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Rumble Build Guide by hannieguy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hannieguy

Rumble, Make them say: 'Rumble is OP'

hannieguy Last updated on January 28, 2012
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Hi, this is hannieguy. I started on this build before the Rumble nerf. Before the nerf, almost nobody played rumble, and since the nerf, it has even been played less. So I want to share my build that I have been using to play Rumble, so that more people will play Rumble. Rumble has been one of my mains for a long time, next to jax. And this is my first guide. This guide works for 3v3 and 5v5. This is build is a semi-ap tank. I play rumble solo top many times, and he is a great duelist.
I didn't want to make the guide too long, and keep you reading, but I did want to give you the most important information.
Please don't down rate this guide, until you have tried the build yourself.

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Pros and Cons


    Much slow
    One of the best champions in early game.
    Great harraser


    Need skill to keep heat up above 50 and lasthit minions in early game.

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Core build

Situational Build

I have had many times, that I was already fed in mid-game. Those times, I switched the order I bought Rylai's crystal scepter, and Rabadon's Deathcap, and go straight for the Rabadon's Deathcap. And after that, I take Blasting wardBlasting ward, if I even want more damage, or otherwise Giant's belt, if I need more survivability.

situational items

, against heavy melee, and a team with less cc champs.
, against heavy melee
, against heavy casters
, helps you and your teammates to do more dmg
, Makes you a bit tankier, and gives you a second life.

Sometimes if I have some spots left, I just take:
and then later build it into:
or I take:
and build it into:

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Rumble doesn't use mana, so utlity won't work very good. And I play rumble semi tank ap, so not many points in offence are required, but the few points in defensive are needed.
Nimbelness really helps you to kill others, and together with Electro-Harpoonand Scrap Shield, you are a good escaper and chaser.

I take a 9/21/0 build, giving Rumble the tankiness he needs, since I'm building him mostly ap.

I put 3 points in Resistance and Hardiness. Then I take Evasion and Nimbleness, which, like the others are needed for sure, to make Rumble more tanky. To finish it off, I take 2 points in Harden skin, 4 in Veterans's scars, 3 in Ardor and 1 in Tenacity

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Greater Mark of Insight
This is a must, you need to for more dmg, and it helps you a lot in your realy game harrassing.

Greater Seal of Evasion
I take these, because it helps me a lot in getting enough dodge chance. So that I have more dmg migrated, and have my nimbleness up most of the times.

Greater Glyph of Potency
I have these, because it helps me in early game, so that I deal more damage. But with glyphs, you have many options, of which runes you are going to take. It depents on what you have, and with what runes you like to play with. Taking Greater Glyph of Shielding Is also ok, or Greater Glyph of Focus.

Greater Quintessence of Evasion
Just like the seals, I take these to have even more dodge chance, and have nimbleness more often. You can also take Greater Quintessence of Potency or Greater Quintessence of Insight.

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Summoner Spells

It helps you to not let anybody escape, and together with the one mastery point, it makes it easier to kill someone. It can also be used in a defensive manner, so you can escape yourself.

It is an effective spell to chase down somebody. And It can also be used to escape, and especially when people are chasing you. It also synergizes with Flamespitter.

It depents on what you like more, if you take Ghost or Flash. Flash is a very good alternative of Ghost, it is a very useful escaping spell, and probably everyone will take Flash, so it also helps you a lot in chasing people, when others are flashing over obstacles.

It is a good alternative of Exhaust. It is very useful in early game, while in late game, it is almost useless. Ignite together with your ultimate is a good combination in early game harrassing.

It is a good alternative of Exhaust if you feel that you dont need that little bit of extra offensive power. It helps you a lot, if you sololane, so that you can go base and buy items, and then immideatly teleport back to your turret. It also is very useful, when you have to Teleport across the map, to defend that one turret, where nobody is close to at that moment. And ofcourse it helps you initiate fights when you go across the map, and use your ultimate.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence that I use is especially for harrasing. This is the build I use when I'm 1v1 top, with 2 teams who have a jungler, or 2v2 top, with no junglers at both teams. Taking Flamespitter at lvl 1 and 3 are needed. But you can switch the order that you take Electro-Harpoon and Scrap Shield at lvl 2 and 4, if you think that you need more range with last hitting. Or that you need more slows, to engage more succesfully. Or when you are 2v1, with no jungler in your opponents, so that you fully go in offensive and don't need the shield immideatly at lvl 2.

If I'm 1v2 at top, then I change the order of which skills I upgrade. Then I level my Flamespitter at lvl 1 and 4, take Electro-Harpoon at lvl 2 and take Scrap Shield at level 3. And after that I still max Flamespitter the first, max Scrap Shield second, and max Electro-Harpoon last.

I max Scrap Shield second because it together with it's pretty low cooldown, it Helps me a lot with initiating and also escaping.

Take The Equalizer whenever you can, so at level 6, 11 and 16.

The Equalizer is a effective initiating skill, as well as for teamfights, as for duels with 1v1. I have had a few times that people are attacking me, and then it looks like they are going to kill me. Sometimes it is close to their turret. Then just as what you always have to do, look at the amount of heat you are having. if you have 90 heat and a combo ready, let him think that he still is winning, and run away a bit, when far enough or when your heat is at around 55, then start your whole combo, make sure that the The Equalizer is placed correctly, always let the The Equalizer hit the champion, because the champion also receives damage on inpact, and let it be in the direction that your opponent wants to flee to. Then you shoot one Electro-Harpoon, and use your Scrap Shield and Flamespitter, and then fire the second Electro-Harpoon. This all togehter should provide your with a huge amount of damage and slows.

In big teamfights, when people have committed to the fight, place The Equalizer in the middle, so that It hits as many opponents possible, note that you don't use it too late. It can also be used to slow down or killing escaping enemys, when you see that your team is already winning the fight.

The Equalizer can also be used in combination with other abilities of your teammates, for example when you have a Jarvan IV in your team, putting your The Equalizer right in his Cataclysm, and in the direction, that People want to flee to, is a great combination.

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Rumble has a kind of bug, it is escpecially useful in 3v3, and only a little in 5v5. The bug is that when you are in a bush, and you use your Flamespitter in the right direction pointed towards the lane, outside the bush, that the enemy's will be damaged by it if they are in range ofcourse, but that the enemy's hit, won't see you become visible in that bush, while normally if a champion uses an ability, they will become visible if they attack an other champion with it from the bush. They will only be noticing it by their health going down. And some people just think that the minions are doing the damage, and back away a bit, and go back, without checking the bush. I have had a few times that I was laughing my *** off when I had damaged an enemy to 30% of his health, and then exactly at that point, they start to check the bush, then I hit them again and hard, and even overheating if possible. And some began to check at 50%, and then together with my summoner spells I still had a guaranteed kill.

Remember, always keep your heat at around 50, and at the beginning of the game, just spam your Flamespitter when you are walking to your lane, and keep it around 75 or so. and then let it drop to 75 when your heat gets too high.

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I hope that is useful too players to want to try rumble. Rumble is a very nice champion to play, and I wanted to share that with the world.

Please vote, comment, and share the guide with your friends.

Thanks for reading my guide.

My ingame account is hannieguy, I play on the EU-WEST platform.

Let there be more Rumble's

OOH NOES, He is so OP.