it does change depending on the amount of stacks he has on his secondary pasive. This also mean you can run away and re-engage very easily. If you are near brushes consider running into a brush rather than after your opponent as you might be able to jump them. Pathing with Rengar is key. Fighting in/around brushes is generally what you want to do. A very neat trick you can use is to jump to a target between two brushes. So you jump them, run into the next brush and jump them again. You can use your e to slow them and it helps you wait out your cooldowns.

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Building Rengar

So Rengar is one of those champs that can be build in many ways. He is one of the best assassins when build AD/crit. He can tank very well thanks to his W and he can go AP( but more for fun). When going into a game, you need to assess your teams needs. How you build in game depends on your first clear(though most of you are going full AD or AP already). Rengar performs best as a FULL AD assassin, which is the recommended build in this guild. If you have a bit of a bad early game maybe invest in the tankier options because when rengar is behind, its very tough to get back into a game unless the enemy arent pressuring their advantage.

In the AD build I honestly prefer building more crit than raw AD on Rengar(usually have a triforce instead of the youmuu's) with the recent nerfs/changes his up front burst has gone down but his sustained damage is up. So if you are going to take a little longer to kill people, might as well crit more.

If you are going to build tanky I suggest starting with your tier 2 jungle item and then building the titanic hydra. This allows you to still have a strong presence early game as you have a good mix of damage and tankyness while also helping you clear faster. Then finish off the cinderhulk enchantment. After this building a black cleaver will help you and your team shred through and early armor on the enemy side and rengar can get multiple stacks on a target quickly. After this choose to build Armor or Magic Resist depending on who is the biggest threat on the enemy team. Armor reduces turret damage so will help with dives.

There isnt much i can say about the AP build. Start Skirmisher's - runic echos and then build boots and Lich bane. After than you can choose really.

For more build info/advice I recommend watching Nightblue3's Stream and videos. He is the one that got me into Rengar, helped with builds and in my opinion is the best Rengar player EUW adnd NA.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Put a point in your R Thrill of the Hunt whenever possible.Max Q Savagery first, followed by E Bola Strike and lastly W Battle Roar When building AD rengar. In the early game, start with Q Savagery . Now if you are going to try invade take E Bola Strike otherwise take a point in W Battle Roar at level 2 then proceed to max as stated above (R<Q<E<W)

For AP rengar max W Battle Roar first, followed by Q Savagery and then E Bola Strike. Start with same skill order early as you won't have any AP in the start of the game(besides maybe from runes though I still recommend mostly the same Runes)

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Ability choices

Knowing when to use Rengar's Empowered can make a huge difference when playing. Each empowered ability has its own use but they are useful in different situations.

Rengars empowered Q is generally used when you want to try burst down a target. It increases the base and bonus damage as well as increases your total Attack Damage for a short duration.

Rengar's Empowered W is useful when you are low on Health Points and it gives you some much needed tank stats. Use this when you need a little extra health to survive a sticky situation. When jungling is also increases your armor so you take less damage from camps (though rather use the empowered q to clear)

Rengar's Empowered E is great when you are ganking. Early one the Root duration is long enough for your team to follow up with more crowd control ( stuns, slows, blinds etc.) and it deals a nice bit of damage. Use this if you know you dont have enough damage to kill a target. If you know you are up against a very mobile target ( Kassidin or le blanc) so you can stop them from getting away. It is also very useful when running away from people as it stops them in their tracks. PLEASE NOTE... the hitbox of the bola is very large so its not too difficult to hit. Just walking up to someone and netting them is very easy

When ulting you will gain ferocity quickly. I've found that using the empowered e when you ult and the empowered w when it is up again is a very nice combo.It allows your team to focus a target and helps you survive a little longer. After you have had a few games on him you will start to understand how and when to use the abilities a bit more

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Fury The attack speed helps with your early clear.

Double Edged Sword In the second tier this makes the most sense. If you plan on snowballing lanes Expose Weakness might help laners get kills early

Vampirism Cause who doesnt like lifesteal? Will help a little early for some extra sustain and scales well when you get some damage

Oppressor Kills may not come so easily so this will at least give you a decent damage buff at all stages in the game.

Wanderer Extra movement speed is always good. Early it helps you clear faster( cause you get to camps quicker) and wiith ganking

Runic Affinity Basically always take this on junglers. Longer buffs are just better.

Merciless You are an assassin... killing low health people is your thing. This just helps with that.

Dangerous Game This has saved me soooo many times. You have no escapes so heals in any for help a lot

Precision Armor pen on an assassin is always good.

Thunderlord's Decree I like taking thunderlords on Rengar because he is able to proc it easily and it adds a nice amount of damage when you are trying to assassinate someone.

You can go down the ferocity tree if you want. End with Deathfire Touch or Warlord's Bloodlust

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Seal of Armor Flat armor helps reduce damage from camps early on and the extra health allows you to clear more before your first back.

Mark of Attack Damage More AD early helps kill camps faster and just gives a nice bit of early game damage.

Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist Since most AP champs only start building major AP after about 10 min you can affort to ignore mr for a bit. Also at lvl 9 the flat amount = scaling so its better in the long run.

quintessence of attack damage More AD and basically the same thing as the marks (AD IS LIFE!!!)

