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Rumble Build Guide by Frutey

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Frutey

Rumble - Bandle City Beatdown!

Frutey Last updated on July 22, 2012
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Rumble is a AP bruiser that can top/mid/and even jungle if you want him to. ( he has that skin for a reason) He's a champ that never gets old no matter how much you play him (I've played 40 games straight without getting bored of him) and is not directly countered by just about anything. If you want to be the biggest bully to ever lane the top lane, or you simply just want to burn everything down to the ground, Rumble is the champ for you!(i will be adding sections on mid, jungle, and dominion soon, also anything i have not included that you would like to see please feel free to tell me.)

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Pros and Cons

Tanky and very strong
No direct counters
Never gets old
Hates heimerdinger with a passion

Only one good skin
Passive can kill you if not managed right
Gank target

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Skill Sequence

Junkyard Titan


When Rumble reaches 100 heat he overheats, silencing himself for 6 seconds to cooldown completely and causing his basic attacks to deal an additional 20 + (5 x level) + (0.3 per ability power) magic damage for the duration.

High risk, high reward passive. If you are able to keep in the danger zone with overheating your damage will be nice and high. Only over heat if you can while using Flamespitter so your doing double the damage.



Rumble torches his opponents front of him, dealing magic damage in a cone for 3 seconds. While in Danger Zone, this damage is increased.

This is your main damage ability as Rumble. It's great because its an AoE explosion. FLAAAAAMMMMMMMMESSSSSSSSS!

Scrap Shield


Rumble pulls up a shield, protecting him from damage and granting him a quick burst of speed.

This ability is great. It may not be that strong but the speed in danger zone will help you escape almost every gank. It will also help you get in a teamfight or gank other lanes as well.



Rumble shoots a taser that deals magic damage and applies a slow on the first enemy it hit for 3 seconds. A second shot can be fired for no additional cost within the next three seconds, even if Rumble overheats. If the second taser slows an enemy that has been slowed by the first, the slow is refreshed and its movement speed reduction is doubled.While in the "Danger Zone", the damage and slow percentage are increased by 30%.

This ability will make farming easier. It will also let you get away from ganks as well. Great kiting power, and surprising late game damage.

The Equalizer


Rumble calls down a line of rockets over the target linear location, using a click and drag targeting system. The rockets deal initial magic damage to all enemies hit on arrival, and also leave a trail of destruction for 5 seconds that slows by 35% and deals magic damage every second to all enemies standing on the area.

This ability is the icing on the cake. It is a GODLY ultimate. The drop down damage can turn a losing teamfight to your side. Its also great for initiation, although its a hard ult to get used to and i recommend practicing it a little.

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Runes (Solo top)

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for obvious reasons.

Greater Seal of Armor so your a bit more tanky in lane since just about all tops are ad.(Most of them.)

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power because rumble should not be getting aggressive until around level 5. at level 5 he should have around 25 ap which is perfect to start being a bully. Other than that you get more ap for late game.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed Because you are able to keep your enemies in your
Flamespitter much more easily than without them. its also makes rumble harder to gank.

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Mastery's (Solo top)

I take 3 AD over the 3 AP for a few reasons. 3 Ap isn't exactly helpful, and the 3 AD helps last hitting by a noticeable difference. Summoners wrath because we use ignite and need one more point to go on. Cool down and magic pen for obvious reasons.
In the defensive tree i take 3 points in hardiness to help lane against the ad bruisers that you will be laning against 80% of the time. I also take the Magic resist points because rumbles magic resist is very lacking mid game so it helps a bit. Tough skin because in order for rumble to be effective he needs to bully which means he WILL take minion damage so reducing it helps. More health for surviving and health regen for laning. Movement speed to help keep flamespitter in rage and for avoiding more ganks. and juggernaut for some more obvious reasons.

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Summoner Spells


- My personal favorite spell you can get on Rumble. This can help you escape from enemies or help you get in range of Flamespitter/ Electro-Harpoon.


- Can help you finish off a kill or stop Healing like Dr. Mundo's Ult.

Other Spells that work with Rumble


- I don't prefer it but it works the same as flash. Can also get you to objectives faster.


- This can be helpful Vs certain champs like Shen. Or if the enemy team has a lot of pushers.


- Only if your jungeling

Summoner's you shouldn't use


- Rumble has no mana


- People still get this?


