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Master Yi Build Guide by Skaeling

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skaeling

[S3] Mastor Yi

Skaeling Last updated on January 24, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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About the guide

Welcome to my humble Master Yi (AD) jungle guide. A few things about it:

  • This is a JUNGLE guide
  • You can try to lane with AD Yi, if you want to get bored and beaten. He only works against a few toplane champions, so not recommended for blind picks.
  • It can work in ranked, but you have to pick AFTER the enemy has chosen a toplaner.
  • AP Yi is suited for laning

This quick guide will explain:
  • What can Yi do? What cant he?
  • Reasoning behind the masteries
  • Reasoning behind the runes
  • How to clear camps
  • How to gank
  • Item sequence
  • How to teamfight
  • How to push and backdoor

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What can Yi do? What cant he?

What can Yi do?

  • clear jungle extremely fast
  • counterjungle
  • punish overextended players
  • punish Rambo-ing
  • destroy structures quickly
  • backdoor
  • splitpush
  • pentakill frequently
  • escape epicly

What can Yi not do?
  • fight against crow control (CC)
  • teamfight well
  • defend turrets
  • initiate
  • support
  • fail

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Reasoning behind the masteries

  • an AD-Yi's damage almost exclusively comes from autoattacks
  • this damage must be amplified, so that the target dies before you do
  • hence take all physical damage increasing masteries available
  • spend 8 from the reamining 9 in defensive masteries for early survival and the jungle
  • take a point in flash/teleport for increasing their utility

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Reasoning behind the runes

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How to clear camps

  • Step 1: buy your Hunter's Machete + 5x Health Potions and get going
  • Step 2: decide with your team if you invade
  • Step 3: determine where the enemy jungler starts, what route he will take and how fast he will reach his camps
  • Step 4: take a small camp (wolves/wraiths) then a smiteless buff (blue/red) if your team helps
  • Step 5: head to your other buff and take it; you are level 3 now, mid is 2, top is still 1
  • Always, from now on gank overextending enemies.

  • All monsters have to be visible for Alpha Strike to work on them.
  • Always start clearing with an autoattack, then right as it has landed an Alpha Strike (provided you will have enough mana for Highlander afterwards); this saves you some HP
  • Only use Wuju Style on the red lizard and the blue golem, stop using it on creeps after you finish Wriggle's Lantern

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How to gank

Standard gank:

  • Normally you can only gank overextended enemies
  • Try to walk up to them, use Wuju Style and Highlander if available
  • Save Alpha Strike for as long as you can in case they blink or dash

Teleport gank:
  • Ask your teammates to ward the very top/bot brushes, this will protect them from enemy ganks
  • Keep track of events all over the map; you don't need to be looking at the monsters while clearing; press SPACE to get back
  • As small skirmishes evolve use your teleport on a ward, so you cut the enemy off / catch them
  • Same can be done virtually everywhere
  • You can ward enemy buffs and snatch them with a teleport as soon as they spawn

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Amazing starting item, synergy with the attack speed runes. No other item makes you clear faster. Builds into Wriggle's Lantern.
After getting this, jungling becomes a joke. Go grab a pink ward, use the passive, and kill dragon. Fast clearing = more time = more gold.
I have been testing the optimal 2nd item for a long time. I used to build Phantom Dancer, Youmuu's Ghostblade and many others. Truth is: these items waste a lot of stats. You already have a lot of extra attack speed, not even counting Highlander. All Yi wants is strong autoattacks, Highlander makes sure you land a lot of them. Also, from time to time you will get critical Double Strike's. Pretty epic early in the game.
Pretty obvious, extreme synergy with Infinity Edge. You can move through units, push like a machine, run like a hero.
Very underuse item on Yi. Gives very much needed hp damage, and a guaranteed on hit slow. As a melee dps, Yi HAS to stick on the target
Invaluable item in key teamfights. Also makes your 2.5-2.8k hp worth more.
Replace your Wriggle's Lantern with this monster, once you can afford it. Amazing active and passive.

Situational items:
Replace Guardian Angel if you don't value the passive. Use Meditate+ Randuin's Omen's passive=win.
Get this if their CC is stopping you from killing or they run a double AP combo. Replace Wriggle's Lantern or Guardian Angel.
Get this instead of Guardian Angel if they run a double AP combo.

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How to teamfight

  • Don't initiate, ever
  • Don't die, you are worth more alive. If you live and ace, their base will get devastated.
  • Engage as late as possible, without leaving your team to lose
  • Focus their AD or AP depending who has smaller defense
  • Refresh your skills by getting a killing blow during Highlander
  • Repeat
  • Collect your pentakill
  • When you get dangerously low, either run away, or pop Meditate if you KNOW they can't interrupt it.

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How to push and backdoor

  • Always have ward coverage (use your Wriggle's Lantern accordingly
  • Don't waste mana, you might have to use Highlander
  • Keep track of enemies (that can kill you)
  • If you are cut off, recall/teleport home fast or teleport to another lane to push it
  • If you need to run with Highlander, avoid hard CC
  • You should use Wuju Style and Highlander both on turrets, if you can escape without
  • TELL your team if you backdoor or split push, so they don't engage 4v5
  • The enemy will have to send at least 1 player to defend, you need to be able to duel with this champion
  • Leave hidden ward to teleport back to for some backdoor fun