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Mordekaiser Build Guide by JeanMichelBambi

Top [S11] My hardstuck guide to Mordekaiser

Top [S11] My hardstuck guide to Mordekaiser

Updated on June 17, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JeanMichelBambi Build Guide By JeanMichelBambi 10,656 Views 5 Comments
10,656 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author JeanMichelBambi Mordekaiser Build Guide By JeanMichelBambi Updated on June 17, 2021
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Mordekaiser
  • LoL Champion: Mordekaiser
  • LoL Champion: Mordekaiser

Runes: Conquekaiser

1 2 3 4 5 6
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Map presence
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Ability Order Skill points distribution

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[S11] My hardstuck guide to Mordekaiser

By JeanMichelBambi
Pros and Cons (Topekaiser)
-You're pretty tanky and have good damage
-You can remove carries from fights
-Your damage scales extremely well
-You can deal very easily with outnumbered situations
-You can abuse your Q range to get easy poking in lane
-Project Morde and Pentakil Morde pog
-You're irrelevant if not fed
-You're immobile
-People often abandon you after you ult
-Most times you'll get camped if you're snowballing
-You're squishy before you get items
-Your E is key and landing it is a pain.
Top laning as Mordekaiser
Regular laning phase

In the laning phase, try to maximize your Q, use it to farm and poke, doing so denies your enemy laner his farm and keeps them relatively low, letting you have the initiative on engaging without any junglers getting involved, once you hit level 6 you have a golden opportunity to fight and possibly kill your laner using your ultimate to cut off escape paths.

Laning phase against a tougher matchup

Use your Q mainly to farm, poking the enemy champion can lead to them engaging into you and possibly killing you if you fail to get away, you can wait until your jungler ganks you or when you're pushed up into your tower to go for engages and poke, you should only ult if you're certain to kill in it since the stat boost might not be able to win you a whole fight from full hp to none.

Laning phase against easier matchups

Poke and engage as soon as you can, you can afford missing some farm if it guarantees you a kill, although you should watch for a possible gank from the enemy jungler. Allowing yourself to loose too much farm can also make you lose the advantage you would have on your opponent and result in you maybe losing lane to what would have been an easy opponent to defeat.
Pros and Cons (Jungekaiser)
-You're pretty tanky and have good damage
-You can remove carries from fights
-Your damage scales extremely well
-You can deal very easily with outnumbered situations
-You stay healthy enough during your clear to gank after
-Project Morde and Pentakill Morde pog
-You clear pretty slow
-Your clear is easy to lenghten if you mess it up
-You come out of the jungle at half hp or so if you don't get scuttle, making it easy to get killed by most assassins or burst mages.
Jungling as Mordekaiser
Usual clear
-You should be starting at your bot side at all times, a better leash can put your usually slow clear on par with the other, better, junglers.

Blue start
-Start with your blue, as soon as the Gromp spawns, walk to it and Q it, then walk back to the end of the wall, doing so allows you to do your Gromp and Blue buff at the same time (You should smite the blue buff to finish it off and to heal you for the Gromp), making your clear better, then go for wolves, you should be done with your bot side at level 3.

- Raptors and the Red buff are mandatory, but you can skip Krugs if scuttle has already spawned or if your Top laner is pushed far under their own tower. ( Smite either Krugs or Scuttle if you have it up)

- Clear scuttle then either recall or go clear respawned camps in your blue side if you don't have enough gold for your Leeching Leer

Red Start
- Once the buff hits about 500 hp, start kiting it towards the corner of the wall behind the krugs, finish it off, then go straight for the rocks ( You should use your first smite charge here) . After these, go for raptors, start the camp with a q then e backwards to group the raptors in the corner, doing so will enable you to heal more off of your Q

- After your raptors, bee-line for wolves then blue buff, during your blue buff, walk to the end of the wall and E the gromp and then clear buff and Gromp at the same time, then head for scuttle (Here, you should smite Gromp if you're low health, or Scuttle if you need to clear it fast).

-You should back track to your bot side in order to clear camps and afford Leeching Leer
Basic combos

The classic, E+Q is the combos you will use the most in your playtime with Mordekaiser, Death's Grasp (E) allows you to close any distance and Obliterate (Q)deals the biggest part of your damage overall, this combo is also used to setup longer trades or fights, even ganks.

You can Flash during Mordekaiser's Q, this combo gives an even smaller window to dodge Obliterate or counter play against it. That synergy allows you to either close a gap between you and an enemy that is out of range from your E Death's Grasp since the Q range is effectively double, or finish off an opponent that is trying to make room between himself and you.

Sometimes, enemies are barely out of range from your ult, using Flash then Realm of Death will solve that issue, even putting you closer to a potential slippery target inside your ult, doing this also allows you to go straight for the backline.
Precision Runes

This is your usual keystone, sustain and adaptive damage depending on long trades, this is a great keystone on morde since it allows you to finish off people after longer trades, you can also stack it extremely fast using your passive and get some easy healing off.

This is your key secondary rune, triumph gives you extra sustain after killing lane opponents or junglers, running this allows you to fight while outnumbered, you also get an extra 20 gold from takedowns, giving you more scaling.

Extra attack speed makes your passive stack faster, this is even more useful in the jungle since you have magic on hit and deal higher damage to camps, making your clear faster than if you were running Legend: Tenacity, this rune isn't really useful in the top lane otherwise.

This rune gives you extra tenacity just for existing, this is best used in the top lane where most laners have cc and winning fights is crucial. Having extra tenacity also gives you an edge in outnumbered situations where you might get cc locked and killed too quickly for you to do anything.

This rune is focused on winning extended trades, it allows you to deal more damage the more you stack conqueror since you wont really be running this rune without your yellow keystone.