- Nerfed

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Laning (Solo Top)

Rumble is in my opinion the best solo top there is. Playing aggressively as rumble at level 1, 2, 3, or 4 will most likely get you killed though. You want to be passive until around level 5. Using Electro-Harpoon to cs and to also harass when enemies get in range of it as well. At level 5 your Flamespitter base damage will be very high and with the ap per level runes you should have a substantial amount to start being an annoying bully. At level 6 you can take just about anyone with ease. Depending on who you fight, your going to want to go Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions or Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions. Against a champion like Pantheon your going to want to get Cloth Armor and Health Potions because of his Spear Shot harass and on your first B instead of getting Hextech Revolver first you may want Ninja Tabi and dorans shield to make farming easier, But say you go up against a champ like Nasus, your going to want to get Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions and get revolver first and be a bully as much as you can to him. Becareful when bullying your lane, as it will attract the enemy jungle. When you B you should also pick up at least one sight ward so that its harder to gank you

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Last hitting

This is something that can make a player skill capped or bad. Your going to want to master this to be effective on not just rumble but on every champ. Its easy, Wait until a minion gets low enough, then walk up to it and put the killing blow on it. This will keep you in the game if your not doing well. last hitting is a bit awkward on rumble. It takes a bit of getting used too so you may want to go into a custom game and practice a bit. Practice does make perfect after all. THIS SHOULD BE YOUR TOP PRIORITY! A little video on last hitting.

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Team Fighting

The most important thing about team fighting with Rumble is ult placement. You want to position your Ult so it hits the max amount of people. Rumble also initiates team fights well with his ult. When in a team fight your going to want to go after there Ad carry first. Once hes dropped you then want to go after there ap carry then their support. Once those guys are finished the tanks should be easy to take out.

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Heat Management

Rumble has a high risk, high reward passive. You want to stay in the dangerzone most of the time then overheat to finish someone off. If you can overheat by using flamespitter it helps cause you'll be doing AoE damage for half of the silence. Try not to abuse your spells though. Overheating can prevent you from getting kills which is why i do not recommend getting or stacking CDR items. To skill cap rumble you need to be able to manage your heat. Only then can you be skill capped.

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Cloth Armor - If the enemy champion your Versing has a lot of AD harass this is the item your going to want. (Ex: Talon, Pantheon, and Fiora)

Doran's Shield - This can help tremendously if your losing lane. The extra armor is very very nice early game. It also helps even if your winning because minion damage hurts less and your enemy also hurts less. (ONLY BUY THIS VS AD!)

Mercury's Treads - If the enemy team has a lot of cc pick these up. You may not want to start with these if your having trouble in lane vs an AP Bruiser.

Ninja Tabi - If your going up against an Ad these are great.

Will of the Ancients - RUSH RUSH RUSSSSHHH! This is a core item for rumble. YOU ALWAYS WANT THIS. All your spells healing you gives you great sustain.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - This item i like to consider another core item for rumble. It makes his Flamespitter almost unescapable. Plus it makes him more tankier.

Rabadon's Deathcap - This is where most of your AP comes from. It will help you destroy everything. Your going to need this for late game.

Zhonya's Hourglass - Another item that is needed for late game. Good AP and great Armor, plus a stasis.

Abyssal Mask - Great item for rumble. If your having problems with AP's, build it before rabs. It gives a nice amount of ap and also magic resist.

Other items rumble likes

Guardian Angel - Whats better than a tankier rumble?!? Plus the revive lets you wreak more havoc.

Void Staff - If your team is lacking damage you may want to pick this up over Abyssal Scepter.

Sorcerer's Shoes - If your absolutely dominating or the enemy team has little to no CC then these could be used over Merc treads and tabi. I do not recommend taking these in lane unless you are 4-0 without jungle ganks.

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Lane Matchups

Just some tips on common top lanes.


- AoE can keep her from farm.

May want to level W once more at 7 for her Q's

Can easily beat at level 6 as AoE and ult>Shroud


- Movement speed to dodge his ruptures

Be careful about his three second silence

Don't get feast ignite baited


- This guy is just plain scary, he can bully melee around quite easily.

Try not getting hooked at early levels he does crazy level one damage.

First B rush Ninja Tabi and either 2 Doran's Shield or one Giant's Belt will help a lot with this lane.

Dr. Mundo

- Not seen very often but he still does it.

Stay behind minions and farm with your E.

If he goes to Farm punish him with your Q and E then W behind minions again.

Ignite his ult and he's an easy 1v1


- Starting Cloth Armor and 5 pots is a smart idea agaisnt her

Get Doran's Shield and Ninja Tabi as early as possible and this will be an easy lane

Wait until she gets cocky with her dash's and either punish her with just Q or go for the kill and drop the ult on her.


- This guy is a partial counter to rumble so try your hardest not to make a mistake against him.

Careful about his E, he can dodge your ult drop and harpoons with it.

Always use your ultimate after he E's


- Hard to kill because of high Magic Resist

Dodge his Q's as much as you can

Do not use your Q on his shield


- Start Cloth Armor 5 pots with this match up

Has a bad early phase so he can be easily bullied


- I personally hate this guy. Start Cloth Armor 5 pots against .

If you see him running at you with his Q hit him with a few electro-harpoons to stop him from reaching you.

At level 6 do not fully engage him unless you have a big advantage, instead try to widdle him down and keep his passive from procing.

Do NOT enter a bush if you know this clowns in it.


- Harass from afar with harpoons.

Don't let her walk up to you and true damage you.

If she trys to engage you at level 6 ult combo her. You should be able to beat her.

