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Teemo Build Guide by Dzopilant

Middle Revelations S9 Teemo guide

Middle Revelations S9 Teemo guide

Updated on September 20, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dzopilant Build Guide By Dzopilant 370 22 1,056,207 Views 51 Comments
370 22 1,056,207 Views 51 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dzopilant Teemo Build Guide By Dzopilant Updated on September 20, 2019
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Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Absolute Focus

Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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More Teemo Runes

You can't see him but he's just next to you ready to strike ! If you see him you can't catch him and kill him !
He poisons your body but also your mind ! He doesn't even need to be present to kill everyone and laugh ...

Did you REALLY think you had seen the end of the horror ?


Before the battle :
During the battle :

Welcome to The most Fabulous source of everything brave Warriors and Amazons of the rift,

I discovered old parchments full of dark secrets about a mysterious yordle who will either save or doom the world one day. There I found an easy build fitting any match-up / any lane with unavoidable automatic effects for the only champion of League Of Legends able to get kills by basically doing nothing : Teemo.

Now it is time for you to benefit from this ancient wisdom and to make the legend rise again but BEWARE :
This is powerful knowledge encrypted with the summoner's code only meant for the greatest.

If you are not ready yet, I advise you this excellent Beginners guide to start.

Do not read any further if you are not ready !

Welcome to League Of Legend

Welcome into Revelations Teemo guide

Teemo is a stealthy, cunning, fast running, deadly and adorable cute yordle scoutsman with invisible traps.
He often drives mad opponents (F**K these bloody mushrooms ! where is he ?) who tend to call him Satan.

+ Ranged champion easy to play with no skill-shot
+ Strong damage and good farming from lvl 1 to 17
+ Versatile champion able to manage any match-up
+ Lovely yordle !
+ Evil gameplay !

- Squishy and often targeted (global taunt power)
- No stun or dash to escape
- Sensitive to Control Ward and reveal capacities
- You may get insulted because you play Teemo
- You may get reported because you play Teemo

The origins of the devil

Teemo runes choices are made in order to find the most interesting powers and mechanics to be an honorable little devil. Here are my current choices after very looooooong aeons of thinking and testing :


Sorcery will provide very high damage from the lvl 1 with enough mana for Noxious Trap.


The Aery controversy : Aery is a great 1 vs 1 Rune fitting most builds but it have some downsides too (less team orientated, various delays for Aery to come back, reveal much more precisely where you are, lower AP scaling, aso.)

Arcane Comet is a great AOE effect which hardly miss thanks to the wonderful slow of Noxious Trap and improve your teamfight impact. The downside is it may indicate your current location but you can change this into an asset using it as a bait signal, placing another Noxious Trap and moving elsewhere.

Phase Rush is decent but the 2 other choices are way better.


Nullifying Orb is not that great for Teemo.

Manaflow Band is the best choice and useful to poke early game. Don't forget to roam in the river for plants and try to get blue buff in addition.

Nimbus Cloak is not that useful for Teemo having already a speed increase and a speed boost in his kit and a potential slow on most opponents (Grrr Master Yi ... but wait ... you're blind ? mouhahaha !) with his mushrooms. Can be interesting on other builds though.


Transcendence is not that great, better get or steal a blue buff, it is free and available long before the level 10.

Celerity is interesting and can be a very good alternative to choose.

Absolute Focus gives you extra damage if your life is above 70% which should be the case 95% of the time having sustain item, dodge skill-shots and hide capacities. Downside may create an interesting deceiving aspect to exploit.


Scorch to have an additional automatic damage from lvl 1 every 20s for the first ability hit, it is slightly weak but always usable.

Waterwalking is interesting but very situational and orientated towards full control of the river.

Gathering Storm is better from mid /late game compensating Teemo falling behind but it is too much gambling on game length.


Precision will provide attack speed and extra damage for kills.


