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Nautilus Build Guide by sk1llzn00bz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sk1llzn00bz

[S3] Jungle Nautilus by sk1llzn00bz

sk1llzn00bz Last updated on August 19, 2013
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Who am i?

Welcome, I am sk1llzn00bz, the jungler of Bad Company Gaming. I am fifteen years old, from Norway, and i have been in the League for a while. I am primarily a Jungler, but I also enjoy playing support. My favourite, and I believe most common picks are Cho'Gath, Nautilus and Maokai.

This guide is on my all-time favourite champion, the almighty titan of the depths: Nautilus. I see a lot of pro players and high elo junglers pick him up again after his buffs, and that makes me kind of sad, because now everyone is going to ban him because he is OP.

If you drop a vote, please leave a comment on what you liked or disliked. This guide have dropped like 10% because of what i suggest is trollvotes.

Huge credz to Janitsu for making me smile!


Nautilus is a jungling tank. What he lacks in mobility he makes up for in incredible tankiness and utility. He is the champion in the game with the highest number of crowd control abilities, and he is among the strongest gankers in the current meta.

Nautilus is a ganking jungler. He tries to win the game for his team by snowballing lanes. His increadibly powerful kit makes him a significant threat in team fights, so his dragon control is not to be taken lightly on. He has a lot of damage when his Titan's Wrath is up, so while it is not adviced to counterjungle stronger duelists, you can usually chunk anyone that tries to invade your jungle so hard that they are forced to go back to base, or are killed.

Nautilus’ kit makes him an excellent addition to teams that can follow up on single targets or supply him with burst damage. Some synergies you should take note of:


Command: Shockwave is a lot of damage and disruption. Dredge Line into Command: Shockwave can easily half-shot entire teams. Command: Protect will keep you healthy, and Command: Dissonance will speed you up, and deal additional AoE magic damage.


He is the king of setting up for ganks. He can leap onto a target with Death Sentence and throw his Dark Passage to you. You can leap to him and instantly proc your passive Staggering Blow. This trick sets up for insane botlane ganks, and can snowball a good AD carry into sovngarde.


Leona and Nautilus have two of the strongest kits in the game, considering crowd control. Combining them gives your team very powerful initiation and peeling. Chaining your ultimates is very powerful, and pins enemies to the floor. Well not literary. It actually sends them flying like a wannabe Team Rocket.

  • + Insane crowd control
  • + High damage outout
  • + Amazing ganks
  • + Hard to kite
  • - Slow first clear
  • - Low mobility
  • - Blue buff dependant
  • - Not amazing duelist

Attack speed marks are optimal. They increase you clear speed the most, and makes Titan's Wrath a bit stronger in a duel. Some may argue that penetration runes are better, since the DoT does not stack upon itself, but I did the math, and attack speed will indeed let you apply more ticks. Considering the fact that jungle camps have no MR, attack speed is the better option.

I pick Armor Seals for a sustained first clear. Pretty self-explanationary, and not too much to say about them. Pretty good for any champion, and works perfectly on Nautilus too.

MR/18 Glyphs helps you scale into mid-lategame. During the midgame MR/18 becomes stronger than the flat MR ones, which helps you sustain burst in the midgame fights for objectives.

MS Quints makes your ganks very deadly. You can get around the map faster, catch up to and escape from opponents etc. If you are afraid of getting killed by the opponent jungler, you can pick armor quints, but they will give you slightly less presence. MS Quints are optimal.

I delve deep into the defensive tree, picking minion damage mitgation. Summoner's Resolve allows me to keep up in gold, because you pretty much spam Smite.

Hardiness , Durability , Tough Skin , Bladed Armor and Veteran's Scars are all aimed towards keeping me sustained in the jungle. They help early but fall of lategame.

Tenacious reduces the duration of CC, which makes you hard to kite. It stacks with Mercury's Treads if you decide to build them.

Defender is primarily for early skirmishes. Up to 5 Armor and MR helps a lot if you get invaded on at level 1.

Juggernaut and Reinforced Armor is amazing for tanking AD Carries lategame. 4% of you HP is a couple hundred, which is pretty good. 10% less damage from critical strikes is at least 100 health each basic attack lategame.

Honor Guard makes you very hard to kill.

In the utility tree I pick up Summoner's Insight . It reduces the cooldown of Flash slightly, and if you pick up Teleport it enhances that as well.

