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Rumble Build Guide by HoboBobby

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HoboBobby

Rumble, the Lean Mean Monster Machine.

HoboBobby Last updated on January 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Utility: 9

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In my years (months) of playing Rumble, I have noticed how truly unique (not to mention op early game) he is. I have yet to play against a Rumble that covers the full spectrum of his abilities, and I feel that it's putting his name to shame. I feel his abilities are somewhat wasted going tankier, or not going straight to AP. His health and his resist and defense are very nice after the runes, and late game (around 2.45k hp after complete item build) with around 80 magic resist and weapon defense, he's quite hard to take down. I don't believe that Rumble should focus the roll of tank, as he already fits into offtank quite well, so there's no need to end up getting categorized between tank and offtank. He also has a spammable 400hpish shield tha tcontributes to survivability greatly. Hopefully you guys will find this guide helpful to playing Rumble, and maximize your success doing so. Out of the current Rumble guides, I haven't seen one that I feel works similar to mine. I think you will find a pleasant surprise after checking and using this guide

Edit: I see quite a few Rumble guides with similar ideas as mine so you guys can mix and match to find a style that fits you best.

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Masteries are 21-0-9 mostly, the extra damage for flamespitter is quite dangerous to have especially when you're opponents are low. I think 9-0-21 still works, but Rumble just benefits greater from the offensive tree with the new masteries and whatnot.

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: Absolutely necessary. The extra magic pen really sets off Rumble as a terror early game, and helps all the way throughout the mid and late game.

: Since we're going to go without any defensive items in this build, it's necessary to have some extra boost from runes, and this adds a total of 12.69 armor, taking care of a lot of armor pen that some AD champs might have in early game.

/ : Either one of these would do well for Rumble, it really depends on what you want. Glyphs of warding if you want extra early game dominance, and shielding for a more gradual increase. However, they both give the much needed magic res to defend from other casters that may try to poke you in lane, or try to kill you out of lane.

: This is a must for Rumble, the extra hp during early game is absolutely crucial for Rumble, it allows that first blood if your opponent decides to commit, as well that stability during early game. At level 1, with a Doran's Shield, my hp starts at a whopping number of 728. With the runes, I don't even feel most pokes by my opponents, one example is GP's lvl 1 critted Parley only doing around 1/5 to 2/5 of my HP, his noncrits only doing around 1/8. Another one would be laning against someone like tryndamere, and allowing you to survive until you're high enough level to peel him off.

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Pros / Cons

Rumble in the Jungle skin makes you look sexilicious.
Laning capabilities are just plain amazing. No other words can describe it.
SO MANY KILLS (KS included)
So fun to play
-Tanky DPS Mage? Yes please.
-You're a mage that doesn't die.
-Ultimate is quick to cd and you have a spammable shield that makes you move faster.
-Great chasing capabilities
-Great early game, ***** on almost all champions.
-Can pretty much 1v1 and obliviate whoever comes at you.
-It might be frustrating when you misclick your ult, or let an enemy go off very very low with your ult on cd (quite often, which is why you shouldn't initiate before you're ults up and you can 100% get the kill)
-No escape moves after you're shield and flash are used.
-You can't faceroll without a Rumble in the Jungle Skin.
-While you usually do tend to end up with an amazingly high KDA ratio, it's pretty much impossible to carry the team if they suck.
-After the recent patch and nerf on flamespitter, I have not been able to win certain 1v1 lvl 1 fights. the extra 15 damage per tick really set it off and I've sometimes died trying to get first blood too hastily and letting the opponent get off with less than 50 hp. The prepatch extra damage would usually scare the opponent off halfway through and they would not commit, while you chase them and regen with Doran's shield and finish them off with the awesome range on flamespitter (just a reference for if it ever gets boosted)
-Sometimes when fighting with flamespitter in melee range it just doesnt hit the opponent (like when Xin Zhao uses his E) and they kill you when you know you should have killed them.
-Flamespitter while tower diving... if they hide in that little gap under the tower, it takes so much extra effort to redirect the flamespitter, just a pain.
-After Nerf Rumble's late game is just pure ****. Doesn't snowball anymore, I can go 10-0-0 early game in lane and end up 14-10-xx ish, (happens quite a bit), you can say I'm not building him right, but when you have 600+ AP 30-40 minutes in and don't do damage to tankier champs, you start to realize somethings wrong. I feel it's very similar to the late game of a medium fed leblanc.
Aside from this, I really don't see much bad in him.