Legend: Alacrity will improve attack speed to farm and split-push faster. It gives an interesting ratio to keep in mind : 1 kill = 1 Dragon = 4 Red or Blue buff = 20 minions for the purpose of extra attack speed stacks (up to 18% max)


Coup de Grace to improve the probability to kill low-life opponents especially fleeing opponents walking on a Noxious Trap. The AP boost in case of kill participation is especially good for teamfights.

Alternative :

Domination rune with Cheap Shot for true damage and Ravenous Hunter for sustain (synergizing with Absolute Focus) as both works with our mushrooms.

Harmony and equilibrium, Yin and Yang , one escape spell for Life and one damage spell for Death.

Flash will help to escape death, finish fleeing opponent or allow risky moves like launching one or two Noxious Trap in the middle of opponents and minions before trying to run away.

Ignite will help Teemo get kills with another DOT damage also reducing opponents heals and regeneration by 40%. Ignite stays slightly better than all other options whatever your lane.

Allows all the "trap" mechanics, boost the AS and creates paranoia into opponents minds.
guerrilla warfare video
It is a strong damage spell with a blind countering many champions and tower dives.
blinding dart video
It is a tool mainly to escape and dodge also useful to chase, roam and help other lanes.
Move quick video
Adds damage and poison DOT with every Auto Attack improving "poke and run away" tactics.
Toxic shot video
Aka "Mushroom" is a powerful poison DOT invisible mine great for traps and vision.
Noxious trap video


>> >> >> >>

Blinding Dart first because :
1) it helps get first blood if there is an invade and avoid all risks to steal your jungler's buff.
2) it triggers from lvl 1 effects like Arcane Comet and Scorch granting strong damage.
3) it allows an immediate poke lvl 1 AA / Q / AA, makes opponent miss farm and start tilt him.
Exception : Pick E first (Q second) when facing Singed, Malphite or Heimerdinger.

Pick Toxic Shot all the next levels until maxed (except lvl 4 for Move Quick and lvl 6 for Noxious Trap) This order increase the option to get an early kill between level 1 and level 3.

Then max Blinding Dart (except lvl 11 for Noxious Trap) as it provides nice extra damage and extended infamous blind time so useful to survive most opponent(s) and ganks attacks.

Finally complete Move Quick (except lvl 16 for Noxious Trap), the point put lvl 4 is most needed to dodge skill-shots and escape chasing enemies but will be sufficient until late game.

Of course pick this level 6, 11 and 16 as the build is mainly around and these powerful hidden Mushrooms shall be the best friends of your whole team.

Following the concept of spells, runes and powers that are easy or automatic to trigger, I advise items which don't need activation so you are sure to not forget to use them (told you it's a lazy build) and bringing :

Very good
More precisely here is a standard base but always adapt it to the opponent team composition :

- Start -
Provides life and mana sustain to poke / trade easily in early, 3s DOT damage and remains useful until late game. If you Sup you may consider Spellthief's Edge + 2 Health Potion instead and get later Remnant of the Watchers then Eye of the Watchers.

- Early game -
A must-have to buy in priority at the first back granting a boost around 70 AP (because of the adaptive damage boost) + 10% CDR especially great for Noxious Trap.

Grants extra mobility useful to dodge most skill-shots. Alternatively you can buy before a defensive item like Null-Magic Mantle vs AP champ or Cloth Armor vs AD champ.

It will help to wave clear and destroy towers faster + grants 10% CDR which will allow you to get more Noxious Trap. Can be alternative first item to rush first back if farming is crucial (like ADC or when opponent has strong wave-clear like Anivia, Morgana, Heimerdinger, aso.)

- Mid game -
It is a core item which will add AP and extra damage on hit. From then use even more Guerrilla Warfare (to get towers, farm in the jungle, aso.) as you've reached max Attack Speed and alternating invisible / visible with the extra AS is now worth.

It is the best boots choice improving the Magic Penetration for Noxious Trap and bringing enough speed for better dodges, run away and roaming.

It is a core item which improves greatly Noxious Trap damage even against tanks with both extra AP and damage based on health %.