Wanderer and Improved Recall will let you recall and get back into the jungle faster.

Mastermind reduces the cooldown of all summoner spells by 10%. This is huge. That is about 20 seconds on Flash, and a couple of seconds on Smite.

Runic Affinity increases the duration of neutral buffs by 20%. To sum it up, it allows you to keep your blue buff up longer, which means you will not have to recall for mana.

Smite is necessary for every jungler. Period. You will need it to secure buffs and objectives. It is of course possible to jungle without it, but I recommend you don't try it. Smite will also speed up your clear a lot.


Flash is what I believe is the best choice for Nautilus. It have so many uses, from escaping, engaging or finishing off fleeing enemies. It is the best spell for making plays, and lets you smitesteal buffs from over walls.


If I get Teleport I always get nine points in utility and distortion enchantment. Teleport can be good against aggressive gankers like Xin Zhao. It allows you to countergank early and potentially save allies or pick up a kill for your team.


Ghost is not amazing for Nautilus. Flash is better in almost every situation. It would allow you to repeatedly proc your passive, but that is not worth sacrificing a blink. The cooldown is lower, though, so if you are into that kinda stuff, be my guest.


Exhaust can be good versus aggressive counterjunglers like Shaco. If you have Exhaust he will most likely not be able to kill you, and you will get away. Exhaust makes you ganks even more wicked, as it adds a fifth crowd control ability to your kit.

Staggering blow

Nautilus’ basic attacks snares the target briefly and deals additional damage based on Nautilus’ level. 12 seconds cooldown.

Staggering Blow is amazing for ganking. It can be compared to Udyr’s bear stance as a passive. It is a great source of damage and crowd control, and locks down single targets. It can be used defensively to win time. Proccing Staggering Blow and Dredge Line to safety is a great escape move.

Dredge Line

Nautilus throws his anchor and hooks himself to an opponent or terrain. If you hit an opponent Nautilus and the target will be pulled towards eachother, if you hook onto terrain Nautilus will pull himself all the way.

Dredge Line is a fine move. It's one of those fiddly mechanics that makes me love Nautilus. Dredge Line alone have many uses, both offensively and defensively. Among them is closing gaps, increasing gaps and juking. Dredge Line is kinda like a fusion of Rocket Grab and Bandage Toss.

I choose to max Dredge Line last, because while the reduced cooldown is good for mobility, chasing and escaping, you usually only get one shot wen going for a gank, and the increased slow from Riptide is better.

Titan's wrath

Nautilus shields himself for a base amount, plus 10% of his health. While the shield persists, Nautilus’ basic attacks apply a DoT to enemies around his target.

Titan's Wrath makes Nautilus very sustained in the jungle, and it makes him clear pretty fast once you have a couple of levels in it. It makes Nautilus very tanky, and it allows him to dish out a lot of damage as long as the shield persists. Being a shield that increases your damage output, you can compare it to Eye Of The Storm.

I max Titan's Wrath first, because its damage is the most significant, and the shield gives you good sustain.


Nautilus damages and slows targets around him. The spell hits thrice, expanding for every tick.

Riptide is a fine spell for ganking and escaping. Very simple and straightforward, and very powerful. It deals significant damage, and the slow is heavy. Try to use it on fleeing enemies(enemies moving away from you), as they tend to get hit by all the three explosions.

I max Riptide second, because the slow increase is significant. It is usually better than a few seconds cooldown off Dredge Line, because usually you will only get one shot anyways. On top of that, Riptide actually helps you clear.

Depth charge

Depth Charge locks onto an enemy champion, knocking up enemies in its path. Upon hitting the target, the target is also knocked airborne.

Depth Charge is a sick ganking ability, partly because of its significant range. It is impossible to escape, and pretty much guarantees a kill. Depth Charge is also great for initiating teamfights. The knockup is significant, and you should aim to hit priority targets.

Take a point in Depth Charge whenever you can, as with all ultimates. The reduced cooldown is significant, and the duration of the knock-up increases.


Hunter's Machete is the default start for junglers. You should never consider any other. The only other item I would ever suggest is a sight ward against strong counterjunglers.