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I always open with a Doran's Shield. I've tried the boots + hp pot setup a few times, and quite honestly it has never had the same effect for me as a Doran's shield. DS gives you 120 extra hp + 10 armor. Wow, not to mention the extra hp regen allows you to stay in lane and recover from most pokes. Next up is Boots of Speed, level one boots really helps you chase with flamespitter, and harass your opponents much harder with less harass from them, this is a very nice item to get.

After the boots is your Hextech Revolver. This item is crucial and essential for Rumble to get. His flamespitter just does so much AOE damage, and recovering hp from that is just great for lanability. Also the extra AP is nice for poking. Upgrade your boots to Mercury's Treads, which I get instead of Sorcerer's Shoes since Rumble doesn't have much escape moves, so every second under CC is crucial. Next item to get is Rylai's Crystal Sceptor. I usually get the Giant's Belt first, you can get this before Mercury's Treads if you need the extra tank, but I prefer Mercury's Treads first since it allows me to chase better and also the mr is usually nice. Enemies actually have a really hard time killing me after GB's, since after you get your giant's belt you should have over 1.7k hp at around 10-20 minutes into the game. Upgrade into Rylai's so that your opponents get slowed on top of the slow put out by your Harpoons and Ult. It also makes Flamespitter absolutely terrifying as your opponents will find it impossible to get out of it without a proper escape move.

Get your Rabadon's Deathcap after the Rylais, and you'll see a huge increase damagewise and survivability wise. Your shield should be blocking for around 200-300 by now, and will save your life many times. After your Deathcap, get a Sheen, and upgrade into a Lich Bane. This will make you a terror to both casters and close ranged fighters. Flamespitter them, and if they decide to commit, send a 500 damage slap to their face and tell them better, then when they're running away ult them and smack them some more until they die. At the end of the game, I usually end up with around 600 AP with buffs, and with Lich proc I can take out enemies and towers with a less than 5 smacks and skill spams. After you're Lich Bane, you want to upgrade your Hextech into a Hextech Gunblade. By now you'll be doing so much damage that you're opponents should melt before you, one complete flamethrower doing well over 1k damage, and harpoons doing around 500 each (before resist is calculated in) You want the extra life steal, and after your Lich Bane, the extra damage does help quite nicely.

Depending on how much magic resist the enemy team is building at this point in time, get a Void Staff or Abyssal Sceptor. VS if they are building a LOT, and AS if they're starting or have not built a lot. Looking at the two, AS is both cheaper, and until the enemy has over 175 magic resist, AS gives more pen. Also AS gives a nice and hefty extra 57 MR boost.

Also, from your first back up until you finish your Rylai's, I have felt that it helps greatly if I sustain a 3 HP Pot + 2 Wards stock in my inventory. I know usually you get around 2 hp pots per back, but if you have 1 more than your opponent, then their the one at loss, not you. Also, always make sure you ward your brush's (You want top), and use your hp pot's whenever you have less than 400 hp from maximum health. This will intimidate the hell out of your opponent, and let you stay in tip top shape for ganks and etc.

I'll get to making a section based on other item suggestions as to why or why not. As for the main one, I did not get a Force of Nature as the cost takes away your damage output, and with your Hextech you should be leeching enough life not to care about health regen at that point. If it was under the 2k range this might replace the Void staff or Abyssal sceptor, but with that amount of money you can easily get either one of the VS or AS, if you really find yourself having trouble with survivability (which hasn't occured for me yet) you can sell your VR or AS at end game and get a FoN, or just skip straight to it, but my personal opinion is that it's not worth its use, and Rumble doesn't need it completely.

