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Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides
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Ryze Build Guide by leetskillz

Ryze Midlane & Solotop In-Depth Build + Guide.

By leetskillz | Updated on April 23, 2012

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  • LoL Champion: Ryze
  • LoL Champion: Ryze


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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As an experienced ryze player(like 350 games with him) I wrote this build to help you all to get the maximum potential out of this guy.

I tried alot of runes(like mana, hp, armour, mresist, movespeed, magicpen, manaregen(flat).
And i tried also a lot of different masteries and builds.

After playing insane much games with only ryze I came to the conclusion this guide is working the best.

Please, Would you read the whole guide before you even comment or vote :D
If I have maked some spelling mistakes, then i'm very sorry. Im not english but dutch.

Enjoy, Keep the scroll safe.
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Pros / Cons of the Mighty Ryze.

    -good range.
    -Low cooldown.
    - (Almost) Never out of mana.
    - Got a Movement disable(root).
    - Annoying for your opponents(spammable skills).
    - extremely durable for a carry, while not giving up his damage output.
    - Since you have ToG, you do already some serious damage.
    - Cheap core item build.

    - Squichy early game.
    - Lack of escape mechanism
    - Some might find themself having trouble with ryze's attack animation.
    - Hp + mr is an effective counter to ryze.
    - No skillshots = you are vurnable to the fog-of-war.
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- Get 2 points in ad.
- Get 2 points in bonus damage to minions.
(or 3 in ad, and 1 in bonus damage to minions).
- Get the cd reduction
and the magic penentration.
- Get the flat magic resist in the defensive tree.
or the flat armour when facing ad.
- get the movementspeed in utility
increasing experience rate.
and cooldown reduction.

honestly said:
The old masteries from season 1 were better, Because you could use more points in the defensive tree for "strenght of the spirit, wich will be very strong lategame).

You dont need the 15% cd reduction for your summoner spells,
because you need to have patience with ryze.
Check to see if you can trade equal damage with harrassing
If you get your opponent's hp low enough for your combo, flash in on the right moment for the kill.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i choose these.

Flash & Ignite.

Flash is a must have on ryze.
Ignite is for the extra damage and to ensure the kill.
NEVER but NEVER underestimate this spell.

Healing reduction, damage and damage over time? not to mention it's TRUE DAMAGE.

Also viable:

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Mobafire glitches in picking runes.
I was unable to pick every rune i wanted to pick so here are the right runes:

Runes vs AP caster(midlane).
9x Magic penetration marks.
9x Magic resistance/lvl seals.
4x Flat magic resistance Glyphs.
5x Magic resistance/lvl Glyphs.
3x Movement Speed Quintessences.

Runes vs ad(bruiser), mostly toplane.
9x Magic penetration marks.
9x Flat armour seals.
9x Magic resistance/lvl Glyphs.
1x Movement Speed Quintessence.(still having a slight movement speed buff).
2x Magic Penetration Quintessences.(BUFFED!!)
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Core Items + Additional/optional items

Core items:

Additional/optional items:
spellvamp, makes you even more tanky. Team mates benefit from it also
I find myself often too much cc'ed
Hp regeneration, and alot of magic resistance.
Hp, Mana and not to mention the ability power.
For those pesky ad carry's
Magic penetration is always good and really effective.
Superb slow, since you have single target abilities. The additionally HP is also welcome
For the extra beefy-ness.
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Skill sequence

You want to max overload a.s.a.p .
First since the low cool down the spell has, the sweet attack range, it has good damadge and the cooldown reduction passive is also very important.

You have to level your ultimate as soon as possible.

Rune prison is your next priority.

and spellflux the last.

If you think you need an extra point in Rune Prison earlier
Feel free to get one instead of another point of Overload however I almost never feel for it.
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Explanation skills.

Arcane Mastery
This passive is what makes ryze, ryze!
It refresh your abilities by 1 second when cast a ability(does not work on summoner's spells)
This passive makes you a "Spell machine-gun".

A single-target spell with 675 range.
you will throw a red ball, once thrown, It will hit the target
Even if the target flashes away, or goes into stealth/fog-of-war).
Note: this spell has a "charge" for like 0.5 seconds so it's not instant-throw it.
I dont know how to explain that, just try it out for yourself.
It's the feeling.

Rune Prison
Has a shorter range then your Overload .
immediately snares your opponent and prevent them from walking.
End game this spell does even more damage than your Overload but it isn't as much spamable then you Q.

Spell flux
Has the same range then your Overload .
This spell is mainly used to activate your passive
and for the magic resistance debuff.
also this spell is useful to farm creep waves combined with your ultimate since it can bounce between minions and yourself.
So if you opponent is close to you, you can use yourself to let is bounce between you and your target. this spell was the most "op" spell on the old Ryze combined with his ult.