The early game is arguably the most important phase of the game. In many cases it decides who will be victorious, and thus it is critical that you spend your money wisely. You have to purchase very gold efficient items. Nautilus wants movement speed, tankiness and cooldown reduction. The Spirit of the Ancient Golem are among the most gold efficient items in the game, and picking up one along with Boots of Mobility gives you the best possible stats for the least ammount of gold.


If the opponent have a lot of physical damage or if you for whatever reason don't need or want Boots of Mobility you can get the Ninja Tabi instead. I suggest you get Enchantment: Alacrity, since Ninja Tabi gives you less mobility than Boots of Mobility.

I like to buy a Crystalline Flask. This is personal preference, but keep in mind that the flask pays of quickly. I strongly recommend not to walk around at low health. Either you get potions or you get a flask.


You want these items every game. The build order is situational, but you usually want to build Locket of the Iron Solari or Runic Bulwark/ Aegis of the Legion first. Get Locket of the Iron Solari against balanced or physical damage, Runic Bulwark against double AP or other similar compositions with a lot of magic damage.

Randuin's Omen is the strongest tank item in the game. It gives you a large chunk of defensive stats, and utility unmatched by any similar item. It makes it easy to stick to carries.


In most game you want the Frozen Heart. It gives you a ton of armor and caps your cooldown reduction at exectly 40%, which is ideal. The passive is really good if the opponent have two or more autoattackers, like Tryndamere top or AD Master Yi jungle. The mana is another good bonus.

Against a double or triple AP composition, however, if you find yourself taking a lot of magic damage, you want to get the Abyssal Mask.

Wraiths -> Smiteless Red Buff -> Blue buff -> Gank
Wolves -> Smiteless Blue Buff -> Red Buff -> Gank

This is the standard route for most junglers in the current meta. You want to start at the side where your AD & Support lanes, and get a smiteless leash from your support. If you can save your Smite for the second buff you get a slightly faster level 3, and can gank while you still have a 1-2 level advantege over the lanes. If, however, your support is a b*tch and leaves don't hesitate smiting the first buff. It's better than dropping so low you are forced to recall.

Nautilus has, in my opinion, among the best ganks in the game. His monstrous amount of crowd control abilities makes him an amazing ganker. And he is able to pin down targets for so long, it is almost a guaranteed kill.

Along with his CC he brings a lot of damage. All these factors makes Nautilus a monster.

Do not initiate a gank with Dredge Line if you don't have to. It is almost always better to save it until after they Flash. Usually you want to lead with Depth Charge, but before level 6 you might find yourself forced to initiate with Dredge Line.

An ideal situation before level 6 is if you can walk up to an overextended enemy and slow him enough with Riptide to lock him down with Staggering Blow. After he flashes you want to hook onto him with Dredge Line for the kill.

Nautilus is not as reliant on his team as many other junglers, but he works extremely well with high burst champions and kill supports. Anything that can follow up on initiation is also extremely good.

This is a good example team composition for Nautilus. Bot lane have an increadible burst with Graves and Zyra. If you add Nautilus in the equation, you can just imagine how fed graves is going to be.

Zyra, Nautilus and Orianna's initiation and peeling will keep Graves safe, and suppress the opponent. Renekton is extremely tanky, and takes a lot of focus and pressure of Graves. He is also very disruptive.

In lane phase, every lane should have a way to help Nautilus when he is ganking. Renekton and Zyra have good initiation, and Orianna have a lot of utility to go along with her raw damage. Chaining Command: Protect with Titan's Wrath will let you tank turrets forever too.
Picks & Bans
sir faen1
Derp Uno
Derp Dos
Derp Tres
Derp Quatro


Nautilus is a very strong ganker. His enormous amounts of crowd control is what made me fall in love with my chubby titan. He is very fun, and very rewarding to play well, and he can snowball his team to oblivion if done right. His clear is really fast as well, when you get some points into Titan's Wrath.

He is a stronger duelist than most people realizes, and if you catch a Rengar in your jungle, you can chunk him pretty hard.

When building Nautilus, you should opt for a mix of utility and tankiness. Cooldown reduction is arguably the best stat you can get for Nautilus. Items like Spirit of the Ancient Golem and Locket of the Iron Solari provides great stats for nautilus. I usually build Boots of Mobility to get around the map and help people.

Stronger duelist cripple Nautilus early in the game, but if you survive the first minutes, it will only get better. Get sight wards if necessary.

The most important thing to remember for any jungler is to be effective: Never stand still or walk around aimlessly.