Note: While unacceptable and not viable for competitive play, grabbing a quick Mejai's right after your boots and Hextech can be understood if you want to pubstomp. Just remember to drop the Abyssal sceptor or Void staff unless you realize that you're low on kills/assists/stacks. (which the time between Doran's shield and Hextech should allow you to find out). Also, Will of Ancients is a nice item to get, however, most teams won't have 3 or more mages, so I prefer the stability of a Hextech Gunblade. It all depends on preference though, as finishing everything on this build costs a lot of money, and usually the game ends after you get your sheen and get halfway to Lich Bane (another reason I chose to get heavy AP items and hp items that rack up easier kills first before utility).

"Shouldn't you go for a Will of Ancients or get a Void / Abyssal first?"

I can see the huge debate going on about the Hextech Gunblade positioning and how it fairs against a Will of the Ancients. About how I put it after Lich Bane, it was mainly to compliment the Lich Bane proc by adding extra damage and lifesteal to the heavy damage put out by the passive. I should probably add into the guide that this method is very cost expensive and should be taken only in higher elo where matches last very long. I didn't want to get a void staff first, as usually people won't start building resist until later in the game, and a heavy caster team is usually somewhat unlikely. So the Will of Ancients team proc will be wasted. I want some physical damage first so that I won't be all Magic damage. I've played against many people with Rumble and he tapers greatly if they build magic resist, even with penetration. The extra damage from Physical Damage will be quite unexpected and if they are trying to counter you, find that they are lacking in the Armor section. However, as I said in the guide, most games end after you get a sheen, so it really shouldn't matter too greatly. By the time you finish your rabs, you should be dealing enough damage to turn tides in teamfights as well as 1v1 situations, sometimes even 1v2. I should probably also add that how you want to build Rumble should probably lift off after the Rabs. I found this unique build through my experience and tests playing him, and I think it would be great if you guys could do that too. I'm just trying to help guide you in that direction. It would also work if you tried this guide and tried your versions, as that would certainly determine which one is more suited for you!
Edit: WoTA is great on Rumble too, it's really up to you what to get. You can start changing your build after Rylais depending on enemy team. For example if AD is heavy and doing really good, get a quick zhonyas. If AP is fed, then grab a quick Abyssals. Quicksilver Sash also isn't a bad item if you need mr and is under cc. Just note that I don't like the fact that Rumble isn't versitile anymore since he doesn't do as much damage lategame. You really will see a major fall in damage if you go for one of these items instead of the usualy route, and I really hate Tank rumble as no matter who tells you what, he poses a really small threat to the other team. As before when you get into a 1v1 situation you can defend tower or w.e very well and perhaps pull off a kill, and now you can't fight because you most likely won't be able to pull it off. Also, the order that you buy doesn't really matter after deathcap if you're doing well and is going straight ap, for example after deathcap if you're enemy is getting lots of mr, go straight for a void if you feel like you need it. Maybe even before deathcap if you got like 7 kills in lane and you're opponent now has a force of nature, a quicksilver sash, a banshees veil, and a hexdrinker.

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Skill Sequence

The general skill sequence for Rumble is Q>W/E>R
Flamespitter : This skill is the bread and butter for most of Rumble's kills and aggressive playstyle. Currently at 30 ticks per sec for 3 secs, up to 150 at max lvl, this really is a great spell to have under your belt. Not to mention it scales okay with AP, at a .45 ratio. Later in the game this will deal out massive AoE damage during teamfights to squishier targets, but you may find yourself frustrated trying to fight more tankier champs as the damage obviously drops as the game progresses, but it helps out greatly in general. Max this first since it isn't a skill shot, you can harass the hell out of people with it, and since with this current guide you should have enough hp not to worry about maxing shield. I also suggest maxing this first since this is the main spammable damage output for Rumble, and although some say harpoon, the cd on harpoon is just too much longer than flamespitter to make it viable and easily spammable. Flamespitter also scales the most per level. 30 extra damage per tic for 30 tics, it's actually 90 extra base damage per level, which is really nice.