Desperate Power.
when activated:
Ryze get's a surrounded by an energy field and obtains an amount of spell vamp.
Passive of this ultimate: You'll get some extra mana.
Extra mana = Extra damage, and the extra mana is useful when laning earlygame.
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Proper use of abilities

In the Perfect scenario you will be casting constantly a "q spell" between the other spells, because your passive allows you to keep spamming your abilities without having a cooldown for a long time.

stand closer or further depends on the situation,

But mostly you want to get a quick burst off them as fast as you can, and back out to prevent them doing also insane amount of damage to you.
mostly the bursty combo is:

--> --> then .

also you can do it this way if you reach lvl 6 or higher:

--> --> --> --> get in right position --> .
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Just don't attack every creep like a mad-man.
Wait until the HP of the creep is low enough to finish it with your auto-attack.
this is called "Last-hitting". the hp of the minion needs to be around the 40(especially in the beginning), or less.

As you level up, you gain also attack damage what is also useful to help with the last hits because you can finish the minions with your auto-attack when they have a little higher hp then on the start of your game.
In the beginning it can be a little difficult, but with some practice you can do it right.

Good example:

caster minions are more squishy-er then melee minions.

Bad example:

why this is a bad example?
well, melee minions have more armor, so you won't do the finishing blow on that minion.

Farming under your tower.

At some point your lane could get pushed into your tower range.
this is a bad thing because the tower just attacks the creeps, and doesn't care about your last-hit.

So how do we farm when the toweraggro is focussed on the minions?

Melee minions can take 2 tower hits and 1 hit from a low level champion before getting into kill range. This means that to last hit a melee creep under tower you need to hit it once and then let the tower hit it twice.
This will put its health in range for you to kill it with your 2nd auto-attack

Caster minions can take 1 tower hit and 1 hit from a low level champion.
This means that to last hit a caster minion under tower you need to hit it once and then let the tower hit it once.
Just like the melee minions, its health will now be in range for you to finish it with a second auto-attack.

Siege minions take reduced damage from towers, so you don’t need to prime them. Just watch their health and last hit it right before the tower does.

Why do we "last-hit"?
mostly every team has a jungler.

Jungler = Players that doesn't play in a lane, but killing neutral monsters for gold and experience.
Because there is 1 player less in a lane, the other player can get all the minions(gold) for himself
That results in that he will get faster xp since he doesn't sharethe xp with someone else.

Junglers are always looking for a gank.
if you don't last hit but attack ever creep as much as possible you are pushing the lane.
when the lane is pushed, the distance between you and your turret will increase.
escaping gets difficult when that distance is big and the enemy jungler is ganking you.

Also when you push the lane, your jungler has significant less chance to get a successful gank off your lane.

when you are laning ask yourself this question:
Should it be worth if I'm going to harass my opponent.
In the meantime that you harass your opponent,
it's possible to lose gold(minion dies before you even attack him).

So time your harassing right, and call in the jungler if he's much lower on health then he started with..

Also junglers will gank your lane,and sometimes they force you to blow a summoner spell
(in our case it would be Flash

in the midgame, when you have your ulti(i assume you are lvl 11+) you can start pushing.
ryze is a bad farmer with his auto attacks, so go ahead and use your ultimate to clear the creep wave, just throw in your overload and use your ult, then throw your spell flux en then you other abilities. farming will be a breeze since you have your ultimate ready again in no-time thanks to your passive
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Midlane warding

Warding is a necessary thing.
warding provides you information about the position from enemy champions who are M.I.A.
also it provides information about the enemy jungler and about the major buff-spawns

These are the most common warding spots, try to ward these spots together with your jungler and support.

The number 1, and the number 2 are my favorite warding spots, also i like the ward behind the enemy's blue buff because you have the awareness if your midlane opponent is getting their blue buff, so you can try to kill her when she is trying to get their own blue buff.

escpecially for ryze is warding a necessary thing because all of your spells are targeting spells(no skillshots)so you need vision to attack your enemy.

This ward is on my favorite spot, it reveals alot of area and it provides me of information if the enemy jungler is about to gank me after he took his red.

similar spot, only in the brush, this position is usefull is a baron fight is coming up, many players will hide in this brush.

always good spots to place your ward.


you're jungler or support should ward this spot if it's possible.

When your midlane opponent is getting their blue buff, you get setup a surprise attack.
BE AWARE! the enemy jungler is still at the blue golem so in a matter of seconds he is with you. mostly the jungler tries to gank you after he gave the blue buff to the midlaner because the midlaner is stronger with the buff.

a good warding spot, it reveals the enemy jungler/ganker if they coming from wich direction and where they are going to.
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I hope you like this Ryze guide.

I'll expand this guide soon since i just started with this guide.

what do i still want to add to this guide:

- Skill sequence.
- How your "dream-team" be should like.
- Eplanation how to zone(with pictures)
- Explanation how to farm(with pictures)
- Explanation how to play in teamfights(with pictures/video).
- Explanation how to place wards properly(with picture's).

- In-depth tactics, like how to take safely baron & dragon (video + pictures).

- I'm sure i would add even more.

My goal: get the #1 mobafire guide for ryze.

Feel free to leave a comment.

A bit older picture.

Up 2 Date pic's incoming and alot more soon...

20/4/2012 - Started the guide, made the basics.
23/4/2012 - Cleaned up the build order.
23/4/2012 - Added the warding section for midlane.
23/4/2012 - Added skill explanation
23/4/2012 - Added Skill Sequence explanation
23/4/2012 - Added Farming section.
23/4/2012 - Added more pictures to make this guide looking good