- Late game -
To have almost true damage with huge Magic Penetration for our precious Noxious Trap. If you are rich, you may consider Morellonomicon instead.

Finally to improve the damage of Noxious Trap with extra AP + huge AP bonus for Nashor's Tooth, Liandry's Anguish and Void Staff. This complete the core build.

Last (or fast if you play Sup), complete this defensive item if you bought the Null-Magic Mantle or Frostfire Gauntlet if you bought the Cloth Armor (or pick anything else you feel better like Morellonomicon / Void Staff, Zz'Rot Portal, Lich Bane or Wit's End)

Test : Check if you guess right which position fits the best the below builds and don't open the trap !
(Hint : Consider you did adapt the standard build to face tanky Top, strong AD Mid and strong AP Bot)

Mid / Top / Sup / ADC ?
Mid / Top / Sup / ADC ?
Mid / Top / Sup / ADC ?
Mid / Top / Sup / ADC ?
Mid / Top / Sup / ADC ?

Reward if you did find the 4 correct positions and did not open the trapped build

Concerning the game :

First, every plan, as good as it can be, will be confronted with reality where various problems will appear :

Now you are ready for anything, remember the goal of the game and how it will work to reach it :

Destroy within a lane the first tower
to destroy the second tower
to destroy the inhibitor tower
to destroy the inhibitor
to destroy the 2 nexus towers
to destroy the nexus ! WP GG !

It is very nice and fun to rush after kill and revenge (check the reward is worth at least) but it won't make you win a game for sure while getting and defending these objectives will make you reach victory.

To help you there are several minor bonus (Jungle plants), 2 bonus (Blue buff and Red buff), 3 major bonus (Rift Herald, Dragon and Nashor) and finally a mini-map you should check super regularly (like every 2s).
More details in the great PsiGuard's jungle Rek'Sai guide.

Concerning Teemo :

- - - - - - - -

General advices :

Become an oracle and predict the future like a great chess master ! Apply Sun Tzu principles of war : attack where the enemy is weak, defend your strategic places and keep in mind the long term objective : Nexus !

- Be shy : use Guerrilla Warfare passive a lot, go in bushes, even if obvious it stress opponent.
- Be careful : poke and run away is what you should do most of the time, especially early game.
- Be patient : focus creation of good trap condition and avoid diving towers or chasing opponents.

Advices Lvl 1 to 5 :

Be fast at beginning and choose between invade, helping your jungler or rush to hide on your lane.

- Don't die ! reaching lvl 6 to get Noxious Trap is key, better xp and farm than greed and die.
- Farm decently to get Fiendish Codex or Stinger asap (unless you Sup then just poke). Placing one AA on each minions with the poison DOT will help outfarm opponent and push fast .
- Poke opponent and make him miss minions with Blinding Dart (especially the cannon minion)

Advices Lvl 6 and beyond :

Use wisely your Noxious Trap modifying their positioning regularly to create ShroomLand !

Noxious Trap should be under your tower, closely outside minions path, on potential Jungler path or launch on minions only if there is a champion impacted too. Avoid farming with them unless to destroy a tower with a fast push or save a tower from a big wave of minions.
Use the "bump" effect when a Noxious Trap is launched on another Noxious Trap.
Don't place them too close from each others, DOT don't add.
Always keep in mind your "escape route" with at least 1 or 2 Noxious Trap already positioned and 1 in reserve on you which may save your life in case of emergency.
From mid game, try to always keep a Noxious Trap placed at Nashor entrance pit.

Advices Top / Mid / Bot :

Mid lane : The best place to have a strong impact on the whole game and carry. It's also the best place to counter an impactful opponent and to avoid feeders trollers to be at this key position.
Top lane : Great place to reach and destroy the top inhibitor solo and control Nashor area.
Bot lane Sup : Great place to insure a good teamfight power and get kills assists.
Bot lane ADC : Average place with middle range and the (rarely met) need to have a good Sup.

