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Warwick Build Guide by Lodart

Jungle [S12.10] Climb with Warwick [Comprehensive Guide]

Jungle [S12.10] Climb with Warwick [Comprehensive Guide]

Updated on May 25, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lodart Build Guide By Lodart 1381 73 2,609,942 Views 36 Comments
1381 73 2,609,942 Views 36 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lodart Warwick Build Guide By Lodart Updated on May 25, 2022
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Runes: WW Jungle - Lethal Tempo

1 2 3 4 5
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
Warwick Jungle (Standard)
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[S12.10] Climb with Warwick [Comprehensive Guide]

By Lodart

Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!

My name is Lodart. I'm a player that has always been interested in a bunch of roles and champions, allowing me to possess quite a lot of general game-knowledge. So why don't I use my knowledge to help other people out that are interested in the same champions that I enjoy to play? Before I make any of these guides, I like to do my own little research about the champion to correct any wrong views I might have, thus raising the quality of these guides. I hope that you enjoy reading my guide and that it'll answer any questions you had.

I've spent a lot of time on this guide and I'd love it if you'd like to follow me on Twitch. Come and join my Discord community server if you have any more questions or would like to chill, join giveaways and be updated for more guides and tips!

Currently I have guides available on Graves, Ryze, Warwick and Rengar!

Please upvote and leave a comment if you liked the guide so more people get to see it!

+ Pros and Cons and when to pick Warwick.
+ Ability sequence, rune setups and smite choice.
+ In-Depth Itemization. Read the notes on the build!
+ Different types of jungle pathing you can do with Warwick.
+ Combos, tricks and animation cancels that are relevant to Warwick.
+ Playing Warwick a bit differently: Toplane Warwick.


+ Warwick has a great and healthy jungle clear.
+ Among the highest tempo champions in the game.
+ Has a lot of mobility, tankiness and repositioning ability.
+ Great at skirmishing and can sometimes even pull off 1v3's!
+ Warwick does objectives really fast, because his passive also works on monsters!
+ Easy to play and very strong when played correctly, however that doesn't mean that he's not rewarding to master!


- Might take you some time to get used to the fluctuating Attack Speed.
- Your multi-camp clear is bad before you have your Tiamat.
- Grievous Wounds counter Warwick pretty hard before he builds any tank items. Magic Resist also works well against him.
- Enemies can block your ultimate and you have a hard time playing against champions with a lot of peel or kiting ability.

There are some things Warwick is good against and few things he's bad against:

If your team needs some pressure or early-game damage Warwick is definitely the way to go for your teamcomp. He does not bring a lot of CC and falls of later in the game, but will definitely allow your team some breathing room in the early game since he can pressure the map (both the enemy jungler and laners) almost on his own.

Since Warwick relies on his basic attacks for most of his damage, any CC abilities used on him heavily reduces his damage output. This is also the case if you are playing against ranged champions like Quinn who excel at kiting since you can't stick close to them properly. Warwick is good vs burst champions since he can time his damage reduction ability to reduce damage taken in a short span of time (burst) and heal the health he lost back with Q Jaws of the Beast. Furthermore, although champions like Katarina do not necessarily counter Warwick, remember that Warwick is way less effective when he can't regain the health he lost in a fight since he is not that tanky at all without all the healing embedded in his kit. Hence why items like Executioner's Calling are extremely strong against Warwick. Magic resist items like Wit's End are also quite good against Warwick.

You should definitely try to pick Warwick up if you're new to the game since this champion is easy to play but really rewarding to learn and master. He is even played in the higher ranks by some dedicated one-tricks that can carry the game by theirselves on Warwick!

TOP Warwick:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

We max Q Jaws of the Beast first for the dueling ability in toplane. It will allow you to sustain yourself through the laning phase and take short trades. W Blood Hunt is not as useful since you won't play for your team (movement speed) but for yourself in the toplane. Another downside is that the enemy needs to already be low for it to be active at all.

JUNGLE Warwick:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

We max W Blood Hunt first for the passive movement speed and execute damage in the Jungle role, since you won't be fighting that much and want to be able to gank instead. Blood Hunt also helps you clear singe-monster camps in your jungle faster. When someone gets low hp you will be able to move really fast to the location where you have to be.