For the AP rune page I'd still recommend taking this rune page. Most AP champs rely on abilities to clear so some extra AD will help them clear a bit faster early.

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Clear path

So what you want to do is always start on bot side. Your duo lane can help you kill the camps faster which allows you to stay healthier for some early ganks.

If you start RED SIDE jungle, your clear path is generally gromp( the frog thing), blue, wolves, razorbeaks (the chicken things), red buff and finally krugs ( the stone things). After the scuttle you can go to Krugs and smite them so you get the passive stuns. They help a lot when clearing.

On BLUE SIDE jungle you can start krugs, red, razorbeaks, wolves, blue, then gromp.

When clearing you will want to take a scuttle crab at some point in your first clear. Its free health, gold and grants some much needed vision. Choosing a scuttle depends on which side you are on but generally you want to take TOP SIDE scuttle when you are on RED SIDE and taking BOT SIDE scuttle when you are on BLUE SIDE. This is due to the gank paths junglers will have to take in order to gank lanes. Taking these crabs limits the gank paths for most junglers ( unless you are Nidalee or kindred and walls mean nothing to you) and allows the corresponding side lanes to play a bit more aggressively.

After you hit level 3 you might want to look for a gank. I advise going back for items before attempting ganks but Lane ganking or the river brush gank are possible early on without items ( they are explained in the ganking section of the guild)

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Rengar is a strong ganker from level 3. He has really good early game damage, a slow/root that is very hard to miss( even with the slight nerf timer on it) and a gap closer with his passive in some cases.

Pre lvl 6 the most common gank you will want to pull off is a Lane gank. Lane ganking is basically sneaking into a brush in either bot or top lane by simply walking into it from lane( hope that makes sense). So basically you want to walk into a lane that is pushed to the enemy tower so when the minion wave resets to the middle of the lane you are sitting and waiting in a brush unknown to your enemy. You typically want to have 5 fury stacks when lane ganking as your root allows your team pile on cc and stops your enemy from escaping. Most of the time the enemy will blow a summoner spell and its a nice lane to revisit.

Post lvl 6 your ganks are a lot easier. Basically ult just before you get into lane( ensure you have 5 stacks for a root or an empowered q for more burst) and jump either a low health target or trying to root someone. BE VERY CAREFUL OF PINK WARDS. The enemy will see you coming and have more time to run. Also be wary of cc heavy supports. Thresh, Nautilu,Blitz and Alister are really good at peeling for squishy targets. If you over extend they can re-engage on you ( cause early rengar is a bit squishy) and you might lose a summoner or die.

A last little trick for ganking is when you see an enemy ward time out or you clear a ward in a river brush and the enemy is pushing. Try waiting in that brush for a little bit. Most of the time the enemy will come to reward the brush and you can jump them. This works best if your laner buys a pink ward and places it in an already warded brush. The enemy will see a pink and want to kill it. Remember, a hunter knows how to bait their prey

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Jungle Tips

When clearing early you are going to want to use your empowered Q Savagery on camps. The enhanced damage and increase in attack speed helps clear camps a bit faster. If you are worried about dying to a camp and dont think your empowered q will kill it, use you empowered w instead for a decent heal.

Rooting scuttle helps kill it faster.

If you are short of a stack try throwing your bola over a wall, the long range generally allows it hit most targets, even dragon.

If you know your enemy struggles to clear early, try invading. Though a word of caution. If you see the enemy laners are missing... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. Or at least get the kill first :D

If you see your laner has died, is backing and the enemy is pushing, or if a wave is about to hit a tower. GO TO THAT LANE! If you are on the other side on the map then just keep farming. Otherwise you have no excuse to not go to the lane. Its free gold, exp and you stop any unnecessary tower damage. If the enemy laner can dive you ( like zed) or can kill you from range (lux or xerath), rather just soak up the exp and try last hitting with your e Bola Strike because you don't want to die and give the enemy more of an advantage.

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What is your aim with Rengar?

So basically you have 2 major objectives. Number 1 is get as fed as fast as possible and kill everything. Number 2 is to snowball your lanes so they can gain advantages in their match-ups.

Number 1 is probably the mentality of most Rengar players, cause I mean who doesnt like killing everything. This whole point of doing this is to push objectives. If no one can stand against you it allows you to get towers, take dragons and basically dominate games. If you get ahead on Rengar you need to end the game as soon as possible because he falls off a little late game (Cause tanks have items, the level advantage isn't as great as it once was) and one shotting a carry can become a bit difficult.

Number 2 is what most laners expect from a jungler. You want to get them ahead so you don't have to worry about that lane too much. The trick with this is knowing which lane to focus on. As a jungler everyone will be asking for help. If they are losing lane they will start to panic and basically blame you for their deaths cause you didn't gank. Now i'm not saying you should ignore those lanes, just be smart when ganking them.

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So guys, if you made it this far I do applaud you( was a lot of reading im sure). Please feel free to add me if you have any queries. You can find me on EUW under Morzanoth and on NA under ThisSkrub again. If you have any question, please feel free to leave a comment and please leave a like if you found my guild helpful ( does help me a little). Otherwise enjoy, and good luck with Rengar :D