Tower trapping example for each lane but find YOUR most efficient spots to place each Noxious Trap :

- Top Lane -

Focus to get the tower and roam to get kills in the jungle or on other lanes if your opponent is tanky.

- Mid Lane -

Rush to hide mid at start and if opponent don't wave clear well, push hard and try to get the first tower.

- Bot Lane -

Beware a lot the potential burst lvl 1/2 from 2 opponents, avoid early stuns at all costs ( Braum )
Use a lot the bushes and invisibility to pressure opponents and use Blinding Dart on opponent ADC.
If you are ADC, it is useful to work duo-lane style sharing farm when you try to make an ambush.

If ambushed and not spotted, place Stealth Ward so opponent sees glimpse of it and watch him stress
Easy : can't miss
Medium : some skill and right timing is needed
Hard : some luck and patience is needed
Trap the surroundings of Control Ward and other visible bonus placed by your team (Bard heals, aso)

Stand still to become invisible when Twisted Fate or Nocturne use their ultimate on you
Become invisible right in front of enemies to taunt their spells (fun if they can't launch them without target)
Use /laugh and /all for jokes, taunts and comments which may tilt opponent(s) and help trapping

When chased, turn a corner or enter a brush, stop, become invisible and let enemies pass
Put a mushroom where opponent will spawn or resurrect ( Twisted Fate, Aatrox, Anivia and Zac)
Run from brush A to B being spotted, Flash backward in brush A and watch enemies search brush B

If your inhibitor is free, trap heavyly its surroundings and wait the (not so) smart opponent(s) to backdoor
Use Blinding Dart just before an opponent try to hit the jump plant to escape and kill him while he "miss"
Hide* in the Dragon pit or Nashor pit and choose between "kill them all" or "steal" if opponents try to do it

* : Use "target champion only" option to hide literally inside Nashor and other big jungle monsters.
Finally, here is a great video of some various funny plays which may inspire you : Teemo plays and Evil plans

Playing Teemo is never neutral, for your opponents of course but also for your companions. You may need to reassure them from the champions selection : "I will play well, I will help, we will win together !"
(You can also do the opposite but that would deserve a "Trolling" chapter not covered within this guide)

Communication is key so explain them you trap, you won't go towards them, they need to bait towards you.
They can also help confusing opponents with /all trashtalk like "report Teemo afk", "he's at your red", aso.

WARNING : Beware when ambushed and your team-mates cross the line between you and opponent(s). Being aware may avoid you silly death like due to Blitzcrank trying to hook a team-mate behind you.

Helping team :
Try to trap enemy jungler paths, Nashor pit and other team towers with Noxious Trap which will both help and gives you occasionally free kills. For teamfights try to flank or get behind opponents staying invisible and wait teamfight start to attack targeting mainly opponents ADC or Mid.

Sacrificing team :
If lazy too far from a teamfight obviously soon lost, better prepare an ambush under tower. Once opponents come launch a Noxious Trap within them, start the combo (cf below) and launch a 2d Noxious Trap 2s after the first. You may get a double or triple kill on such action.

"The most difficult aspect in the AA / Q / AA combo is to press Q right between the 2 AA you see ?"

Teemo has another mythical combo with cataclysmic effects. These revelations must be kept secret !

Ideal conditions : An opponent walks on a Noxious Trap while you are standing still nearby.

Perfect combo : Corrupting Potion / Auto Attack / Blinding Dart / Auto Attack / Ignite.
Breathe, focus, relax, this combo seems way too complex to master but you got the potential I feel it !