Press The Attack
It's often the best rune in jungle, mainly because you are playing for picks and not longer fights. Take this if you are playing vs squishy high damage champions to shut them down quickly in the toplane. Remember that Press the Attack also applies to all your allies, so they get a damage multiplier too.
Lethal Tempo
This is an absolutely amazing rune when you are allowed to stack it. Fully stacked Lethal Tempo gives you so much extra damage. I recommend taking this in matchups where you have the ability to stick to people; when enemies aren't that mobile.
This rune can be stacked quite quickly if you cancel your basic attack with Q Jaws of the Beast and will give extra AD. I wouldn't take this anymore since Lethal Tempo exists.
Grasp of the Undying
This is for a more tanky/frontline approach to Warwick. It's only taken in the Toplane since you will be using it a lot there and almost never in the jungle. It also scales pretty good, but just in a different way than the Lethal Tempo rune.

For the small rune shards you will take the Attack speed shard, then one Adaptive Force shard and finally one Armor or Magic Resist shard depending on what champ you're versing in the jungle. If you want to learn about the items you can read the notes that I've embedded with the items at the top of the page. Just hover your mouse over the little pencil next to the items.

Red Smite or Blue Smite?

All depends on your preferences. Personally I go Blue Smite most of my games for the easy catching of enemies since I'll be ahead most of the time, but Red Smite is defintely useful in matchups that are a bit harder to duel.

Blue Smite
Blue Smite (hailblade) tends to be better if you want to have that extra utility (slow) on your ganks and invades. This will help you a bit if your team doesn't have any utility for the gank to work out easily.
Red Smite
Red Smite (emberknife) works really well vs assassin matchups and for duels since it reduces the enemy damage with a whopping 20% for 4 whole seconds while you gain an X amount of true damage (depending on your level) for 2,5 seconds after you've smited the enemy, reseting with every basic attack.

As Warwick you often want to invade since you are really strong in the early game. Since Warwick doesn't work well with AOE camps (mainly Crimson Raptor camp) you often want to skip them for a faster clear.

Warwick can choose to do one of these standard clears:

3 camps into a gank or invade:

You start Blue Sentinel or Red Brambleback and take Gromp . After that you can invade, gank or reverseclear back from your Murk Wolf camp. I recommend using your Stealth Ward before the first minute and recalling to get an oracle lense so you can detect any wards while you are pathing to a lane or invade.
Red buff into Blue buff Invade:

If you are stronger level 2 and think you can win the fight or if you know he does a fullclear you can decide to ask for a Stealth Ward on your own Blue Sentinel or in the river for invades and invade him instead while he's busy fullclearing or facechecking you. If he facechecks you (which you will know since you can ward over the Blue Sentinel wall for information), make sure you win the Smite battle or use the Smite to heal! Do not tunnelvision over the buff and go for the kill instead depending on the situation.

Warwick is a great champion to gank with in the early game due to the passive movement speed he gains from Blood Hunt. The problem is, that when he doesn't have it and is pre-6, ganks become a lot harder than expected. If this is the case you either want to keep farming, invading or gank from a further angle:

#1. Cover as much terrain as you can before you arrive for the gank. Dont walk straight at the enemy! Circle around them so you have more time to autoattack and less to walk! You can try to be creative with your ganking path after a invade.

#2. Don't let the enemy jump on you to escape when you're ganking. Happens when you gank from behind mostly; don't let Maokai, Pantheon or Renekton dash to you and escape for free. Think about what pathing is the best to gank with. Maybe you could try to hold Q Jaws of the Beast + fear from Primal Howl to have them back into your teammate, but this most likely wont work that often.

#3. Think about when the next minionwave arrives and don't fight in minionwaves that are too big! Even though you're very strong, 15 minions will do a LOT of damage and the enemy might potentially win the game of a gank like that if he uses the minions well. Going out of vision (for example, into a bush that's not warded) resets the aggression from the minions.

#4. Use your W Blood Hunt to chase enemies across the map (even invisible enemies are shown!) and use your Smite to slow or deal more damage, depending on what smite you took.