Scrap Shield : This move is what makes Rumble so OP. A spammable shield that reaches up to 500 hp later in the game. What is there not to like? It even gives you that hefty 30% extra movement speed. This will save you many times both early and late game, and don't forget to definitely pop this up when you have a DoT spell on you such as ignite or poison, and 3 seconds of that damage is usually gone. Don't forget that with this shield on you can usually tank 2 tower shots late game, 1 mid, and 1/2 early. So use that knowledge to your advantage when either tanking towers, or tower diving. Also, time your opponents skills (for example Galio) to find the best time to use shield, if you block all of Galio's skillshots, he'll be quite out of mana and easy to push around

Electro-Harpoon : Stacked with Rylai's this move just slows the hell out of your opponent. Not to mention you can fire twice. At lower level it doesn't do much damage, but you can harass with it still and keep your opponents on their toes by occasionally chasing with flamespitter after you slow. I max this together with scrap shield since after rylai's, flamespitter can slow for itself, and harpoon becomes more of a zoning or damaging tool. Don't be scared to randomely fire harpoons at your opponent. Even if they dont go far enough, if it isn't on cooldown, just fire it in their direction. It lets both you and them know their limits and an initiation won't accidently start, as you would rather be focused on last hitting minions and outzoning them. You can choose whether to get this first or Flamespitter, if it's a hard early lane like Tryndamere, Akali, or Kayle, then take this skill first for last hitting, since after the nerf trading with flamespitter is no longer worth it.

The Equalizer : Great move. If an enemy is low, dont be afraid to flash in and drop this on them and score yourself a kill. If an enemy is low in any other lane, have your ally tell you before hand, and start heading up before they start to Blue Pill. If you have clairvoyance, clair that area and drop the equilizer on them for a kill. This might not work in high elos however. Great skill for team fights as well, read more in team coordination section.

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Summoner Spells

Flash : Rumble doesn't have an escape move, and Ghost just doesn't cut it. Flash allows instant escape, as well as instant destruction that I will explain in the farming section of this guide.
Ignite : This is also a very useful skill for Rumble, since often your enemies will get away very low, and you're overheated or just not able to get to them and kill them with your skills on CD. Usually initiate a fight if they commit with ignite and use your skills. If they flash out with less than 200 hp, then you can just spam your shield and run in to tower dive. Usually will succeed unless the opponent is a heavy juke character, or has stun. In that case, unless you're uberconfident in your abilities, I would shy away from tower diving without the help of a teammate.

I really don't feel like there's any more viable spells with Rumble. Teleport might work as it allows you to TP in and immediately destroy, but that would take the place of flash or ignite, which in my experience (used to run Tele and Ignite) doesn't go so well.
Edit: Ghost is meh. Rumble already has a shield, he doesn't need ghost, you really need flash for positioning and to catch your opponent offguard, as Rumble is all about early game. I doubt you'll find as many situations where you can ghost and get a kill compared to flashing in.
Teleport This skill is okay now, it allows Rumble to participate more in teamfights around the map. Since you need to expand your control very hard early game to try and end the game early, this would allow dragon or etc to be easier gets and really just help out your team to win faster. I still prefer Ignite for lane dominance though.

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Team Work

In team fights, you usually want to initiate with your ult, then run in with flamespitter, at the end of this chain, most of your enemies would be scattered around and slightly confused, also low if they aren't very tanky, The confusion from this will put them out of position, so have your team pick them off afterwards. However, if your team is not well coordinated, I would not suggest this, as they will just mob cc you and you'll die in a few seconds, then they will most likely regroup and kill off your team while they're yelling at you for being ******ed. Also, it would be nice if you had flash up, since if they initiate on you afterwards, you can flash out and leave them with that moments hesitation of who to relocate to, and finding that person while your team dominates. Otherwise, let your teammates get kills, not all of them, but some, since you can't carry a team, but still need quite a bit of money to finish a build.