It will create several various, cumulative and simultaneous effects :
The combo stays the same even if some of these powers are on cooldown or if you don't have all items.
1) Noxious Trap AOE Slow between 30% and 50% during 4s.
2) Noxious Trap AOE DOT with 200 to 450 (+ 0.5 AP) magic damage during 4s.
3) Noxious Trap AOE vision of enemies for all your team during 4s.
4) Trigger AOE Arcane Comet with 30 to 100 (+ 0.2 AP) damage.
5) Trigger Scorch with 10 to 30 magic damage.
6) Trigger Liandry's Anguish magic damage DOT of 2% of the enemies health during 3s.
7) Corrupting Potion DOT with 15 to 30 magic damage during 3s.
8) Corrupting Potion health and mana regeneration for Teemo.
9) 2 AA with each triggering Toxic Shot making 10 to 50 (+ 0.3 AP) magic damage and DOT poison with 6 to 30 (+ 0.1 AP) magic damage every second during 4s (DOT don't add but get refreshed)
10) 2 AA with each triggering Nashor's Tooth passive making 15 (+ 0.15 AP) magic damage.
11) Blinding Dart with 80 to 260 (+ 0.8 AP) magic damage.
12) Blinding Dart Blinding opponent between 1.5 and 2.5s.
13) Ignite DOT of 80 to 505 true damage during 5s.
14) Ignite reduction of 40% of the opponent's heal and regeneration during 5s.

Considering the extra 50% attack speed from Nashor's Tooth + 20 to 80% attack speed from Guerrilla Warfare + 18% attack speed from Legend: Alacrity you will probably place 4 or 5 Auto-Attacks within 2s.
The AOE effects will damage all other opponents close to your primary target, great to defend towers.
All these damage getting a boost increase of 2 to 10 % with Liandry's Anguish and of 7% if opponent is below 40% life with Coup de Grace.

Voilà ! Should be an easy kill totally secure (and probably an opponent crying "noob champ" or "WTF")

Victory ! The enemies are defeated and their nexus is no more ... Bravo ! Try to make some final jokes ;)
Don't be too hard though, they may play with you next game and luck always plays a part in victory.
Whatever the result, don't let small things tilt you and just play again or have a break IRL if needed.

Hope you will find in this guide a funny, easy and efficient way to play Teemo and to enjoy good games. If something is not clear, read the guide again, then read it a third time, everything should be clear now.

Even if this is obviously the best* guide EU world galaxy of all times written in the marble of divine laws, I am still very open to comments for improvements and will try my best to answer any questions you may have.


Dzopilant (Because laugh can save the world !)

* : the 2d best guide being the famous yet not well-known Fallout Ziggs guide

PS : There were 32 Noxious Trap in the guide (well ... 33 now), you are gifted to still be alive !
☣ ☣ Revelations ☣ ☣ Open before opening 💣 SPOILER !💣 below !
💣 SPOILER ! 💣 Do not open before reading ☣ ☣ Revelations ☣ ☣ above !

First a big thanks to YOU ! Writing is meaningless without a reader. He will say it better than me :

Then I am proud to say I was able to do everything without the help of Jhoijhoi's Making a Guide guide (trashtalk is real, thanks you sooo much Jhoijhoi , you are the fairy of nice guides)

Special thanks to Hoppermh for helping with bbcode, to Swuft for his advices and inspiration from his wicked Ye olde Pantheon Top guide, to AP WormMaW Mid for his tremendous support and friendly streams (check AP WormMaW Mid twitch) and to Seth346 (better known as Crs Dekar and author of the fabulous Best Riven world guide) for helping me with this guide.
In total there are 11 great guides links to enjoy beyond this one, an upvote to them would be kind.

Big thanks to all the Mobafire team, nothing here would even exist without them.

Finally, I own none of the artwork, huge thanks and all the credits goes to these gifted artists :
- All officials LOL splash art and wallpapers artists.
- The official Resident evil Revelations Artbook artcover artist.
- Darynian on Deviant art for the "Save the world" Teemo.
- Dontsayme on Deviant art for "Omega squad" Teemo.
- LhOo on Deviant art for the "Theoric plan / Reality" Teemo.
- Aras-Chan on Deviant art for the "I love you" Teemo.
- All the others if I forgot any (let me know about it ... mmm ... maybe me in fact ?)

League of Legends Build Guide Author Dzopilant
Dzopilant Teemo Guide
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