#5. This point counts for every jungler: wait for enemies to use their escaping tools. For example, if Renekton and Galio don't have their dashes, they will be easier to catch. Look at your laners before the game and decide whether they have some kind of cc that can help you catch the enemy when you gank for them.

#6. But my laners are pushing all the time! Great! Now you can invade, dive the enemy or take an objective. But for real, in higher ranks, people will look at the position, health-bars and state of the lane (minionwave position, etc) before they even walk to gank a lane (e.g. is it pushing or de-pushing). This is called foresight.

#7. If something is impossible to gank, don't bother. You will only waste time and possibly throw the game. Focus on other lanes and try to farm up yourself so you atleast have those lanes to help you out. When you've got enough of a lead you can always come back to possibly gank that lane.

#8. Remember to cancel all your basic attacks and with abilities and items like Ironspike Whip so you stack runes like Press the Attack faster and do more damage in a shorter timespan.

Warwick doesn't really have that high of an entry-point to start playing, but does have quite a few tricks you can use to your advantage!

#1. You can hold your Q Jaws of the Beast and use your ultimate Infinite Duress in order to deny CC (crowd control) since you will be unstoppable while you are using the ability. This also works on enemy knockups. You can move along with someone that uses a blink or a dash if you hold your Q Jaws of the Beast while theyre using it if you've timed it correctly. This includes Teleport and a huge amount of abilities like Camille's Hookshot.

#2. If you can't kill someone on your own when ganking, you can use your fear from Primal Howl and then go through them with Q Jaws of the Beast and release it so they walk towards your team! A feared champion will always run towards the opposite side of the champion its feared from (like they're running away from you).

#3. You can chain your CC on someone by using your E Primal Howl first and then using R Infinite Duress on him before the fear runs out! Remember that this is not the only way to chain CC though, since you have teammates and can use their CC too. Also don't forget that your fear can be used on multiple enemies so don't get too tunnelvisioned on only one enemy instead.

#4. You don't clear AOE camps (like Raptors) or waves quick enough without Tiamat, so you mainly want to skip those before you have the item.

#5. The range of your R Infinite Duress increases with the amount of movement speed your champion has! Items, champion abilities and runes all work with this!

#6. Certain matchups require you to use your Oracle Lense well. For example you can use your Oracle Lense to see Kha'Zix or Shaco while he's invisible. This will allow you to hit your fear from Primal Howl and R Infinite Duress for damage and crowd control.

#7. Smiting camps or objectives earlier will enable your W Blood Hunt passive faster so that you can clear the camp or objective a bit faster. Be careful of enemies in the vicinity though when doing this, since they can steal your camp and kill you.

#8. Don't forget that you heal a lot from your passive Eternal Hunger when you're low HP! Do not underestimate the amount of healing. Atleast hit minions to heal if you can't hit the champion attacking you.

Warwick is a really strong fighter and should naturally work in toplane. He is so powerful early game because of his inherent lifesteal that he can actually turn around 1 vs multiple enemies, especially combined with Lethal Tempo and Last Stand.

Taking small trades with or without the damage reduction on your E Primal Howl and then healing it back up with your Q Jaws of the Beast is what makes toplane Warwick work. Remember that using E Primal Howl solely to cc enemies is a mistake, unless you want to cancel one their abilities. You can decide to freeze the wave under tower so you can freely poke enemies, while being safe from ganks at all times; or you can decide to push and potentially invade the enemy jungler, roam around the map, place wards or control wards (deep in the enemy jungle or river), help your own jungler out with the rift scuttle/an objective/an invade or 1v2 them if you're ahead or have a lot of minions that can deal damage with you.

You can deny some CC like knockups with your Q by using it to go through them making you unstoppable, thus being able to deal more damage that other champions could not while CC'd. Furthermore, you can easily pressure and join other fights on the map whenever you want since your W Blood Hunt will get you there fast. Be patient with your R Infinite Duress, and use it smart; for example vs champions with executes like Urgot and Darius, you use when you are just above execution threshhold to deny them the execute.

I hope you liked my guide. I hope I have the motivation to make more extensive guides for other champions too so I can help you guys out. Please leave a thumbs-up if you liked the guide and I'd love it if you could follow me on Twitch!

If you need to know anything else come join me on my Discord:

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