If your team has better initiation than your ult, by all means let them initiate and save your ult for if you're starting to lose, or if it's needed in the middle, or end of the teamfight, but your ult is a decent initiation, so dont count that out.

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Always get top if they have a jungler, mid works well too. You will outzone the opponent like noone's business. There really isn't a champion that can counter Rumble completely, and also noone that can really do enough damage to scare him off before lvl 6. If they try to attack you, just run in with flamespitter, slow their ***, and smack them a few times before running back. 2v2s are really not Rumble's thing, as his farm gets disrupted, (which is quite easily), and also he gets harassed due to the 2 opponent setup. However, if you must be in a 2v2, just know that at lvl 6, start a combo as I will describe in a 1v1 situation, and let your ally know when you're about to do it. You should get at least 1 kill.

One mistake I see almost all Rumble's make is farming with Q. You're Q is for harassment. Not farming. Q a wave and you push. You want your minion wave to stay in the middle, so ganks are less successful, and you have a chance to harass + kill your opponent more often. Q pushes way too hard and way too fast for my comfort. Also shield whenever the minions are focusing you, it's spammable so don't try too hard to save it. If a minion is far away from you and low, just E them once to get the last hit, it feels very satisfying and is rewarding. Aside from that, last hit with your auto attack, and if your opponent tries to come disrupt your farming, just run in with flamespitter and harpoon them a few times with shield up, then continue farming until level 6.

If you're versing a caster, they should be low almost all the time, and if they poke at you, just ignore the poke and run in while they're casting the poke for damage proc. One example is Zilian. If he timebombs you, many people would be frightened and run back, however, remember that Zilian only has one attack move, and if you shield his timebomb after 2 seconds passes, most damage is negated. So if you're versing a Zilean and he timebombs you, just run in and initiate on him. He will not be expecting it, and if you're higher than 6, or if he's low, you can score yourself a kill. If you're facing melee... Then I shouldn't even have to explain.
Edit: Might be a little harder on Rumble now so i'll include a box on laning

At level 6, it's your time to shine. Try to first ask for a gank, and/or take out your opponent's flash or whatever other escapes they have. Let your opponent push past the bend by the river after they come back (or if they stayed, even better), and then start hitting the minions. Just casually walk back and forth hitting minions (since normally they would be scared to come near you) and after not harassing them for a bit, they will come closer to try and harass you. When you see them start moving towards you, immediately flash straight at them, use Q then W, ignite them, ult in a line starting from them to behind them, and harpoon them while they try to run away. Chase with harpoon and flamespitter and proc a health pot while doing so. This is pretty much a surefire kill, unless they flash out and have another escape move. Usually even if they flash out, if you're far enough from their tower, you can chase them down with your shield and still get the ticks from flamethrower on them. Remember, if they have less than 300 hp at this stage, you can most likely tower dive them and pwn face. Immediately B and shop up afterwards if you have less than 3/4 hp and less than 2 pots. You burned your escapes and consistent damage output, and your ultimate is on cd + you're extended beyond the river bend. Gank opportunity much? Definitely should have wards up at this point in time so you don't initiate on them with a jungler waiting in that brush. The opponent getting cocky and coming up to you can also mean they have backup if you're not well equipped.