Cut down isn't really mandatory since most players in the game wont have more health than you do, it can always be a useful addition if you're facing a tank like Cho'Gath or Ornn that focuses on scaling as much health as possible.

Last Stand is a rune you'd run if you aim to split push, it's another rune that's focused on longer trades or outnumbered fights, much like Coup de Grace. The rune gives you extra damage the lower you are and proves for a useful pick if you plan on never leaving top lane.
Domination Runes

This is the burst oriented towards the burst build earlier shown in the build guide, this rune scales into every portion of the game for decent burst with your E-Q-auto combo since you instantly proc it with it.

This is an alternative to the burst electrocute build more centered on the late game, this rune should allow you to scale into late game regardless of your kd or kp, making it an alternative if you're going against immobile enough targets to reliably stack it.

Morde has a hard time ganking lanes, especially if his opponents are mobile, running Predator usually removes that issue since you'll be going at the speed of light at later stages of the game.

Cheap shot increases the damage from all sources you deal if the affected ennemy is under the effect of movement impairing effects, your E Death's Grasp knocks them airborne for a moment, giving you increased damage on the target you decided to hate.

Taste of blood isn't really used in many build options I suggested earlier, but it's still a viable option if you're going up against a laner that does alot of poking to ruin your day.

Sudden impact will be used in the Predator tank setup, using Sudden Impact will increase the small burst of damage from your abilities and chemtank once you reach your target, otherwise, it doesn't really have any other use.

This rune helps you scale into late game, it's used in three build paths, the regular conqueror Morde, and the two burst setups.

Extra sustain from unique takedowns, well used in top and mid, even better in jungle, it's always a good option for any Morde build.

This rune is only used in the Predator and Turbo Chemtank build, since you wont be using many item actives in your average builds.

This one is always a useful option if you have issues catching up to targets or if you need to roam faster around the map where your team needs you the most.

Ultimate Hunter is still a reliable option for Morde given how game changing your ult is.
Resolve Runes

This is your main tank rune since it allows you to scale and heal in lane, all the while dealing a decent burst of damage during trades and even extended fights against sustain laners.

This is another rune meant for tank morde, it gives you a short burst of resistances during trades or later fights, this rune is meant to be used against laners that use shorter trades like Sett or Volibear since they'll be running straight to you, making your E easy to land.

Morde support might sound weird, but i'm sure I can make it work.

Demolish is another viable rune for Tank morde, it allows you to secure extra gold from towers or split push more efficiently depending on what stage of the game you're at, it's good but not essential for the build.

Another viable rune, but for a more jungle or support oriented build since it doesn't heal you directly but only allies instead, since you'll be building some max health regardless of what build you'll run, it's a good rune to pick if you intend on being more of utility than and actual damage dealer or tank.

Your most useful rune for tank Morde, regardless of roles, it gives you bonus resistances while you're shielded which is long enough provided you have the correct items and it empowers your next auto attack for a portion of your max health and the shield amount, which is still a great amount if you built correctly.

This rune allows you to scale even more into the later game, it grants you bonus resistances according to how much resistances you're already stacking, getting over 100 armor at 12 minutes is an easy deal if you're running tank morde, this rune will increase the already existing resistances.

Yet another viable rune since your champion is pretty easy to poke, running second wind also allows you do better in shorter trades since you'll be healing throughout the whole fight and possibly win them in every case.

Another tool to prevent getting poked down or winning short trades, although it doesn't offer extra healing it reduces significantly the ennemy's burst.

Still, another viable tank Morde rune, isn't much useful for much else though, since you need to farm in order to scale it, you'd need to split push alot, that's a prime reason why the rune is only really viable on tank Morde.

This one is viable on both Bruiser Morde and Tank Morde, since you're aiming to use your shield in both builds, Revitalise gives you extra sustain and synergizes with your other runes, either Conqueror or Shield Bash since it buffs your shields.

This is another decent rune for Morde since the extra tenacity always helps when you come out of your ult and are always somewhat lower health and likely to get cc locked, it's still not a better option than Revitalize.
Sorcery Runes

A possible keystone, not much useful for anything but chasing down slippery targets like kiting adcs and mages, it 'd allow Morde to catch up to people during and outside of teamfights.

Only useful rune in this side tree, the other two aren't really useful to Morde since he doesn't use mana and runs shields already, nimbus cloak gives you that extra burst of move speed after using a summoner spell that can help you catch up to ennemy targets.

More ability haste and cooldown reduction on champion kill, always welcome for any build that requires sorcery runes on Morde.

More movespeed is like mentionned previously, always good, more move speed means more catch and more catch means more gg.

Absolute gives you more poke potential, it's decent if you want to burst down unsuspecting targets while you're out of vision or roaming the map.

Scorch grants you extra magic damage when you poke someone or if you're actively trading against more squishy opponents.

This is really only useful in the jungle to win trades against ennemy junglers when you're fighting for scuttle, the rune also helps you in ganking all lanes which is a useful addition to your immobile kit.

More ap the longer the game goes, always a good plan since you'll eventually stop scaling.
Inspiration Runes

You wont be running this as a main tree since none of the keystones are useful on Mordekaiser and most of the secondary runes aren't really useful.

More movespeed, more catch, always a good plan.

If you plan to build into a zhonya's you can run this rune and reduce the price of your item by a good amount.

This gives you more ability haste and summoner spell ability haste which is just, busted, you can run this rune with any build that uses Inspiration.

Time warp is always a good rune if you intend on running corrupting pots or need extra sustain in your jungle clears.
End of the guide
This is the end of the guide, feel free to check out my Thresh guide Here /url]

You can also go check out
my friend's Yuumi guide, he was a great help with making this guide.

Stay classy.
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