By level 9 she should have wits end and merc treads so just try to farm by then

Jarvan IV

- Do NOT fight this man early on.

Try to avoid his E Q auto combo.

At level 5 just bully him around like everyone else.


- If he jumps on you to stun press W and try to hit him with a harpoon.

After level six wait for his ultimate passive to be used on a creep and such then go in for harass.


- Try to Avoid his E Q cannon combo

Try engaging him right when he switches to his ranged form.

If engaging on his hammer form he will disengage you quickly.


- Do not engage her early, she has high burst early.
Once her auto attack modifier is down bully her.

Lol you got your E at level 1? that pretty much cheating
Me to my friend who plays kayle.


- This is not an easy lane.

Careful for his ranged harass as it out does yours by a ton.

Bait his rush by hitting him with a few E's and Q'ing towards him, if he comes back, drop your ult and punish him for it.

Rush mercs for this guy. Before revolver.

Lee Sin

- If he Q's you, Harpoon the direction he is coming from then punish him for coming in.

Avoid his Q's.

Try to ult him when minions are gone.


- Gives most people a problem, But not Rumble! Hes countered by you.

Try not to get ult baited and suddenly a jungler comes in.

W his Q's and your fine.


- Try to not let him harass you to much.

Only fight him when minions are NOT present so his shield and spell vamp won't help him that much.


- Lol this lane is the easiest thing. Ever.

Bully him. HARD. Do not let this dog farm.


- Be careful about her auto attack harass.

You may want to level W once more at 7 to help with it.

Getting hit by an AD nidalee Q is not bad at all. Unless shes Ap, then you don't want any of that.


- He somewhat counter's you a little but you can beat him if you play it properly.

Avoid his Q's at all cost

If he hits you with a Q (or just comes running in) hit him with a harpoon till he backs off.
You do NOT want to get slammed by his E. It hurts. A lot.


- Start Cloth Armor and 5 pots but get Merc treads instead of tabi for his stun.

Easily bursted.



You should be able to win your lane due to harassment and low farm capabilities.



- This is probably the closest thing rumble has to a strong counter.


You can bully him a little but avoid his early damage.


- Not an easy lane.

Get Ninja Tabi and a Doran's Shield And this shouldn't be to hard.

Be EXTRA careful around her early on if she starts with a dorans blade, because of her mobility and scalings she isnt punished for having lack of movement speed.


- Lol never mind he got banned.
In case he isn't, Level up W at 7 to help with his spammable Q's

Make sure to tell your team when he's level 6.

His taunt is easily avoidable so pay attention.(AND STAY AWAY FROM HIS TURRET)


- Don't know why shes up here.

If she dragons at you drop your ult on her then Harpoon her on it so shes forced to sit on it.

Avoid her AoE so it doesn't keep going.


- You beat this guy pretty easily until level 9.

Try not to get thrown into his turret.

If he thinks he can walk around you punish him and make him pay for it.


- Doesn't go top often.

Get merc treads for his stun.

Avoid 1v1ing him at level 6 with his ult up, unless you have ignite then try to burst him down.


- Start Cloth Armor 5 pots vs this guy.

Try building up your heatbar if you think he'll jump to you, if you see his character model grow red or yellow(depending on colour blind mode on or off) as he walks towards you, overheat with your flamespitter and bop him on the head while hitting him with Q

You should be able to tank his silence into Q - rake harass fine with your dorans shield and ninja tabi.

Before you think he will ult, try hitting him with an E, and even when invisible it should be easy to guess where he is due to the amount it would have slowed him. When he comes out of it, if of course you haven't lost that trade, drop your ult and do what you do best.


- Play passively or you'll regret it.

Level 6 easy fight

Try to overheat after he's blinded you.


- Start Cloth Armor 5 pots against him.

Avoid his early damage

After Ninja Tabi and dorans shield he should be pretty easy to fight

When ulting make sure to walk away and kite him then ult after his ult and finish him.


- This champion can 1v1 everyone in the game at level's 1-7. SO DON'T TRY IT.

Call for ganks early.

Get mercs since his tiger stance is mostly magic damage and for his bear stun.

Easy lane at level 9


- Harass from afar and just try and farm. Shouldn't be a problem to kill after you get your ult.


- If he tries to fling you hit him with a harpoon and kite him.

Try not to get bitten. It hurts.

Only try to kill him when your ignite is up for his passive.

Always make sure to get a giants belt after your revolver, to survive his bite better. Then get wota afterwards and rylai's


- Hard to kill with his sustain. Try to kill him before his first B.

Call for ganks early.

Try not to get Ulted on his tower.


- Try not to get tricked by his clone

Not hard to beat. Just bully him.


- His ghouls are stronger than your harpoons.

Try not getting hit by his lifesteal ghoul.

Call for ganks early. Hes an easy gank target.

Guide Top


Thats my Guide on Rumble.

If you want to see my rumble in action feel free to add me in game @ rumble or i feed (yes i did name myself after him)