Aside from that it should be fairly easy to keep your lane in check, and outlane almost anyone. If you actually find yourself outlaned, you can always last hit with e, and get just inside flamespitter range to get a few ticks of last hits for yourself. Also, keep your heat at around 60 (use a skill at 30-40) with shield and harpoons, to make sure if your opponent harasses you they're in for a nice surprise from your flamespitter and harpoon. Just remember, Rumble is a pain to lane against, give them hell! A good Rumble should definitely not be able to lose a lane. I've gone up against people much higher elo than me and still facerolled in lane just because I was Rumble. Make sure you don't tarnish his name!
Edit: Also, don't forget Rumble CAN 1v2 and turn a gank completely around, due to his ult aoe damage and his flamespitter aoe damage, if you ignite a target, they basically just drop. This is basically you initiating on them because i doubt their jungler did enough damage to make you go out of commission, you don't even need to focus on who to attack because your attacks are aoe, just think of it as attacking one person. For example many times trundle would come to gank me, pillar, and leech off lane for a little. I would go in, make sure my heat is around 20-40, wait for the jungler to try and harass a little, and when he comes too close.. BAM just ult in their face and take him out. By the time the other laner reacts, usually trundle would be around 1/4 hp and running while I chase him down for the kill, if the other person is low, sometimes i'd score a double. The key to doing this is positioning. Position yourself in a way that it would be hard for them to both attack you and stay out of your ultimate. Rumble is very much about positioning.

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Unique Skills

Rumble's ult is just too amazing. It's so fun to pick off a blue pilling opponent with low hp just by dropping the ult on them, and also the slow stacked with Rylai's. This can be used both offensively and defensively, for example: if you're team is running away and you can slow the other team so that they cant catch up, don't forget to drop it down the line and save yourself and whoever you're with!. Just make sure the positioning is correct, and such. AKA in a line going parallel to you if you're initiation, in front of the opponents if there's a group and they're trying to escape, in a line in front of them if it's just one and you can catch up due to the initial slow, and in a line in front of you if you're escaping. This ult is just too good in my opinion.

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I hope you guys have enjoyed this build, and I am looking forward to the comments that you guys have, constructive criticism, approval, denial, etc. I think this is a pretty stable and consistent build, and I will be uploading some scores very soon besides the ranked stats that I have put up, as I have currently been trying out new champs, and my match history page has been cleared of most Rumble games. Aside from one, and a few stray matches I found.

(just for the lulz)
I'll have full match pages coming out soon, as well as some videos, if anyone can suggest a good tool for videotaping, I can show you the lvl 6 combo as well as harassment and team fight initiates, so stay tuned! Also I'll revise the format and also fix a few things on this guide depending on the situations. Thank you for your time and I hope I haven't made you feel like you wasted it <3 Please vote and comment!

Note: Sorry about the walls of text you may have encountered. First making a guide on Moba, and it's a bit hard to format it the way i want >: but do know that everything said is important and you should learn quite a few things about Rumble if you don't play him, and maybe even if you do :3. Also, if you have any more in depth questions don't forget to ask me in game! (HoboBobby) I can give you tips or even do a custom game to show you some things if you would like me to!

I might decide to take this guide/build down a week or two after the current Rumble free week and I get the videos up for a bit, since I want the current people using it to feel like they have a special unique guide to be able to rely on, and not make it too overcliched and overrated by making it available to too many Rumble players. This may sound selfish or unfair to some, but I just want to make it still stay special to the people who use it. Other than that, it's still up for contemplation, so I don't know if it will actually happen.

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Rumble in the Jungle!

I was inspired to try Rumble jungle after watching SaintVicious stream. Although Rumble is slow, and isn't scary before 6, kinda like fiddle, he rapes face after 6. Considering Rumble could already 1v2 certain champs in lane after 6, plus the fact that he has triple slow (if all landed) and massive early AoE damage, his ganks become extremely. His ult is even like Nocturnes in a way, he can ult while doing golems or whatev to help out a skirmish or fight. Runes and Masteries are generally the same as normal (smite instead of ignite obviously) but the item build is slightly different. Start with an Amp Tome and one potion (flamespitter), go to blue with a moderate to strong leash, then take shield and charge your heat to 60 with shield and flame. Afterwards, shield then flamespitter wolves to overheat (this isn't necessary but it's a lot safer, normally after a few times you end up charging it on the way to wolves/wraiths/golems so it becomes a lot faster). Then take wraiths and golems before backing and grabbing boots and some hp pots. Wolves -> Wraiths -> Red -> Golem -> Wraiths -> clear jungle asap to reach 6. After that rush your WoTA and from then on the build is pretty much up to you.
Ganking Pre6 as Rumble doesn't really accomplish much, so I prefer not to, but if you know you can get a kill, go for it. Not ganking also sometimes lowers your enemies guard, so they might slack on warding or start pushing the lane.

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Ranked stats

I'm in Elo Hell as of the moment, due to a few troll games and a few leaves (stares at SixSonatas) so my death rate should not be as high as it is as of the moment, so don't get too hesitant upon seeing that, and really, it should only be around 50.
Edit: Back at around 1500, season 1 ranked stats with Rumble yielded a general kd of 2:1 (actually exactly i think o-o) through around 40 games was it? I don't play Rumble ranked as much now since he's just too weak late game.

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How to verse different opponents.

I realized that people have found trouble versing different opponents with Rumble, and I'll try to solve this with my personal experience.

Zilean : As I explained before, if he time bombs you, get your shield up three seconds into the time bomb, and run after him like a madman right after he timebombs you. Outlaned every Zilean I've met doing this.

Mordekaiser : Keep poking him with your harpoon. It will keep his shield low, and always. ALWAYS initiate on him if you don't see a creep wave with him. If you can get him to 1/2 health before lvl 6, he can do whatever he wants but he's a dead Morde. Keeping Morde's hp low and making his shield stay low will greatly make him hesitant to strike, and since you have a Doran's shield, you should be able to regen hp faster than him, and usually come out with more hp either way from the scrimmishes.

AP Carries : I actually don't find much trouble versing them. Using this build their pokes may be annoying, but what isn't annoying is how squishy they are. AP Casters usually drops before they gets in time to react for a flash using the lvl 6 combo, and also you can get them low with just one chase of flamespitter. If he has bad positioning it shouldn't even be any trouble. Basically Rumble can win in trades with them.

Bruisers/Tanks : Xin Zhao and etc might seem like an "oh no" lane, but they really aren't that bad. Try to just hit 6 as fast as you can and kill them a few times to get ahead in lane. Most of the time Singed and Chos are cocky, so try to show them what you can do when they get close for cs. Singed might be annoying at first but after hextech and lvl 4-5+ you can definitely trade with him due to your shield. With gapclosers, just save your harpoons. When they jump to you, shield away the initial damage, harpoon them, and chase with flamespitter outside of melee range. Try to space out the harpoons so you keep them constantly slowed.

Akali : Akali is just annoying. similar to gap closers try to harpoon her when she ults you, though keep in mind she can do it again, try to shield her qs, I would level shield before harpoon just to nullify that damage more. After you peel her with your harpoon, try to chase her with your flamespitter. She'll usually waste another mark escaping to a nearby minion, and while her marks are low, be sure to take advantage and harass. Try to rush the giants belt so you dont fall to her initial burst.

Tryndamere : In all my years of Rumbling... god I hate laning against tryndameres, as rumble you need to get kills to keep up with the game, and tryndamere just denies that. If you hit a fast 6 and he's 5, immediately go. You will almost never get a kill after 6 against a good tryndamere. You definitely can kill him if he doesnt have his ult in most cases, but its just too stupid. I guess you can keep doing that and try to keep him out of lane, but tryndamere has really annoying sustain. Just farm up and try to get fed by calling up jungle ganks and etc.

Rumble may be slightly weaker against casters and ranged champions than melee, however, if you have better positioning and know when to harass them, they should not be much of a threat. What I have found annoying is people like Sion, who can stun you and smack you a few times, and still be able to harass you somewhat evenly if you try to harass them. To face these characters I suggest either 1. Take a solo lane, you should be able to beat them 1v1 still, as their ally is their main source of harass after you get stunned, or 2. Play with someone who also has stun and call for a gank at lvl 6 and initiate with the ganker, even if it might be hard getting the kills 2v2, 3v2 should definitely at least rack you one kill.

-More to come depending on what you guys want.